On Pius Adesanmi’s “Eebu O So: Tinubu, Buhari, And Their Supporters” By Uchenna Osigwe

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Professor Pius Adesanmi was rather magnanimous in pointing out the achievements of Bola Tinubu as governor of Lagos state and those of Muhammadu Buhari, former head of state. His problem, however, seems to be that the supporters of these two political heavy weights come across as insulting, especially to Pius. So he wants to tell those apologists why and where their principals are wanting. In the process he managed to throw in some insults of his own!

The achievements of these two men are no mean feat. And Pius listed those, but then turned around to belittle them. Then he gave an order to Buhari’s handlers to begin to mould him in his (Adesanmi’s) own image, or else... Haba! The achievements of these two men and their supporters should be rightly celebrated because I think it’s largely thanks to people like them that we can today meaningfully talk of a viable opposition to the rot that is PDP, otherwise we’ll be talking of one party state today. These two guys could easily have joined the PDP and thereby join in the amala politics of the party, but thankfully they chose not to. Are they perfect? Certainly not, and that is why they should be criticized. But productive criticisms are usually constructive. For instance, before repeating the PDP allegation that Tinubu imposed his daughter on the traders as their leader, it might be good to hear from the other side. I don’t think anybody, including Tinubu, can easily impose leaders on traders without them fighting back, especially now he’s not the governor. You may be inadvertently ascribing to the man more powers than he actually wields. My own criticism of Tinubu is born out of his utterances, especially during the 2011 elections; which is why I for one don’t really believe that Tinubu’s latest romance with Buhari is genuine. I would, of course, love to be proved wrong. I have also criticized Buhari, again based on his utterances in the run up to the 2007 elections.

At the risk of sounding pedantic, the point is not that “Buhari is the only living Nigerian capable of this and that,” as Pius alleges, but rather the issue is this: among those who stand a REAL chance of becoming president 2015, who among them has the pedigree of Buhari? We asked this question before Jonathan was selected. Now that question stares us tauntingly in the face again! Sure, there are millions of Nigerians who can do better than Buhari in many ways, including yours sincerely, including Pius himself. But the real question is how many of us stand a real chance of winning in an election? It’s not too much to expect Pius to understand this.

To claim that some of Buhari supporters are fundamentalists because they put up a robust defence of the General is rubbish! I’m a die-hard supporter of Buhari and I don’t consider myself in any way, shape or form, remotely fundamentalist! Pius you’re wittingly or unwittingly insulting the intelligence of Nigerians who genuinely support the candidacy of Buhari based on his personal integrity which even you grudgingly acknowledge! Pius forgot to mention those who insult Buhari supporters with unprintable venoms, or doesn’t that count as insult? The truth is that with the advent of social media, every Musa and Tunde, every Obi and Tamuno can post their venoms online to poison the public space. These people have no inkling what a mature discussion is all about. They cut across the political and ethnic divides. To confine them to ‘fundamentalist’ supporters of Buhari is a sloppy characterization which unfortunately is aimed at demonizing the General even if only by proxy.

Pius then moves to his highfalutin advice to Buhari and his teeming supporters. Funny that a man is being maligned for what he didn’t do, for not fulfilling assignments people like Pius expect him to fulfill if he wants to be their president. I know one thing for sure: whatever Buhari says is bound to be taken out of context, twisted to fit the narrative his detractors have woven for over a decade now, whether it was said in Damaturu, in Otuocha or Otuoke; whether it was said in AIT, BBC, or NTA. Buhari is neither a lecturer nor an orator. There is no doubt that he gets many, many invitations. But unlike the thieving elites, Buhari doesn’t have a private jet and his income is limited to his pension, believe it or not. I reckon his wealthy well wishers foot his travel expenses. Despite that, if Buhari is all over the place as some people are suggesting, his detractors will say that he is desperate to become president, bla bla bla. If a man whose cook and driver—in whose hands his live literally rests—are Christians, whose daughter is reportedly married to an Igbo, whose running mates have always been southern Christians, have not escaped the charge of being a Muslim fanatic and northern irredentist, what good will travelling all over the south do for those who have already made up their minds about him eons ago? I mean, if people continue to call him a Muslim fanatic even after he chose a Christian pastor as running mate, don’t you think it’s a hopeless case trying to convince them? For your information, Pius, again sorry if I sound pedantic, more than any major politician in Nigerian, Buhari’s genuine support cuts right across the country: there are Ibibios, Igbos, Yorubas, Kanuris, Biroms, Ijaws, Ikweres, Ogonis, Tivs, Idomas, etc, etc, who will stake their very lives for the sake of Buhari because they know he’s an honest man! The point is that for the thieving elites, Buhari is a marked man. Recently a poster so badly construed that it’s evidently clear to any discerning mind that it’s the work of detractors, was all over Abuja calling Buhari the messiah Nigerians have been expecting, bla bla bla... Of course Buhari wasted no time in denouncing that hatchet job. Expect such shenanigans to continue as long as Buhari shows interest in ruling the country again. No one in our political scene elicits the kind of passion Buhari does. And this says volumes.

