SIA, Police And SSS Should Investigate Apagun Wole Olumide's Death

By Wale Adedayo


There are claims that highly successful Egba High Chief and Chairman of OGD's controversial Golf Resort Hotels in Abeokuta, Apagun Wole Olumide, who committed suicide last night may have been murdered. We are eagerly waiting for the Nigeria Police Force, Ogun State Command, to clear the air on what actually happened before this Jolly Good Fellow of a Man ended his race on this side of the divide.


But the Apagun I know was a very good socialite. The last time I saw him should be early 2008 when he was 'lecturing' me on the values of playing golf. He wanted me to join the Golf Club, which I politely turned down. I don't like social clubs, associations and the like. Mine is either professional or political. Anything short of that, I no dey. He gave up trying to convince me.
There is no doubt Apagun Olumide was an inner caucus member of OGD's Business Circles. They were the fixers when it comes to funds, contracts and the like. In addition, he was a veritable force in sucking the oxygen of Egba elites' support out of both Aremo Olusegun Osoba's Action Congress (AC) and Senator Ibikunle Amosun's All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP). But Osoba, apparently due to his person/background, was still able to wriggle out of this bind by Olumide and other highly placed Egba elites who ensured maximum support for OGD. 
Despite Olumide's deficient political capital in terms of mobilising the grassroots, along with other business associates of OGD who hail from the Ogun State capital, Apagun was able to ensure that no highly placed person attended rallies organised by Amosun while OGD's Administration lasted. And without considerable elite support, you can hardly claim electoral victory if there is possibility of rigging. It was only Osoba who broke this rule as a number of elites still identified with the former Ogun State Governor.
If Abeokuta were to be in Lagos, Babatunde Fashola's innovative revival of autopsy before burial would have been a veritable source of definite information on the cause of Apagun Olumide's death. A Coroner would have done a thorough job in ensuring that rumour mongering do not place another sword of Damocles on the heads of prominent Egba persons.
But for a start, the Police may want to look at his cell phone(s). I am very sure he had more than one. Who were his last callers in the last 24 hours before his death? Where was the man coming from at that time of the night? His driver need to be pulled in for interview right now: When was the driver employed? Who employed or introduced him to Apagun? Who among Apagun's business associates is the driver close to?
Since the EFCC was already on Apagun, what is the current substance of the case concerning this lovable old man? Could the burden of the EFCC case have pushed a man who loved life so much to end it like that? Could the OGD crowd who have a lot to lose from disclosures by Apagun done a 'perfect finish' through suicide? Was 'planting' done by those in SIA's Government to finally nail OGD?
Let SIA and the Police roll. As usual, I'll recommend that the SSS be allowed to do its independent findings and make the result of same available to the public. If I know the guys there as I did in the past, they can roll up this one within one week. This is a death the current Administration in Ogun State should get to the bottom of it (pardon my use of Mushin English, I grew up there).


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Amosun enjoy your new acquired property

The story of david and Uriah in the bible is a typical example of Amosun and Apagun. The political power Amosun use to demolised, acquire and revoke just because of envy is display when he furiously on the first day of office demolise a big building..well now that you have succeeded...enjoy your "hardwork".



Wale Adedayo and his decoy

One hopes that journalist-turned-contract killer, Wale Adedayo is not trying to divert suspicion away from himself when he offered to give SSS and Police 'valuable' suggestions on how to go about their jobs. My condolence goes to the families of Apagun Olumide the jolly good old man of Nigerian golf. It is sad for Apagun to end his life this way after many wheelings and dealings through the golf clubs. Apagun had always been a government man all through his life, using the bait of golf to lure government topshots to the lush green and in the process ruining the economies of many states in the south-west through phoney and and dodgy contract awards.

Dog eat Dog

Dog eat Dog

Ha Ha Investigate Ke!

@Wale Adedayo,

Dine with the devil and face the repercusion.

Abi fear don begin catch you?

Did you remember SIA, SSS and Police while you were arranging killers to murder opponents of Gbenga Daniel in return for money?

Whatever goes round comes round you know!.

Apagun Wole Olumide must have been "suicided" for the good of the society. Or does that not accord with your theory of political assassinations?

And when he eventually lay his long hands on you and have you "suicided", he would have done it for the good of the society. Abi no be so?

Ewu. Olodo of a man.

Dead case

I can assured you nothing will ever happen, is not the same Abeokuta in federal republic of Nigeria?. I beg encourage the family to go buried their dead. May almighty grant him a safe passage, that if he didn't stained his hands while on earth.

another Igbo pastor killed in the North

People susupected to be members of Boko haram arrived to the first village around 10 pm yesterday (Thursday) and started shooting and killing people. “They burnt houses and moved to the next village. Again they started shooting and vandalising properties. Then, they moved to the next. “They also went to the home of Pastor Innocent Chukwuemeka Mari of Assemblies of God Church in Kufara. They killed him right in the presence of his wife and children. They shot the wife and left her. They also set the church on fire.

Might be OGD's Waterloo.

This might well be OGD's waterloo. The case of Dipo Dina's murder is still fresh in our minds & here comes yet another.If the EFCC saw him as a key witness in d trial of d former governor,they should have put him on high priority security watch to ensure his security. It's sad he's gone! Meanwhile,here's sth very interesting: Online companies like facebook & google make billions of dollars quarterly just through online adverts? Last year google made a huge profit of $36.5billion through online adverts.Now a new search engine/social networking site is offering a free pre-launch promo.Unlike google & facebook,this company is set to share 50% of its profits from online adverts with all who sign up/verify as members & invite more than 3 other people to do same before 9th April 2012(their official launch date).To sign up visit: Check your e-mail for d verification mail,click on d verification link to verify & start inviting others.