Obasanjo In Praise Of China

By Sunday Odeleke

In his self righteous estimation, former President Olusegun Obasanjo sees himself as the best that has happened to Nigeria and perhaps, Africa. This is in contrast to the view held by most Nigerians and perhaps the rest of the world. Once respected around the globe for seeing through a transition program in 1979 that transferred power in a densely flawed democratic process; Obasanjo twenty years later began an eight year journey that stripped him of all the praise and accolades that took him two decades to gather. His incursion into politics after providence rescued him from the bared fangs of despotic Sanni Abacha is his greatest undoing. Winning an election that most people believed was rigged for him by the unpopular military midwives marks the beginning of an era of infamy for Obasanjo.

With his legendary hatred for the media, the former president is always the toast of the press with sound bites. Known for using and dumping friends and allies, Obasanjo is crafty in deceit and he knows how to seek attentions. He recently chose the 100th Session of the International Labour Organisation in Geneva, Switzerland's event to inform the Goodluck Jonathan government that it is weak in fighting corruption. This is a stooge government that Obasanjo himself helped arranged, what Nigerians saw a week after is the dramatic waking up from the slumbering EFFC arranging three former PDP governors to justify the grants and funding that the agency collects from the international community.

The latest from the former President is his shameless praise of the emerging Chinese economy. At a gathering in Lagos, Obasanjo while lamenting depletion of the $35billion foreign reserve his government left behind in 2007, he acted like the China foreign minister predicting that China will rule the world by the middle of the century. He further states that the Chinese do not think the way Nigerian leaders and followers think by saving for the rainy days. What the former president fails to mention is how his eight years in government contributed to the growth of China's economy and the ruin of Nigerian economy and pride.

Whenever he settles down with his jar of palm-wine and bush meat, Obasanjo should ask himself some questions on how the $35billion disappeared.  When he chose the terminally sick Umaru Yar’Adua as his successor in 2007, deep inside him, he knew he was foisting on the nation a man who would spend fortunes on his health besides abandoning state duties for those that were ready to steal the country to her bones. Before death came calling on Yar’Adua, his kitchen cabinet members had used their mentor’s incapacity to pillage the wealth of the nation and this accounts for a chunk of $35billion that Obasanjo is looking for today. The former president also forgets to mention the kleptomaniacs he left behind in his ruling People’s Democratic Party and government. He did not mention how his thwarted third term bid redefined incentives for legislators whose love for government money now transcends any globally known decency; part of the missing national reserve has been used to fund their jaw breaking emoluments.

Ibrahim Babangida is the only living past ruler who can compete with Olusegun Obasanjo in sharing the blames for the present state of Nigerian economy. This accounts for the reason the two former leaders threw caution into the wind recently by calling themselves fool and greater fool. Before forcing Abacha on Nigeria, Babangida ensured that Nigeria’s economy was driven to the point of no recovery; the only quotation of IBB that this writer can remember is "Nigeria’s economy defies all logics." The collapse of the industrial sector commenced when IBB was in the saddle, his Structural Adjustment Program that starts with the devaluation of naira was the camel that broke the back of Nigerian economy. The country never recovered from this because the factories at this point begin to close shops in preference for imported Chinese products. This was about the time the Chinese economy begins to show signs of prosperity coupled with the transfer of manufacturing privilege of many brands from United States to China because of cheap labor and safety of investment. Nigeria’s infrastructures era of total collapse also started at this time.
When Obasanjo took over in 1999, Nigerians gullibly assumed that their messiah had landed. Deceptively showing some signs of seriousness at the beginning, many had thought that at close to 70, Obasanjo had nothing in life to pursue again other than fixing the country’s economy, infrastructures and the restructuring of the political landscape. All the attempts made by his government to fix the economy and the infrastructures yielded no results because they were built on false foundations of greed and insatiable quest for wealth and power. Obasanjo eventually left the country more disunited than he met it and with so much personal wealth that he can arguably be counted among the ten richest Nigerians today.

It did not take Obasanjo much time to lose focus and began sailing the Nigerian ship like a drunken sailor. President Obasanjo dashed the hope of the optimists who believed in him and his government. With the GSM revolution, Obasanjo connived with foreign telecom companies to further impoverish his own people. The never accounted for license fees charged by government were passed down to Nigerians in the form of outrageous sim cards costs and heavy call tariffs that are still high 10 years after.