Pius claims that Buhari “releases northern and Islamic irredentist statements to the rest of the country in interviews granted the Hausa service of BBC and VOA, going as far as to carelessly equate a legitimate clamp down on Boko Haram with a war against the North…” That Pius sees the killing spree currently going in the north as “legitimate clamp down on Boko Haram” beggars belief. One would have hoped that his understanding of Buhari’s statement were better than that of the average ‘Nigerian’ understanding. As one wit said, not going beyond the average is what keeps the average low.

All politics is local. Tinubu for instance couldn’t have achieved what he achieved without a solid political base. If in doubt, ask Pat Utomi. So if Buhari comes out against the killings in the north in the name of ‘fighting’ Boko Haram, we should understand it as such. Whole villages have been razed and thousands of innocent people, including women and children, killed by the government troops. Buhari should be foolish not to speak out against that because he wants to be president. He has consistently condemned Boko Haram—never mind that such condemnations don’t make good press because they don’t fit the narrative. So speaking out against the atrocities of government troops should not honestly be construed as supporting the insurgents no matter how it is twisted. Nor should he be misunderstood when he pointed out that those Niger Delta criminals who call themselves liberation fighters are just that: criminals. What is good for one should be good for the other. But now it’s very lucrative to be a militant in the Niger Delta. Apart from being in government, it’s the next quickest way to become a multi-billionaire! Recently they publicly claimed responsibility for slaughtering nine police officers and kept custody of their corpses for sometime; they claimed responsibility for bombing Abuja on Independence Day, and have been promising to continue to make the country ungovernable. Both Boko Haram and the Niger Delta militants are enemies of the state who strive to make the country ungovernable and should be treated as such, no double standards please. Recently President Jonathan stated the obvious fact which is that there are more Muslim victims of Boko Haram than Christian victims. If Buhari made that statement, it should have been put down as one of the reasons why he should never be president of Nigeria!

Discerning minds know that there’s no real clampdown on Boko Haram as such. Jonathan has never been serious about rooting out the criminals. In fact he IS thoroughly confused about the simplest task of a commander in chief, so the Boko Haram menace simply overwhelms him. By now we should at least have had some of the real sponsors of Boko Haram arrested and prosecuted. Instead what we’ve had so far is at best a haphazard approach to the menace and at worse a killing spree in the name of rooting out the insurgents. It is not because Buhari said it. Indeed, the American secretary of state recently warned Nigerian authorities about the human rights abuses connected with the fight against the insurgents. As reported by the New York Times of 17 May 2013: “Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States was ‘deeply concerned about the fighting in northeastern Nigeria following President Jonathan’s declaration of a state of emergency,’ and that we are also deeply concerned by credible allegations that Nigerian security forces are committing gross human rights violations, which, in turn, only escalate the violence and fuel extremism.” In the New York Times of 25 May 2013, Kerry was again reported as saying, when asked about the situation in northern Nigeria: “One person’s atrocity does not excuse another’s, Mr. Kerry said, when asked about reports of serious human rights violations by Nigerian forces.” Buhari has not said anything different. He was simply calling it as he saw it. But because he’s Buhari, Pius feels free to characterize his statements as “northern and Islamic irredentist statements”! It’s really sad that many Nigerians think ONLY through the prism of religion and ethnicity!

