Orji Kalu’s Braggadocio

By Jideofor Adibe

There is something about Orji Uzor Kalu, (OUK), former governor of Abia state, which sticks to your face, making it almost impossible to ignore him, while at the same time alarming your instincts not to feel very comfortable with him, or even trust his moves.

Recent reports that OUK had used an armada of police and court bailiffs to ‘shut down’ Thisday after winning a N500m libel suit against the newspaper,  as well as his declaration of intent to run for the presidency in 2011 under the PPA , a party he founded and then abandoned, have set tongues wagging. What is OUK up to this time around?

Kalu’s antecedents are rooted in contradictions. Stories of how he came by his wealth and his rise to national prominence are laced with sublime lines of heroism and ‘cowboyism’. On the source of his wealth, for instance, story had it that while studying political science at the University of Maiduguri in the late 1970s, OUK got involved in the ‘Ali Must Go’ student riots of 1978, and was suspended from the university along with other student leaders. However while many of the student leaders chose to drag the university authorities to court, OUK sneaked into trading with N5, 000, which he got from his mother. From this small beginning, it was said, he moved into furniture trading and other businesses, such that when his suspension was eventually lifted, he was no longer interested in being a student.

Accounts of his rise to national prominence have even more cow-boyish elements. Story had it that in 1985 – before the introduction of the structural adjustment programme in 1986 - when our Naira was much stronger than the US dollar - OUK donated a whopping N500, 000 at a University of Maiduguri fundraising event. However when he was to redeem his pledge, the story had it that OUK sent cardboard boxes stuffed with used newspapers, with a few Naira notes spread on top to give the appearance that everything there was money.

The above type of narratives – bold and audacious embrace of heroic undertakings that mask a certain love for lucre and limelight - appear to be the defining characteristics of the Kalu enigma. Which is why OUK’s current twin projects of ‘shutting down’ the ‘almighty’ ThisDay newspaper, and his declaration of intent to run again for president under the PPA, is raising expected beer parlour hailing and sneering. What does OUK want this time around? Is he acting out any one’s script?

As Governor, OUK and Nduka Obaigbena, publisher of ThisDay, were said to be close pals. Why was it necessary for him to pounce on the paper same day as he got the huge libel award? Rumours are expectedly flying around. One version is that OUK felt incensed at the way the paper reported the death of a young Nigerian woman, Chinwe Masi, in his (Kalu’s) Maryland, United States’, residence on Thursday, August 19, 2010. Another version is that he was fronting for the presidency, which allegedly felt angry at the way the paper reported the Abuja bombing ( a rather surprising rumour given the widespread belief that the paper’s  ‘trends analyses’, which suggest that President Jonathan would win the PDP’s primaries, were contrived to feed into the ‘moving train’ storyline of the Jonathan campaign).  There is yet another rumour that he is fronting for IBB, believed to be his close pal, and who honoured him with the National Merit Award in 1986, when OUK was only 26 years old.  Whatever may be the true motive for that audacious attempt to ‘ground’ ThisDay, there appears to be a consensus that no one will be surprised, if, a few weeks from now OUK and Obaigbena make up, with Kalu announcing that Obaigbena had been like a brother to him for years, and that the incident at ThisDay was a minor normal misunderstanding between ‘brothers’.

The same suspicion of motive has followed OUK’s declaration of intent to run for the presidency under PPA. The rhetoric that informed the intent is of course vintage Kalu. In an interview with the Tribune (online) of October 6, 2010, Kalu said he was going to run for President to “represent the oppressed people of Nigeria and the deprived and marginalised   Igbo people living in Onitsha, Aba, Enugu, Ebonyi and all parts of Nigeria who were still feeling that the civil war had not formally ended going by their alienation in the national scheme of things.”. OUK, a founding member of the PDP, declared himself a good apostle of the PDP zoning, which immediately beggars the question of why he should be contesting for president rather than lend his voice to the pro-zoning forces, which is widely thought to be the best opportunity of producing a President of Igbo extraction by 2015. Will OUK’s decision to run, though under a different party platform, not negate his own position on zoning?

