Boko Haram’s Two-State Solution To Nigeria By Ogaga Ifowodo

Ogaga Ifowodo

Even before the offer of amnesty was made, it was rejected out of hand. In words dripping with scorn and disdain for constitutions and the rule of law, two leaders of the terrorist group Jamā'a Ahl al-sunnah li-da'wa wa al-jihād (Congregation of the People of Tradition for Proselytism and Jihad), better known as Boko Haram (Western education is forbidden), spat in Jonathan’s eye. The leader of the group, Abubakar Shekau, is “surprised” that Jonathan would consider granting amnesty to him and his followers. Such presumptuousness! Expressing his bemusement in an audio recording, Shekau proclaimed his terrorist organisation as more sinned-against than sinning. They have “not committed any wrong to deserve amnesty,” he said. And then he seized the moral ground together with its prerogative of mercy.  “Surprisingly, the Nigerian government is talking about granting us amnesty. What wrong have we done? On the contrary, it is we that should grant you pardon,” he said, then listed the government’s “atrocities” against Muslims. A few days earlier, one Abu Dardam, spokesman of a faction of the sect, told the BBC’s Hausa service just why amnesty was out of the question: they do not recognize democracy as a form of government, nor constitutions. There can be justice only in the Holy Quran and under Sharia law.

Yet, in spite of these declarations of absolute opposition to the basic principles of our existence as a nation, of peaceful co-existence in any polity, I still hear people imploring Jonathan to find a way of imposing amnesty on Boko Haram, whether its members want it or not. He should, they say, ignore not only their unmistakable scorning of the mere prospect of amnesty but also the outrageous claim that they, not the president, are the ones to render that office when Allah instructs them accordingly. In the name of peace, apologists for what at best would be a resultant “peace of the graveyard” still find it possible to urge dialogue with individuals whose very mission is the abolition of reason and civil discourse. I have looked for a credible argument in support of this call and found nothing but worn-out platitudes: dialogue, peace. Even from our anti-corruption “hero,” Mr. Nuhu Ribadu, whose improvement on the mantra — other than begging Boko Haram to reconsider and accept amnesty — is something about “the feelers and body language” of sworn jihadists. “The feelers and body language of the sect,” he says, are “not encouraging, but that does not mean that we should abandon (amnesty) or give up. We should pursue the direction of peace.”

It is as if the more than 3000 dead, the countless maimed physically and psychologically, many of whom shall never recover from their trauma, and the homes and livelihoods destroyed, have all resulted from “feelers and body language.” Governor Aliyu Babangida of Niger State comes closer to a coherent strategy for ending Boko Haram’s terrorism, but he merely advocates a more comprehensive approach that includes amnesty as a major prong and greater responsibility on the part of his fellow Northern governors. No one is asking, But dialogue over what? I ask: what is unclear about the cold contempt for democracy expressed by Shekau and Dardam? Where is the possible meeting place between an Islamic theocracy (any theocracy) and a democracy? What is the proviso to Section 10 of the Constitution — which states curtly, “The Government of the Federation or of a State shall not adopt any religion as State Religion” — that would permit a middle ground in any purported dialogue with men who recognise only the law and government of God and are prepared to kill or die for that obnoxious belief? Isn’t it clear by now that Boko Haram’s goal is an Islamic Republic of the old Northern Region? Has the amnesty-and-peace crowd endorsed Boko Haram’s implicit two-state solution to Nigeria? Admittedly, Ribadu wants Boko Haram to “understand” that their goal of a fundamentalist Islamic republic “has not worked anywhere in the world and ...will not work in Nigeria,” so why does he not call for a real solution?