Many innocent civilians, especially women and children have been killed in the name of fighting the insurgents, tens of thousands of Nigerians have become refugees, whole towns and villages—think of Baga and Bama—have been razed to the ground in the name of fighting Boko Haram, despite all that, the insurgents have remained strong. The Jonathan government simply doesn’t know what to do with the Boko Haram menace except to try to make political capital out of it. So far what we have is a mishmash of incoherent and poorly thought out approaches. They’re simultaneously fighting them and offering them amnesty and also proscribing them!

Concerning the age of Buhari, Pius seems to be in this absurd reasoning that young age a good president makes. This is just a manifestation of an abject ignorance of history. It could be even worse: a band wagon effect. America, Britain, France, Canada, Kenya, Benin, Senegal, Ghana, etc, etc, have young presidents, so Nigeria must step forward and say ‘me too.’ “Imitation is suicide” says Ralph Waldo Emerson in his classic essay “Self Reliance.” The man, John XXIII, soon to be made a saint, who revolutionized the Catholic Church via Vatican II was 77 years old when he was elected pope. Incumbent Pope Francis is 76, and is ably leading more than 1.2 billion Catholics before our very eyes. Winston Churchill was 77 years old when he was elected prime minister of Britain after failing countless times. Today there are basically only two former Prime Ministers of Britain: Churchill and the others. General de Gaulle was 70 years old when he became the president of France; there are many more examples. There are also people who became leaders at a relatively young age and did well. Doing well or not doing well has nothing to do with age as such unless one is ignorant of history. Awolowo became premier of the western region at the age of 45 and did very well. But no one would doubt that he would have performed any less had he won the presidential elections of 1979 or 1983 when he was already in his 70s. Buhari became president at the age of 41 and did very well. And just like Awo, no one doubts that he’ll do at least as well in his 70s. The relationship between performance and age in most human endeavours cannot be straitjacketed as Pius seems to be claiming here.

Pius once proposed to us that bishop Kukah should run for president. This was a man who ran back from overseas to run Obasanjo’s farcical ‘Constitutional Conference’ whose mandate was ostensibly to rewrite the Constitution in order to allow the Owu chief to transform himself into an emperor. In such a post Kukah couldn’t but speak from both sides of his mouth. And it seems he remains ever close to the parasitic ruling establishment.

For Pius it’s hard to know where insult stops and real debate begins. If you come telling people that Buhari is an irredentist, you’ve killed debate right there and you shouldn’t be surprised if your interlocutor responds in kind. You’re pontificating for Buhari what he should do if he wants to win the presidency as if you just arrived from planet mars! Need one remind you that since 1999 the presidency has never been won: the thieving elites have always chosen who to give the presidency to, for obvious reasons. Buhari’s most insidious opponents are from the northern oligarchic establishment. Is it too much to expect Pius to know that?

In the spirit of your article, and expecting that Sahara reporters publishes this, I take it you mean we should criticize everything and everyone. So my question is, what exactly are you trying to say? Are you saying that Buhari is a northern irredentist and a Boko Haram apologist and an old man and therefore shouldn’t run for president? But, if he’s really thinking of running, then he better start running all over the country giving speeches and begging people to stop seeing him as an old religious fanatic who’s pushing a northern agenda? If that is your point, then it should have been better if you didn’t interrupt your self-imposed break. To pay you back in your own coin: your article is an insult on the intelligence of any above average Nigerian who knows what our real political problems are.


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How can you say buhari failed

How can you say buhari failed in the angle of vision and management. You did not specified the aspect where he failed than your general comments.
You should be able to mention in specifis term what you mean not just playing to gallery criticizing just for us to know that you are there.

Jonathan! Hand Buhari Aso Rock Key 2015!

I knew Pius misfired a lot more so in his thinking that Buhari is too old to be president. Mr Uchena has actually written on behalf of all of us who are Buhari diehard fanatics. Fact is that Buhari is the most decent and incorruptible politicians in Nigeria therefore, he should be president in 2015. I do not know why that is too hard for Mr Pius and suchlike to understand. This is no rocket science.

Corruption is the greatest problem Nigeria has. Would it not be wise to elect the most incorruptible man who can check corruption? What are all these talk about age, style and fashion? Nigerians like diversion a lot.

Young or youthful politicians like senator Farouk Lawan, Dimeje Bankole, Jonahan Goodluck and co. has not shown that they are better breed than the old-school politicians.