Some years ago OUK was widely seen as one of the most promising political super stars from the South East. When he became Governor of Abia State in 1999, he waxed populist, publishing accounts of the government’s expenditures in newspapers in a unique demonstration of transparency. He embarked on massive road works but critics allege they were the usual the more-you-look-the-less-you-see manoeuvres that underpin the OUK persona. His critics claim that he rented moribund bulldozers and positioned them in strategic locations in the state to create the impression of massive road work in-progress, but that only few roads were actually constructed, and even those were built with poor quality materials that were easily exposed by the rains.

There are things that must be conceded to OUK. He took on both Obasanjo and Tony Anenih at a time no one dared look those two in the eyes. He made success of Enyimba Football Club of Aba, promising even to float the club on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. His airline, Slok, and newspaper, The Sun, are generally considered very successful. A party he formed, the PPA, surprised everyone by winning two Governorship and one Senatorial seats in Igboland. Yet like everything about OUK, even these obvious successes are contested, with critics finding unethical manoeuvres to explain those successes.

The PPA that held much promise in Igboland in 2007 has since unravelled, with the party’s two Governors decamping to PDP, after accusing OUK of meddlesomeness. Kalu later disbanded the PPA and tried to re-join his former party, PDP, which he left in 2007 but some elements within the PDP in his Abia state opposed his attempted return to the party, forcing him to return to his vomit. A faction of the PPA has made it clear it won’t welcome OUK back into the party.

However this plays out, there appears to be a consensus that barring a major shift in current power configuration at the federal level, OUK may be entering the twilight of his political career.


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When I heard About the Death of Ms. Chinwe Masi, On Thursday August 19, 2010 At the Potomac, United States Residence of former Governor of Abia state, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu, I felt a cold chill. I simply told myself, I hope it is not what I think. This is so because from my experience, not even an autopsy would determine the real cause of the death. I say this with utmost certainty and I know why. That would be a story for another day.

Again, when news of the abduction of fifteen school children in Abia state diffused to varying audiences, something struck me. Not that I had not been privy to several other gory details filtering from the state, the merciless killing of innocent people including women and children; the reckless and shameless rapping of women victims among who were also grand mothers, the wanton destruction of property and bizarre manner in which Aba, a city of fearless entrepreneurs was fast heading to oblivion, I strongly believe that the master may be at work. Aba decimated Rwanda in terms of gruesome killing. It made Somali a non – issue in terms of unclothed aggression. The number of persons killed can compete favourably with that of Iraq the same week Saddam Hussein was guest of the hangman’s noose. Who is trying to paralyze the will of a once bold and decisive Aba populace?

It struck me that there is a man I know in Abia who in concert with his family members believe that terror is the ultimate way to paralyze a people’s will to resist and destroy their ability to plan a strategic response. The goal in a terror campaign is not battlefield victory but causing maximum chaos and provoking the other side into desperate overreaction.

It stuck me that this may be a direct attack on the recent declaration by Gov. T. A. Orji that he has facilitated the liberation of the state from the stronghold of one family. may be; Abians are paying the ultimate prize of daring to disconnect the family from unabashed looting of their collective wealth, the decision to make Abians the trustees of their resources and disengage from the barbaric and life damaging strategies of a family that had held them spell bound for over Ten years. A family whose stock in trade is killing and maiming, that specializes in provoking their enemies into desperation overreaction.

