God’s Private Jets and Limousines By Ogaga Ifowodo  

Ogaga Ifowodo

And it came to pass, that the congregation of the Lord in the Word of Life Bible Church took count of the forty years marked by the wonderful things that Jehovah, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, had done through his humble servant, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, in their lives and they were ashamed that they had treated the anointed servant of the Lord very poorly. They had left him to the indignity of traveling by car and commercial air travel to his many deliverance missions in near and far places even when his fellow Daddy Overseers owned private jets. And being deeply shamed, they said unto themselves, Behold, in this year of our Lord, our father in Christ shall mark the fortieth year of the “unique anointing upon his life” that has “brought Salvation, Deliverance, Revival, Healing and outstanding Miracles to millions across the world as God’s power is demonstrated with signs and wonders.”

Now, therefore, let us hasten and do unto him according to the riches with which the Lord has blessed us; let us buy for him a private jet. And in this, we shall do as our brethren in the Living Faith Ministries did unto Bishop David Oyedepo, and in the Redeemed Christian Church of God unto Pastor Enoch Adeboye, and in the Redeemed Evangelical Mission unto Bishop Mike Okonkwo, and in Christ Embassy Church unto Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Then shall we present the aircraft as a gift to our Papa Ayo, that he may fly without hindrance, delay or discomfort to the farthest reaches of the world, where the people walk in darkness and do not know God, and have not confessed Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal savior, for behold, the kingdom of God is at hand. Yea, let us do this mighty thing in the sight of the Lord that we may cease to be the laughing stock of our brethren in Christ who say of us, Surely, their God is a poor God! Wherefore do they preach prosperity? Oh, their God is a poor God indeed!

And it came to pass that on the 10th day of November in the year of the Lord, which also is the anniversary of his birth, the congregants presented unto their pastor, Papa Ayo, who also is the spiritual leader of Christians in all of Nigeria, a Bombardier 601 Aircraft, the cost of which is about $5 million. And the same was done in the presence of the President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, who knows a thing or two about not one but a fleet of jets and their constant replenishment. And the president, whom Jehovah, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, appointed over his people in the un-promised land of Nigeria, gave testimony of the servant of the Lord in words that I understand thus, Verily I say unto you, Papa Ayo is the uniquely anointed son of God in whom He is well pleased. Hear and honour him with every material thing of which your hands and the blessing they have received are capable; but which, in his own words, went thus, “I can say without any equivocation that Oritsejafor, from the very humble beginning in 1972, has moved from strength to strength. … he is a Christian visionary leader who preaches the words (sic) of God clearly and eloquently as a good shepherd … He has earned his respect among his peers and this explains why he is holding the two very important positions in Christendom in Nigeria as the President of CAN, and President of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria.”

 And the congregants made a great shout, such as could have felled the walls of Jericho, and there was dancing and merriment and the offering of praise to Jehovah who had brought this great deed to pass, according to his riches and glory, that the world may know that he is Lord and there is none like him.

Since Pastor Oritsejafor loudly entered the Jet-set Club, many Nigerians disturbed by the phenomenon of unabashed embrace of a hedonism usually associated with the heathen have begun to ask questions about what a true life of the spirit entails. And the fruits of the prosperity gospel that has overawed a nation steeped in grinding poverty have now begun to set on edge the teeth of a few in the fold. Pastor Tunde Bakare of the Latter Rain Assembly, for instance, does not believe that without private jets the gospel suffers. And I agree. After all, Mary Slessor did not sail from Scotland to Calabar in a private ocean liner. Nor did St Paul or any of the apostles, founders of evangelism, need the equivalent of a private yacht for their mission. Bakare sees not soul-winning but soul-weaning, the separation of church-goers, majority of them poor, from their means of keeping body and soul together. He sees thieves in priests’ clothing and would have them imprisoned and then cast into the hottest part of hell on judgement day.

