President Goodluck Jonathan, 2011: Is PDP the only Party?



On this, he warned: “We will fight. We will fight to ensure that rotation is retained in the PDP. We will insist that the rotation remains till the North gets its full tenure of eight years. And thereafter, if the country wants to abandon the concept of rotation altogether, then we will consider it.” Battle not over, Yakassai warns Jonathan: the Sun Newspaper, Monday 19th May, 2010.


The above statement quoted as said by Elder statesman and one of the leaders of the pro- late Yar’Adua camp, Alhaji Tanko Yakassai, not only sparks off North-South divide(not the subject of this article), it also raises the question: Is PDP the only political party in Nigeria? Better still: does PDP’s wish represent the wishes and aspirations of Nigerians? Come to think of it, no one is yet to prove or show to Nigerians where in PDP’s constitution the rotational presidency clause(s) is enshrined. Assuming it is, when has PDP’s constitution become Nigeria’s constitution? as Yakassai and others from the North tend to assert.


Even as every geographical entity that makes up Nigeria clamor for political relevance and representation one fact is obvious, everyone cannot be there at the same time. One of the core principles of democracy is representation of the people by elected representatives who are suppose to be persons with impeccable character and good judgment; not because of where they come from  or the party they belong. The beauty of democracy is when the people elects who they wish to represent them. Nigerians desire and deserve to decide who represents them at all levels of governance, not leadership by imposition as we have witnessed in the last 50yrs of Nigeria’s pseudo independence; made worst by PDP since 1999 to date.


The statement by Yakassai (he is not alone) is not just regrettable it’s unfortunately coming from the very cabals (that have benefitted from the status-quo) who do not desire change in Nigeria because the present arrangement continues to favor them- a select few while the majority watches helplessly as they plunder our collective wealth and heritage.


President Goodluck Jonathan no doubt is a beneficiary of the status-quo even as one cannot reconcile how much lucky one man alone can be in life (he is damn Lucky). I believe though, his Presidency is that of providence. So he owes to his conscience and Nigerians a duty to do what is morally right, no matter how short the period he is on the revered seat. The decision to contest for another 4yrs or 8yrs term in office is his exclusive right as a Nigerian, but whether he is elected as President come 2011 remains the prerogative of the Nigeria people. What makes Yakassai and co think no one can be elected President unless through the platform of PDP?


However, as much as these choices are open to President Jonathan while he makes consultation in the coming months and days; irrespective of what his party hierarchy thinks, he must not forgot that Nigerians hold the key to his success as a President not his Party ilk. Therefore, he must resist the temptations of the spoils of the office and advice from hangers-on who are only interested in promoting their selfish agenda. His focus in the days ahead should not be whether to run for President in 2011 elections or not. His energy and time should be spent on how to solve the core issues affecting Nigerians and Nigeria. The bogus 7 point agenda of his erstwhile boss should be reduced to 4 point agenda as many Nigerians have and continue to advocate. 1. Electricity/alternative sources of energy (power sector). 2. Anti-corruption campaign 3. Electoral reform. 4. Security/Niger Delta Development. The importance of a comprehensive reform of these sectors cannot be over-emphasized just as I believe President Jonathan does not need 4yrs to lay a sustainable framework to achieve these for Nigeria.

Honestly, given the activities leading up to next year’s election and the sustainability factor, the time is definitely short for his administration to make any meaningful achievement given the “Nigerian factors”. However, Jonathan would have engraved his name in history books if he could lay a solid groundwork to achieve these in the short period he has; and then allow the court of public opinion decide if he needs  another 4yrs  term  to consolidate what he has started.


Then will the question: Is PDP the only party? come to the table. For sure the “People’s Party” though not yet registered will unanimously adopt President GoodLuck Jonathan as her consensus Presidential Candidate and then it will be the People’s Party Vs the PDP (People Deceive People, Party).