By all means, let there be dialogue, but of a different kind: the sort that progressives have been calling for since 1989. In other words, a sovereign national conference. The unbearable itch for a Sharia republic in the old Northern Region will not be salved by dim-witted, knee-jerk, measures that only treat the symptoms of Nigeria’s “genetic” disease. Before Boko Haram there was Othman dan Fodio’s jihad, the Sharia debacle at the 1978 Constituent Assembly that almost aborted the Second Republic, and Maitatsine riots that made the north as bloody and ungovernable in the 1980s and 1990s as now. And although their grievances are well within the ambit of constitutional resolution, it is nevertheless true that every other part of the country feels marginalised and oppressed in one palpable form or another. If you add to each geo-political group’s recitations of atrocities — not to mention class, gender and youth-specific injustices — the massive, systemic and life-draining corruption engendered by a warped federalism, there can be no greater urgency than of a sovereign national conference NOW. Instead, the air is rife with calls for dialogue with the political variety of deluded men-of-God out to establish his government through murder and mayhem. In the name of peace, we are being goaded into Boko Haram’s two-state solution.

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The powers that be at PDP have concluded that for them to have a real shot at the next Presidential elections, Boko Haram has to be appeased one way or the other. If you want real peace, you must work for justice. Majority of the Northern leaders, going back to God knows when have failed their people. If Goodluck Jonathan really desires peace, he should get an accurate population count of all young unemployed adults in Nigeria BOTH IN AND OUT OF SCHOOL AND PUT THEM ON A WELFARE PROGRAM. The only requirement will be that they be enrolled in some form of vocational training with a guarrantee of employment or enterprneurship upon graduation. A 2 to 4 year paid vocational training. He should also ensure that all retirees are taken care of. May be then, the seeds of peace will be sewn.

The issues, before the solution

Gents,sentiments are high here and understandably so.however,for there to be a sustainable solution,we must look deeper and get to the root-cause.i continue to say that the buck rests on the table of the political elite and the BH menace is the call to stewardship!The KEY demand of BH is the Islamization of the 19 northern states, through the implementation of Sharia Law as allowed by the constitution, and I make bold to say that this is a legitimate demand because this was the key campaign promise of the politicians in the affected states in the course of their campaigns in 1999!the current problem is a fall-out of this failed promise,like MOST other promises that the politicians have made to date.ALL politicians,whether from the north or south, have to take the blame and responsibility for the blood that has been shed and the lives destroyed!this is one revolution going on and more will come unless there is a step improvement in the delivery of campaign promises



Aboki Do You and Your Kinsmen Really Believe THAT?

Aboki Do You and Your Kinsmen Really Believe THAT?

As Long As...

AS long as they have us to kill to satisy their blood-thirsty orgy they'll insist on one Nigeria.Hausa/Fulani will constantly throw every caution to the wind when it comes to peaceful co-existance and still insist on one Nigeria. They kill and destroy any ray of cohesive properties and still insist on one Nigeria. In the end the South is to blame. If we decide to go our separate ways the North cannot win the fight. The sooner we do that the faster we'll be on the path to greatness. What we have now is NOTHING. No civil society co-exists with Moslems. TheIR movement is always left-sided wherever they are in great number. LET MY PEOPLE GO.

SNC is the only sensible thing to do if we seek permanent peace

SNC is the only sensible thing to do now for permanent peace in a post-Nigeria federation. The inevitability of a radical citizen protest is looming like a dark cloud waiting to usher the dreaded down-pour.
Let us follow the advice of Bishop Kukah by having a holistic approach to the fundamental issue on the ideal political structure---through a national dialogue with all ethnic preempt SNC! We must arrive at voting in a Referendum for the geo-political zones to choose b/w Fiscal Federalism or Confederation to truly have a shot at solving the political quagmire.

Try it lets see

Try the break up lets if you can sustain yourself. This your idear is outregeous. Think again.

Nigeria Must Break-Up!

All the Hausa/fool-anis can screem all they want about "one Nigeria," na lie. Why do we have a separate country in the north complete with its army (boko haram), police (hisbah), Judiciary system (sharia), and some people ranging from loud mouth Babangida Aliyu, Sultan, Buhari, Adamu Ciroma (the Othman dan Fodio guy), did absolutely NOTHING when the seeds of separation were being sowed by Yerima (sharia), IBB (OIC), Modou Shariff (boko haram), and they all did nothing.

