Thatcher And The African By Ayo Faleti

By Ayo Faleti

One of the favourite proverbs of the great Achebe (may God rest his soul) is, ‘If someone cannot remember where the rain started to beat him, such a person will not know where to dry his body’. I have been completely taken aback by the reactions of many Nigerians, indeed Africans, to the death of the so-called Iron-lady of British politics, Baroness Margaret Thatcher.

That Thatcher was a divisive figure is probably an understatement. She was as conservative as they come. She belonged in that group of politicians alongside Reagan, Kissinger and Pinochet, who harbour total contempt for the ordinary folks, and who believe strongly that ‘Might is always right’. These people appeal to the basest of human instincts, preying on the weak and vulnerable, at home and abroad. Thatcher’s failing arose not necessarily from her ideology (Tony Blair, with a different ideology, will almost certainly also be vilified in death), rather it emanated from the hubris of an ambitious politician, and a glaring lack of scruples and fellow-feeling for the weak and vulnerable.

She and her ilk hobnobbed with the apartheid regime in South Africa; even while their respective governments’ official policy stood in condemnation of the abominable regime. Thatcher went even further than her fellow travellers; being a very regular visitor to the racist enclave that South Africa was and his only son making the country his primary abode of residence. She obviously believed in white-supremacy, and saw everyone different as a potential target of dominion. In fact, her son was tried and convicted of complicity in trying to forcefully take over the control of a sovereign oil-rich African nation. Like mother, like son; Baroness Thatcher never hesitated in deploying the machinery of the British government to ensure that her wayward son escaped justice.

Thatcher was the Prime Minister that took Britain to war against Argentina over the Malvinas, a group of islands off the coast of Argentina. She was able, with the help of her close friend and fellow supremacist Ronald Reagan, to defeat the puny military of Argentina and further the cause of colonial tendencies and domination into the twenty-first century and even till this very day. The Thatcher doctrine of ‘Might is right’ has no moral compass.

Despite the fact that she was a very capable individual and even more so, a woman who succeeded in the male-centric arena of politics, Thatcher failed to use power to fight on the side of the powerless. The argument that she did well for her country is being contested by a big segment of the British population. One thing is clear and undeniable: she presided over the terminal decline of British industry and facilitated its replacement by a virulent brand of casino-based pseudo-economy, more commonly called the financial sector. It is quite bewildering to see people from Glasgow to Manchester to Sheffield, jubilating happily, even gloating, at the death of the departed politician.

Why would any African with full functioning faculties, celebrate the death of such a controversial figure? I go back to Achebe, ‘until the lion starts to tell its own stories, the story of the hunt will continue to glorify the hunter’. Africans needs to learn the act of looking after their own collective interests. A Nigerian leader once said publicly that the country does not need history in the school curriculum. With these kinds of leaders, it is clear where the cluelessness of the African comes from. Without a good number of people in the know of what led us to where we are, how are we ever going to know the way to where we should be? The vacuum thus created is filled by all sorts i.e. CNN, Sky, BBC etc, who are all but mouthpieces of hegemony: social, political, economic and cultural subjugating agents of imperial powers.

Any African whose last name is not Botha, Verwoerd or De Klerk, should have no reason to eulogise Thatcher in death; it is counter-intuitive and only shows such a person as utterly confused. Why would any self-respecting son or daughter of Africa have any regard for Thatcher who openly referred to Mandela as a terrorist on many occasions? She was never an advocate of ‘live and let’s live’; at every point, her modus operandi was, ‘I am right, you are dead!’ I cannot but see it as poetic justice that the great Madiba eventually outlived all his detractors, Thatcher included.

It is depraved consciousness for an abused people to valorise the purveyors of their calamities. It is this same warped consciousness of the African that makes so many to subscribe to the idea of a commonwealth of nations, so soon after gaining flag independence from the same Queen and country which have plundered them so unconscionably hitherto. Self-flagellation is a symptom of deep psychosis; African’s reactions to the death of Thatcher confirm the existence of psychological torture in the recesses of the average African mind. Consequently, as Africa continues to be led by half-wits, many of the African leaders have released meaningless statements commiserating with the government and people of Britain on the demise of Thatcher. The trite saying that a people get the government they deserve is quite apposite.

