The Sad Exit Of Gaddafi

By Saleh Ibrahim Bature

 Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the erstwhile Libyan leader, certainly the most eccentric leader in the world during his time, captured, humiliated and killed by his people after 42 years of controversial rule, his lifeless body shrouded from toes to chest with a black and white Woollen blanket, laid on a small mattress close to the cadavers of his two former fallen comrades, Minister of defence and security adviser, displayed for public viewing is an eyesore. From which ever angle one looks at it, the fact that Gaddafi had shaped history by providing comfortable living and working condition for the Libyans is indisputable. Thus, for him to have died in the most humiliating way in the hand of ragtag rebels is to say the least, pathetic and unfortunate. With the exit of Gaddafi from the political scene in Libya in particular and the world in general, the future of the oil-rich North African country remains uncertain. 

Gaddafi, a megalomaniac and weirdly person was a friend to few leaders in the world because of the bizarre and characteristic manner with which he approached issues. He was once favourably disposed to Arab nationalism in likewise manner as the former Egyptian president, Gamal Abdul Naseer. But because of the Arab leader’s subservience to America and the west, he dumped them and turned his attention to Africa, a continent he assisted abundantly to the chagrin of his country men. Among his low point were the fuelling of rebellions in Liberia and Sierra Leon. He was a sit-tight ruler who was willing to destroy the whole country in order to rule it. Like most leaders who stay on power longer than necessary, Col. Muammar al Gaddafi ruled with an iron fist. There was allegation of reckless abuse of power during his rather too long reign in power in Libya. A case in point was the ill treatment Gaddafi inflicted on his foreign minister in one of the AU meetings. Moses Wetangula, the Kenyan minister of foreign Affairs narrated how Gaddafi slapped his foreign minister in public at an AU meeting, ‘’which is something unexpected of any dignified and self-respecting head of state’’ Mr. Wetangula told BBC focus on Africa programme.
Despite his shortcomings, Gaddafi would definitely be missed especially by Africans who not too many of them think that ‘’his vices outweigh his usefulness, to Libyans and to Africans’’ reported Mahmud Jega in his back page column of the daily trust’s edition of Monday, October 24, 2011. To buttress Jega’s point, the National Post also reported that Nelson Mandela, the most respected African leader in living memory named his grand son Gaddafi.  He inspired South Africans to fight for their liberation, by funding and arming the anti-apartheid movement as it fought white minority rule. He bankrolled Nelson Mandela’s election. That perhaps explain why when former US president, Bill Clinton, asked Mandela to severe his ties with the ‘’mad’’ Gaddafi, the ex South African president retorted, ‘’ those who feel irritated by our friendship with President Gaddafi can go jump in the pool’’-a sign of how popular the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi once was to South Africa and many other African countries. He played a prominent role in the formation of the African Union [AU]-a body in which he wielded enormous influence because he was one of its financiers. 
Col. Gaddafi’s death would undoubtedly have profound effect on the AU.’’ It is the end of an era for the AU. Libya was one of the big five [along with South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt & Algeria], financial contributors of the organisation. It paid 15% of [its budget] and also the membership fees of countries in arrears, like Malawi’’, said Kathryn Sturman, an expert with the south African Institute. Though mired in controversy as it ended up in confusion, He would however be remembered for his thoughtfulness, altruism and groundbreaking effort in pushing for a United State of Africa, to be formed in structure and operation like the United states of America and the European Union.
However, the big losers of Gaddafi’s demise are the same Libyan People who celebrated his brutal and sad ending. His death will open up a wide chasm among the Libyan people who earlier appeared to be ordinarily fighting for a common agenda-to depose Gaddafi. Few days after Gaddafi was killed, the division among the National Transition Council [NTC]   deepens. One voice which will not go down well with the west is the strong call for the Sharia to be the basic source of all laws in the new Libya by a section of the NTC. The four shameless industrial vultures [US, Britain, France & Italy] who are about to descend and feast on the Libya’s oil wealth under the guise of reconstructing the country and as a pay back for their shameful role in unseating Gaddafi, will no doubt find the NTC leadership an easy prey. Gaddafi’s exit signifies the end to the key infrastructure and elaborate welfare system he built up in Libyan when he held sway as the head of that country for over four decades.
Clement Oransanye lived in Libya and worked for Mohammed Gaddafi, Col Muammar Gaddafi’s first son for close to 16 years. His interview with Sunday Sun aptly captures How Libyans fared under Gaddafi suffice here. “Libyans will miss their source of living because Gaddafi made living easy for them. For example, the ‘Shepans’ which means old people received $1000 every month to take care of their families and they have their ticket with which they go to the store house to take food, drinks and whatever they need. “And for the young boys, upon graduating from the university, they were given new car grant; and a $40, 000 each to get married and provide them houses to live in; what government anywhere in the world can do that? 
“During the Ramadan period, every mosque is entitled to two cows per week throughout the fasting period. Whether you are a Muslim or not, once you get to the mosque during Ramadan, Gaddafi would order them to give everybody $1, 500 for fasting. 
It is rather sad and unfortunate that a leader who has done so much to his country would suffer such indignity and humiliation by the very people he served. It is high time disgruntled Africans devise a civilized and humane way of ousting their leaders. 
Yours sincerely,