The few factories that Obasanjo met in 1999 were all turned to warehouses for Asian products and religious worship centers before he handed to an undertaker in 2007. The former president while in office dipped his hand in too many unethical deals. He used the time to sell to himself and his PDP cronies many government assets at ridiculously low values. Many organizations and businessmen were arm twisted to contribute money and materials to his investments that were already moribund before 1999 and the infamous presidential library in Abeokuta. Obasanjo will need to come out clean by revealing how many free generators he received from Milkano and T&E, the two leading generator importing companies when he was the president.

Michelin and Dunlop, the two tyre manufacturing companies closed down when Obasanjo was the president because of the collapse of infrastructures and insecurity. Imported Chinese tyres were much cheaper than Nigerian made tyres. Ajaokuta Steel Company was sold to Chinese investors that later dismantled the facilities and sold them at a higher price than the government sold it, these investors took their gains to China after refunding Nigerian banks that financed the shady deals. Few months to the end of his misrule, Obasanjo assembled some Chinese ‘experts’ in Abeokuta to resurrect the country’s dead rail transport system, with $2billion soft loan from China and another $2billion that Obasanjo’s government spent on the rail transport system between 1999 and 2007, nothing was achieved in that direction.

It therefore places a moral burden on Olusegun Obasanjo to start praising Chinese economy when in fact he occupies a pivotal role in helping China at the expense of his own people and country. Since one cannot build something on nothing, the current government that Obasanjo has a hand in its emergence with its failure signs, is not strange because it is building on the false foundations of the government that left in 2007. Expecting Jonathan to change the tide is to expect the impossible. Described clueless by his former deputy and successor as Bayelsa state governor, President Goodluck Jonathan looks lost in the barrage of problems that confront the country. His mantra of always blaming every policy criticism on those that want to derail his government is enough sign that Nigerians should expect nothing from this man.

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OBJ: A Man of No Value

Soon the day of reckoning would pin this BIG-MAGGOT-FOOL OBJ to the flaming corner of no return. Ever since he'd lost all relevance and close friends disappeared from his stinking odour, every moves he makes have been gutterish only drawing him closer to the gangplank's edge. The nation can never make use of you no more, Mr. OBJ. And any obligation that you make now or in future on behalf of the suffering masses of Nigeria would be a useless undertaking on your part. Nothing whatsoever that you do now or later would atone for your past misdeeds. A former head-of-state, two-time president praise-singing a foreign entity, yours must be a personage of no value! No matter how much you have stolen from the masses, it won't help remove the sediments that you have passed onto your offsprings. Nor would it ensure painless lifestyle for your grand-grand kids.

Ugly OBJ, The Crass Ewedu Fool.

Ugly monster, OBJ is a big fool in the class of Jacob Zuma. African leaders like Mandela loath him like sin, so do I. The man is the worse criminal to crawl out of Ogun state, where nobody appreciates him. An opportunist and a shameless illitrate. A promiscous sex vampire who raped his son's wife! A wicked, vindictive goat that plotted the clown Dumbo into office as collateral punishment to all Nigerians. He claims he left 35 billion, how much did he steal? Didn't his own bootleg Ribdu tell the Americans that corruption under Obasanjo was far worse than under any previous Nigerian leader? The bastard needs to keep quiet for a second, not dabble into every topic. He is nauseating! Starting from Awolowo, Tofa Balogun, Bode Geroge, The Sarakis, Bankoles, Adenugas and all the fake private-plane-flying pastors, these bastards are far more disasterous to Nigerians than all the other groups put together! Achebe is no friend of OBJ, Prof. Chinua Achebe is an honourable man!

Aremu Obasanjo is an old

Aremu Obasanjo is an old fool. God will deal with him. When he was in power for 8 years, what did he do? He paid off Nigeria's debts and saved $35 billion?!! How can a sane leader pay off, when the creditors were asking the nation to SERVICE the fraudulently accumulated debt? This guy is a fool! How can a nation in need of investments in infrastructure, in education, in housing, in roads and transport, in power, etc, take a lump sum to pay off some dubious debts? Obasanjo is wicked. He lacks foresight and what he ought to have used to invest in Nigeria's future in 2002 was used to repay debts and we are all negatively affected. Very wicked man. My only prayer is that the Almighty God will deal with him.

Obasanjo paid the debt to

Obasanjo paid the debt to please the worldbank and be in the good books of United Nations. Tell me any development minded nation in the world that will gamble with that kind of payment when an average citizen lives on less than a dollar a day and with collapsed educational sector, poor roads, insecurity, collapsed medical facilities, comatose power sector and other problems. Paying back the whole debt is an indication of failure on Obasanjo ability so solve the national problems with the available funds. He couls have used the money to address some of the problems including the $50B foriegn reserve he left hehind to solve the problem. The issue is that the monster stole what he needs and left, use some to pay debt and left some behind for the challantans.

