Fox Sports Journalist Wrong On Nigeria - Refuses To Retract Offensive Report

Fox Sports journalist Jamie Trecker recently reviewed Nigeria's chances at the 2010 World Cup. In his zeal to provide context, Mr. Trecker wrote the following

The Road To 2011: Songs To The Facebook/Twitter Army Of Nigeria

May 29, 2011. Dateline Nigeria. If you haven't checked, it's  less than 365 days away. Nigeria, the most abused name-space, of a country, yet our motherland,  lies comatose. Sonala Olumhense, one of the country's last journalist standing,  sees the country on Goodluck Jonathan life-support ( )



Last Thursday gathering in Abuja by the mischievously named PDP ‘Reform’ group, should finally awaken the novice that 2011 election have already started, at least in PDP. The dissident group composed of mainly sympathisers of former President Olusegun Obasanjo did not waste time in betraying their true intentions when they concluded their meeting with a singular demand for mass resignation of PDP National Working Committee members. The NWC led by disgraced former PDP Chairman, Vincent Ogbulafor are known to be anti Obasanjo and unsympathetic to President Jonathan’s ambition to succeed himself. It was not surprising they will have to go particularly since the death of their former principal, Umaru Yaradua, the question is how messy will their exit be.

Experience has shown Nigerians that PDP do not fight clean. They fight with kitchen sink. There will be many hitherto covered up scandals to dust up, in the hope that it will be enough threat to coerce all those opposed to the ‘reformers’. To be clear, there is nothing wrong in nailing corrupt politicians no matter the motives but the point here is that these half hearted show trials are mere ruse to achieve the political objectives of those who have appointed themselves Nigeria’s kingmakers. Like their hero, Obasanjo, a man long diagnosed of pathological loathing for the very concept of democracy in both party and national politics, the ‘reformers’ seem to enjoy their role as quiet assassins of democratic aspirations of Nigerian people. They are the same men who chose and impose Yaradua against the will of the Nigerian people only to watch cluelessly when a power obsessed woman nearly let the country slip into anarchy. It took the active intervention of the civil society and the international community before she could let go. By which time, the nation has lost a precious three years under a sick ruler.

Last Thursday the circus returned to its familiar pattern. It starts with thousands of PDP card carrying members not having any say whatsoever on who become their National Chairman or NWC member since the concept of fair play and democracy is alien to the elements in the ‘reformers’ group. Votes, especially irritates them. With PDP machinery firmly under Obasanjo captaincy, Nigerians will once again witnessed the return of garrison commanders, usually super thugs skilled in the business of election rigging.

 It is very easy to understand what the Obasanjonites seek to ‘reform’. There are characters like Nasir El Rufai and Peter Odili who stand accused by the EFCC of corrupt enrichment. The reform they seek, no doubt, is for those charges to be dropped. There is one Ojo Maduekwe who swore that Nigeria will collapse without Abacha in 1997 and insisted that without Obasanjo, Nigeria is doomed in 2007. No doubt the reform he seeks is to save us from Armageddon in case Jonathan is not President in 2011.

In a sense, Jonathan may seem to be a victim in all of these. He sorely needed all the help he can possibly muster since the embattled NWC arrogantly repudiated his legal right to run in 2011. Thus he seems prepared to watch at the sideline as the reformers do all the dirty jobs for him in the hope of better days for them in future.

It is pertinent that Jonathan understands that a lot of Nigerians are tired of politics of do or die. They want things not just done decently but be seen to have been done decently. How he handles the political bloodbath in PDP will say a lot about his politics and characters. The world is watching.

Image of Nigerian Army At Stake As Lady Tears Two Officers Apart

With the image of the Nigerian Army already battered by the unwholesome manner in which the Brigade of Guards undertook the operation that saw the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua smuggled into the country on February 24th this year; a conduct which was likened to mutiny, another development capable of battering the image of the Nigeria Army is building up. This time it is not a call for national duty neither does it have to do with the defence of the territorial borders of the country but a frosty relationship between two army officers, Colonel Habila Vintenaba, (Commander Special Investigations Bureaue, Arakan Barracks, Lagos) and Major Okechukwu Arinze Uhuo (12 Field Engineer Regiment, Ijebu Ode) over a lady, Miss Naomi Juliana.