This same self-loathing underpins most African’s attitude to their native cultures and languages. It is as if everything foreign, everything from Europe and America is better than anything Africa has to offer. We can attribute these tendencies to Kolo-mentality, as Fela said, but there needs to be emancipation at some point. If we do not summon the effort to correct these anomalies, we can simply forget altogether the much desired renaissance of the African.
Margaret Thatcher is gone but her toxic legacies lives on. For the religiously inclined, she will answer for all her deeds to the ultimate Supreme. However, for those who have survived at the sharp end of her political exertions, these times call for sober reflection, and actions, to undo the vestiges of her social, political and economic policies, and definitely NOT to sing the praises of the departed.

Ayo Faleti is the author of ‘Yoruba Proverbs and Their Contexts’


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You are truly a twat!

Read the article again you twat! The article has to do with Thatcher, not the current condition of Nigeria (thats a whole new topic and to be honest, there is not enough space on this site) your ignorance and your insults aimed Faleti are uncalled for, he has written facts, these are not lies. She might have been an old woman and a politician to be reckoned with, but when great politician is buring your nuts, who gives a shit! She affected peoples lives, and a lot of the time, not in a positive way, so my dear, if you feel so strongly about her death, put on you agbada or whatever your traditional garb you have and attend her funeral!



Serpico is a good example of a confused African. A Ghanaian who trolls on SR and sees nothing good in anything Nigerian.

Value Black

This person putting down the writer of the article that shows Thatcher for what she was from an African's perspective is an illustration of the pathetic state of the Black man’s education (perceiving from his writing that he’s some sort of Nigerian). When Chinua Achebe said something to the effect that until the lion learns to write, the story of the hunt will favor the hunter, he assisted reasoning people to not dismiss contrary perspectives solely on the absence of literary evidence – a domain that has historically been dominated by the oppressor. Even if you haven't ever stumbled across any other Ayo Faleti writing, you don't simply dismiss this.

Thatcher's disdain for the fate of the oppressed in Apartheid South Africa is copiously documented. Read a bit.


Mr Serpico, sir.

You appear to be the worst kind of fool. You don't seem to have understood the essense of the article to which you have responded.

This has nothing to do with Nigeria or Nigerianess. You should be able to separate one thing from the other. This is strictly about Mrs Thatcher and her lagacy. If you cannot tell the difference, then you may be too dumb to post comments here.

I don't know whether the writer slept with your ugly wife or not, but you were way off base with your yeye comments.

I tell you nothing but the whole truth...

I've only read the first

I've only read the first paragraph n decided to say article well done.These young ones need to know where they coming from.HISTORY CAN NEVER BE ERASED. "SOUTH AFRICA".LET THE BRITISH MOURN HER BUT NOT AFRICANS


Faleti falls into the genre of frustrated writer. I am not aware of anything this story teller has written. Tell me in which library or bookshop I can get your books, Faleti. You are here talking about Thatcher, have you ever been to the UK? After drinking palm wine in the hot sun, you turn your vitriol on a deceased old lady, who was truly a world figure to be reckoned with. Meanwhile you roast in your little hut with no water or light and post your mediocre articles on the internet, that was developed in Britain. Name one thing that Nigeria manufactures. Even her oil, she has to get outside help to drill and refine. Instead of studying science you are busy writing poetry. You are a product of mediocrity. Even if they shit on you, you will not fight back. You bitter old fool.

Jabolo, Thank you for your

Jabolo, Thank you for your comments. We are indeed lost as a people.

Who is this Ayo Faleti? Never

Who is this Ayo Faleti? Never heard of him. Another so called poet who wants to get political. It amazes me that people who live in a cess pit, throw stones at a society that is complete in every aspect. Lady Thatcher took Britain to the top. Ask yourselves, what is the plight of the people in Nigeria today? A country of fools ruled by idiots. What makes a Nigerian so called 'professor' leave Nigeria to flip burgers in England? Yes the country of the 'witch'. This Ayo cannot even differentiate between gender, calling a her a him. By the way, it was the Falklands and, the people ovewhelmingly voted for British rule. Nigeria is talking about giving Achebe a state funeral. Thatcher died this week, her funeral will take place next week. Achebe died a while back. Nigeria and Nigerians still haven't decided how to bury their illustrious son. But then, that is Nigeria, a nation of procrastinators, that produces mediocres like Faleti.

