The Unfinished Business Of James Ibori's Corruption: 3rd Letter to Thomas Gibian, Chairman Of Emerging Capital Partners (ECP)

Thomas Gibian
By Dotun Oloko

Dear Tom:  You will recall that on the pages of this very SR, I opined that on the day of Ibori’s sentencing, media reports will link ECP to the criminal activities of James Ibori, the man you feigned ignorance of. As you are undoubtedly aware, BBC Newsnight on Monday 16 April reported that “an equity fund backed by DfID-owned subsidiary CDC Group is being investigated by Nigerian officials.” (See ).

BBC again reported on the fact that ECP is now under investigation on Tuesday 17th April (see ).You already know that the FT also reported that ECP was under investigation in Nigeria and Europe ( ).

You see how far we have come since those days in 2009 when you were telling the Wall Street Journal that I was alone, misguided and obsessed or words to that effect. It is interesting to note that the only thing that ECP could say to the FT in 2012 is that I am obsessed. Who do you think I am Calvin Klein? Yes o Thomas I am obsessed with bringing an ole ifon like you and ECP who think that they can get away with fraud and money laundering to justice. Your eventual prosecution will send a strong message to others like you that Nigeria’s resources are not there for you to launder and plunder with impunity. Your eventual prosecution will send a strong message to others like you that defrauding those who trusted you to invest on their behalf is not acceptable. Word of advice to you ole, when the EFCC or European Fraud Office come calling try and come up with a better defence than Calvin Klein’s world famous scent.

It would seem that your political cover is starting to give way as DFID and CDC that had previously exonerated you appear to be shifting positions. In response to BBC Newsnight DFID gave a statement that “These specific allegations date back to 2009 under the last Labour government and were investigated by CDC at the time and subsequently passed on to the Met Police and the Serious Fraud Office.”

The FT also carried a version of the DFID statement but also go on to report that, “A person close to CDC said it would consider withdrawing the money only if further allegations came to light or were proven.”

What do you think the chances are that the EFCC and European Fraud Office investigations will vindicate you the same way your own private investigator, Control Risks vindicated me?
What do you think will happen should the ECP scandal come to the attention of the mainstream US media?

When will you be reporting to the SEC that you are under investigation in multiple jurisdictions for fraud and money laundering related to James Ibori, the man you feigned ignorance of?

Yours sincerely,

Dotun Oloko 

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Deri stop talking like sohmeone without a brain

Oga Deri whats wrong if this guy (Dotun) is keen for the prosecution of an Oyibo that is a party to money laundering? This guy is putting is head on the line and people like you are critisizing him!!

DO you just write a rejoinder for the sake of writing? I am also from Niger Delta (Warri) and it doesnt mean that bcos IBB and others have not being caught then I will be supporting corrupt politicians at every opportunity! If Niger Delta politicians are used as guinea pigs for anti corrution then their next political leaders will no other option than to use their resources better to the lives of the people of Niger Delta.

If the North and other regions dont want to prosecute their corrupt leaders then their region will continue to be backward as it is currently..So wise up my brother!!




Hahahahaha@deri !!! Now you want someone to move on. You are indeed a funny being. Why are you always try to link Ibori with everybody else ?. Im sure those other people will one day face the music, not when you wanna play it. You and Ibori are a disgrace.

Unfinished Business of James Ibori's Corruption

Well done Dotun, ojo gbogbo ni t'ole, ojo kan ni t'oloun

Dotun Oloko u are becoming a bore-Ibori is in jail-its over!

Dotun oloko, if u think u can take nigerians for a ride, then u have another thing coming to u. Its clear from most of your spnosored articles that u have been chasing Ibori all over the place for years on behalf of tinubu. But u did not do a good job of it. Your likes were no where to be found when chief clarke and orubebe raised the alarm over Ibori at the local level yrs ago! U only came out when deals between the 2 of u went soar! Until Ibori fell out with OBJ via ribadu, he was looked on as a saint. Glorified by opporutinist like u who now want to look holier than the pope. Let has have the list of the oil thieves in 9ja, if you are a true anti-corruption crusader-if you can get Ibori, then hook on to Conoil and give them the Ibori treatment. Get the 31 governors, jubril aminus, orji kalus, odilis, dangotes and danjumas? Stop telling us that crime pays in 9ja. But it depends on the zone un hail from. As a matter of fact u are becoming a bore! Ibori is in jail! Move on. Its over!

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