Jonathan Wins 2015 Election! By A.S.M Jimoh

By A.S.M Jimoh

Jonathan wins 2015 election! This would likely be a headline the day after 2015 election. The naivety of the so-called opposition and the enlightened youths that the Jonathan administration is clueless are giving us a deluded hope of routing out Jonathan and his forty thieves in the PDP in 2015. We may after all come back to bite our fingers post 2015 election.

The Jonathan administration is battle ready for 2015. It has already set up his army on all fronts. Those of us privileged to access social network idealistically think that the amount of disenchantment expressed on twitter, facebook and other social networks has already dislodged him. This is delusion and deception combined. The Jonathan and his gangs do not give a damn. If only we know, twitter and facebook should just be supplement to our practical efforts.

The soldier who knows the war strategy does not care to go to the battle ground which is irrelevant. The Jonathan administration knows that dissatisfaction on twitter and facebook are not real voters. The real voters whose vote will although not count are the villagers who do not know how government affects the life of people. Anyway, they have been deliberately made to be so. Eventually at the eve of election, a Jonathan’s hundred naira, bale of cloth and mudus of rice to them would be considered as favours. When the time comes, voters’ cards would be exchanged for fifty naira. Jonathan and his PDP know the war strategy.

Yes, Jonathan and PDP are already fighting the war for 2015. Every security apparatus is now being polarized. Nigeria is now more divided along religious and ethnics identity by the government. Fringe ethnic and religious organizations have suddenly become visible and senselessly vocal. Leaders of such groups are co-opted into government in the guise of peace entrenching effort, receiving fat allowance to the detriment of their unsuspecting followers. They issue blackmailing statements to hoodwink the sentiments of their ignorant followers that their religious/tribal group is being schemed out, whereas it was just the case of one looter falling out with another master looter.

The financial war chest and militants arm for the war are being built by the treasury looting all over here and there by Jonathan’s forty thieves. The mind-boggling looting of the treasury through ministries, departments and agencies (MDA) by the Jonathan’s people is part of the preparation for 2015. Miscreants called ex-militants are now in the corridor of cash- apology to Tunde Asaju. It is not just a do-or-die affair, but a war that the 2015 election will be.

Editors and proprietors who are aligned to Jonathan are already denying critics of Jonathan space in their newspapers. They are hobnobbing with government thugs and sycophants. Such editors and proprietors would later go to publish dubious opinion polls that will provide the ground for rigging.
Jonathan has suddenly become a born again attending vigil and asking the Church to pray. He has begun to sweet-talk the Church that it is its prayers that have kept the country moving. All these are votes seeking strategy and divisive politics. When the time is ripe, gods of men (sic) will begin to campaign for Jonathan even though their congregations are among the masses subjected to extensive poverty and hopelessness by his administration.

The Jonathan administration has continued to behave as if he is a victim of the insecurity across the country; whereas he is a culprit. When in a dire security situation, a government behaves helplessly and looking victimized, such government is an accomplice. Example is the Pakistani government that portrays haplessness to the droning of its people by America. It behaves as if Taliban aligned militants have taken over Pakistan. Such are antics displayed by efficiently corrupt government in order to keep afloat.

When I see the sheer simplicity display on social forum about Nigeria politics, I conclude that we do not know where we were coming from, nor do we know our destination. As someone who actively participated in past elections, I should know where the Jonathan hopes to harvest their votes. It is not in the town of Abuja, Enugu, Kaduna, Ibadan or Lagos. And not even from the ‘wise guys’ on twitter and facebook. It is in the surrounding villages of the cities that Jonathan’s forty thieves will go to cheat the naïve opposition.

The so called oppositions should stop behaving as if they have all the time in their hands. They should know that winning election goes beyond the congregation of political parties. They should get their acts together and start organizing if they are serious in moving the Nigerian masses from the current state of abandonment.

The earlier we realize that the anti-PDP camp is disadvantaged in all fronts, the better for it.  We do not possess the army to intimidate the electorates, nor the police to guard and escort thugs in the stealing and vandalization of election materials, nor the fuel subsidy, oil wells, import waiver license, the pension funds and all other forms of funds to be released later to compromise the already pauperized masses and the security agencies.

Besides, we have a population who is still easily intimidated by security apparatus. The prevailing situation in the country, especially where the Jonathan administration will not be getting much vote, is in dire security situation. It is a heavily militarized zone that already put people therein in perpetual fear. This is already an advantage to the Jonathan’s war plan for 2015.

The opposition can continue dilly-dallying on what to do. Jonathan and his people are already ahead of them. While the Jonathan is resurrecting and erecting octogenarian fixers in strategic positions, the opposition are throwing away their most valuable assets in the guise of old age. Someone just reminded me that Awolowo was 74 years when he contested in 1983. This even put to question the sincerity of the so called opposition.