House # 105, Wife Number 4 minus 1 & The Punishers Fable?

The antiquated axiom of “just price” was an exercise with the view that there is a face value for each commodity at which it could exchange without debasement of the buyer or deprivation of the seller. A natural progression of logic would lend the reasoning consequently that; to sell above that price is to make a profit unjustly,
Super normal profit would fit in nicely here!

It's The Same Ole Big Goons!

The first Ijaw president in Nigeria is the handiwork of OBJ as this was the deal when he could not get a third term that a Niger Deltan be allowed to be Presido in order to postpone the turn of the Igbos as per PDP rotational bullocks but the condition wasn't right yet so he installed the brother of a trusted comrade(senior Yaradua) to hold a while since they all knew he that wont complete a full term in office due to his ill health, funny to some OBJ really considers himself one of the true patriots of Nigeria, remember he and his commandos actually swing the war to the federal.

Distinguished or Disgraced Senator

 The dust raised by the marriage of the paedophile senator to an extreme minor of Egyptian descent has refused to settle. Thanks to the actions of some right-thinking governmental and non-governmental agencies, dust kept flying in different directions.

Something To Ponder On

There are many things in Nigeria that evokes pity while there are some that simply do otherwise (i.e. stirs up laughter). States and their nicknames is something that we have got so familiar with that we seem unable to deduce something funny from it.

The Making Of Saint El Rufai

 There is a new fake product in town. The unique selling point is that it is supposed to be popular with the Nigerian youth and thus in its daily offerings in face book and the company’s website, the product is wrapped as the champion of the youth. The one who will break the perennial cycle of unemployment and poverty currently ravaging the nation’s youth.

And the Man Died

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                                                      And the Man Died.


Not in the almost 50 years history of Nigeria has the death of a man brought so much relief to the polity. It is no longer news that the most controversial president Nigeria has ever had has passed on.


The controversy he courted for almost three years in office was not non-performance since Nigerians are used to having their lot in office, it was being unfit and out of public glare for months but yet occupying the office.


The news of his death brought an end to the theatre of the absurd that had a woman as the lead character. Some took the news as a great relief while others saw it as a rather unfortunate event in the historical catalogue of the nation. Whichever group you belong, there are questions to be asked and lessons to be learnt.


It is very pertinent to know when exactly the president died. 9pm on Wednesday was announce as his departure time but how sure are we? He was smuggled into the country and kept in the villa sequestered for months without appearing in public, even the then surrogate president did not see him. I ask, if he was not brought in dead, why was he smuggled in at the dead of the night?


It was claimed by those loyal to him that he was recuperating well and playing with grandchildren but yet could not appear in public for other eager eyes to behold. There were so many doubting Thomases his appearance in public would have convinced that indeed he was getting better but yet he did not.


Those questions might be few but very pertinent. I doubt if they will ever be answered since his death seemed to have swept every argument, accusation and recrimination under the carpet.


If questions cannot be answered, atleast lessons can and should be learnt. The most important been the transience of power. The clutching to power of Turai and Umaru showed they forgot or probably never knew that element of power. Thinking, we have four years and we will complete it shows they never heard of ‘man proposes, God disposes’. Now that he is dead, can she continue to hibernate in the villa and answer to the appellation ‘first lady? She must have been shell-shocked when she was referred to as the former first lady so soon.


Another vital lesson is leaving the stage when the ovation is loudest. Sympathies and empathies have been pouring in for the late GCFR but I make bold to say that he would have had much more if he had bowed out honourably. He lost a lot of respect and honour when he refused to throw in the towel, clutching to power until he breathed his last. As it is said ‘an actor leaves the stage when the ovation is loudest’ because if he does not he might have to make do with the boos.

It is also worthy of contemplation that nobody is permitted to use another without the person’s permission. People keep saying the former president chief Obasanjo forced the late president to run for the high office of the president. I would say that he knew his health status all along and knew how inimical the burden of piloting Nigeria’s affairs would be to it but yet, he accepted it. Why? He wanted, loved and desired the office, the power and other appurtenance of the office. The former president did use him, he used himself and his wrong prioritizing robbed him of his life. He cherished the position of president more than long life.


On a final note, I say Adieu to the erstwhile president, he has lived, fought and should now rest well


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