As we congratulate President Goodluck Jonathan for this enviable feat through providence, all well meaning Nigerians must rally around him and give him all the needed support to succeed. Obviously he cannot succeed without us behind him. He must not be left in the hands of these self acclaim Elder statesmen who only care about their estates and interest. Nigerians must join forces with President Jonathan to reclaim the country from these cabals.

He may no doubt be one of them but thus far he has demonstrated that he has an ear to the ground and is listening to the people, a reason we must give him a chance.


He may not be the messiah or Rawlings we long for, but we deserve a paradigm shift from the status-quo. It's no time to shout wolf where there is none as Yakassai and other have started to. It's no time to cry ethnic marginalization rather it’s time to rebuild our country. It’s time to take our destiny in our hands.


We must stop PDP from raping our collective conscience; after all, PDP is not the only Party in Nigeria!



Fubara, Shed. - A youth activist, public affairs commentator and President Emeritus–NUOS, writes from Alberta, Canada. He is a fan of SR and is on Facebook.

Goodbye Turai Yar’adua, Welcome Patience Jonathan

Now that we are departing from the days of momentum failure of leadership, subversion of 1999 constitution, total disregard for human feelings, titillating looting of communal treasury, colossal impunity, quantum greed and selfishness, ruse of law, breeding of cabal, disrespect for justice system, and bastardization of the polity and so on and so forth, that made the Yar’Adua stolen Presidency thick.

Part 2. Re:That Attack On The Nigerian Embassy Staff (Mr. Mohammed Arzika) Is Unwarranted And Misplaced

In response to the article published in Sahara reporter, dated 01 May 2010 with the title “THAT ATTACK ON THE NIGERIAN EMBASSY STAFF (Mr. MOHAMMED ARZIKA) IS UNWARRANTED AND MISPLACED”


I write to clear the air, having been a victim in the hand of the said man and his cohorts in the embassy, including the ambassador who to the best of my knowledge does not know his duty as a diplomat representing the president of the federal republic of Nigeria here in Malaysia. Though, I don’t blame him so much but lay my blame on the people that appointed a man who is just a politician with no evidence of diplomatic etiquette and international relationship knowledge as an ambassador. What do will expect from such person?  Incompetency is the answer.

This has been the problem as his lack of knowledge has given room for the domination of Mr. Mohammed Arzika  who from the practical sense is not even a graduate and can’t even speak good English when communication with people.

He has paid one of the embassy staff in the legal department to write this defensive counter article, Using, Ohaneze Ndigbo which do not exist in Malaysia as backup. I want to ask him, where does Ohaneze Ndigbo do their meetings and who is their president in Malaysia? When did the inaugurate Ohaneze Ndigbo in Malaysia took place?  No one should use his father’s name to play. Another insult in disguise; Stop this mess Mr. Arzika and cohort. Igbo tribe is not the ornament of jokes and lies.

I must be optimistic and practically state that the entire staff of the Nigerian embassy in kuala lumpur need absolute overhauling and injection of people with diplomatic knowledge cannot be compromised. This need urgent redresses and may cost or take the lives of innocent Nigerian if this report should be ignored.

I advice the ministry of foreign affairs to set up a panel to investigate this report by interviewing Nigerian students in Malaysia at random. This is the greatest way to get the truth about this article.

From all indication, Most Nigerians preferred to pay higher in the Malaysia court  to go to our embassy only to receive bundles of abuse and insult especially the igbo students. This has been the outcome of maltreatment of the igbos at the embassy.

Personally, it was a slap on my face when Mr. Arzika Mohammed ask me to swear the Bible before he can issue a clearance letter to enable me go ahead with my marriage plan with Jessy my intending fiancé from Australia as a guarantee to ensure that I do not divorce this girl later . This is more than a diplomatic duty and I declined since Christians do not take oath. Base on this, the marriage plan was destroyed. What a callous man is Mr. Arzika?

From that moment, I lost confidence and trust in the Nigerian embassy and take myself as an orphan without siblings in Malaysia.

This call to save Nigerians from the hand of this man needs urgent attention. Do not think that a man like me will bring my time out just to write article that will bring my fellow Nigerian down. I am far from it but have to do this because of the negative effect of this man and his cohort in the embassy on innocent Nigerian and igbos in particular.