Undemocractic Criticism by Stupid Elite

A viable Naija does not need a Toronto cert, a shady character and a man full of bull***t. If you get my drift, as we can see from the Lagos State, a speaker of the house is facing a charge of embezzlement. What is happening in Lagos State is more than meets the eye.
So also, you cannot build a Nja with an old man that any sudden death will lead to political crisis as seen with the death of Yardua. OBJ came to power after 20 years of leaving power. What happens to those executives in their 30s when he was leaving power? Besides being a military man. Are you telling me that political knowledge is only vested with the military and old men? Buhari still wants to rule Nja, he should have grabbed the opportunity when it was presented to him, to lay a good foundation for Nigerians, or better still at his age, to be mentoring good leaders for future generations. His alliance with a man that was once said to be wanted by EFCC. Buhari (disciplinarian) with Adiwaloju.

RE: 53 suitcases of what? How possible?

"Oleku,"Deri and "Akpos" 53 suitcases of what? How possible? You have been peddling this lies since 1984 and even if it has been proved even as a "monstrous lie" of all time including by Alhaji Atiku the so-called custom man at MMA, layabouts like you still prefer to accuse Buhari of passing 53 suitcases by an emir! Did the emir go to Saudi Arabia to buy Saudi currencies, or you don't know how much currency will enter 53 suitcases? Why don't you people find another type of lie that will make some sense to deceive the people with? 53 suitcases of dumbs and dullards like you were in it? One person alone carrying 53 suitcases- loads of bullshit lies!

Aside from his age, I still think Buhari is the only one with a chance of winning a pan-Nigerian election with a modicum of integrity still left


In his conduct of his private life, General Buhari is an example of humility, contentment probity and all a good citizen can be. As an administrator he has been found wanting in the angle of vision and effective management, equally he can not claim to have been impartial in using state apparatus of power!
The best a leader and administrators are not always the most austere ones.
What Nigeria needs most in this challenging time are inspirational leaders with a long term visionary strength and the ability to work inside the cacophony of noise that Nigeria is, without losing focus or purpose.
Not somebody who has failed at TWICE!

A Hatchet job...

Uchenna Osigwe is angling to take over Dr. Reuben Abati's job in case the dour General eventually makes it to Aso Rock. But his calculations are wrong and fallacious ab intio. Dogs do not learn new tricks in old age. Buhari's mind is set on several issues.

To really know Muhammadu Buhari, one needs to go through what he had to say on key national issues and where he maintained a conspiratory silence where a national outlook would have required him to speak out, and there are several of these to convince the most liberal mind that this man considers Nigeria a mere prize for the North.

Read my lips Mr. Osigwe, Buhari will NEVER be the President of this country any more and the worst political mistake that APC will make is to even consider fielding this liability.

There's nothing "Progressive" about a 70yr-old man ...Nothing!

The writer tipped his hands when he aligned himself with diehard Buhari fans. We need fresh air alright, but not from a Seventy-year old warlord with unholy antics in his Portfolio. The "project" is to dump Dumbo, but some warriors are not welcome! That said, my contention is, there are certainly more credible hands to deal with Nigeria's tense situation than the bloody hands of Buhari, just like Pope Pius said. Nigeria needs to move away from anyone who has a hand in her predicament and Buhari stands indicted from head to toe ...bad market! Fielding Buhari will at best plunge the country into a bloodbath, he's too rigid to thaw & market beyond almajiri enclaves. His psychopathic ideas about shooting-up or sending everybody into exile if you don't like his style is sure genocide that can be obviated in our search for credible leadership. The only "progress" Buhari can bring to Nigeria is towards the graveyard ...and like Dr. Dumbo, perdition! Mba nu!

@ Oleku: That's it, but you forgot much more ...RESPECT !!

@ Oleku's sober comment captures part of Tuareg Buhari's person behind the persona. Don't buy into the senseless noise about one person owning the only capable hands to deal with the Nigeria situation, Buhari is a thug full of dry dirt, an unrepentant war criminal. I noticed how quickly he fell silent after IBB reminded him that he (IBB) had a dossier on his (Buhari's) spell as PTF henchman, my mind raced to T.Y. Danjuma and the multi-dollar profit from sale of "dashed" oyel well of the South-South ...while hanging out Kento Saro-Wiwa to the crows! Buhari is a fanatical Bigot ...pure Aboki, with gworo! @ Oleku, I sense sobriety in your forensic comments albeit a leaky memory. My views! Respect !!

