Dirty War Over Money Tears Punch Apart, as Editor Opens Can of Worms on Multi-Million Naira Corruption Scandal

Like Chinua Achebe rightly puts it, ethics, morality and professionalism have completely fallen apart in one of Nigeria’s leading newspapers, The Punch going by the weight of corruption allegations levelled against a top management staff of the media house by the most senior editor of the paper in a petition to the company’s board of directors and exclusively obtained by iReports-ng.

The evil gang and what is in a name

Once upon a time; time, time, time. Before I tell my story, here is the result of the last quiz:

Get Well Soon My President by Essien Ndueso

Your Excellency, I know you may be wondering who I am and why I have not written earlier than today. Well, I am a journalist by training and a patriotic citizen of this country. But for the purpose of this message, I will prefer that you consider me as your friend.

Osun Tribunal orders Oyinlola to give forensic report to Aregbesola, fixes March 11 for forensic expert

The Osun State Governorship Election Petition Retrial Tribunal on Wednesday ordered Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola to give then petitioner, Engineer Rauf Aregbesola a copy of the forensic erxpert report he had been hiding from then petitioner just as it has fixed Thursday March 11, 2010 for Reverend(Dr.) S. U. Ekong, the forensic expert employed by Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola to testify for him on the April 14, 2007 gubernatorial poll in Osun State.

Fresh hostilities in the Niger Delta

The Patriotic Revolutionary Force of the Joint Revolutionary Council Western Division on the 2nd day of March 2010 at 1:30 AM did attack and blow up the Kokori Field Station operated by Shell Petroleum Development Company, Nigeria (SPDC) at Eroike Community Ethiope East Local Government, Delta State.

Enough of the mess by the rulingPDP and the rotten politicians!

It’s time for a working people’s alternative!!

Nigerians should get ready to say no to a military takeover: it is time for a national sovereign conference


Anyone who wants peace must prepare for war. It is no coincident that the main reason why there has been no nuclear war or use of nuclear power since the US used the atomic bomb on some parts of Japan during the Second World War was that the superpowers (specifically USA and former Soviet Union) have mutually destructible nuclear arsenals.

Fellow Nigerians


Fellow Nigerians:

We got a situation here. 

All I can see is bunch of people:

We, the so called educated and the ones we termed uneducated or semi-illiterates, being stupid and blind in the face of religions and, lunatics in the face of cultures.

Morons we become when regionalism calls.


Why cant we stop and think for a while that the ones we hurt are You and Me.


Some few are really manipulating us for selfish ends, and we succumb, which make us pawns.


Enough of this hysteria about Turai & her husband cont'd...........

In view of predictable comments from southerners to my earlier post about the fact that this Yar'Adua/Jonathan crisis is manufactured, think about this .....

Nigeria: Of a dissonance


‘‘Whenever a representation acquires a sufficient affective charge, it charges all the representation associated with it, creating a vast complex. Or simply put, the more powerful the emotion, the wider the ring of association included in the complex’’ Basic law of psychology

Definitively, the invocation of the doctrine of necessity to empower Nigerian Vice President Goodluck Jonathan as Acting President and this surprising return of President Umaru Yar’Adua’s under the cover of darkness from a hospital in Saudi Arabia where he has been receiving medical attention for an undisclosed ailment on the eve of a cabinet vote which could have declared him medically incompetent and removed him from power have indeed charged and superimposed a disturbing climate in Nigeria. This unceremonious cabal-orchestrated backdoor-entry theatrics undermines national security, jolting the momentum gathered in his absence and capable of pushing Nigeria towards a directionless streak. And whether or not these new charges will destroy the old or vice versa, is only a matter of time.

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