Is Jonathan Goodluck A Toy Or Real President?

By Sunday Njokede

Does anyone still think of Jonathan Goodluck as the substantial president of Nigeria after he knelt worshipping the graven image pastor Enoch Adeboye? Nigeria is full of idol people whom Jonathan must appease else he’s a fall man. One such graven image is the Frankenstein evil in Otta.

Jonathan Goodluck isn’t divinely made by sky-God nor is he self-made man. His accession to the throne was a daredevil act of ‘do or die’PDP democracy championed by ex-president OBJ. And as coequal to destruction of Nigeria, pastor Adeboye is rebranding one of the cabal products, now that it’s election era. Aside from lovely and pro-masses Pastor Tunde Bakare, pastor Adeboye and other corrupt, private airplane addicted pastors work hand-in-hand with Nigerian politicians to destroy Nigeria. The end result is churns of desperate citizens looking for meanings to their battered lives: it takes a dazed citizenry to embrace religion. In peacetime and plenty, or countries where society is run by human orderliness, the churches and other places of worship are empty. Pastors and politicians love lost and love found in Nigeria are two sided: each cabal cult promotes the other so as to have easy ride in raping our togetherness -as a nation of questionable devotees and complacent do-nothings.

The sightseeing of pastor Adeboye super-powering over kneeling president of Nigeria was more an eyesore than a seesaw. This is equivalent of an Israeli tourist visiting Germany and the very first thing he saw was photo of Adolf Hitler painted as an angel kneeling down before Aryan pastor appeasing Aryan God. And to make matters worse, the Israeli knockabout tourist was told that the picture of Hitler was etched there by his many rightwing supporters who sing ‘Heil Hitler’ in German language and English ‘hail Hitler.’ The tourist had to cut his visit short and ran back having found out what annoying praises Hitler rightwing fanatical poured on German internet blogospheres on daily basis supporting a criminal lowlife.

Mr. Ed Miliband, the new leader of Labour party in Britain said few months ago in a BBC interview that he doesn’t believe in God.  I shouted wow! What a lot of gut feelings and a good sense of purpose. I thought God delusional leaders as Jonathan, corruption-heavy pastors and innocent citizens who can’t separate State from religion must hear this shining and pacesetting 21st century politician from the UK. More noteworthy as a result of this, is that Ed Miliband family are originally Israelis with British citizenship.  In light of the foregoing, you’d want to indict Nigerians who adopted the Israelites God and are acting more true-to-type than the real owners of the deity.

Nigeria is booming brimful with sacred cows. In normal conventional or democratic setting devoid of cult practices as Christianity is, the picture could’ve told a better story if pastor Adeboye were to be kneeling before president Jonathan Goodluck. Jonathan seemed not to understand the fearful power of statecraft he wields. Kowtowing for anyone in living colour, before the spectacle of public glare is goof of office beyond redemption. The president has chucked protocol away to the pigs in ‘portoportor' trashcan. Nigerians are seriously shamefaced and even more scornful that; we’ve been made laughing stock in international arena by misdoings of Jonathan and their PDP party.

Let this be the last time the president kneels down before anything that stands on two feet. He has enough time packing to render houseboy services for Adeboye when he becomes private citizen in the aftermath of handing over power.

Next time, he should save us the heartbreak and shame of a lowly cheap president, attending to the say-so of all shades of commands from citizens, foreigners and foreign Gods with no resistance. Jonathan would hand Nigeria over free of charge to his plenty idols in attempt to pay indebtedness for making him ruler. This and more, are reasons he should never return to the presidency whatsoever. His idols and graven images would be running things to their whims and caprices while Jonathan do sidekick playing second fiddle. If Nigerians don’t vote Jonathan out however, the Gods are not to be blamed as they’d watch Nigeria crumble to the bottom as they've hopelessly done since our independence.

Jonathan is more a toy president than a bona fide one. You could order him to your backyard or anywhere and command him to go naked and show a little something, you could tell him to keel down before you with his eyes closed and mouth opened agape, you might tell him to clean your toilet with his tongue. The choice of chores or absurdities he does at your say-so is yours for the choosing. And in the end of rigmarole, just tell him that he’s undergoing the ritual of God of Israel.

Ima Niboro under many pseudo and his cheering crowd psychology people would sing amen in loud amity and profess to the world that their principal has been divined by that single act of coercively persuading a sitting president into a devotee slave to dictates of seriously commercialised foreign God of Israel.

