IBB: Madder Than The Maddest Madman !!!

Yes; an old saying: "people only do to you what you let them". Being a proud and hard working Nigerian youth, I deem it necessary to retaliate and avenge for the loyal and patriotic youths   of our dear nation Nigeria. Directing my reaction to this over - boisterous old cargo who believes that we are not yet ripe enough to carry the paddle of leadership and navigate the almost sank  national boat.  


  Paralyzed with fear, he voiced a hint of negative thinking; in the process put himself in a situation he couldnt escape-- now he is feeling the impact from every one concerned and consequintely looked demented with anger. Babangida, to the youths of this nation you are now a stink of piss! you are still stinking from the blood of Dele Giwa; the rejection of Abiola and the negative state of this Great nation.             
           Apparently, your thoughts had conjured you into oblivion ; it appealed to your dominant personality and exposed your hidden "419 "attitudes. The youths, they say are the leaders of tomorrow and any statement in contrary is fallacious and nothing but a bogus.
         The youths of Nigeria are wise , we are not (maga)and would not allow any  political incompetent robber through a persuasive quotations  to rule    us. We have come a long way and no room for old soldier  whether you like it or not. Tell obasanjo that the wind has blown and the cock`s anus is already exposed.
             For the sake of our beloved nation, i am advising you to abstain yourself away from    any involvement in any political seat in whatever form because our future is inevitably doom. I had a vision  ,i saw your skeleton cover with blood and maggots surrounded by masses casting stones instead of votes at you. your figure looked satanic from distance and was running  towards hell fire. i was trying to pray for you but was warned that who killed by sword shall die by sword --- its the fulfillment of prophecy.    I reminded God that you want to become a presidential aspirant. God answered:" This  is the symptom  of lunacy the beginning of madness that you will soon end up in a psychiatric hospital(not in Saudi Arabia, we no longer have money to waste) Our reaction is going to be a serious physical retribution.

       Youths are the strong bones and hope of any nation, nothing is truer than this statement. For anyone to go against this fact, is completely madder than the maddest madman!

                                                                From Adewale Ogundare Michael

                                                         chairman (Delly international group of companies)      


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IBB's declaration for the 2011 presidency, is a shameless act. In purely academic tradition, history has revealed over the years, that his likes are nothing short of OLIGARCHISTS, who have turned governing into an extenstion of their private estate, whose rule, predominantly have self-serving ends, and unjust. IBB used military strength, ruthless political influence from elites, who remain the power behind the throne in Nigeria. We have had them classified as Kaduna Mafias, Sokoto emirate stooges, and the likes described in Plato's "Republic". In modern political parlace, this is already mundane in Nigeria,as the contemporary nigerian young and educated elites have all come a long way, and are indeed off-age, to have a clear-cut perceptions of reality. The mechanism for these individuals, to continue to uphold their status quos, is oppression, and idiosycratic philosophy.

For IBB and his likes,DEATH by hanging is the only SOLUTION. We have FAILED ourseves. We a di MOST CORRUPT country on the surface of the UNIVERSE. Accepting this, brings CHANGE. We must fight for the future. Look for example BAMIKOLE the Senate LEADER or Iyabo Obasanjo and go to the Yoruba states, mediocrity CUMILATES the leadership. From Oyinlola to Akala to Oni and a lot of chairmen of local councils, they are THIEVES. Without A SERIOUS CIVIL UP RISING , Nigeria will remain same. The PRICE of DEMOCRACY is not CHEAP. Biafran War was a ONE-SIDED WAR. We need to fight the kind America fought that brought them to freedom once and for all. The Civil War between S AND N. Nothing comes free. If in the event Nigeria breaks into TWO, so be it. WE, need SELF EXAMINATION. Both Youths and OLDs are thieves unable to govern because MEDIOCRITY have set in and it is their Modus operandum.

I-Be-Beast has had his rusted heart sewn inside the diaper-like camouflage of the CIA, M15. A rusted mind of this nature could never decipher the weaknesses that these foreign agents have. IBB, I say to you that the numerous souls of those you have wasted would turn all your efforts to ashes, all your children would likewise inherit ashes!!!

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