As a popular wisdom goes, a malignant tumor is fought equally by the bitterest herb. The current PDP is a recalcitrant malignancy which must be stopped by all means. Yes, all means. It must be fought the way it fights us. Then we should go beyond twitter and facebook to educate the villagers, the illiterate, the ignorant and the religious/ethnic bigots and our conscience. I am already doing that. We should offer sacrifice. For instance, if you and I who makes noise on twitter and facebook donate 100 naira each out of our less-than-a-dollar-a-day earning, we would make difference. We would be able send someone among ourselves into the villages to enlighten; we would be able to print flyers and pamphlet to educate people who have no access to information about this misadventure called Jonathan administration; we would be able to counter the Nigeria Trash Authority (NTA) aided by Abattoir and Okupite, and we would be able to tell the truth about them even though they lie against us.

More so, it is not early to start asking INEC to show us how it is going to organize the next election, the preparation and the pattern that will be adopted. What about voter’s card registration and update? It is not too early either to know where the polling stations are. We should not wait till the eve of election for INEC to tell the locations and codes of the polling units. Then, it will be too late to bicker about unexisting polling unit.

This fight for liberation should not be left in the hand of the so called oppositions who sometimes are not better than the PDP. The youth should rise beyond twitter and facebook to express their dissatisfaction with the status quo, else we may come back 2015 to wait for 2019. Someone says God forbids. God will forbid, only if we act.
A.S.M Jimoh (

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No! Deri Its You and Your Kind That Dont Want Buhari

@ Deri. You will see the light once in your miserable life you can manage to take tribe and religion out of your equation. 99.9% of the time you spit rubbish to any constructive debate. Buhari may not be a perfect human being but when it comes to the sickness that has afflicted this nation (corruption), he is light years ahead of any body else and please correct me if i am wrong.

Since many individuals who do not even like the man Buhari have openly admitted that this guy is incorruptible, what other evidence do hypocrites like you need to support this man so we can clean this cesspool government and lay a solid foundation to fight corruption and strengthen agencies we had established to do so? Buhari may never rule Nigeria but it will not be because he is not worthy, It would have to be because Nigeria was not worthy of such benevolent character at the time in her history. I expect your usual SS/SE laden rubbish in response. May God Bless All patriotic Nigerians.

Ijarotimi Segun, I think u

Ijarotimi Segun, I think u are the one that is not reading between the lines. The fact that Christians are being slaughtered in the north is not news. There has always been a persecution of the Xtians by the Muslims in the north (which is so sad, of course being a Xtian myself). However, things have worsened to a frightening and dehumanizing magnitude under the leadership of Jonathan Goodluck. I do put him in prayers for God's wisdom and direction. But it is obvious he has only a gnat-like clue about the job he is handling and our concern should indeed be trying to entrench a leader which will create a system that works. I think that is all A.S. Jimoh is trying to say. Nothing religious or tribalistic.

Stupid Reasons!

Like Dumbo's dog Deri whom at the the end part of his comment made an interresting statement that Nigerian should be passionate who to vote for and support the candidates, but still made an usuall qualm statement on Buhari in a such a derogatory manner because we all know him as a regions bigotory inhuman.

Am for me am a supporter of good governance, whereby I dont care where you from as long you have what it takes, you could be idigbo or ekwere from South South, just as long you will move us forward to the beautiful future.

God bless Nigeria.

Hopless dreams?

Nigeria, as the case may be has being beleaguered with predicaments, most especially "Corruption". Corruption as we all know has already owned to our name. In as much I agree with the writter I also aligned my thoughts with Tjohnson, that the Oppositions are not promising. Come 2015 PDP the cultists party will take the mantle many times again theres no doubt about it. No matter how you want to table this in otherwise, oppositions enclosure of "merger warrior", would not be in any strong position to fight this evil party "PDP", because Corrpution will stop the dream before it could realized. Like some of us here whom are dim fit on rating everything relgion and tribalism, should know that will not help us in anyway.

...and so you see Jimoh,

...and so you see Jimoh, bigots like Segun here are the reasons why GEJ and his ilk will continue to take us for a ride...and Segun before you say something else that is entirely stupid, I am a christian.


I read this piece with amusement. I have written before that Jonathan, if he chooses to run{He will} in 2015 will win not because he is the best candidate but because opposition candidates are worse as it stands now. The story line by the opposition as already been written as the reason for their lost come 2015. And that storyline, as typified by this writer, is PDP rigging. And there lies the opposition whole strategy of winning in 2015, cry foul! Sad indeed. For many of us the murdered of our Youth corpers are very much fresh in our minds, and this writer typifies what is wrong with our political landscape. If you can't win, always blame it on rigging. That is guaranteed to generate passion among your supporters, and if few corpers lives are sacrificed along the way, who cares they asked!

