Victor Moses: When Patriotism Conquered Pain By Adekoya Boladale

Victor Moses
By Adekoya Boladale

Eleven years ago in the city of Kaduna, Nigeria, a dreadful religious violence engulfed the entire state. Various religious bodies left the town in search of safe heaven, even Pastors and Imams flew when the crisis grew beyond comprehension.

But there were two couples who stayed behind, in spite of the fear, agony and hatred that filled the air, they were not moved. They stayed back to help the injured, they stayed back to preach peace, they stayed back to guide the misguided youths. Yes they were Christians, and truly they had a church but they made their home for all. Irrespective of the religion dispute, they gave the last moments of their lives to help when it mattered most.

Painfully they couldn’t live for long; death was coming so fast, yet still they didn’t run. Their Church was burnt, their property scattered and finally they were burnt alive. These couples were Mr Austine and Mrs Josephine Moses.

The parents of the Nigerian Super Eagle’s soccer guru, Victor Moses. Young Moses narrowly escaped death; he was out playing soccer, when the cold hand of death took his parents away. He was just eleven years old and with so much excitement from the football pitch he came back home only to meet his parents in ashes. He was taken to London by his uncle the next week after the incident to seek asylum. Victor couldn’t even get time to take the any pictures of his parents with him, due to the violence. He found himself in Croydon, England knowing nobody and having been taken in by a foster family.

He didn’t give up; he left the memory of his past behind him at such a tender age and started playing football again. He was spotted by Crystal Palace who got him into a top local school. With his excellent display of skills he made the English under 16, 17, 19 and 21 teams scoring eleven goals for England.  From there he moved to Wigan Athletics and now Chelsea.

On Sunday February 10th 2013, Victor Moses will be standing up in line singing the national anthem of the country that failed him when it mattered most, he would be putting all his effort to bring smiles to the faces of over 160 million Nigerians who knew nothing about the pain he went through to survive. He will do his best to bring to a country that couldn’t defend his parents, a nations cup it last touched nineteen years ago.

This is the story of a man who was betrayed by his country but yet couldn’t betray his country. This is a story of man who lost all due to the inability of some groups of people to live together. This is the story of a man who has tasted the bitter pill left by our various religious violence and inability to tolerate one another.

Just like Victor, hundreds of thousands of Nigerians have lost their lives, future and hope just because two groups couldn’t say, I am sorry first. Hopes has been shattered, dreams killed and futures wasted due to our bizarre hunger for each other’s blood.

Yes the government has failed, but should we fail our country? The government steals our funds and still turns us against one another, yet we can’t be reasonable and think for once. Every part of our lives is dominated by greed, hatred, selfishness and nepotism. When we all could join hands together to make a better future.

Let’s take a clue from Moses, although I am not sure if I could do that. But it is a lesson, a very big one from a man who is drunk with patriotism, a man who sees himself as the pillar of his country, a man who above all things remembers Nigeria and not the federal government of Nigeria.

Yes he came back, in spite of all this. He came back, not to contest for political position or seek for appointment. He came back, not for revenge but for love. He doesn’t need a national honour, he doesn’t need to join the leagues of unpatriotic thieves who have dominated our national medallion. In our hearts he is a hero, in our soul he is hope. Let all Nigerians remember him, for he took nothing from us but this time he is given to us all.

Adekoya Boladale is a political scientist and wrote via


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someone said may God have mercy on us all.. I amen it. This is my own take in all these religious argument and counter arguments


Victor Moses deserves the highest honour in Nigeria. He suffered and was a victim of religious crisis, loosing his beloved parents in one day, yet he came back and fought for the Nigeria's honour and glory. Victor Moses has shown all of us that it is high time we stop complaining and start thinking of what we can do for our dear country to unite, grow and develop.

Yea right

Well am nt disputing dat bt am sure u wont b laying claims nw if he had died in d fire wit his parents. As 2 calling d president names, i for one knw he hasnt bin d best of leaders bt i wonder,which one of ur northern leaders eva made a positive impact all thru d years they were on seat. Rather they are d ones dat set all d wrong wheels in motion. Pls, posts lyk this are 4 intelligible people, with strong ideas, nt 4 people lyk u,who use it as an avenue 2 vent 'trash'. Is ur kind dat promote discord in our country. Next tym u want 2 post stuffs lyk dis, luk 4 d nearest underage sites. Cause u write lyk one.

why calling Muslims cows

Do u want to tell me dat a Muslim person has nt don any gud or kind to u,is nt alll d Muslim dat are kill or fight,who even told u dat pple are true muslim,pls my brothers and sister let us preach luv and peace among our selves
.may God have mercy on us all.