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Shame to BHO

What happened in Libya, shows that the W.powers have no regards whatsoever for Africa and Africans. 3yrs ago, many of us danced almost naked in the street the day a man we thought was our own, and peharps, with some sense of justice, whom we mistakenly thought would do things differently was elected President of the most powerful nation on earth. BHO was in a position to stop what happened in Libya b4 it went out of hand!Don't ask me how! What happened in Libya, under BHO's watch is a shame to him.It shows that, even with a man we call our own in the WH, blackman has no hope in this world still. If tomorrow, Sarkozy gets up from some bottles of whisky and ask him to join him in bombing Africa to take over the resources,since the economies of majour powers are bad, he would join because an ally has said so. Shame to BHO!

time shall tell

i think we should call a spade a spade this kind pan african died just like the others did in africa.we only give ntc six months and you will not believe the kind of problems that will prop up,remember arabs, world over they just dont forgive,

Yout comment is the most

Yout comment is the most sensible. A football tournament must end for the next edition to happen.

Yout comment is the most

Yout comment is the most sensible. A football tournament must end for the next edition to happen.

@Deri: Audible Halucination!

That cowardly clown was buried today in an unmarked grave. The ealier you believed this, the quicker your rehabilitation. Gaddafi will NEVER again be shown in any VIDEOS made in the desert. In medicine, your condition is called "audible halucination". Day-dreaming! It is understandable that his son is having problems believing his tyrant father is dead, but for you to actually broadcast such irritant nonsense shows your depth. Decomposed Gaddafi was attracting flies and maggots so, they've finally got rid of his carcas. Get some sleep. It's Over, the Imam has gone home!

Well said Gaddafi did

Well said Gaddafi did well,but for a country of 7 million people and an oil reserve larger than that of Nigeria, what do you expect. but I hate the role played by the west,they should be ashamed of themselves,dropping bombs and circulating arms in another s country.....imagine NATO aircraft dropping bombs in your area.....wickedness


Gaddafi is like a crayon, but might not be most people’s favorite colour, but one day AFRIKANS and Libya will remember him, and they will say if he were to be alive they would have use him to complete their painting...... this our idea of the white man is always right will continue to give us problem, he was a hard nut for them to crack, because he does not give a damn to the western's useless policies and because of the oil in libya that is why they use is own people against him, everything the west have today they made from AFRIKA rich soil,When FELA ANIKULAPO KUTI SAID WETIN unite for inside united nation nobody understood the meaning of that,WE HAVE LOST SO MANY LEGENDS IN AFRIKA all because of these useless westerners, fuck the westerners and their fucking policies AFRIKAS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!! MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE.

Re: The Sad Exit of Gaddafi

I quite feel your sentiments Bature, especially considering how heartless our own leaders have been. In fact, Gaddafi did a lot more wonderful things for his people, but he made the mistake of not recognising the imminent change that had come. Otherwise, he could have been the one to midwife the inevitable transition that was to take place which would have earned him a secured future in Libya. The plain truth about life is that no matter how well children are treated by their parents , they must move on once they come of age. Seeking to hold on to them believing they're not good enough to manage their affairs would be futile. Definitely, they would make mistakes as they proceed, but that is what life is all about. Gaddafi made the tragic mistake of not accepting this important principle of life.


Nigerians Saving Nigerians:

Nigerians Saving Nigerians: Nigerians Saving Nigerians:

@wahala--its not over until its over!

Khamis Al-Qadhafi: "my father is alive and continues to fight"International (LVO): In the coming days, our attention should focus on the colonel's son, who should deny the death of the Libyan guide.According to the Libyan media today Khamis Al-Gaddafi has recorded a video message, so incontestable proving that Colonel Al-Gaddafi is doing well and is in Libya, where he continues his fight against invaders and the traitors their people.The video message "can not be transmitted in the usual way, the Internet or e-mail as this to lead to localization of the site or Khamis during transmission.Several copies were sent to us with reliable people, and when it will arrive at its destination, we will see, "- Some officials have suggested that the vdeo would be broadcast on television channel" Al-Libya ».

Score: 3-1

Deri: Okay just posted! Gaddafi was neck-deep in Liberia and Sierre-leone. You need your head examined! He "physically" may not have visited these countries, he was complicit to the core in a carnage. Brother's keeper indeed.

Charles Taylor jumbed bail for credit card fraud in the US and never visited the States thoughout his despotic years. If he were a Western plant, why is he chilling in Den Haag today?. The Americans operate on the motto: No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy! They take care of their own. Despots are expected to die with two sons, that coward is owing us even in death. Now that we're on the same page about his Dead or Alive status. Over!