OF MICE (who tear down) AND MEN (who build)

Sadly, envy & hatred are the plight of heroes that dare to build given Obasanjo's two administrations’ unparallel achievements ranked as the best leader Nigeria ever had.

OBJ has been the focal point in Nigerian polity from the creation of EFCC, GSM handsets, zoning, privatization, debt repayment, reform of the public service, health, pension, etc.

You are either for or against THE MAN, while his detractors (MICE) are relegated to the background. The MAN has the uncanny ability to pop up at the right place at the right time to get the right result."

Each time OBJ quits the stage (1979, & 2007) this hapless nation falls apart like toddlers in constant need of a nanny to clean up their mess. Less than 4 years after OBJ erased the $38 Billion debt in return for a $50 Billion saving, the nation is back in another $40 Billion debt.

You pulled an ingrate from the gutter & put him on a bed of roses, somehow, the gutter boy will still crawl his way back into the sewer.

nigeria saga

as far there is GOD who made heaven and earth it means that all is well with my beautiful country.. evil cannot go unpunish as it said.. everyday is for the thief but one day will be for the owner . nigeria problem will one day be thing of the past let the wicked start to enjoy those evil accumulated wheather they gather in my country but one day they will suffer.. some one from prison to death was rescue but after giving a great honour mess hinself up was lamenting with his mouth ,, oh may GOD have mercy unto O BJ SAGA NOT NIGERIA SAGA.. a disgrace to the nation M YA GOD BE WITH US THEN AMEN

Nonsense- Rubbish

Writer should have stated that before OBJ's civilian administration, Nigeria was owing International lenders over $39 billion which no Nigerian thought would ever be repaid. OBJ not paid this off but his administration save $50 billion for the next administration. One would think that next would add to OBJ's instead they wipe the saving clean and you blame OBJ for it? I believe something must be wrong with you. To and many reasonable Nigerians OBJ has been the best leader ever. He gets my vote any day. He is visionary and other leaders don't even come close to measuring up. I hope he lives for a long time and continues to give pointers to Nigerian leaders whichever way, whenever and where ever he feels he can get their eggheads to understand. Adeleke is an ass who would understand. Road were bad before OBJ, previous leaders did nothing lets see if the current leaders will do something about them.

Thou Art great Almighty and

Thou Art great Almighty and Merciful God. A fool says in his mind there is no God. When these fools were trampling on Igbo, slaughtering them, looting their belongings, abusing them they were rejoicing thinking there is no God. How powerful is the cry of the oppressed and cheated. Lord, may Nigeria suffer calamities upon calamities until they make amends to Igbo people. May the ways of our oppressors be slippery in all their dealings. God bless the Igbo people that hope in Thy mercy O Lord.

tundemash, We got plenty of

We got plenty of amputation machines gathering dust some where. Tell your members to put them into good use. They cost us a lot of money. If we use them only on the limbs of pickpockets and goat thieves that means they are woefully under-used. As a good Muslim man Abdulsalami should volunteer himself for good amputation. That will convince us that Islam is real, then we may reconsider the application of sharia in the rest of Northern and Western states.

Leaders my foot ...

It is a shame that some people can be showcasing themselves as leaders in Nigeria. In fact they all should mix Adrex 40 with Gamaline 20, drink and commit suicide. It is just beyond comprehension that they can still be parading themselves as leaders when the whole economy went from bad to worse under their watch.They are nothing but failures. They should be ashamed of themselves. We can see for ourselves what intelligent leaders are achieving in their respective countries all over the world. I still really don't understand how they feel whenever they find themselves in a mist leaders from other nations.
Our founding fathers made life easy for them, they fought for independence, gave them free education, free cars, free health care, scholarships, jobs and means of livelihood; but they have decided to bastardize the system that nurtured them and mortgage the future of this generation.

shot at sight !

what was that idiot called OBJ saving $35billion in a country with no roads, no electricity, no food, no potable water, no healthcare add the 90 billion naira he an that theif Anene stole form ministry of works the over 90billion naira for Id cards that don't exist you begin to understand why these criminals should be shot at sight. There is more money where it came from.



thank you

These write up simply sum up the wickedness of man to man. I hope and wish Nigerians can rise up and murder all these leaders. As for China, watch it, America would ground China when the time comes and there goes World War 3.

Bias commentary all the way.

This is most bias commentary ever.


Nigeria need his blood and about 10,000 of his fellows contemporaries to appease the land in some kind of JERRY RAWLINGS Styled bloody revolution,then the country will start to move forward,if not we are just postponing the doomed day.