The president has been unique in the negative, showcasing self before posterity. Pettiness and buffoonery has been elevated to core, and taken to centre stage with cheerleaders cheering clear-cut fooleries. It wouldn’t be long before pastor Adeboye aid Jonathan to perform the miracle of walking on water. Delusion and hallucination have been their alcohol of choice as they drink them in to their mental disorder, believing the flimsiest impossibility once it’s a foreign and imported God practices.

It’ll take Modesty to deliver this president from underperforming behaviour for the rest of months he has to govern Nigeria. Judging by his desperate strives to be the next president; he might surpass himself and end up in a hole as Saddam Hussein or The Hague like Charles Taylor. There’s every need the president pump the break – he’s making his way too easy. It takes a thin line between sociocentric tendencies and rouge leadership. Jonathan Goodluck is the type who’d press the nuclear button, endangering humankind before he realises the damage has been done.  And to all leaders, I say, err on the side of caution!

President Jonathan, corrupt politicians and sleazy pastors who egg dirty politicians on, to be the Devil and suffer Nigerians hard, need to check themselves before they wreck themselves, as they sing in hip-hop music.

Happy Christmas and merry New Year to you all, all in advance!

Sunday Njokede writes from The European Union

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Firstly, i want to believe

Firstly, i want to believe that you are a pagan/an atheist. In fact, you are the most senseless individual that i know in mankind.Better watch it!!!

Anointed man of God??? Can you pls tell me one of the man of devil you know?? Thinking good before you post things

answer this post

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Tayo from the way you reacted

Tayo from the way you reacted the writer your appeared to be one of the most ignorant Nigerians. And its people like you with that level of reasoning that has made Nigeria what it is. Man of God my arse who is man of God Adeboye? These people like him who only believes in Money?
Go and get a life trying to castigate a bright young man for writing the truth. How many private jets did Christ use to spread his words? People like you are not truth seekers and you will remain in ignorance forever and more doomed than you are talking of the writer.

Re.Is JonathanGoodluck a toy or a real president

Thank you Mitchel.
Pastor Adeboye did not issue out any invitation to GEJ and he came on his own free will before a man of God for blessing and he was blessed and God answered his prayers at last.
When man talked, they talked carelessly and reasoned without thinking but, am not qualified to judge anybody be with their talking or reasoning hence am throwing this open to the writer.
GEJ visited the man of God( Pastor Adeboye) for blessing and he was blessed and was VICTORIOUS.

Is JonathanGoodluck a toy or a real president

How ignorant can we be? How low can men reduce themselves just to play to the gallery? You and others will surely get your extra credits now because of a few words which appear clever to men. We are told in the Bible that we shall account for every careless word.
You referred to Adegboye as the God of men, he has never alluded to this under any circumstance nor has any other right thinking person i know. This means you have blasphemed and you will surely pay for it.
You accused Adegboye of branding candidates for presidency, he has never endorsed anyone publicly or privately for such an office. Candidates go to him for prayers in their time of need just like everyone else.
From you name Sunday i assume you are a Christian. Do you pray to God kneeling down or do you stand up to Him like your equal.
Adegboye is not a graven image.People neither pray to him nor worship him. President Jonathan is a Christian and accountable to God!

It's Not Too funny But Sadden

GEJ kneeling before (Adeboye)the pastor of Ibru, Akingbola Erastus, George & co is not funny but sadden. it is a light ray of Jonathan would be ambition in the office. More power to your elbow EFCC. No wonder RCCG spreads over(shops, canals,classrooms and drainages) like Oceanic/Intercontinental Banks branches. huh! I fear for mess of godess.

Sunday & christ

sunday = christ+adeboye. and not anti-xs. i guess he's telling the truth.

You got it right

Man, You have a very consructive comment to offer. God bless nigeria.

You know, i must commend your

You know, i must commend your effort, you were able to prove yourself as a very beautiful writer with lots of charm and enticing collection of words thus to your best of knowledge, within your confine you posses concrete facts. But my dear friend what you failed to establish was your point and motive in this... are u working(writing) for a political adversery with the vision of earning something in return because to me your grossly concern with the man's personality rahther tha the act,then if the act are you writing to the interest of the general Nigerian consciousness, or maybe expressing your views based on perception of reality that has befell Nigeria in decades or personal positions? Well there is a lot of question to be raised in such a discourse and finally i may ask before going further that are you a christian that has being disappionted in christianity or not one, or a member of some other believe, or an atheist like Mr. Miliband your British Labour Party heroe i mean the individual u sited on paragraph 4, line 1 and 2?