The abduction of school children in Abia is not the crux of this piece. It only took me back to memory lane. It reminded of how a crime is busted in advance countries. Most of the time, you know a criminal by his modus operandi, you can identify him by his style and most remarkable by his traces of mistakes. What happened in Abia in the last few weeks can only be handiwork of a master strategist, any person or group who has or have little regard for the sanctity of the human being; a person whose pursuit for material wealth and ephemeral niceties of life compel him to do unspeakable things, whose crave for power can only draw him to debasement of the human mind.
The events caused me to have a quick review of my memoirs (they are no longer secret) those nine years I worked as an undercover reporter, following the Uzor – Kalu family and getting the minutest details of their activities and definition of power. Let me confess that I was fascinated by their show of solidarity amongst each other, especially the fraternity that existed between mother and son and the bizarre manner in which they unleashed terror on friends and foes alike.

Then, when it was announced on the 1st of October that the school children had been rescued, I heaved a long sign of relief. I experienced an indescribable joy that God may have started the long, tortuous but assured journey of liberating Abians finally from their captors. Their captors are not kidnappers who were in the bushes. Their captors are not the criminals who despoiled their wives and daughters. Those young men were only arrows in the bow of the real gods. They would still face the same fate that befell others before them. The people that recruited them know how to dangle enticing bait. But, their grips are firm. Isincerely wished that Abians would cash in on this temporary victory to consolidate on the bravery of their Governor, T. A. Orji who shocked book makers by sacking the devil, the monster and the cabal that had held Abians captive for over ten years.

Before I left Abia state, I had stood by the tower along Enugu- PH express way. The tower is so strategically located that East of it, is gateway for all those going to south East and south West Nigeria. You can access our south- south brother from the West and North of it. All northerners find their way to the state from the south of it. The implication is that from whichever part of Nigeria you are coming from, you would access the tower. It was at that point that I swore perpetual restlessness and shameful death for any person or group in the state who had strategized to kill people, cause mayhem and strip individuals of their future and direction in life.

Before you join me in going through the events of the mind boggling years of my stay with the self-style most powerful family in Abia (at least until the bubble bust in 2010) may we ask God to grant eternal rest to the souls of HRH Eze Sampson Ukaegabu, Agustine Agbarakwe; Chinelo Esinulo, Udogu, Victoria Momah, Ugochukwu Ekwu, sir Law Maduka, C. C. Ubani, Anya Oruada and a host of others who lost their lives to the desperation of the Uzor – kalu family. May we also ask God to strengthen the lives of those who stood like the rock of Gibraltar against their evil machination, men and women who God spared their lives to enable them corroborate stories like this and all those who went, saw and conquered largely for God’s graciousness and mostly for the fact that light must prevail against darkness. May we hail the invincibility of people like chief Allen Nwachukwu, Chief John Okam; Mercy Ukaegbu and even Stephen Amanze (though critically ill) and a whole lot of others who have fought and conquered death as master-minded by the master strategist.

Who is a master- strategist? Robert Greene gave us an insight into who could best fit into his idea of a master- strategist. The Uzor – Kalu must be good student of Robert Greene because their method of operation varied but gave the same result, which is; aggression in its most unclothed manner. They knew from the unset that, in a world where political consideration is paramount, the most effective form of aggression is the best hidden one: aggression behind a compliant, even loving exterior. To follow the passive aggression strategy you must seem to go along with people, offering no resistance. But, actually you dominate the situation. Just make sure you have disguised your aggression enough that you can deny it exists’’.
History is replete with stories of men who use potent strategies to positively advance the cause of their people. These men did not kill at the slightest provocation. They did not destabilize their various societies by inflicting untold hardship on their people. They did no crush opposition or apply fetish practices to wrestle power from others. They did not use others to cover their evil and make scapegoats of unsuspecting loyalist. The strategist known in history of mankind where those who defied inclement weather and strangulating superior power and forces to bring succour to their people. They were good losers and not do – or die politicians.

