Distinguished or Disgraced Senator

 The dust raised by the marriage of the paedophile senator to an extreme minor of Egyptian descent has refused to settle. Thanks to the actions of some right-thinking governmental and non-governmental agencies, dust kept flying in different directions.


Most of the general opinions about the action taken by the sharia proponent have been condemnatory; a fellow northern governor (the chief servant) described it as insane, but while the sane people have been issuing comments, some bought and misled youths and women had a solidarity march to support the bearded senator from the sharia state.


The most recent development is that NAPTIP arrested and interrogated the bearded senator but released him afterwards. Below is a simulated interrogation:


NAPTIP - Senator Sir, good afternoon and welcome to our office.

Bearded senator- Thank you but I don’t really know why am here. Can you tell me why?

NAPTIP – We are sorry to inconvenience you but we invited you to clarify some issues concerning your recent marriage.

B.S- Oh! Is that it and what about my marriage?

NAPTIP - We heard that it was to a minor?

B.S- What do you mean by minor?

NAPTIP - Your bride sir, was under-aged. She was only 13 years old.

B.S-Yes and what is the problem with that.

NAPTIP - Sir, it is against the child rights law and …

B.S- Listen to me. Child rights law or no child rights law is not my business; I was only emulating the holy prophet who married Aisha who was just 9years at that time.

NAPTIP - But sir, that was then. Nowadays, it is no longer permissible. It is a crime under the law!

B.S- Listen and listen good! I am not bound by the constitution but by the quran and according to it in matters of marriage, the age of the bride is insignificant.

NAPTIP - But sir, that is preposterous. You mean the quran allows a man to marry a toddler?

B.S- If you must know yessssssssssssssssssssss.

NAPTIP - Sir, you are under arrest.

B.S- Arrest?

NAPTIP - Yes, but you can apply for bail provided that you satisfy all the bail conditions.

B.S- I will. How can a big man like me sleep in your dirty office? Besides my bride needs me tonight.


Like I wrote above, the dialogue was simulated but the truth of the matter is that the bearded senator did affirm that he is responsible only to the quran and not the constitution he swore to defend at his senatorial swearing in.


Furthermore, he stated in unequivocal terms that Islam allowed brides to be bought and not married. How do we explain the statement that the age of the bride is inconsequential? Hence, that means a man can do and undo, marry a baby, girl, lady, woman and mama e.t.c and in his case, he has chosen to marry a girl.

From the above deductions, we can deduce that the bearded senator is indeed very shameless, unrepentant and incorrigible. I wonder how many of his fellow picaresque hide under the holy book to perpetrate evil against children and humanity. It is also worthy of note that the girl in question is his driver’s daughter. We now understand how he was able to get her. He latched on to the poverty and greed of the girl’s father to buy his innocent daughter to satisfy his dysfunctional libido. Having an Egyptian driver also portrays him as an unpatriotic Nigerian. Is that we do not have competent Nigerians that can drive any car? No, it is not that. When he was a governor, he used a Nigerian, as a senator, he is using an Egyptian chauffer  and if mistakenly he becomes the president, he will compete with Obama for the services of the same wheel expert.


On a final note, I will like to suggest that after the embattled bearded senator settles with NAPTIP, the anti-corruption agency (EFCC) should pick him up for questioning. He needs to explain where on earth he got the $100,000 he paid as the bride price. I pray sooner or later, Nigeria will be rid of a nuisance like him and we will have a face saving senator in his stead.AC




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