To start with you use the term "Borrowed God(Deity)" which i find disappealing for i would have sujested the term "Borrowed language" because the deity you refee to is the same deity in the name of Olodumare, Chineke, Oghene, Tamara, Allah, etc. Which is actual recognised by all traditions, race, culture and religion in the world as the 'supreme Being(Deity)' that governs every invisible and visible living entity in the universe as well as non living. So, like our languages in Africa, Nigeria so is the sanscrit, aramic, hebrew in the Palistanian nation. in a nutshell every language has its representation of God, your's and mine generation where not far from it so what i thought you should be asking is that why after all this religiousity interms of politics and religion, why is Nigeria still in a state of doom?

I will tell in a simple language "practice makes perfect", when you do the right thing expect the right result, when you do the wrong thing expect the wrong result( do not expect to plant yam and reap up cassava its infallibly not possible..put the right practice in place and adhere to it)
So my friend the problem with Cristianity and Democracy its the same problem with Judaism, Sango(god of thunder worshipper, Ogun(god of iron)etc, which is the way they are being presented by individualistic interest. In the case of Christ sorry for my being particular, He created a short cut for man to have a direct contact of communion with Olodumare or Oghene and when you live with in the confine of His practices you will realise that the dogma you always assume exist only does in your ignorance outside His principles, but how do i blame you when the practice has being viled by a lot(wrong practice of the right princple), if the great Wole Soyinka will share your view of illusive madness by adherent because of the picture created by some custodians who master the act of manipulating religious fact playing and toying with the essence of existence as a wholistic point of interest as masters of the act as well as in politics with no conscience then i wont hold you a flaw. But what i want to you to know is that in all strata, aspect of our life practice there are irregularities and to stop this is only if we conform to the right principle of practice which one of the is what OUR PRESIDENT HIS EXCELLENCY PRESIDENT GOODLUCK JONATHAN EBELE just did, seeking the face of the men of God appointed based on their imput as God's assigned workers for that particular aspect of life...have ever asked yourself why such aspect of the world exist? is there anything that does not exist that is real?...If rigging election, corruption practices, anarchy are all real, then why do you doubt the opposite existence, a calm peaceful live that has being design to live in for by Man (invisible or visible) the point is when Christ says my Kingdom is not of earth" its simply explicit enough to tell you that corruption will continue unless you follow His principle of governance not communism, capitalism, maxism, but universalm socialism embeded in God's love that is the only reason that can make you think of your fellow neighbour...for the likes of Steve Kings replica still in existence will be brought to book someday when God say's enough is enough for the voice of the people is the voice of God, togetherness is oneness, on that day in your mind you yourself will say enough is enough we will rise to the top and we will never never again fall.

Thank You.

engr. ubong, if god exists

engr. ubong, if god exists then we should never for once be comfortable/ or look forward to living this life, because he will be a more superior you.....that is, perfecttly bad.Experiencing this life with people like you in existence certainly doesn't make sense. i know you to be his messenger and see how you reason! now, what of the master(god)? he most be real omnimalivolent for him to appreciate you. i don't want nothing to do with him,pls

Blashemous Njokede!!!

This is to Njokede or whatever you call yourself. I can only infer from your mindless, self-destructive and foolish comments that you are destined to be doomed......doomed. How dare you drag an anointed man of God into the political fray. Firstly, i want to believe that you are a pagan/an atheist. In fact, you are the most senseless individual that i know in mankind.Better watch it!!!



it sucks!

concerned nigerian, i really appreciate your mental depth. i for one is unapolegetically an atheist, based in nigeria. the christian religion and indeed all the other abrahamaic religions don't make any sense of sort to me. i personally don't have problems with anyone believing in whatever thing he chooses to believe so long as it gives his/her life some type of meaning and they don't try to force it down my throat. i don't reckon this is the right place for pointing out the fact that in nigeria, religion is a very effective tool used in swindling the nigerian populace of both their intellectual and material wealth. some of us and probably the writer have watched in silent,excruciating frustration since we were born as nigerians who know exactly the harm that this profound irrational and destructive business of religion is inflicting on nigerians and nigeria as a country..... maybe the guy just can't bottle it up anymore!