Mahatma Ghandi applied his own strategies to ensure that India secured independence from Britain. Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia shall be free fame; applied his tactics in promoting sound moral and ethical values. Today, we remember him not by the number of people he killed or suppressed but for changing the developmental face of a free Zambia. When Martin Luther King (Jnr. ) pursued the campaign of a free liberated and equality driven American, he chose the path of non- violence. Today, he is a revered martyr and not despised by the later generation. Nelson Mandela was subjected to the most excruciating and dehumanizing condition. Even with presidential powers, he still promoted a free and united South African. He was not known to have emasculated opposition or eliminated perceived or imaginary enemies. We could go on and on to make a stretched list of men whose power and manipulative skills inspired their countrymen to seek beyond the sky. Men who did not have to secure assurance of loyalty by causing their aides and acolytes to go through harrowing oath - sessions. They did not have to make the use of cyanide a routine and quick to announce to the world that the victim died of a deadly ailment. Welcome to the world of Uzor- Kalu.

At the eve of Orji Uzor Kalu’s rise to stardom, I remember the amiable corporal Douglas who was his aide de camp (ADC) even as a private powerful VIP. I had seen OUK then as a firebrand Youngman who was consumed by the passion of making a statement that his generation has arrived. I valued his sense of industry. But, I did not particularly like his desperation and unbridled quest for political power. Douglas was soon recruited into his army of executioners. In twists and rapid turn events believed to have been tied to the same desperation to become Governor; the land of Igbere, OUK’s home soil was desecrated. The land witnessed the gruesome murder of her traditional ruler, HRH Eze Sampson Ukaegbu. It is obvious that neither the master strategist nor his accomplice aides envisaged the magnitude of chain reaction that would greet the death of the royal father. I watched a community disintegrated by the tactics of her own son. For years, Igbere became a slaughter ground with unspeakable record genocide. Brothers were pitched against their quiet of a once peaceful community. There is nobody of Igbere descent who would say in all honesty that Igbere has survived the domino effect of that singular incident almost twelve years after. A lot of families that were sacked still remain in exile. Even as Governor, OUK could not bring the machinery of the state to arrest the mayhem. He would not have because though he started the fire, he was seriously unable to put it out.

The family’s 28 Nweke street Aba residence was a military cantonment. The spirit of camaraderie prevailed. Everybody was strategically placed in a platoon. There were platoon commanders and quarter master. There was also a general officer commanding, a rank the master shared concurrently with his powerful mother. Take it or leave it, I knew that no major decision in the state could be taken without the consent of the mother- general. I like the regimentation that existed, everybody had common gaols, which were to do the bidding of the master, whip people to fall in line and apply the strategy of terror on real and imaginary enemies. I saw Augustine Agbarakwe, their Nweke security man as a quarter guard. He is no longer alive to tell his history. Austine was one of the foot soldiers who masterminded the killing of the traditional ruler. The family thought he knew too much and was fast becoming a security risk. Austine was tried and returned guilty. They sentenced him to death in a trial where no witnesses are allowed, where the accused cannot even apply conscience to epitomize the defence of his character. The poor security man died in mysterious circumstances. He was the hunter who was hunted.

Where is Chinelo Esinulo, the staff of National Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) attached as a detail to Mother Excellency? I wept as the poor girl was accused of concealing with the intent of Stealing, the sum of Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500,000) in a freezer. This was just a case of calling a dog a bad name in order to hang it. Chinelo’s undoing was being privileged to have been told by Agbarakwe the gory and eye popping details of how the Traditional Ruler was killed. Unknown to them, mama was around and eavesdropped every detail of their discussions. There were many Chenelos who became victims of desperate circumstances. One thing I believe about life and it is true is that the wicked will never go unpunished. No matter how hard one tries to conceal the truth, it must surface one day.

What reason (s) would one give for not attending the burial of his close domestic servant or ADC? The answer to that question is found in the reckless manner in which dubious gods instruct their agents not to see corpses in order to remain powerful. I have also wondered if the day it pleases God to take away life of any member of that family whether they would still see the person corpse as neither Orji nor the mother sees corpse. At least, they did not see that of any of their close aids or associates who were believed to have been killed by them.