How can a secular country by constitution be a member of Organization of Islamic Countries? Have a sharia law in some parts, and derives joy in bombing and killing of Christians. Now is the time to reap the seeds that you have sewn.

Nigeria Must Break-Up or withdraw the country from OIC and abolish sharia in ALL states of Nigeria as well as abolish all hisbah outfits. Absence of ALL these, Nigeria Must Break-Up

2 States will Never be a Solution

Only a Naive or isolated person living in the creek will advocate for 2 states as a solution to Nigeria's crisis. What of the other crisis that are happening in the South, Kidnapping, rapping, sabotage and many of them?
On what bases are we going to split this country? is it on religious ground? If it is so, note that we have millions of Muslims in the South, in fact 75% of South west are Muslims and we have a quite number of Muslims in the South-South.In the North also we have a quite number of Christians ( in Kebbi, Kaduna, Taraba, Adamawa, Plateau, Gombe and Borno)and unless those that are agitating for splitting are more care about the resources (Oil Resource) in the south and unless that they don't care about what will happen to their fellow MINORITY CHRISTIANS that are living in the North (Both Indigenous and Settlers like, Igbos who are found in every nook and corner of the Northern Nigeria), then splitting will never be a solution.


Make no mistake about this, no visible northern muslin will be an acceptable leader in this country. They have a stupid lust for power for the sake of it. Sit them down and ask them to present what they will do with power and you will be shocked. If the North must rule, then for equity,give it to a Northern Christian. If it must be a northern mohammedans, the only qualified person is Aliko Dangote. He has run a successful business and not a religious bigot. All the rest are parasites who have never paid school fees,etc but are perpetually dependent on government. Indeed no person from the government sector has ever and will ever run a successful focused government here. Look at the northern governors. All from the public sector as well as Orji in Abia, they are failures.

Dialogue as Opportunity for Enrichment

The reason why insecurity cannot go away is because the looters will not go away

@T. Ademola: S/West Muslims share same values with rest in south

@ Taiwo Ademola,
Muslims in the southwest region are different from the Muslims in the north. Southwest Muslims share the same education and development aspirations with others in the rest of the south of Nigeria. Southwest Muslims are not extremists like many northern Muslims. It does not matter if there are as many Yoruba Muslims as there are non Muslims as far as forming a southern country in Nigeria with others in the south and, possibly the Middlebelt is concerned. What matters most is letting the extremist Muslim core north form its own country which it has craved all along, and allow its people worship the sharia way they have been yearning for. Okay?

Reacting to Ifowodo Ogaga's piece...

...first, my bewilderment...SHEKAU and ABU DARDAM, are they truly 'ghosts' or residents in Nigeria? If they're residents in Nigeria, their utterances call to qeution the existence of any SECURITY in the country[ these people are FELONS!]...if they're outside the country, why not send THE INTERPOL after them...THEY DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE CORPORATE/SOVEREIGN EXISTENCE OF NIGERIA...can you really dialogue with the 'deaf and dumb'? I hope that I'm not contradicting myself, to suggest that 'a limited DIALOGUE' is possible, predicated on clearly stated CONDITIONS by THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, outlining the course/modalities of the 'meeting'...

We The Southerners Refused to Be Terrorized By Boko Haram North!

Enough is Enough! Sovereign National Conference is now. These Baboon Northern muslims do not get it. We refused to be terrorized by these natural born wicked muslims of the North. The language they understand is ARABA=Split the country into three parts. Take the innocent Northern Christians out of the North. The Northern muslims want to wipe out the Christians among them. These Northern Christians were fooled for a very long time believing they are one. These bastards Northern muslims used their Christian minorities to fight the civil war & now turned on them after they were used to do their dirty jobs. Gen. Yakubu Gowon, Theophilus Danjuma to mentioned but few of the Northern Minorities are just pupets of the muslim elites in the North. What a SHAME!

