Open Letter to Kogi State Governor Idris Wada By Dr. Joseph Ozigis Akomodi

By Dr. Joseph Ozigis Akomodi

I am a Kogi State Citizen based in New York, United States of America. I am also the founder of Ebira Vonya International. Ebira, as a nation, is the 4th largest ethnic group in Nigeria. It has come to my attention that out of 21 local governments that constitute the formation of Kogi State, only Okene and Lokoja local governments have paid teachers and other local staff up to date. I was completely disheartened to hear such devastating news of your leadership. Not only were the flood victims poorly responded to, but also some of the allocation money from the Federal Government was not handled appropriately. 

I am taking a keen interest on what is happening in Kogi State, as you know that Kogi State belongs to all Kogites. You are elected into office to govern and serve the ordinary citizens of Kogi State. Leadership means to be a servant of the people, not the people serving the leaders. As a leader, I expect you to sleep no more, when those that you serve are hungry and cannot take care of their families because the government decided that there is no need to pay their workers. I congratulated the two local governments caretakers that were able to squeeze their budget to pay their workers. Yet, we have 19 other local governments who have not paid their workers for the past six months. How can you possibly sleep knowing that those you govern cannot afford three square meals? Yet, those who are members of the executive branch of your administration (the assemblymen and assemblywomen) were leaving comfortably at the expense of the masses. 

In every State, there suppose to be emergency contingency allocations in case of natural disasters just like this one that devastated our beloved State of Kogi. I am sure that all the costs of damages coursed by these natural disasters were in the billions of Naira. The budget allocations for emergency contingencies should have immediately gone to reduce the suffering of the affected regions. With this in mind, it is equally important to ensure that you set emergency teams to the areas where such disasters occurred. These teams would set up contingency plans that would then be reviewed and approved by the Governor prior to implementation. 

Now on to other matters of concern, the idea that you hand picked all the 21 Local Government Caretakers of Kogi State is undemocratic, I urge you to immediately set up elections in all of the 21 LGs of our State, so that the ordinary citizens would have the opportunity to elect the people of their choice. That is what democracy is all about. As you handpicked all the 21 caretakers, there is absolutely no transparency in your leadership. The idea you clouded in my mind was simple; you deliberately handpicked them so that when you give them less allocation for their constituencies they have no guts to ask you about the right amount of allocations meant for them based on the budget of their constituency, whether it is incomplete or not. Since they are caretakers they must only accept what you, as the governor deemed necessary for them. That is not the kind of leadership you would want to be known for.

You have to remember, that as a Governor, you are making history. The kind of history you make largely depends on your leadership quality, which shapes the kind of legacy you leave behind at the end of your tenure. We all have obligations in the eyes of God to be fair and just as we are entrusted by the masses to govern them. I am sure you would like to be remembered as leaving the best legacy to ever exist Kogi State. Now is the time to work hard for such legacy.

The amount of wealth you acquire on earth does not determine the kind of life you would live when you part from it. Therefore it is prudent to ensure that we do things having it in mind that God provided that opportunity for you to serve the people. You should know that you may not be the best person in Kogi State and you may not be the most educated person in Kogi State. Yet, God choose you to lead therefore, your leadership on earth would be questioned by God our creator. 

I do not want to address all the issues in this open letter to you, however you better believe it, that I am well aware of all the things that are happening in our State. It is time to put the bickering aside and work together to alleviate our state out from poverty. This is the time, as the Governor of Kogi State, to continue to push all the state senators and the House of Representatives to ensure that their number one priority at the federal level is to see to the completion of Ajaokuta Steel project. If that Steel plant is completed it would put majority of Kogi State Citizens to work including entire Nigerian youths which would serve a good purpose for your leadership. You could use your connections at the Federal level to facilitate such development of Itakpe and Ajaokuta Steel project.

In the nutshell, I urge you to immediately pay the teachers that are taking care of the future leaders of our State. If one soul in Kogi State is hungry the entire State is affected. Teachers and other local staff who have not been paid cannot effectively educate the future of tomorrow. It is unrealistic, that our leaders have their salary with a lot of allowances, when those who are really in the field making a difference in the lives of our children and youths are ignored. Since you are an ex-pilot, you must have flown abroad to see the quality of life our people are denied. I prayed to God to provide us the vision to move Kogi State forward. I am proud to be a citizen of Kogi State! Proud to be a Nigerian!


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letter to his excenlency governor Idris Wada by Blessing Daniel

Good day his excelency , Governor Idris Wada, please read my letter and reply me, My name is Blessing Daniel from kogi state Idal L.G.A and am schooling @ delta state,i wrote this letter you to tell you that we appreciate what you have done for the state because some may say they hate you because they think you are a bad person and that you did not providing any thing but i will say i like you because you are a good person beacause you have provide enough because am the S.U.G vice president in my school and it is not really easy to satisfied everybody's want infact we are expecting you 2015 again because after you is you again and in 2015 i will gather more than hundred people to vote for you again . Thanks

Sken ogun pretending to be Moses Atta part 2...

It is sad that you can project your self to this level, where you become a shadow chasing me ups and down. I know how you write you cannot full me. Come out if you think you are man enough. At least I am using my identity to challenge you. Before I forget, change your facebook wall page because you have never been to New York and you do not leave in New York.

What is so special about New York that you are claiming, when you resides in Canada? That is your continuous strategy to deceive the public. Be proud where you leave. You were born with lies and you would die in lies. You are nothing but a trash that is not worthy to clean my shoes. No wonder the only job you can get in Canada is a night job! All Professionals, work in the daytime, not at night. Only low-level jobs you can find at night.