All the politicians who were weak enough to accept their oath sessions as directed by the Okija Chief Priest were either struck by strange ailments or died in mysterious circumstances. I recollect the dramatic manner in which one House of Representative hopeful, simply called Maja intelligently disembarked from a vehicle that was Okija Bound. The vehicle was packed full of mothers, fathers and youths who wanted to have a shot at one political office or the other. The trip to Okija shrine was to get assurance of their unalloyed support. Maja pretended to have gone to urinate but fled from there. This is just one out of the very many embarrassing stories associated with the Uzor – Kalus. A personality like Chief Allen Nwachukwu became a frequent story after one of those their trips. Allen took the oath but used excreta as an antidote. He was said to have destroyed the potency of the oath by touching human excreta on his tongue. Unknown to the beneficiaries of those oaths, the concoctions they took were mixed with cyanide that kills slowly. This accounts for the very many dangerous and indefinable ailments that strike most of these politicians. When they eventually die, they are either branded AIDS victims or such other killer diseases. The same oath brought stroke, paralysis and later death to C. C Ubani, former Council Chairman and latter Commissioner in the state. I expect Mercy Ukeagbu, their sister and associate to sincerely tell the story of the genesis of her ailment today. These are ailments that defy medical solutions and strange to scientific diagnosis.

A whole lot of others were not as knowledgeable as Allen. Ubani I. Ubani and Emma Omokwe were major proponents of the fetish practices. I stand to be corrected by the duo if the primary motive of the whole exercise was not to destroy the psyche of the recipients and cause them to die slowly on the long run. Ubani I. Ubani’s sudden exile to overseas was a response to the desperation of the family. Eleke Chukwu, a fine gentle man was Chairman of Aba North, crossed his bounds in romancing with Uzor – Kalus. If you ask questions about his death, you will be given very unsatisfactory reasons as the cause of his death, Truth is, Eleke did not die a natural death. They took advantage of his desire to get to the top to undo him. Steve Amanze is yet to recover from the after effect of the visit to the shrine. Steve serves in different military administrations before the advent of Uzor – Kalu. Today he has been reduced to a working corpse and at a pitiable state of not being married at a ripe age of about sixty. Just what is the need?

I was in the family residence the day security operatives allegedly came to arrest mama. The bulk of the so called resistance came from their private police. They have police and uniforms all in a bid to engage in extreme measures to deal with friends and foes. I have repeatedly said friends and foes because they attack their friends to destabilize their will to ever want to dump them. They attack their enemies as a statement that they are superior. Anya Oruada was killed by their own police and for goodness sake not by any member of the Nigerian Police Force as alleged.

If they do not attack their friends, then why did they kill Sir Law Maduka? Maduka was their friend and naturally was romancing with their estranged friend Gov. T. A Orji the same fate befell Ugochukwu Ekwu who was sent to his early grave for daring to dump Orji’s Progressive People’s Alliance (PPA). The question now is how many would die before they are reminded that the party is over for their family? Who would remind them that the tune of the Abia music has changed?

Of all those years, what interested me the most was the activities of the ageless mama especially her sexual escapades with young men and unsuspecting contractors in the state. What would an over 65 year old woman be doing with a thirty year old? It is so bad that any one of these young patrons who deviate from her bidding pays dearly. She either runs things with you or she runs it for you. Christian Kamalu and Dr. G. C Duru were at different times believed to be beneficiaries of these lustful tendencies. Everybody knows the story of G. C Duru and how they vowed to make him a beggar, falling from grace to grass for daring the dynasty. Again, the rest is now history. I recollect how the Father of Chukwu Udogu, mama’s domestic servant was taught a bitter lesson for daring to interfere in mama’s bid to direct the cause of his son’s life. Mama insisted on choosing a wife for Chukwu. Chukwu was sacked. Mr Udogu did not know that nobody challenges the earth goddess and goes scot free. The rest is now history. Mama’s method of operation is again different but still tied to the same unbridled desire to always be at the helm of all affairs including people’s private life. This was why she successfully masterminded the looting of Aba North (One Local Government that had long been converted to the family’s many estates) by her late boyfriend’s son and a father of her son Mascot Uzor – Kalu. As Council Chairman, Ifeanyi Ikwechegh carried on as if noting mattered. By the time he left, unpaid salaries of workers had jumped to a record nine months, the highest in the history of Local Government Administration in Nigeria. Nobody touches mama’s personal candidates as she pampers them to the envy of friends and foes. She was the state personified. When her woman leader Victoria Momah queried her ill treatment to the very many women who abandoned their families and households to show their obeisance to her, she was the law.