Enough of this Insult on Nigerians and Igbos in particular.

Comrade J C Ndukwe,

NANS coordinator, Malaysia.

Dele Momodu: An African Icon At 50! By Kayode Mallami

On May 16, 2010, Africa’s most celebrated Publisher, Chief Dele Momodu, will turn 50. For those who have followed Dele Momodu’s life and career, this journalism icon deserves a standing ovation for his outstanding contributions to the development of mass media in Africa and beyond.

An open letter: Nigerian Malaysian Embassy staff Mr. Mohammed Arzika and others ENOUGH! Of this Defamation of the IGBO Tribe

It has being a normal culture in Nigerian Malaysia embassy that once you are an Igbo man you termed to have a pariah sort of colouration. Severally, when I visited the embassy here in Malaysia some staff of the embassy especially one Mr. Arzika in charge of student affairs tends to have developed endemic phobia for the Igbo. I

overhead Mr. Mohammed Arzika  in one occasion telling a friend from the south west “Yoruba man” that if he were an Igbo man he won’t listen to him. Not  too long, I shocked my head in disbelief when a Nigerian from Edo state, living here in Malaysia , sought explanation from the Indian staff of the embassy, the lady staff was so confrontational that she had to packed her files and left her place of duty. Few minutes later, Mr. Mohammed Arzika came with her and never sought to hear what happened from the other parties and started telling a long stories of the ‘criminal’ Igbos in Malaysia and their debacles, abusing everyone, asking us to leave if we weren’t comfortable with his military styles of warning, calling Igbo all sorts of heinous names: 419ers, thieves and all what not. He added, referring to the two Indian ladies “if they don’t respect you pack and go, he wants to show me that he is an Igbo man” he concluded. I am sure that this man and his cohorts here in the embassy have professed their belief in ‘one Nigeria’ and perpetual perception of our unity in all spheres of their lives and living before being appointed to work here in the embassy. . It was ludicrous and in my mind, I screamed Hypocrisy with capital letters! For how could someone who didn’t see his Hausa kinsmen crimes accuse others? His hypocrisy is so palpable that I am almost certain that he forgot that no single tribe has the monopoly of crime. My question for him and his cohorts is: what about the barriers people like him have erected in our country of birth and in Malaysia among Nigerians and those Malaysians who work in the embassy because of petty tribal sentiments? I am sure he is a Muslim, so it boggles the mind that we profess to be God's children and hope for equal treatment from God and yet work hard to block the paths of fellow humans. Oftentimes, people like this would be the first to quote copiously from the Koran and talk about love for one another. One advice I have for people of this nature is that before they can accuse others of all sort of bad things and talk about ‘one Nigeria’ just for fun, they need to remove the log in their eyes so they can see clearly to point at the perceived speck in the eye of another. We have people like Muttalab the bomber who brought shame to our country globally, my first encounter with 419ers was in the northern Nigeria in Kaduna state a man named Dan’asabe and his gangs paraded by the police long ago, virtually all states in northern Nigeria have ‘money doublers” “ritualists’ ‘dupes’ they even go to Saudi Arabia to perpetrate their evil, little wonder, some came with their hands amputated. Hausas /north has being in the news for killings and looting of people properties, especially Igbo properties in the north. They Hausas orchestrated religious crisis almost always, sectarian violence everywhere in the north, a pastor named Ishaya Kadah and his wife Selina were killed just recently in Kano , a corper by name Miss Ushang was raped and killed by the same Hausas people in Maiduguri . Tell me Mr. Mohammed Arzika, point one instance where a northerner was killed on no just cause in Igbo land or other places? Many vices like: rituals, sodomy (dandauda), child abuse (with al majiris), robbers/assassins (e.g. those who killed Rimi etc.) money launderers etc. are prevalent in the north. Tell me who among the Hausas here are self finance? Virtually 100% of Hausas students are here through sponsorship either genuinely or in dubious ways. The North has had control of power for close to 40 years. But now, look at Nigeria, what is there to show for the consistent control of power by the North? That we are where we are today is because of the rudderless leaders we’ve had from the North. Conduct your research here in Malaysia, you will be amazed those 419/yahoo criminalities cross across all tribes: Benins, Deltans, Hausas, Yorubas, Igbos and even Ghanaians’ who claimed to be Nigerians. Must we then start discriminating on that ground because we all know too much of our guilt? Or must we discriminate because we are opportune to be in a privileged position today?