Unholy Crumbies,
Nobody can impeach Prof. Pius' erudite opinion ...forget it! Tuareg Gen. Buhari would be a "Bumbling Blunder" at age 70 (read, 80 in Naija context) and comes with dangerous antics we don't need in tense Naija right now ...remember, The Pope is always Right !!!

balogun babatope

I think balogun babatope should check Prof. Pius past articles and read where he suggested fielding a young and vibrant candidate for 2015. Uchenna you have just successfully convinced me why I should vote somebody else, this is 21st century. Buhari is not the messiah moreover, Idiagbon was the brain behind his regime.

Tony Teene are you speaking for yourself or for ALL OGONIS?

I don't think the writer said All Ogonis, but some. After all, didn't SOME Ogonis celebrate the murder of Saro-Wiwa?

And pls where did you see or hear Buhari celebrating Abacha for murdering Ken and the Ogoni 8?

More questions for Mullah Buhari...?

How many Igbo officers did you kill in 1966 when you condoned off Ikeja barracks with Major Martins Adamu and other northern officers? Tell the Yorubas what happened to Lawal Ojuolape and Bernard Ogedemgbe when you executed them in 1983 for things they did before they became a crime. What about Ebenezer Babatope? What wrong did he commit in 1983 and yet you kept him in detention, without charge, for the duration of your reign? Why did you lock up Ekwueme in 1983 after your coup but kept Shagari under air-conditioned house arrest? Why did you continue to hound Papa Ajasin even after the courts and tribunals found nothing on him twice? A respected elder old enough to be your father! Please tell us why you let the Emir of Gwandu get away with 53 suitcases of foreign currency but jailed Fela for being in possession of a small amount of foreign exchange? Even the trial judge, Okoro Idogu had to apologize to Fela personally for the travesty of justice which you forced him to engage in.

Questions for Buhari...?

Buhari, you arrested decent men like Audu Ogbe who was not found guilty of anything in 1983 but let hounds like the late Uba Ahmed get away. What about Ojukwu in 1983. Why did you lock him up in Kirikiri? What wrong did he commit? Tell me? What about PTF? How many projects did you site in Niger Delta, the state that produces the oil from which the funds were derived? How come you sited more in your neck of the woods - the north than in the area whose lands were needed rehabilitation from 52 devastating years oil exploration? How come you now want to use the democratic process to come to power when you spurned it as a head of state? Tell me why, during your time, nearly all the oil merchants were Fulani men like you? If you answer these questions correctly, may be you will have my vote; otherwise, you are an electoral liability to Nigerians. You are what traders in Jankara and Alaba will refer to as a "bad market" QED!

Uchenna Osigwe

Mr. writer, I for one don't see any better reason or reasons why group like Ogoni people or any right thinking Ogoni person to stake he or her live for the sake of Buhari. This is in the wake of Buhari and his Northern elites celebrated Sani Abacha for Murdering Ken Saro Wiwa and eight other Ogonis for speaking out against oil company's destruction of Ogoni environment. I see the writer's assertion as an unrestraint exaggeration that’s typical with the so called Nigerians, a situation where he's committing same crime he's condemning Prof. Pius for.

hmm! What a beautiful write up!

many tnx brother, this is one of d most beautiful write ups i ve read recently... Till today i see ptdf buses in our schools n bedsheets in our general hospital... Buhari was able to conquer love for materialistics n thats y he cant afford luxuries life like objs ibbs etc mayb thats y pple call him fundamentalist... He doesnt fancy flaboyant life. I ve voted for him before n i'll do it again n again

Buhari is more of a

Buhari is more of a regionalist than a nationalist. For me, there is nothing wrong with that, after-all, “Nigeria is a continent, not a country”; but trying to cover it up and/or sugar coat him is where I have a problem. Tell Buhari to go to national TV and explain to Nigerians why he locked up the then VP Alex Ekwueme in a kirikiri prison while Shagari the then president whose government he Buhari over thrown was just put under house arrest. Why? Favoritism, tribalism, it smells like it to me.