Lat us digress a little and talk about the women who keep vigil in her house to sing and dance for her. These women are in hundreds and had abandoned their routine family chores to genuflect for the earth goddess. They are either seeking for appointments or interceding for their spouses and most of time for their concubines.
They live, reflect and dream mama who they believe would be the author and finisher of their fate. Many of them left their husbands and families to continually pay homage to a mother who has everything but the milk of human kindness. They were being held captive as their lives and daily activities were apparently regimented by the earth goodness herself.

The same mama ensured that contractors in the state give a chunk of their take in projects executed. She ensured that the few young ones among them were victims of her sexual escapades. The reason she does that possibly mixed, first is to water her financial empire and most importantly to service the potency of her charms and voodoo practices.

The process of liberating Abians started with that phenomenal thunderstorm that uprooted fetish and occult devices that held T. A. Orji to ransom sometime in June 2007. It took another three years for Ochendo to finally denounce the family that had long despoiled Abians of their collective wealth. Abians have only one option left and that is wholeheartedly join forces with Gov. T. A. Orji who has almost mortgaged his life and future to wrestle Abia from this array of desperadoes. Ochendo should recall what experiences he had as Chief of Staff and take some precautionary measures. First he should commerce an unreserved destruction of the cage round about the tree in his government house. The cage houses a hybrid shrine OUK imported from Bini, and ought to be destroyed to fast track the process of liberation.

Abians should hold unto God and pray fervently that the conviction which propelled Ochendo to denounce them is sustained. The fight will not be for the weak as the people I know would pool all their resources together to turn back the table.

What Ochendo needs is to display sincerity of purpose and keep Abians on the alert. Having survived their first major onslaught after his historic abandonment of the Uzor – Kalus, Ochendo has garnered for himself the personality of a true hero of our time, breaking a chain that ripped Abians off and made them strangers to their God – given resources. He should not relent. He needs an orchestrated consolidation of the liberation process.

Whereas I am not holding brief for Ochendo’s information officers, I used the sequence of reminiscences narrated above to draw a line between being a master strategist and a liberator. At any rate, liberation is the only option to take Abia back to its pride of place, return her people to the glorious days when nobody could destroy their will and most importantly return the state to the status of God’s own state.

Ajuluchukwu A. Agu.




OUK's intrigues notwithstanding, you cannot take away his immense success in business at a very young age, his rise to national prominence; albeit governor of his state, amongst many other achievements most young men his age crave. In the western world he would be an enigma, studied in the universities.

Igbos should see in him the leader they need and Nigeria ought to tap into the same mystery that made him so significant enough for the Mandelas & the Clintons of this world to be OUK's allies.

Nigeria can only be great with a combination of common sense(street wiseness) and intellectuals brainstorming together to find a solution. Its no use knocking the western world; we should simply do what they do, USE OUR GOD-GIVEN BRAINS) and do it better, like China, Japan, India, Indonesians & lately chile. Simple.

the slam was a framework to put fears to media!

the slam was a framework to put fears to media.
they opened newspapers company with the loots of their godfathers or have taken over the highest bidder of some newspapers' establishments with their loots. then, if you are into newspaper ownership, the looting president or looters club would pray you to be their friend, the sole reason they became in love with newspaper ownership and indirect ownership of publications. now, they are playing with our brains to try to put fears in the name of huge gain from suits.
read indepth and we are wiser!
SR is never like some of them! Up SR.

Orji Kalu is a thief!