A joke too far!

Mr. Njokede, this is an abominable joke carried a tad too far because of the attention that you crave.
I neither support GEJ nor worship at Pastor Adeboye's church but I personally felt that the image of GEJ kneeling with eyes shut and receiving prayers from the latter is one of the more iconic images from Nigeria in recent years.
That is pure humility on the part of GEJ and has actually endeared him more to me; albeit, not his politics. The picture tells me he does not see himself as Alpha and Omega in Nigeria and may truly temper power with humility as President unlike the egomaniac Mr. Njokede would like our President to be.
That he knelt before the person of Pastor Adeboye is an acceptance of Supreme authority in God, who is represented by the Pastor in this instance, not necessarily an obeisance to the man of the cloth.
Mr. N"joke"de, an advice, do not cast your lot out of ignorance or pride; they ride before the fall of man!

Your Salvation is Nearer

By the time the Lord Jesus Christ arrested you and you confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour then you will understand that, President Jonathan is not kneeling for Pastor Adeboye but for the Living God.

May I advise you that if you don't have news, close down your media house instead of sponsoring propaganda that can threaten the peace of the nation.

However, I know you did all that in ignorance. May God forgive you and show you the light that you may know the salvation that is in christ Jesus which is for all.

If you don't know, I will like to tell you that many of your readers are now shunning your site due to the regular embarrasment you show on your site through your news.




president jonathan

Sahara Reporters just keeps annoying me by the day,either they are abusing the sitting president or they are just saying one thrash or the other. Stealing money is not new in Nigeria,so why come to the net and tell us what we already know? Julian Assange has leaked more news in this last few weeks than any news network combined,but nobody has critisized wikileaks because they don't show bias. Pastor EA Adeboye is a priest,if you read your bible very well(which i know you guys dont do),you will see that the Kings of the old used to go to the Priest for advice on matters of rulership,so President Jonathan kneeling down before God(not before any man)is nothing! Note also that when he was invited to the podium he asked Nigerians to pray for him,which they did,there is nothing there. You guys better become constructive if not you will incure the wrath of God

Dear Sokka Perhaps you need

Dear Sokka Perhaps you need to be reminded that President Obama; the President of the United States the most powerful nation, and therefore the most powerful President on Earth, bowed in worship in public before the officiating minister during the burial of late Senator Kennedy. Check out the video and learn. before you speak.

Dear Chief D. O. Anyaogu. If

Dear Chief D. O. Anyaogu. If indeed you are an Igbo Chief as I am You must have bowed publicly to a GOD to become a chief. Did I hear you call that disgraceful!!!!!!

Don't Flaunt You EU mentality- we believe in God here.

You seem to feel too good writing all these out of your sentimental obsession, i don't know what sort of journalism you are practicing that you are over bloating your personal opinion under the guise of news.
You sure know nothing about Rev Adeboye, who he is to Nigerians and what impact he has made so far in Nigeria.
Who knows Sunday Njokede - that's impact.
Be careful and have a second thought anytime you are about to write another piece. There is God and Nigerians will continue to believe in God and prayers rather than follow your 'atheist-mindset'


First I must criticize Sahara Reporters for allowing this "Commentary", not editing it and also for practicing reckless and irresponsible journalism.

Since its inception, I have been a regular reader and occassional contributor to Sahara Reporters but I must now review that and urge others too to do the same if they refuse to change.

I agree that freedom to speak, to express/publish one's thoughts is guaranteed in our constitution.
However that should not mean that such freedom should be used irresponsibly and without cause. As they say, one's freedom ends where another's begin.

I urge the authorities concerned to examine the conduct of Sahara Reporters and Sunday Njokede to determine if there has been any breach of our laws
and if so, to take appropriate action if they are found to be culpable.

This is no longer politics and Nigerians must condemn such behaviour especially as it is directed
at our nation, its Presidency and the person of the President. This atmosphere of impunity, indiscipline and recklessness is not what we need
going forward in our effort to promote political development.

Nigerians must be reminded (especially the likes of Sunday Njokede) that Dr Goodluck E Jonathan is both Head of Government and Head State and so protocol demands that he (and anyone else in that position) must be treated with respect. In his capacity as President, he represents Nigeria at home and abroad. To pour insults and curses on him
is tantamount to doing so to one's self.

