Why Mr. Mike Okiro Cannot Head The Police Service Commission‏ By Femi Falana

Mike Okiro
By Femi Falana (SAN)

President Goodluck Jonathan has just nominated a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, Mr. Mike Okiro as the Chairman of the Police Service Commission.

In line with the provisions of the Constitution the nomination has been forwarded to the Senate for confirmation. While the former Inspector-General of Police might have been qualified for the post on account of his experience in the Nigeria Police Force he is disqualified by virtue of his membership of the ruling party. Until last month Mr Okiro was the Chief of Staff to the embattled PDP chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur.
The Police Service Commission is one of the Federal Executive Bodies established under section 153 of the Constitution. Section 156 thereof  provides that a member of any of such  bodies "shall not be required to belong to a political party". More importantly, section 42 of the Constitution provides that no citizen of Nigeria shall be conferred with any advantage or privilege that is not accorded to citizens of other political opinions.

Furthermore, article 13(3) of the African Charter on Human and People's Rights Act stipulates that all citizens shall have equal access to the public service of the country without discrimination whatsoever.

By the combined effect of the clear provisions of the afore-mentioned  laws a body which is empowered to recruit and discipline all police personnel other than the Inspector-General of Police is expected to be constituted by non partisan individuals of unimpeachable integrity. As a loyal party member of the PDP Mr Okiro is politically aligned and biased. Accordingly, he is not competent to head the Police Service Commission which is part of the public service of the country to which all Nigerian citizens have equal access regardless of political affiliations. Knowing his antecedents in the Nigeria Police Force Mr Okiro is going to manipulate the members of the Police to serve the parochial interests of the People Democratic Party.

 Having regard to the fact that President Jonathan has in the past removed registered members of the PDP from the leadership of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC),the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Offences Commission (ICPC) and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCP) Mr Mike Okiro's nomination should be withdrawn from the Senate and replaced with the name of another competent Nigeria who is not a card carrying member of any of the registered political parties in the country.

Femi Falana SAN.


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okiro-de best candidate

people shld nd distract mr president in doing de right thing-okiro is de best chairman 4 PSC-anybody against it doesnt like good thing

Good news

Okiro Is the right person to the Post of PSC if nigeria must move forward let him take the post fadtly.

Femi is wrong about d

Femi is wrong about d constitution & Okiro wasnt chief of staff to Bamanga. See Extract of 9ja Const Section 156: (1) No person shall be qualified for appointment as member of any of the bodies aforesaid if (a) he is not qualified or if he is disqualified for election as a member of the House of Reps;(b) within the preceding ten years, he has been removed as a member of any of the bodies or as holder of any other office on ground of misconduct. (2) any person employed in public service of the Federation shall not be disqualified for appointment as Chairman or member of any of such bodies: Provided that where such person has been duly appointed he shall on his appointment be deemed to have resign his former office as from the date of appointment.(3) No person shall be qualified for appointment to any of the bodies aforesaid if, having previously been appointed as a member otherwise than as an ex officio member of that body, has been re-appointed for a further term as member of same body

u fake barrister meshack,am

u fake barrister meshack,am sure u are one of his errand boy doing his dirty jobs. let him purge himself of all those police fund he illegally acquired.In saner climes, pple like him are suppose to be skinned alive.

I think this you're the one

I think this you're the one being sentimental here. What Mr. Falana simply did was to QUOTE THE LAW which says Okiro is not qualified for the position he's been nominated for by Mr. President because he is a member of a political party. The law says such a position is to be filled by persons NOT affiliated to any political party. Is this so difficult to understand? Mr. Falana is simply directing our attention to the laws that would be broken if the Senate approves Mr. Okiro's nomination- it really has nothing with his track record you listed. If Mr. Okiro wants this job badly, he could just resign his membership of the PDP and I'm sure he would be cleared easily by the senate as he would not have any problems with the law anymore.