To be continued....

Sken ogun Pretending to be Moses Atta...

Sken Ogu pretending to be Moses Atta…

Why can't you be man enough to use your real identity to confront me in the forum. All those big words you often used is meaningless without College Degree. I urge you to go back and enroll in University of Toronto. If my education is unverified as you claimed, I have classmates I went to school with who would bear witness of my credential. Moreover, I have degrees not just a degree. The Witnesses you got, can only tell us that you are a drop out of ABU Zaria. We have actual prove that you never made it through ABU because you followed woman to Germany and failed to pursue your academic education. Education is power when you get it, no one can take it away from you, it becomes you.

Counter response to Moses Atta (Sken Ogu)

I urge you Moses Atta (Sken Ogu) to go back to ABU Zaria to finish your Bachelor Degree where left of before you can even remotely have a conversation with me. I do not acknowledge drop outs who cannot reason beyond their nose.

Moses Atta or whateva u

Moses Atta or whateva u called urself, hw many Ebira indigenes hav you schoold with and hw many do u even know? Its only a fool like you that speak without listening to himself. Its quite a pity that at ur age you still use ur hand to count your teath. Lunatics like you always prefered to b destructive rather than constuctive to peoples' opinion. Curruption thrives because of ignorants like you that hardly differentiat between rights and wrong, lets alone knowin the responsiblities of a leader in a democratic society. Its nt ur fault!

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Response to Moses Atta's comments!

I am not as seek as you Moses Atta, it is not how much money you have it is the caring for your community that matters. In my little way I have done something if you join me to do the same, Nigeria would be a better Country. You are as myopic as our leaders who thinks leadership is a title to embezzlement.


It is my hope that Gov Idris takes a critical look at this letter and leave the type of legacy he would want to be remembered by.Gov Idris has a choice to make and the time is today....


It is my hope that Gov Idris takes a critical look at this letter and leave the type of legacy he would want to be remembered by.Gov Idris has a choice to make and the time is today....

That goes to show u have no

That goes to show u have no idea of ebira people, cos if u do, you will know that ebiras are not only the ones you know from okene but there are several others from Abaji, koto, toto in nassarawa, Edo and those in jos. Not as migrants but original settlers. He was not wrong to have said that. God bless us ALL

This Dr must be a sick patient!

A doctor that cannot help or fascilitate any meaningful development is worse than a mental sick patient. I have noted that this guy is always out to damage the good image of others. He is out to increase his empty praises to have championed the course of his people. All his funny and unreasonable postings are full of grammatical errors, which brings one to doubt his academic success. His messages are not chronologically organized and the only fact of thread that runs through the content of his piece reveals the mental emptiness of the writer.

Tell your community to bring out the best competent people in them because I have schooled with them I know their worth. And stop posting this your unverified and unedited sadonic article, it will help you retain this your unverified scholarly certificate. Period!

Dr please spare us this

Dr please spare us this sit-down research ,anyway you mentioned you heard not you witnessed ,what did you do to help Kogi in anyway .

Open Letter to Kogi State Governor

You need to do a little bit of research before making coments we have Ebira origins in eight different states in Nigeria. Not those who move to those States. I mean real indegens

ibiras are d second major tribe in Kogi

To d broda who said ibiras are a minority in kogi, I think u reali are d one who needs to get facts straight.

open letter to kogi state governor

igbirra fourth largest nation in nigeria? why are you not a majority in kogi state. are you sure you are a phd holder or even medical doctor as your writing was too watery and lacking in researched facts. iam however not holding brief for the governor as i do not know him or have anything to do with him. iam only bothered about your claims vis avis your claimed status.


Just to say thet Dr. Joseph Ozigis Akomodi needs to cross check facts before putting it in paper I am not sure Igbira is the fourth largest ethnic group in Nigeria. Where do you put Ijaw then?

Governor Wada Idris

My dear brother Ozigis, thank you for finding time to write the Governor of Kogi State. I do hope he (Governor) will find time to address the issues you raised in the letter.
Ozigis, I must confessed to you that there is nothing like democracy in Nigeria. If a Governor of a State can comedown so low to use horsewhip to beat NEPA officials, where is democracy? You are unaware that Kogi State House Speaker was removed by selected Kogi Governor's friends in the House. Another Speaker was also appointed through the Governor. Uptill now, there is no peace in Kogi State House of Assembly. Well, lets continue praying that God will save Kogi State and Nigeria in general.

supporting the writer

There is this adged in our language, that says that the adviser will advise but left for the listener to hear/take it or live it, my dear brother have place a moveable and touching the soul of our state to the state Governor but left for him to see it as brotherly advise and pick something from it for the purpose of moving our state forward and for the interest of the unpaid workers because a hungry person(s)can not do any meaningful things either to himself or to the larger society.




Dear Dr Ozigis,
You are so optimistic to the point of dreaming!
Do you think you are talking to human beings? Give me a break. These people who lead Nigerians including your governor are from the next planet where the most wicked, mean, evil and deadly souls come from. Their coscience is dead. They are more hardened than the biblical Pharaoh. Your appeal will definitely fall into deaf ears if not outrightly derisioned and scorned upon. Who are you to be so human in a nigerian jungle. I can assure you today, only a calamity of cataclysmic proportion can jolt these aliens who masquerade as our leaders back to reality.
That time is bar one today.

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