NDDC: Niger Deltas Are Angry! By Taiwo Lawrence Adeyemi

By Taiwo Lawrence Adeyemi

Welcome to Niger Delta, 'Where the sun never sets' 'The Pride of the Nation 'The Treasure Base of the Nation' 'The Big Heart', regal in aquatic splendor!

With his recent comments on Niger Delta Development Commission [NDDC] by President Goodluck Jonathan, that NDDC STINKS!  "Jonathan’s position was informed by the startling revelations from the Presidential Monitoring Committee’s report on NDDC.

The report indicted officials of the commission for indulging in unjustifiable variation of contract sums, abandonment of projects and other sharp practices. It said that between 2005 and 2011 NDDC engaged incompetent contractors, approved and executed projects outside its statutory scope in Cross River, Edo and Rivers States.

In addition to the reports from the three states, feedback on 1,510 projects compiled in six other oil producing states by the committee depicts an even more dreadful can of worms. There is a  systemic decay in NDDC that made the commission a shame of the region. Owing to persistent crises and corruption, President Jonathan said he would reform the commission to generate people-oriented projects.

It is indeed sad that rather than count their blessings, twelve years after the inception the NDDC, oil producing states have recorded more economic and environmental woes. From one internal conflict to the other, the NDDC itself, had become a looting center where principal officers, tear themselves up. Indeed their passion for self-service far outweighed the organization interest. Unfortunately, officials of the commission portray the commission as a mere contract awarding agency" [Tide online].

NDDC since it's inception has been embroiled in one controversy or other, it's Managing Directors are the worst hit, with nearly all the NDDC CEO's been charge to court for embezzlement, fraud and corrupt practices.

Metamorphosing from Oil Minerals Producing Areas Development Commission [OMPADEC], to Niger Delta Development Commission [NDDC], one hoped that the Niger Delta will witness a rapid transformation from once be-deviled oil and environmental pollution from the multinationals oil companies operating in the Niger Delta which has failed to take into cognizance the maintenance and proper care of the environment in which they operate. Unemployment and poverty pervades the entire Niger Delta thereby giving way to the restive Niger Delta youths.

Events that have since been unfolding from NDDC is just simply worrisome and mind boggling, from the indictment of the MD's, with some Executive Directors, the lists kept coming.

Appointment onto the NDDC Board also commands intensive lobbying and described as the most hotly lobbied board in the Federal Government of Nigeria parastatal. To some the NDDC is the most intensive lobbying that takes place using  any means to get on the board of NDDC. Except for the brief period of Mr. Timi Alaibe, the former Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission [NDDC], no other Managing Director of NDDC has left with a good image.

The Chief Executive Officers simply ran NDDC aground and siphoned it's resources dry shown by the recent out come of the report of the Presidential Monitoring Committee on the NDDC submitted by the Chairman, Chief Isaac Jemide. It is indeed another mind boggling revelation of mindless CORRUPTION!

Niger Deltas are angry!

Taiwo Lawrence Adeyemi
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A fact, Niger Delta has oil which accounts for over 90% of the country's foreign earnings. At the same time, Niger Delta has over 90% of the most insensitive elites in Nigeria, who derive satisfaction in subjugating their people, nay, the whole country, through untold hardship in the midst of plenty. Take Nembe in Bayelsa State for example, with over 100 oil wells, the community is deliberately denied any manner of development or progress. Many other communities in the Niger Delta share this wicked situation. Alamieseigha was convicted by a court in Nigeria and over 34bn Naira was recovered from him by the EFCC, today he is a kingmaker in Aso Rock, after stealing his State dry. The excuse that leaders from other regions have ruled since independence without much to show for the Niger Delta, is diversionary, mischievious and misleading. The personalities in charge of Nigeria today do not provide any hope for both Niger Delta and Nigeria at large.

scrap NNDC and in its place

scrap NNDC and in its place establish a Niger Delta development Bank--again what do you expect when u have the likes of Pius Ayim collecting lucrative contracts from the agency-blame clarke who supported the creation of this dead body