Good job Ayo

That was a nice one. Great write up


Thatcher sold Britain to America at peppercorn! Every single household name is now foreign/american owned- from Rentokill(insect treatment people) to AA, Estates Agents, even Surveyors firms like Countrywide Surveyors are all owned by the Americans. Britain is now running 'kalokalo' economy

Telling our story

Achebe: ‘until the lion starts to tell its own stories, the story of the hunt will continue to glorify the hunter’.

True word. I listened to a Nigerian-sounding fool on UK radio eulogizing the Witch because she enabled him to buy his council house.

Anyone remember watching "Tarzan" on TV as a kid?

Pursued and surrounded by natives, this white man would make a funny noise and some wild animal would appear. Then the Africans would throw down their weapons and run away screaming for their lives.

Only the observant would notice that these Africans running away were dressed in Leopard or Lion skins.

That sums up our story as was allowed to be told by other people. Our leaders allow it, and our inttelectuals play along. How do you explain NTA buying episodes of that kind of "Tarzan" rubbish with scarce foreign exchange rather than commissioning episodes of the brilliant locally produced "Tales by Moonlight"?

Because we are black. I'm.

Because we are black. I'm. Black please call me black. I'm proud of my colour. What is wrong with the colour - back? I do not knw what you want to answer but my answer is ; nothing is wrong with the colour black. Please do not call me coloured.



Oh yeah; before I forget. Thatcher also said that "there is no such thing as society", that we are alone on our life's journey. She encouraged all the "yuppies" to get all they could get and screw everyone else.

But I do pray for God to comfort her children and loved ones.

Re: Margaret Thatcher; the Uber-Witch

Ayo Faleti is a professor of academic distinction who is worth his onions, he is an academic par excellence and nothing short of the quality of this write-up is expected from him.

why black?

I have asked myself this question many times with no tangible answer apart from the subjugating effort of the europeans to remind africa of their superiority.
Why do they still refer to africans as black? Why is chinesee,chinesee,indians indians, americans americans but when it comes to africans black.
The british even went further to categorised carribeans as as black carribeans. I found it amusing when aftricans too called themselves black.


I too was surprised by some people's reaction.

I do agree that Thatcher help build up the economy of Britain again when that country was on it's knees as they no longer have as much open access to the resources of their "empire" ie, other countries they had been looting without any hinderance. Commom-wealth my foot!

Instead, industralisation was scrapped and greedy finacial market dealings, making money out of nothing was promoted. The Finacial sector was deregulated, obscene bonuses introduced and greed was encouraged and greatly rewarded. We are seeing the results today.

But Mrs Thacher was very viceral and cared nothing at all about the common man.

She also resolutely stood by the apartheid regime in South Africa and refused to cooperate when the rest of the world was imposing economic sanctions and isolating that regime. She even called Nelson Mandela a terrorist!


Thanks for this much needed correction. I was extremely shocked when African started paying glowing tributes to that evil woman, including those claiming to be socialists, communists, Marxist as well as those criticizing President Jonathan's I DON'T GIVE A DAMN stand on matters he believe are right for all.
For instance, respected opposition critic Mallam Nasir El-Rufai who replied to a tweet sent to him about her death with 'sad, great woman' that was confusing, how Jonathan is an angel compared to Thatcher as dictators.

Damn Right!

You are damn very right. That is the reason we can all ruthless women Magret Thatcher. An icon of bad omen!

Thatcher and The African

Damn right and on point! Maggie was a political beast.

Margret Thatcher, the uber witch

Mr. Ayo Faleti, you expressed my sentiments. I raise my hat for you and, thoroughly appreciate this write up...Many Thanks.

I was searching for a Nigerian newspaper with a critical write up about Margaret thatcher and her co-racist travellers (Ronald Reagan, Botha, Ian Smith et al) and their antecedents, their insatiable lust for blood but, to my disappoinment found nothing.
I would posit now that a deafening silence will pravail when the war criminal Tony Blair dies, heck! considering his many invitations to Nigeria lately, Africa is indeed doomed.
The mental vacuum is so wide (Western Media can sense it)that the imperialists are working overtime to fill it with whitewashed history and made up lies.
Just visit some Nigerian online discussion forums i.e. Nairaland;naijapals etc, the self-loathing is so pervasive that one may suggest that we are doomed.