The position of VP in Nigeria politics is a big joke thanks to OBJ vs. Atiku rumble in the jungle of Aso Rock Abuja. Thus, VP position in Nigeria politics means absolutely nothing period.

Boko Haram is a proof that Nigeria CAN NOT work as it is. Let’s get serious and quit playing games.

PDP must GO while we try lesser evil.

Thank you my brother for a good write up, I have asked many times without any answer. if Buhari and Tinubu are so bad as the PDP paid agents will like to always tell us or post online via punch, SR, pointblanknews etc. I am a fan of constructive criticism not destructive one, we are left between worst (PDP) and bad (APC) as choice to pick from plus the fact that PDP has made our lives so miserable since 14yrs while the ACN/APC has shown us they can be better and change for good.

Pius and others using sledge hammer to kill Tinubu and Buhari should kindly give us their alternatives or do they want to bring angels help us dislodge PDP by 2015? Only Nigerians can free Nigeria, nobody can do it for us. Also, we cannot have everything working perfectly just in a day, it takes a gradual process and the most important is to start the process of change by 2015. let PDP go first while we try the lesser evil.

I wonder what alternatives they are giving us.

Thank you my brother for a good write up, I have asked many times without any answer. if Buhari and Tinubu are so bad as the PDP paid agents will like to always tell us or post online via punch, SR, pointblanknews etc. I am a fan of constructive criticism not destructive one, we are left between worst (PDP) and bad (APC) as choice to pick from plus the fact that PDP has made our lives so miserable since 14yrs while the ACN/APC has shown us they can be better and change for good.

Pius and others using sledge hammer to kill Tinubu and Buhari should kindly give us their alternatives or do they want to bring angels help us dislodge PDP by 2015? Only Nigerians can free Nigeria, nobody can do it for us. Also, we cannot have everything working perfectly just in a day, it takes a gradual process and the most important is to start the process of change by 2015. let PDP go first while we try the lesser evil.

I'll vote for Buhari !!!

with this article and that of pius i have a balaced argument. I'm certainly convinced by this piece. An islamic fundamentalist or whatever they call him picking a pastor as running mate !! This is a record that even Osama Binladen is alive can't break !!! Buhari is not a talkative but man of action!! Kick currupt butts to jail, without any religious sentiments or consideration of ethnic affiliation. Even if Buhari didn't pick a christian this time around, i'll still vote for him, because he has proven ethnicity and religion bigotry is not his line of operation. I'll vote for Buhari over and over again !!!!

I'll vote for Buhari !!!

with this article and that of pius i have a balaced argument. I'm certainly convinced by this piece. An islamic fundamentalist or whatever they call him picking a pastor as running mate !! This is a record that even Osama Binladen is alive can't break !!! Buhari is not a talkative but man of action!! Kick currupt butts to jail, without any religious sentiments or consideration of ethnic affiliation. Even if Buhari didn't pick a christian this time around, i'll still vote for him, because he has proven ethnicity and religion bigotry is not his line of operation. I'll vote for Buhari over and over again !!!!

@U. Osigwe: Prof. Pius was absolutely right ...you're a Crumbie

@ Uchenna Osigwe:
I did not comment on the Prof's piece bcos I'm still waiting for any political party to field Buhari before I start on him. You're absolutely out-of-place to be "upset" from another man's article, but that's for another day. Fundamentalist or not, just get it into your skull that Buhari is TOO OLD to lead Nigeria in a World of Obamas, Browns, Merkel et cie.

Go Siddon! I will come back after I've finished reading your thesis. Oko-oko!!


Ngbo Prof, over to you In the

Ngbo Prof, over to you

In the meantime, I go thank you and Uchenna Osigwe on behalf of my children. It's good to know that there are still some smart people out there scratching their heads about their future

RE: Buhari is the only man standing!

Buhari is the only man standing. If Buhari ever stole money from the very strategic positions he held, he would have had enough money to send his first daughter who recently died in a Nigerian hospital abroad for treatment. He is the only one in his position without a private jet to gallivant anywhere he pleases. And Pius talking from both sides of his mouth, how do you expect Buhari to be able to criss-cross Nigeria as vast as it is without a jet of his own like the Babangidas and even GEJ does?