What a hero

Victor Moses, Let the Lord be your strength. You life and forgiving spirit is a lesson for us all. As you bring laughter to the lives of all Nigerians, May the good Lord bring laughter in your life all the days of your life. Amen.

U want to kill dem also.u

U want to kill dem also.u want to silence dem,u are all killers,u nothern muslims.u are surely goin to hell fire and i mean d deepest part.idiot.and for ur info,victor moses is no northerner.idiot people like u see sometin gud,u want to claim.i pray u experience d pain he experienced too.u low life fool

If Na me

He has tried. He his forgiving and loving like his parents. If it was me I will never set foot in Nigeria again. If I don't like europe I will go and represent Cameroon or Ghana. Only God knows how many Okochas and Yekini's have been butchered by boko haram.

may peace reign in 9ja

just as mose is, there are many nigerian with such stories. May God 4give our leader....




This is an incredible story but a very believable one. This lad has conquered hatred and all the prejuidices that have kept this country almost a century behind most other "developing economies". He is hereby nominated for the national award of GCFR. He deserves it more than the rogues at the National Assembly.As his name depicts, he is really a VICTOR!!!!!

The President and his people.

Moses God will grace to 4giv them.
Today the slow but steady progress of Super Eagles and their coach that took them to the finals of Africa Cup of Nations in S/A is a very strong prophesy.Just as the Super Eagles seem not to meet our expectations in round one before defeating Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, then Mali which catapulted them to the Finals of AFCON.All curses have turned to praises. Every Nigerian is now elated about the Super Eagles and their coach. This is the lot of PRESIDENT GOODLUCK EBELE AZIKIWE JONATHAN (coach) and Nigeria (team). By the end of 2013/2014, the president that has been the most criticized for seeming not to meet the expectations of Nigerians will be the most loved for the achievements happenning in NIGERIA right now.GOD has said it and it will surely come to pass, in JESUS CHRIST name, AMEN.

The GOD of Moses works in a miraculous way!

Just as the Lord God Almighty preserved the life of Moses through Pharoah's daughter,who later grew to lead the Isrealites out of bondage in Egypt, so did He also do our Nigerian Victor Moses.Now,that innocent child preserved by God has come to deliver Nigeria from AFCON shame!
And to those blood-sucking vampires of Northern Nigeria, shame on you and your equally demented religious leaders.
You get up and just start wasting precious lives created by God just to appease the demon you always call on and worship.Wouldn't you have equally killed this Moses with his parents the time your god lucifer led you on that harvest of death.
God will surely judge you all,goats and maluus.

At least i am happy that you

At least i am happy that you understand the meaning of islam as a religion of peace and also the meanig of jihad

I dont think so cause they

I dont think so cause they wont even watch a team of agberos, kidnapers & armed robbers.

Killings still going on in the north...

The painful thing is that even as I write the killings are still going on in the north. They are still killing Christians and the so-called non indigenes for Islamic(!) reasons. Yet these are people who will eventually become leaders in their various callings.

Can somebody imagine that if Victor had not gone out to play football that fateful day, will he be alive today to be making waves for this country in far away South Africa. These extremists kill in the name of Islam and nobody is called to account, tomorrow they kill again knowing that they will not be sanctioned. When will the North be a normal place?????

The ranting brain damaged

The ranting brain damaged igbo monkeys and their oil drunk moronic neighbours will soon be silenced. The clock is ticking for their thieving retarded otuoke aborigine! Victor Moses is not Igbo, he is a northerner you confused lot! Arrant animals!!

War-Monger,u go it Wrong!

Actually, Haruna Lukman was d Captain of the victorious Golden Eaglets of 2007 coached by the late sage tactician, Yomi Tella. As usual with propagandists, you weren't afraid to twist facts to support your demented message. You r in ''honoured'' company with the likes of Hitler n Goebbels. U must be very proud!

