State Of The Nation By Seyi Olu Awofeso

By Seyi Awofeso

As surrejoinder to your comment on Saharareporters that there are certain infrastructure in Lagos State presumably offsetting the tragic production of college illiterates at 80-90% annual rate in Lagos, would you like to take a good look at the photograph above, Joe Igbokwe; you being the Action Congress Party Spokesman in Lagos?

This single photo not only typifies but also says all there is to say on the running tragedy of renovating or widening existing Lagos roads at the expense of training human minds, formally.

World-wide, there’s broad economics consensus that development is separate from modernisation, and even though comprising it as a fraction, but in the ranking order of human development as first priority.

In a choice between planting flowers and training teachers, the rational choice for a reasonable government is the latter. In a choice between painting buildings and equipping schools with sound curriculum, the rational choice for a reasonable Governor is the latter.

To fail that reasoning mode is to make the wrong choice, as currently happening in Lagos.

A destroyed youth inevitably becomes a 70-year burden on society as a first-line future charge on the treasury for subsidized existence. Now, multiply each such destroyed and un-schooled youth by two million per annum, and you’ll see the dreary future clearly.
The purpose of governance is to think properly and make the right choices for the dignity of man.

Breaking down the word “dignity” into its components; no thinking person can dis-agree that freedom from ignorance is the first step toward human dignity, and, since illiteracy kills a society faster than cancer would an individual, a government that fosters illiteracy invariably kills off society.
The killing here is not just metaphorical but also financial - by draining the State’s future income away into crime-control, as a consequence of past wrong choices.

And, for so long as communal peace depends wholly on the acts and omissions of all other fellow residents, mass illiteracy in a state means that death will stalk everyone as a result, because the un-schooled youths (pictured above) are no longer partakers of a society’s mores or its wealth.
They are alienated to fend for themselves the way a lion will rummage the forests as predator.

But their prey would include the sheltered children of the rich mostly in government offices, who majorly through false invoices and benign signatures intentionally appended to criminal claims, had appropriated the financial assets of the State as private wealth.

When the killings progress at an organised pace, the entire state will seize in fear, regardless of cash at anyone’s hand, because infrastructure is not the substitute for developing a human being free from wants and ignorance.

On the contrary, the primitive accumulation in government offices by banditry is a green flag to all of society to take a cue and begin an orgy of stealing, murdering and scamming.
……….Seyi Olu Awofeso is a Legal Practitioner


The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of SaharaReporters

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Re : Challenge for Mr Joe Ibgokwe

Ah Mr Joe Igbokwe. I challenge you to post pictures of schools from the following Local government areas: Aguda Grammar School Suru-lere, Ojo High School Ojo, Any school in Lagos Island and Ikeja or Ogba to debunk Barr Awofeso's claim. Do me a favour and show pictures of these schools. I am sure it is not a big ASK from your part. Mr Joe, if you want to eat with Equity you must come with clean hands. Barr Awofeso's point is very valid and we must be able to speak truth to power. How come his queries have been unanswered so far. I reiterate, release the audited account of Lagos State and or show us all the new schools that have been built and new teachers that have been employed in Lagos State for the past decade or less and let us know if Barr. Awofeso's claim are baseless. Charity starts from home.

Omo Ibile.

Seyi,l do not know what you

Seyi,l do not know what you want to achieve by posting this picture and inviting me to look at it. Sometimes ago l saw this pix in the liveserves and l remember it is Ajuwon High School Akute ,Ogun State.For your information Lagos State invesment in eduation has not been equalled by even five states put together in Nigeria. Lagos started the rebuilding and reconstruction of Primary and Secondary Schools before other states followed in droves.They wait for lagos to set the pace and they follow.There is nothing wrong in it . You do not need to reinvent the wheel.No serious father beats his chest for paying school fees ,feeding and clothing his Children.Landmark achievements in Lagos are being recorded for posterity.

Re : Mister Guvnor answer query


You are carried. Speak truth to power. Please educate the masses and tell them there is more to planting flowers and painting bridges. Please Mr Governor tell us why notable Lagos citizens like Barr Awofeso are complaining about your inability to provide basic and functional infrastructure viz schools, and qualified teachers and a modern qualitative curriculum is the issue at the moment. Fyi Barr Awofeso is non partisan and is not a politician, His patriotism is the zeal that keeps him going.

Egbon Awo no want any political office or contract just answer his queries. When we cry we can still see.

Egbon Up Greggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Pro vide en scientia"

State of the Nation by S.O.Awofeso

If this is a picture of a school in Fashola's Lagos State, then Mr Awofeso is totally right. Nigerians need to think deeply about getting the right thinking Leader they seriously desire.

To say Lagos state is

To say Lagos state is performing is a political propaganda. I live in Lagos and honestly I see no development anywhere. I understand the lagos original plan has been altered by tinubu for his personal gain. The whole lekki plan that supposed to contain a General Hospital, colleges, Parks and play grounds, Football fields have been changed to Tinubu estates. Nobody dared to ask any question. It is no news that Fashola is a figure head. How come I do not see tinubu's children in this classroom? Tinubu stooges will defend him on this. I am waiting for Joe and others.