Ancient Yemen

I have a deep sympathy for the peasant Libyans who were misled by the literates amongst them to had conceded their socio-economic rights and privileges under Gaddafi,in order to become new Libyan leaders.However,i am happy and composed that Gaddafi had led an examplary life and died examplarily and with diginity.Above all,the strong man died in martyrdom.Very sympathetic i would have been on how Libyans crushed the regime led by Muammar Gaddafi if not for the history of ancient people of Sana'atul Yemen in the present day Yemen who were certainly given the abundance and in turn,they not only molested but killed over thirty three messengers of Allah sent to them with a call to identify themselves with one Allah;having felt so wealthy and too great to accept the worship of one Allah in a similar situation the people of Libya found themselves today.May Allah shower His wrath on pigs and rats,amin!


While we must all request that the International Criminal Court take custody of the remains of Moammar and Mutassim Gadhafi, and conduct forensic examinations preparatory to filing criminal charges against the rats in NTC, responsible for the extra-judicial killings, I make bold to say that Gaddafi, was never in Sierra Leon and Liberia. The crisis in Liberia, as in SL was triggered off by the USA firestone rubber company. In Sierra leone by the same ppl. Charles Taylor was in an American jail, when he was released and dumped in Liberia to help fire stone rubber company. Was it Gaddafi that flew him to liberia from America? Added to the fact that the crisis in Liberia, as in Libya was petched betwen the Americo Liberians freed slaves and the natives-aka Yomi Johnson-The west have often used ethincity in their divide and rule tactics in afrika-writers shld do some research b/f they release their materials into the public domain. LONG LIVE Brother Gaddafi! What a great leader!

Touching Eulogy, Summation!

Mall. Badure, my views:

A) Gaddafi died, not Libya. In the aftermath of a catasrophic war, squablings and joustling for power/positions are to be expected. The least you could do is pray and wish them a peaceful transition.

B) Over 80% of Libyans are educated and you seem to think they cannot continue his good works in areas like education, healthcare, infrastucture and social welfare? What was the litracy rate of the Nigerian leaders that abolished payment of "Udoji Allowance" and their litracy rate now? Arabs are not Nigerians, I forsee continuity.

C) Ans: In Scandinavia, it's "craddle-to-grave" healthcare and social welfare. Denmark even pays for the education of all her citizens "anywhere in the world" they choose to study! Soci-cheques are Europe-wide!

In Naija of old, Lagos state commissioner "The Boy's Good" used to treat our entire street to endless feasts during Ramadan and other sacred periods in Islam. Ramadan alms will not be abolished after Gaddafi!

Touching Eulogy (p2)

I see, you've "beaten me" to comment on this great article. However, to continue from page 1:

@Deri: Broda Badure has just confirmed that Gaddafi was a nuisance whose exit (without fanfare) will leave a gaping hole in the coiffers of those corrupt African leaders he kitted up in Buthelezi outfits (complete with fake Ashanti gold kette)in his failed bid to form United States of Africa (USA), with him as OBA!

@John Doe: Do you now believe he was ostracized in the Arab world? Syria's Bashir has been warned, likewise that Yemeni clown. Arabs too hate sit-tighters!

@Anonymous9: Want to share a view? Hope and waiting for your latest warped sentiments. The abject truth is that you can't commit "evil" and be expected to be commended because you did a few goods.

Excellent Piece, I Welcome It!

This is a more touching Eulogy than that spurious write-up by Femi Falana. In fact, this entry is a welcome surprise because things almost came to "blows" between "Wähala" and few conspiracy theorist a short while ago. The only "sad" thing about Col. Gaddafi was that he failed to "bolt" during the drizzle, he waited for a downpour. No doubt he did some "good things", but wasn't that his "responsibility" as a leader? That is as far as I'm willing to concede to you, now here are where we differ, but you have inadvertently supported by strong views on Gaddafi:

@ Deri: This article supports my view that Gaddafi was a terrorist supporter responsible for the carnage in Sierre-Leone and Liberia. It was a "sin" to have mentioned him along with MLK, JFK, Ghandi, Mandela and Kw. Nkuruma. He "slapped" his foreign minister in public, Saddam Hussein "killed" his in a meeting. No difference in Life & Death, "Despots" die hard! That's if you now believe that he's Stone Dead!

Gaddafi not behind the crisis in Liberia-firestone rubber-USA

If no one in the US, UK, France, the UN or NATO’s technicians of death are held accountable for the sacking and looting of Libya- the crime of the 21st century, then expect that they will simply move forward, and do it again, and again. So who’s next? Syria? There is no more moral highground, no more western values, no beliefs to use as a back-stop for western civilization. Was Gaddafi guilty? Is that it, a bullet? He will never be afforded the same trial that anyone reading this article would expect as their god-given right. So what makes any among us believe that we deserve any of these so-called rights? Who are we kidding?
Gaddafi was never in Sierra Leon. Killed because of his Pan-Africanist ideas like Lumumba! Wanted the best for Africa! Yet Africa and the Arab world betrayed him at the hour of his need. We did same to Nkrumah-Awo and Aminu Kano-now we yearn for a revolution-whose? Mine, yours or theirs-the neocolonialist? Long live Gaddafi!