Just like the biblical Moses

Remember the biblical Moses?? He was almost killed but fate and God's destiny upon his life made the difference. I pray this Moses take us to the promsed land of Gold medal in South Africa.


Some group of patrotic northerners should come together and offer repentance to God and apologise for the killing of innocent southerners in the north while some patrotic yorubas and hausas should come together to make repentance and offer apologies for killing of igbos during the civil war. Let us start this national repentance and let each and every one of us start to preach peace. Sure, we can live together as a people and as a nation

cow! cow!! cow!!




Victor Moses: When Patriotism Conquered Pain

What a story, what a mindset, determination and a forgiving spirit!. The story touch my heart deeply and my eyes grew heavy with tears.
I love this chap and wish him all the best.

What a deep touching Story,I

What a deep touching Story,I was schooling in Kaduna when the crisis started and it was really appalling. I sincerely think Moses is the man to take us all the way. Nigeria has given up on us but we will not give up on Nigeria. Kudos to Moses. I salute you blad. I'm back to my Country to help sort all this mess out in my own little way. Before we can change this country, We must first n foremost change ourselves. Sheffield Adios, Abuja here i come

My advice

My advice for anyone willing to sacrifice for Nigeria is this: ''Please, don't''. It's not worth it.

Calling people "bastards"

Calling people "bastards" doesn't help. You diminish the very essence of VM's life story - that we should fight for a course greater than ourselves. For our country and for our fellow citizens. VM knows that Nigerians as a people did not fail him. Our leaders failed him and continues to fail lots of us. His is a story that rubbishes bitterness and anger. His is a story that uplifts. Let us applaud him and learn that above all, love, the love preached by our Saviour Jesus Christ, conquers all.

Victor Moses' Patriotism

The bastards who killed Victor's parents would have jubilated when he scored for Nigeria against Ethiopia. They would have been dazzled, like the rest of us, by his scintillating performance so far in the Cup of Nations competition.
Yet, the killers of his parents have not been arrested, not to talk of charged with murder. Same goes for the killers of Gideon Akachiki in Kano, because his wife used a copy of the Koran to scoop her child's poop! This is a sick country. It says a lot for Victor to be able to do what he is doing for this country, knowing that he qualified to play for the senior English national team.
Bring on the Nigerian Rawlings!!!

Failed Nigeria failed its citizens, including Victor Moses.Pity!

What a pitiful story. Sorry dear Moses. But one thing is certain, until a few years ago, Christians and Muslims had lived in peace in the north of Nigeria since the two religions came calling there. Trace the fracas between Christians and Muslims to the desire of past leaders of Nigeria who came from the north and who promoted Islam and wanted it to become the known religion of Nigeria. Fact is, long after the end of north's military dictatorship of Nigeria, many global entries on Nigeria had it that Nigeria was an Islamic country. So the desire to sustain the idea of Nigeria an Islamic country, and the resistance to that idea have created friction; first, among peoples of Islam and Christianity in the north; and the friction is gradually moving down south. Before we have major religious conflict in Nigeria, let the nationalities in Nigeria go into a national conference. If the country breaks, people like Moses can move further down south.

A CLEAR Mssg to the North

The Northern youths(Almajeries) should see this as a clear mssg that they can actually succeed and become somthing 2morrow in their own country rather than alowing themselves to be used by their cheap power hungry criminal minded politicians to destroy lives and propery of their fellow country men all in the disguise of islamic Jihad. Today we all sit together watching Victor Moses and singing his praise. Islam is a religion of peace NOT VIOLENCE. The youths should begin to think for themselves, future, selfpreservation, potentials and contribute to their country so they can serve as an examples to their younger ones. Copy and paste this mssg to share with others.

God bless Moses

An epic of patroitism. He saved Nigeria from an early humiliation.

What a World

This life is such a wonderful thing. Its about time Nigerians start making ammends and stop violence among ourselves. Who r we fooling by killing each other. Do we know the Hero's we are killing in Nigeria? Y take a life when u cannot create one? ThIs should serve the Northern Youths a clear example bcos u have somuch to achieve ahead of u. Do not let ur selfish Mallams brain wash u to taking another persons life or ur own in the name of religion. This 1 made it alive,Do u know howmany Victor Moses u have killed in the North??? Search urselves northern youths.