RE: True talk Mr Osigwe

True talk Mr Osigwe. Buhari is the only man standing in the opposition APC that is capable of dislodging the PDP from Aso Rock. PDP agents are extremely scared of this man with the highest integrity stock among his peers. So many false accusations are hanged on him including his ADC passing 53 suitcases for his emir father in 1984? This is one of the biggest fabrication ever. Despite Buhari denying that it never existed, the PDP friends will never allow! How would one person coming from Saudi Arabia on pilgrimage be carrying 53 suitcases? Was he flying on a private jet or normal commercial flight? And if as we know it is commercial flight what are in the 53 suitcases- coins or diamonds? Unbelievable lies but his detractors would not let Buhari be.

Something smells wrong here

Uche, Very well written. Couldn’t have done it any better. I have long enjoyed Pius but am left wondering what instructed this piece: xtian Middle-Belt angst/a sybarite’s revolt against Buhari’s notorious austerity / missing the needed fibre to be among the few who truly say it as they see it?

Pius has in the same piece condemned Tinubu for playing politics the way it is played in naija and condemned Buhari for NOT playing politics the way it is played in naija. It begins to look very much like he had his conclusion written before considering the premises.

A paid writer!

I can c dt Osigwe hs bin paid 2 b a watchdog 4 Buhari and his mindless cohorts. Is ds nt d same Buhari u said Abacha never loot Nigeria b4 Abacha's loot ws discovered? Buhari u ws comparing Boko Haram-terrorist u av no reason 4 their actions and Niger-Delta militants- u fought 4 their acknowledgement as a stakeholder in d country. An elder stateman u advocated 4 compesatns 4 Boko Haram fighters rather than d victims u ar innocent lawful Nigerians.
People like Uchenna Osigwe should go back and have a rethink of his stand. Buhari is good but not a saint. A PERSON WORTHY TO BE PRESIDENT MUST NOT BE SO CARELESS WITH WORD THAT CAN DISTRUPT THIS COUNTRY.

excellent response

Thanks for your excellent response to Pius's article.
If only every nigerian could be this rationale.
By the way, how much does Uchenna Osigwe cost?

Buhari remained ethno-religion Bigot and fundamentalist!

Mr man you,re entitle to your opinion which emerged from your litle cubicle and belly that is seeking for food.Buhari continuos surfaces in Nigeria politics is a serious THREAT to it existence,since 2007 many lives has been lost and still being lost as a result of Buhari desperation to be president at all cost-typical as a fundamentalist.Remove buhari from nigeria politics today,it would be a safer place.what has Buhari done to curb bokoharam torrorism as a Northern elder?,yet he ascribes it to poverty,iliteracy and bad governance while behindly fueling them.39 whole years is much in the life of any nation,but it was plundered by the North including Buhari yet they,re crying wolf when another spend 3yrs.Buhari cannot win election in Nigeria again be it free and fair or otherwise.


Great response to Pius' article.
Just to add, I'm yoruba, christian and I support Buhari's 2015 bid!

Oyinbo.....o ti i poju. It is

Oyinbo.....o ti i poju.

It is unfortunate that the elite (minority) always have an edge in the leadership of this country over the masses (majority).

These "few" will never allow Buhari to lead the country again because to them "the fear of Buhari's Leadership is the beginning of wisdom". They have all soiled (still soiling) their hands. Their hands are too deep in the cookey jar.

Only Buhari Can Sell Buhari.

The more we have people like you interceding on Buhari's behalf - deafening our ears daily with convoluted analysis of what he meant to say, the more the Progressives will continue to suffer deficit in the message war. According to Chido, the General may likely emerge as APC flag bearer in 2015; in that case, Pius was right in drawing attention to his unwillingness to embark on lecture circuit around the country to set the record straight. Your argument that, doing that, would cast him in the minds of Nigerians "as desperate" is downright hogwash. Buhari needs a fresh start - a nationwide support. Finally, you are being intellectually dishonest in trying to cloak the context in which Pius used irredentism in his piece with your fanciful argument. The Hausa Service of VOA/BBC is for a specific audience. What about a comprehensive interview with TELL, The Guardian, or policy speech at ABU or UI or an address before the Nigerian Guild of Editors?