Orji Kalu is a thief!



Orji a true entrepreneur

Orji Kalu though being a gangster is a good entrepreneur who turn small business into diverse one, he ventured into everything that he can lay his hands on, one of his numerous investment was Slok International Lome-Togo based on importation of used clothing before venturing into oil and stuff,.

Orji Kalu Is A Political Scavenger!

Orji Uzor kalu is a homeless, political scavenger who sees his enemies, even in his wardrobes as he hallucinates about his deplorable political condition.What is it that THISDAY newspapers said that warranted such hasty run to collect by Orji Uzor kalu?

How many times do people come to our houses and die?How this man Orji Uzor kalu became Abia State governor baffles my imagination.This man is a half baked cake and at best a total illiterate.

Has anyone found out how this crude, unpolished criminal got his money?All Nigerians care is who is spending money and not how one got the money.And now see what you got for Abia.Hope you folks have learnt your lessons.

Orji Uzo Kalu, a man without decency and scrupples is roaming around posing as a presidential candidate while he still has a case of STEALING Abia funds in our courts! What a travesty! He is even hoping that he gets a waiver in order to run for office.What a moron! You are finished political Orji Uzor kalu.

As for Nduka Obaigbena, the creaive Artist degree holder, turned Newspaper baron, pay your staff.Charity begins at home.Bringing in Snoop Dog, Beyonce, Jayzee etc and paying them, without paying your own staff who toil day and night to put food on the table has consequences.In civilised societies, it is against the law to hold back the paycheck of your workers.

Orji Uzor Kalu Says Onething, Does Another.Never To Be Trusted!

Orji Uzor Kalu is a professional con and in Nigeria, being a con man at Orji Uzor kalu's level gets rewarded.If the Abians are to go by what Orji Uzor kalu told them when he came into power, that state would have been the Dubai of Nigeria.But he fooled, deceived and stole then,left Abia people hanging dry and dangling in the air!. A thief, that is who Orji Uzor kalu is.By the time he left office, there was zero Kobo in the state's treasury.That is how greedy, this creepy con man is.

The partial lock down of THISDAY was just one of Orji Uzor Kalu's ways of making empty noise.The question to be asked today is, what has happened to the 500million dollars the court awarded to him as damages?Was he able to collect?

If the speed in which the THISDAY libel case was settled compared to Orji Uzor Kalu's I-Stole-Abia-Money-Case, which is being delayed and dilly dallied by the courts, Orji Uzor Kalu would have been cooling off in jail today.

Look at all the noise and insults he poured on Obasanjo, yet he shamelessly went back to P.D.P begging to re-enter the party like a refugee and a Party where Obasanjo is the B.O.T.!Shameless con man.

As his operatives are attempting to destabilize Abia State using Aba as their base, kidnapping, Raping and Terrorizing Abia citizens, Orji Uzo Kalu has found a sudden opportunity, he now wants to bolt from the P.D.P and go back to a party he claimed he dissolved to run for the Presidency.Orji Uzor Kalu knows he will definitely lose but by his nature, he enjoys GRANDSTANDING and makes a public spectacle of himselfe when he does.He enjoys to be perceived as what he is not.....in order to steal, deceive and fool people.

If THISDAY newspapers wrote something libelious about Orji Uzo Kalu, he needs to collect thru his defence counsels and not by an unnecessary show of force.By by the nature of this scoundrel, he thinks that by doing that, public opinion would absolve him of the sudden death of Chinwe Masi in his residence in Maryland U.S.

The fact that Orji Uzor Kalu called his friends after Chinwe died to pose like they were all together when she passed away makes her death very, very suspicious! Has Orji Uzor Kalu gone to Chinwe's family in Nigeria to explain how she died?

How can someone who wants to run for President leave a state like Abia in such a terrible state?Does he intend to finally ruin Nigeria and leave our country like Somalia?

This weak impostor with no spine should be locked away where he truly deserves.......JAIL.