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‘Maga No Need Pay’: Nigeria Gets Creative to Fight Cyber Scams

This week, a new pop song hits the airwaves in West Africa with a highly unusual message: Don’t be seduced by cybercrime. Cybercrime is a global issue, but perhaps no form of cybercrime has been more  associated with a region than the advance fee fraud collectively known as “Nigeria” or “419” scams (419 is the section of the Nigerian Criminal Code dealing with fraud).

Anambra Elections: An Eye Opener On Our Real Problem

Like most Anambarians, non Anambra indigenes and residents, I spent most part of yesterday following the reports of polls via the internet. As usual, anticipated and highly expected, there were several skemishes. Despite all these, a new lesson was learnt on why our electoral system and programme are perenially problematic. It is the complacency of the voters.

Anambra State Election: And the winner is…

February 6, 2010: 8.00 AM: Voters begin to line up at polling stations across Anambra State. Old men and women, young boys and girls all loiter about, waiting.
An ireporter files his first report out of Awka.
9.00AM: Few police officers show up at polling stations.
Roman Catholic men and women in rural areas come out in groups to vote for Peter Obi.
12.00 Noon: No election material is seen at polling stations. In some places, INEC officials have not even shown up. Voters get tired of telling stories.

Lagos crisis update: This is not a family affair!

The idea that THE TRUE FACE OF LAGOS is group of faceless people is baseless and of no significance whatsoever. Have they made any attempt to contact the group their telephone numbers and email addresses? And, the so-called Concerned Professionals have none of these, so which of the groups is really faceless? We have provided details of how we can be reached and we thank Nigerians and Lagosians that have called severally and volunteered more facts, documents, materials, instances and information of mega corruption and monumental fraud perpetrated by Governor Fashola and his cronies in Lagos State. Now to respond specifically to the spurious issues raised by the so-called Concerned Professionals- we would like to make the following observations.

Communique issued in a press conference of South South Youth Assembly on the health of president Yar'adua and his flagrant disrespect to our constitution

The South South Youth Assembly is a regional youth organization of the South South Geo-Political zone of Nigeria. It is the mouth piece of our youths. It is made up of ethnic youth organizations,NGO,s, youth leaders and professionals of south south extraction. We believe in EQUITY,JUSTICE AND FAIRPLAY in the distribution and allocation of the resources of our Nation, which is a bases for the indivisibility and oneness of our graet country.

VIDEO: Nigerian Soldiers Killing civilians in Jos-Viewer Discretion is Advised


UNN Demonstration: Prof Bartholmew Okolo, a miscreant

Sir: Prof Bartholomew Okolo (UNN VC) no doubt must be a confuse man. You cannot imagine that the man has seriously denied ever increasing the school fees or any other fees in the school. Prof Okolo immediately after the demonstration by the student called a press conference in Enugu Campus of the school and denied ever contemplating on increment in tuition fees or any fees. He said that some miscreant staff of the school instigated the students to violence. Hear him “the students who were involved in the rampage were used by some elements in the University community to cause disorder” he also accused the media for misrepresentation of real issue on ground, adding that the media was working in concert with those disgruntled element in the University community.

Imo state gov.Ikedi Ohakim goes gaga beats up opponent in government house orders the arrest of Barr. Azike and Maximus Uba

The Governor Imo State Ikedi Ohakim is in the news yet again for the wrong reasons and this time around, his spin doctors may not be able to weave him out of the scandal, according to information from the Eastern Heartland. The Governor practically threw his high position to the wind and descended to the low personally beat up a political beat up a political activist, Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha, the facilitator of an initiative for good governance in the state called SLAP initiatives who has been staging a one man war against i.e.

How to write and sign the petition urging governments of Western nations to place travel ban on Nigerian officials

Taking inspiration from the efforts of other concerned Nigerians we have taken it upon ourselves to begin the process to hold those guilty of destroying Nigeria to account.

There is an e-petition on the Number 10 Downing Street Website

Andy Uba’s family squabble resurfaces

 Andy Uba, former domestic aide to President Olusegun Obasanjo, is working hard to conceal cracks in his domestic life even as most political observers believe that his odds of winning the Anambra governorship election on February 6 are extremely low. Our investigations, based on interviews with sources close to Mr. Uba, his wife and his pastor-lover, indicate that the former presidential assistant is fighting a battle of a life time as he tries to wriggle out of a domestic crisis he unwittingly created in his many efforts to run rings around the stupendous wealth he amassed while serving Obasanjo.