Good explaination of Nigeria History over 30 years

Sunday Odeleke you have been eloquent and straight forward in explaining the crisis that bedevils Nigeria over the last 30 odd years. Unfortunately you may be speaking to the dumb and deaf on SR because most commentators have not the acumen to understand or to offer solutions. Simply put Nigeria has been raped and bastardized by corruption. Solution is every Nigerian must be made to explain there income and wealth, and also be made accountable and punished for any misdeeds. GEJ, well done for the last few days, you are finally wearing trousers, but now lets have your assets disclosed.


one thing is very clear you and your cohorts will never achive one tenth of what obj has achived you bunch of animals

OBJ lost the golden chance

He could have become a Nelso Mandela, but he chose to be sell out. Does anyone remember he was clamouring for a Sovereign National Conference before he came to power? Once there he changed tunes. An SNC does not necessarily mean splitting the country, we could have trashed it all out, and agreed on how we move ahead. He blew it all, even his kinsmen, the Yoruba's have very little regard for him. His tragedy is unfortunately one for our country, a tragedy for the black race. He could have made the difference, but he lacked the balls. His name will go down in ignominy.

Shut up!

Nigerians don't really know what they want. Look at what this Emir or Sultan of Sokoto wrote. It will take an angry and slightly mad man to be able to achieve what he has listed. Before he arrests 50 thieves, Nigerians, including the likes of Sultan of Sokoto must have been crying about human right abuse! And what is 50 thieves in the land of the Iboris, Bankoles, Ibrus, Obasanjos, Turakis, etc etc. 113 Jonathans cannot catch those thieves! So who do we really want?

Excellent write-up. What more

Excellent write-up. What more could be our problems? Look at the Minister of Petroleum Resources in a disorganised mode at the parliament to defend her poorly thought policies. These are not the best the country can afford!

China is a menace on African's economic devt!

A new generation of Nigerian politicians must emerge.

The saying that " One deserves the kind of leaders one has" is not an understatement in the not so perculiar case of the Nigerian state. As Nigerians, our morality as continually been displayed on the larger leadership front. Our leaders are not from space; they are from average families such as yours and mine. So, if our leaders are corrupt glutons that embelish greed as a motto, it those call to question the very standard of morality of the average Nigerian family. We need to define what the threshold of how social morality should encompass at this point in our not so admirable history.

Lets apply the Chinese justice to our system here.

Lets apply the Chinese justice to our system here. In China, if any govt. officials steals, it is death sentence. We have so many looters that need killing I suggest we import the chinese executioners for a year long contract.

Another useless write up from a clueless fellow

This is another useless write up that is at best a distraction rather than a positive contribution to how to move the country forward. What has complaints and regrets about OBJ comments about China got to do with Nigeria in need of solutions to present problems? Is OBJ comment the truth? This is another Njokede an attention seeker. Leave the Old man alone.

Read comments by OBJ since

Read comments by OBJ since Abiola and you will understand why he asked if IBB forgot something inside dodan barracks. Abiola was not the best-GEJ cannot tackle corruption-the way he OBJ did with kalokalo Ribadu-OBJ is an opportunist like every other Nigerian.

Riding on the Wings

Jonathan knows that Nigerians do not expect too much. He knows that Obasanjo the General could not deliver, so, why should he? He has adopted a strategy of viciously reacting to his critics to divert attention away from his nonperforming government. The problem is that he will have to tell Nigerians where he is taking them at some point.

Obasanjo’s Stupendous Wealth

He made more money. Then he threw Nigeria into confusion by selecting a sick man to cover his tracks. Babangida did the same thing he picked a clueless Sonekan. Somehow, both of them instinctively accused each other as fools because they have both discovered that you cannot successfully use such dirty tactics. They will soon both be swept away with the wind of their mischief.

Well Written Mr Odeleke, Obj is a big hypocrite

Well Written Mr Odeleke, Obj is a big hypocrite. The man is the greatest evil- probably in the same dimension as IBB- to have befallen this cursed country, Nigeria. The man is a sadist, a thief, a wicked election rigger and mismanaged the huge resources Nigeria earned in his 8 years of misrule- huge monies that would have transformed Nigeria and banished poverty, if a honest or person with integrity ruled Nigeria in that period when oil prices went through the roof and Nigeria earned enormous cash. This man Obj should shut his mouth and enjoy his loot, instead of passing blames to the same group of thieves and clueless GEJ



still the best of the pack!!

yes we may hate him at home, we also know without prejudice that he has been the president nigeria ever had. he could have done more given the opportunities and he didn't... what he did will become more and more appreciated by nigerians especially in contrast to jonathan, yaradua, abacha, babangida, buhari, yakubu. baba awolowo would have been the best but helas!