I will appeal to the Senate

I will appeal to the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria not to confirm Mike Okiro as the Chairman of the Police Service Commission. Firstly, Mike Okiro was the part of the problems & mess in the Police Forece. Secondly, he beg for the job. Also, he is a card carrying member of the ruling party and this is part of the strategy towards the rigging of 2015 Elections. He has contested for election and the position of the Police Service Commission is supposed to non-partisian.
There are over 20 reasons why Mike Okiro should not be confirmed as the Chairman of PSC


What is good 4 D gooses is good 4 D gander. Mr Mike Okiro's nomination is one good thing that would happen to D Nigeria Police if confirmed. He is a master strategist who has proved himself 2 B worthy of emulation. Hence, I hope Nigerians will shun sentiment & pray 4 Okiro's success in chairing D affairs of D PSC 2 greater heights. D PSC's primary assignment is 2 handle discipline & promotion matters of D Force. However, during D epoch of D past chairs, we have noticed stagnation in promotion exercise, which is supposed 2 B a matter of merit, & routine in order to clear D backlog created 4 2 Long. Sir Okiro is known 2 B a welfare-list individual & as such would want 2 continue with those antecedents he portrays in D Nigeria Police Force. However, I do not think Mr Okiro is going 2 manipulate D members of D Police 2 serve D parochial interests of D People Democratic Party as D writer has claimed. However, Time will tell.

Obasanjo is to blame on Jonathan's destruction of Nigeria

This man called Jonathan naturally wouldn't have been chosen to be the Vice Chancellor of the university he worked.He didn't have the quality of a leader,he never showned the interest,he was just put there to be manipulated by Obasanjo before he got hijacked by another syndicate looters.Now Nigeria is in bull seat,everything goes.

Thugs: Dokubo and co are now giving conditions for peace in Nigeria.People that Nigeria should be giving condition for merciful freedom from convicted treasonable charges are now member of decission making in Aso Rock.OPC,MEND,Niger Delta Militia etc with time would be competing for the post of IG or at least,commission of police if Jonathan still remains in power.

Honestly,i feel like crying for Nigeria.I benefitted a lot from Nigeria.Nigeria is my second mother,after the biological one.I LOVE NIGERIA but these sick minds are abusing Nigeria.

This can only happen in

This can only happen in Nigeria of Goodluck Jonathan. Government of the thieves, for the thieves, by the thieves.

Did you check the Section

Did you check the Section (156) of the constitution that Falana referred? unless if he was only a constitution of another country, but on perusal I couldn't find in the Nigerian constitution (particularly Section 156) where it stated that the chairman or any member of the commission must not be a member of a political party.

The appointment of Okiro, a "fresh air for Nigerians"

Mr Jonathan promissed Nigerians a breath of fresh air and we are all enjoying it. Falana knows that his observations will not yield any good
result; however, we praise him for speaking out in the midst of injustice.


Up Jonathan! This man really knows what he is doing. He knows exactly where he is taking us in Nigeria.

Was it not Okiro who stole the police money blind, and used it to build shopping malls and other huge mansions everywhere while regular policemen were wearing bathroom slippers and dirty uniforms on duty?

Up Jonathan I say!

Femi Falana SAN recommended

Has Okiro shown you his PDP membership card?

I hereby recommended Femi Falana SAN for this vacant position.


Well said Barrister, i just hope that they realise this eventhough the govt. Has constantly battered the conscience of masses and as has been their tradition to do as they please, this piece may not diter them. God save this country.


Those expecting legitimacy and goodness from Jonathan are merely wasting their time because such can never happen with Jonathan. He is from the Wilderness of savagery where just a few years ago human being were eaten. He is from quasi-uncultured human specy which has no defining values based on traditional history of African societies. He is from a mini community whose culture is rudeness,barbarism,materialism,extreme ethno-inclinations,hooliganism,prostitution,social retardation and rascality to the highest order. Their obvious identities are drinking,thuggery,ethno-religious commotions,leisure seeking,prostitution,human trafficking,violence for money,deception,criminality and pomposity.

Okiro fit to head Police Service Commission

I respectfully disagree with the Learned SAN because the fact that Mr Okiro was Chief of Staff to the PDP National Chairman do not make Mr Okiro a member of the Party,at best,he was just a personal and private staff of the Chairman.

Okiro fit to head Police Service Commission

I respectfully disagree with the Learned SAN because the fact that Mr Okiro was Chief of Staff to the PDP National Chairman do not make Mr Okiro a member of the Party,at best,he was just a personal and private staff of the Chairman.

Gud mr comrade falana this is

Gud mr comrade falana this is the one of the methoud that mr. President want to used for wing election in 2015 may Allah bless comrade falana.