As for Sunday Njokede, I say, repent and ask God to forgive you for your insults and curses issued
against God's priest and the Angel (Pastor Adeboye) of His Church otherwise receive the judgement that will follow you and your children in their generations (if you have any), in Jesus Name, amen.
Bassey Eniang

The Good, Bad and the Urgly

Tell me Mr Njokede, what is the meaning of your name? I may not know exactly, but by literary interpretation, if you are of Ibo extraction means as urgly as the cocoyam !

Would you have prefered the gentleman president kneel before orkija shrine or the alusi in your village for you to hail him as a man?

Well, i've come to know that in this world, there is nothing a man does that will not attract people's reaction either positive or negative. You would have discused this issue with your wife in the kitchen rather than on the pages of sahara reporters.

may God forgive you.

I pray that God shld forgive you.It is so unfortunate that you desguised as a christian when you are not one,however,be you a christian or a muslim you are not to judge anyone regardless who you are.If truely you are a patrotic nigerian,you have atleast no matter what accorded your president some respect,this is one man that you can not cough when he stands before you but see how you are showering abuses on him as if you guys are in logger heads.It is just unfair,an act of gross insubordination and above all are a disgrace to humanity and your religion

Well my advise is that we

Well my advise is that we should be careful when discussing spiritual matters in order not to attract the wrath of  God on our families. It does not matter if you are aChristian or moslem. 


You might like Go to that site  and protect yourself.

Well my advise is that we

Well my advise is that we should be careful when discussing spiritual matters in order not to attract the wrath of  God on our families. It does not matter if you are aChristian or moslem. 


You might like Go to that site  and protect yourself.

Absolute rubbish from you Mr reporter. Get a life

At the mention of the lord Jesus name...Every knee must bow. "Every" You are just being maiopic just bcos u want to write something here..So many of you have lost your sense of judgement to understand that God through his prophet does his works. So who the hell is Mr President not to knee before his throne. I pray you see the next day of this my comment bcos you just did what God hates...

He knelt before God!

It may appears to you that he knelt before Pastor Adeboye, he's not referencing him but the God almighty, I expect this type of article from person that doesn't know God. If you are a believer this will not even be an issue. All honor and adoration goes to God and not the pastor.

I am very sure that Sunday

I am very sure that Sunday Njokede is an Anti-Christ.
No man on earth is above his maker (God). It is the duty of man to worship God and proclaim His name openly. Mr President knelt down to be prayed for by the entire children of God present at the gathering and those watching live on the internet and television. If you do not have anything to write about again, please keep your pen in order to avoid heresy that may lead you to hell fire.


You said it from your article that the mandate of the incumbent was tainted by the clossal rigging of 2007, how then can you expect the president ot be "indepewndant"?
That said, from his actions, President Jonathan is not a toy and you toy with him at your own peril. Just look at the mean streak of the way he dealt with other PDP members when he decided to contest for the candidacy of his party come 2011. Ask IBB, Atiku et al to hear an interesting story and any attempt to speak out is immediately turned into an ethnic/regional agenda by his TEAM!.
The problem with Nigeria is the PDP and until we wake up to their tricks of divide and rule , we will comtinue to wallow in the ocean of abjext poverty, ignorance, shortages and lack of education.

An idle mind

Mr sunday, you are nothing but an idle mind, a bloody oaf, a fool without redemption. You think you are educated but you are worst than an illiterate. If the Babangidas, Shagaris, Atikus, Yar'Aduas could be sitting on the bare floor and hitting their foreheads on the ground in the name of worship and nobody has complained that it is demeaning why are you displaying your foolishness here by writing rubbish. You are a disgrace to your ancestry and a curse to your family. Your attack on Adeboye is also out of complete ignorance because you have no idea what you are doing and where you are standing. Infact, you are nothing but a "born-throway".


I am not a Jonathan supporter and will not even think of voting for him. But there is nothing wrong in kneeling down to be prayed for by Pastor Adeboye to God the Father and Creator of the Universe in the Name of Jesus Christ who has a permanent priesthood and who is the Shepherd and Overseer of our souls. The good thing is that the prayer was done in public and not in a corner, indicating that Jonathan is not ashamed of the God he worships. But what about ignorant  and worthless people making useless comments in this thread who worship worthless gods in secret? I will rather kneel down or even prostrate to be prayed for and worship my creator  in public than  kneel or seat before useless and worthless gods in secret which is what most commentators who call Jonathan names do. Is it any wonder why there comments are also worthless? Ignorant people!