Two-State Solution!

Your suggestion makes good sense and is a common sense approach. But my only concern is that the boko haram bombing is not reaching out to politicians and their families, I guess, those peoples are well secured with state funds or oil money. Instead, what boko haram's fighters are doing is to viciously sending already suffering people to their graves just to make the Buhari's relevant. Religion is one of the major problems of Africa and had left lasting impression on Nigeria system. My bet is if boko haram is really fighting religious Jihad and not political Jihad, they should bomb all the northern governors that are following secular rules instead of Islamic rules. They should be bombing the sultans, the Emirs, and all the Alhajas that are following secular unislamic rules. Then, we'll know they're actually waging religious Jihad in the name of Ala and not in the name of the Buhari's as many see it to be.


Isn't ironic that the people who stand on the way of Sovereign National Conference are the ones pressuring us for dialogue with Boko Haram. Blame it on the South, especially the Yorubas who think that they are well position economically than other tribes. Time will tell wether we should be playing with snakes.


Knowing the corrupt establishment so well,they have already mapped out plans on how to spend some millions of dollars so they have gone into embezzlement mode.The amnesty rejection by Immam Shekau,is a big blow to the corrupt politicians who are already scrambling for positions in the still born Amnesty Committee.
The President is now about to impose amnesty on ghosts if I may use his words.In sane democracies of the world a climb-down is what you see if a policy is destined to fail but here our President who loves to spend is already itching to dole out millions which will never be of any use to Nigeria.

Ogaga...God go bless you "Yanfunyanfun". But,....

You have spoken the naked truth. Blunt truth. But my only problem with you is that you encapsulate the kernel of your message in such English Grammar that most continent Nigeria citizens will have difficulty in coming to terms with your point -"the weirdness of nationhood & your suggestion of disintegration."
Your last statement says it all - "...In the name of peace, we are being goaded into Boko Haram’s two-state solution."

This is what people like Okey will discuss even with more confusing grammar & style that leaves many more confused. You even realize from the comments by people here on SR that comprehension of your write up is a problem for many. I hope U, Okey & Others will hav courage to advance d popular opinion of disintegration of continent Nigeria into the constituent countries. Pure & Simple. Long live United Rep of the SS&SE.

Let's brake it.

I believe as a northerner that by the time we brake Nigeria we will be better off, my brothers we have oil in sokoto and bauchi and river chad basin. To make my point clear and convincing, there is oil in chad republic now, oil is flowing in Niger republic now as we are talkiing. So what are these igbos saying. They have no oil because it belongs to Niger delta. They have no land to farm we have, they have no mineral resources we have, they have no man power, their people are scattered. Anyone of them that has more than 10 million Naira can not enjoy it otherwise he will be kidnapped the next day. North is their paradise and the only place to make money and enjoy it. We will dredge the river Niger to bring vessels to our showers so that we are not land locked. This is our plan when ever you achieve our henious agenda. More importantly, we in the north we love each other, they don't love themselves, they have no cooperation no one word any where any time on any issue!


From the sharia fracas in the constituent assembly in the 1970s spearheaded by north, to Maitatsine killings, to IBB's OIC membership for secular Nigeria, to other murderous Muslim uprisings in northern cities, to importation of sharia criminal code to 12 northern states, to setting up supreme council for Islam in Nigeria aimed at exporting sharia code to states not yet adopting sharia, to asking for amnesty for Boko Haram and to Boko Haram's rejection of amnesty, to pressure on government to dialogue with Boko Haram, to northern leaders' constant get together under various associations and names: north's political leaders have remained the most insincere to the project of one Nigeria. Other southerners are ready, it is time Yoruba also yearn for a north south two states solution for Nigeria.