"Nigerians should defend

"Nigerians should defend their votes, I am a passionate supporter of two party system and that still remains my position, Nigerians should be passionate about who they will vote for and support their candidate, but not people like Buhari. Buhari should stay at home; he should go to Daura and retire there. We are tired of all these people who are harassing Nigerians.”

I am fully behind u Mr Jimoh.

I am fully behind u Mr Jimoh. We don't want to make sacrifices. We need to understand that to get what we waant we must. B readdy to work. If every1 educates his villaage cousins/ illeterate neighbours etc, we will move somewhere. We do not understand we need to make a stand and change this country for the better as a whole. We cannot keep moving cluelessly until such a time wheen nigerians will start running to Ghana and Niger to. Look for jobs

D SS is never afraid to secede in 2015!

Buhari, el rufai, tinubu, and bakare are not marketable materials. The writer should have realized that if we go by sacrifice and love 4 9ja, as displayed by late Gani, he should have beaten Buhari and OBJ in the 2003 elections-Gani started to reach out to the electorates years before Abdulsalam flagged off the presidential election. Late Gani was more popular than Buhari. Yet he came 4th in the race. The writer made a valid point when he said elections are never going to be won on the pages of face-book or twitter-cause the hard core voters in 9ja, have little or no time for click-tone politics that Buhari relied on to win the elections-4 him and ribadu-sadly both are fulanis--tribalism abi? Blame his lynch mentality not 9jas-Again the era of the Fulanis dragging their subjects in d North to the polling boots is over-elections are no won by the number of photo-shop ppl splash on SR for buhari-9jas just dont want them Buharis no more period!

liberation of nigeria

Judging by your name, Jimoh, you are probably a muslim, and i am not realy suprised by your write up. Of all the horrors in this country you think Jonathan is the biggest problem, christians are being slaughtered and intimidated in the northern part of Nigeria daily but you dont realy care, at least they are christians 'infidels' to you. You ignored all these and all the attrocities that has been committed by islamic leaders in the past and you chose to blame Jonathan just because you people believe a christian does not have the right to be president making it sound as if he is the worst we have ever had. Mr Jimoh, you are either disconnected from reality or a religious extremist who does not care about human life as long as they are not muslim lifes. The biggest threat to Nigeria is islamic terrorism being sponsored by some very few evil people in the North because they cant imagine Nigeria with a christian president. Pls try and put things in the right perspective.

@Remi even Buhari beat late Gani in 2003 d SS is free 2 go

Results of the 2003 elections --
Candidate Party Votes %
Olusegun Obasanjo People's Democratic Party 24,456,140 61.94
Muhammadu Buhari All Nigeria People's Party 12,710,022 32.19
Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu All Progressives Grand Alliance 1,297,445 3.29
Jim Nwobodo United Nigeria People's Party 169,609 0.43
Gani Fawehinmi National Conscience Party 161,333 0.41
Sarah Jubril Progressive Action Congress 157,560 0.40
Ike Nwachukwu National Democratic Party 132,997 0.34
Chris Okotie Justice Party 119,547 0.30
Balarabe Musa People's Redemption Party 100,765 0.26
Arthur Nwankwo People's Mandate Party 57,720 0.15
Emmanuel Okereke All People's Liberation Party 26,921 0.07
Kalu Idika Kalu New Nigeria People's Party 23,830 0.06
Muhammadu Dikko Yusuf Movement for Democracy and Justice 21,403 0.05
Yahaya Ndu African Renaissance Party 11,565 0.03
Abayomi Ferreira Democratic Alternative 6,727 0.02
Tunji Braithwaite Nigeria Advance Party 6,932 0.0

Possible outcomes

If Buhari runs against Jonathan on merger party platform - Jonathan wins

If Northern muslim and Yoruba governer runs then stalemate- Jonathan taking SS SE and most of NC. Northern Muslim ticket taking most of NW, NE and SW and parts of NC (Kwara, Niger and Kogi)

If North central christian former govenor aligns with Yoruba governor and supported by Buhari- Northern christian wins NW, NE , most of North central and SW.

It is for the opposition to win or lose

Mark my Word

Thanks for this piece, it's rational. However not all rationalities come to reality. I had said several times in the past on the pages of papers that the 2015 election would defy all logical calculations. I do not care whether people believe it or not, since 2011, I had said there would not be any PDP to contest the election but a fragmented factions of PDP, if any. Let's wait and see. At the worst, I said, if Jonathan and this present strange bedfellows in power claim to win the next election in 2015, then the fourth republic is over. I still stand by those declarations till today as events will soon start unfolding to align with these predictions. So forget about all the preparations of Jonathan or whoever, this is his only time. Let him use it well and change.