I am here to say any Nigerian be you Igbo, Yorubas, Hausas and other ethnic tribes our problem is a shared one and our success is equally same. I am not supporting anybody who perpetrates crime but it should not be the reason to fallaciously defame our name for the crime of few. If Nigeria and Nigerians must have a superior moral pedestal to talk about our greatness in overseas like here and other places, we better break down the bigger barriers we have erected in Nigeria. Prof Dora Akunyili, has just embarked on what she calls re-branding of Nigeria. That is all well and good but the term re-branding makes me uncomfortable because it sounds like putting a new cover on an old product. In the midst of his murderous escapades in the 90s, Abacha sent out emissaries to spread propaganda and try to portray Nigeria in good light. He failed woefully. For a lasting change, Nigeria must first embark on an introspective journey, culminating in general attitude adjustment. If we do not do away with tribalism and ethnocentricity, Nigeria will be difficult to re-brand because a lot of her problems revolve around that vice.

Almost all Nigerians at all level should be feeling ashamed that on a regular basis we breed discord and underdevelopment by using tribal lines as a measuring rod for who is Mr Right or not. This sense of guilt should cause us to try as much as possible to create a society of equal opportunities void of political and regional colouration. And we should all know that we will not stay in a particular position forever. Those foreigners working here in the embassy will laugh at our obvious disunity, it is said by Bob Marley “together we stand, divided we fall”. A word is enough for the wise.



A Patriot.

Copied: to Human Rights NGO

Nigerian National dailies/and blogs.


Re: Welcome to Lagos (Nigeria – The country where talents rise from dumps)

The flurry of criticism and attack that has trailed the recent BBC documentary about Lagos titled ‘Welcome to Lagos’ has raised a whole lot of dust, culminating in the petitioning of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) by the Federal Government of Nigeria through its High Commissioner in the United Kingdom, Dr. Dalhatu Tafida (Punch Newspaper, 22/04/10).

IBB: Madder Than The Maddest Madman !!!

Yes; an old saying: "people only do to you what you let them". Being a proud and hard working Nigerian youth, I deem it necessary to retaliate and avenge for the loyal and patriotic youths   of our dear nation Nigeria. Directing my reaction to this over - boisterous old cargo who believes that we are not yet ripe enough to carry the paddle of leadership and navigate the almost sank  national boat.  

Da Grinny Lessons…and His Unreleased Song Celebrating Death!

It is only fitting that I make a quick confession. I never knew Da Grin. But he was the embodiment of that little star, that shines, sparkling enough that you had to see it. Feel it. And then miss it when it finally fades away. But to say I never knew him was totally incorrect.
I had listened to Ewe Lowo many times after coming in contact with the unquestionably 5 star collaboration - of a hiphop mix - featuring Oluwe

Case Against Ambassador Joy Ogwu: Keeping them Honest on Every Facts

As our nation moves towards a greater accomplishment and change, as i rightly stated in my colunms, due to the nature of readers arguments and the urgent to get to the root of the above matter, i have personally employed my funds and personnel to make the necessary findings, i mean every truth hidden in this matter and must make it public to the Nigerian Public.

In this blog, i will ensure that facts are kept honest, every information and dealings associated to this matter above must come to the limelight, we must make our country free from incessant abuses and corruption in the high places must be curtailed.

In keeping them honest, i will not hesitate to make every findings public not excluding any.

Join me as we make our nation great and support the good work of sahara reporters.

Just watch out for the edition coming soonest.

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