International Conspiracy at work guys

After Libya and Ivory Coast, the recent Kony 2012 hoax and the Nigeria’s Boko Haram fraud are clear indications of many more “humanitarian” missions to come. With NATO’s open support for the Al-Qaeda’s rebels in Libya and now in Syria, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who is behind those Boko Haram rebels in Nigeria. The strategy has always been the same: rebels are sponsored from abroad; they’re then armed to the teeth, ordered to cause chaos wherever NATO has an agenda. Then the media, through its proxy NGOs and the so-called ‘human right’ organisations, beg for military intervention, which will only lead to tens of thousands dead and a country that is completely reduced to rubbles; with cancer, babies born with deformities and all forms of diseases to follow

the “cure all” dialogue?? Child puhleezz

Instead, the air is rife with calls for dialogue with the political variety of deluded men-of-God out to establish his government through murder and mayhem.

My broda, just take a look at those calling for the “cure all” dialogue. They are the usual suspects. They are the chief-thief beneficiaries of this corrupt system. Am I surprise for their calls for dialogue? Not a chance. If Nigeria works, they will be the losers. They are the ones that took all the money and make children to suffer just after they are born from terrible diseases, illness, lack of good water and of course, HUNGER. They took away good quality education from boko-haram boys and girls. Who asked them to dialogue on our behalf if I may ask? SNC please.

Revolution is underway in the north

Why are we in the south such cowards, northern ears have always dictated the pace and direction our country moves, and in terms of revolution of corrupt leadership, they have done it again with boko haram. This is their Arab spring, I think we should start our own Arab spring to remove ourselves from these jihadists. I want to hear our southern leaders come together to make their input now that the debate is loudest. They must seize this opportunity to make our demands also. We must not lose this chance to amicably define our relationship with utmost sincerity or split amicably.

Sovereign National Conference is the only answer

Without a SNC I see Nigeria breaking up, we need it like fish needs water, and it would affect only the northern elites not the poor mallam who hardly can find themselves a decent meal. The foolish thing that have keep the north back is the same reason they are using boko haram as their last tool. Buhari as a fulani man is fighting with others in his clan for control but the hausa influence in some of them is making the struggle for power a do or die affair, in this processo in fighting both the hausa and the fulani forgot about their brother the Kanuri's, so what we call boko haram is the mind set of a few powerful by backward individual who want to take control of the nation from GEJ. We know them but they control so much wealth that they can buy anybody with the excess cash the have, so like a never ending story we all go round and round like barber chair, hopeless. It will soon end.

ogaga Ifowodo please leave matter for 2!!!

2. The railway line repairs around the federation who will it affect the most? (Owner of trailers and transporters)

3.If there is peace in Nigeria who will it affect the most? The northern politician because their people will see true governace for the first time, people their leaders have used to perpetrate evil in the nation for so long will see how it should be not what their evil elite have shown them for this long. 

4. There is a fear in the north that none off them is capable of becoming the president of Nigeria again. 

Until the south wakes up from the slumber of stupidity and take a decisive action nothing will change. I totally support the SNC called by the author, it will help us define what is not.

Ogaga Ifowodo please leave matter for!!!

The northern muslims would have broken off Nigeria was we know it if they have found oil in the north, please take note.

The reasons for boko haram is the collective intention of some muslim northern elite to get back control of government from the center, it started like a joke to southerns but became a reality when the bombs started going off and the killing became news, but like the author has elaborated it has always been the main aganda for the north.

What has quicken the need is the selfish interest of the northern elites, How?

1.PIB is a major player in this game, 83% of the oil blocks belong to northerns and if the bill is passed what would happen?

Two-State Solution

What is the fate of Western region that are dominantly Islamic. All efforts to take off the shakles of this garment were sabotaged by the region. Two state solution in other words is saying that we no longer believe in the sage.

What a shallow meaningless

What a shallow meaningless article. Nigeria should be broken into 250 nations for each tribe !!!

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