But not so some of his brethren whose doctrine of prosperity has long done away with the key tenet of sacrifice. So we have heard the defenders of high-flying predator capitalists in cassock and collar, and very often in pin-striped suits, say that a pastor is deserving of his reward. Here on earth.“There is nothing wrong for a preacher to own (sic) a jet. If people in the secular world can acquire jets for chief executive officers of big private enterprises, there is nothing wrong in giving gifts to a man of God of Pastor Oritsejafor’s standing. … He deserves what he has been given,” says one Reverend El-Buba, General Overseer of Evangelical Bible Outreach Ministries International, Jos, clearly anticipating his own jet for the glorious all-nations-for-Christ crusades and revivals; though this always excludes, quite conveniently, places like North Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, China, India, and even good old Judaist Israel. And, of course, there is nothing wrong with comparing self-proclaimed men of God and churches to CEOs and business enterprises!

The Pharisee-pastors and congregants defending crass materialism think they answer their critics by claiming that the jets belong to the church, and not to the Daddy Overseers. The only problem is the damning evidence of bondage to Mammon; of the manic setting up of treasures here on earth: palatial mansions, jewelry, fleets of luxury cars (even including stretch limousines).

Ye shall know the truth and the truth shalt set ye free? Here is the truth: the predator capitalists in cassock and collar are rich men in the manner of that poignant parable of Christ in Matthew 19. A rich man, who has followed the commandments, comes to the barefoot carpenter to know what else he might do to gain eternal life. Jesus says tells him to go and sell all that he has, distribute to the poor so he shall have treasure in heaven, and then “come and follow me.” Whereupon the rich man went away sorrowful, “for he had great possessions.” Prompting Christ to utter the famous words, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”


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Actually, for me a person's

Actually, for me a person's status is not actually based on how well you dressed, how you have your things and etc.. Limousimes sometimes indicates that you are rich but actually you can rent a limo service for yourself also for just very affordable price.

Religious Enslavement

Nothing can be farther from truth of this piece. Injustices that is obtainable in the house of God all in the name of the gospel is a sin that warrants condemnation of all and sundry. It baffles that church universities that were built with hard earned tithes of member have been priced out of reach of these same member donors while the profits are deployed to consumate opulence lifestyles. It is criminal for any billionaire preacher to demand tithes from members that could barely feed their families. This is tantamount to robbing the already impoverished church members all in the name of God.


Dear Editor,
Travelling within the Nigerian airspace is a very risky and unsafe pastime,remeber Dana Air and other catastrophes.
If the pastors prefer not to die careleslly by the hands of molue planes but will rather by their own jet it is no-ones business.You are not to touch GODS ANNOINTED lest you be struck with an incurable disease or death.

Pls, don't risk getting God mad...u can't stand it!

Be careful not to incur the wrath of God. Even King Saul, when he went way outta line was untouchable to David, because he was His Servant. Let God deal with His Own, He hasn't called us to be judges. NEVER meddle in the businsess of God and His Servants...do not make ur life more complicated than necessary. I'm sure u'd agree with me that God is the last person that u want to get mad. Even if u ve such strong reservations, do not be a part of spoiling the mind of others. If u ve no respect for those men, respect the authoruty under which they operate. Friendly advice I advice u take. There re so many other edifying subjects to write on.







THE No. IS 0000419


Hmnn,WHAT A MASTER PIECE,Ihope this will make some people shine their eyes.Monkey dey work,baboons dey chop.Many people are dying of kidney failure in Nigeria,yet this kind of money cannot be set verybody shall be judge accordingly including the blind supporters

Although I got a good laugh

Although I got a good laugh out of your article it really disturbs me how millions upon millions of poor Nigerians continuously walk in the dark under the spells of these fraudulent so called men of God.

And don't tell them right oh!!! they will come back to you with "well God has blessed my stinkingly rich pastor with 10 private jets because he is just blessed"....hmm ok so you are not!

Still trying to understand and justify poor people paying "tithes" to rich pastors who make their money off being pastors. Also trying to justify men of God who preach about a simple carpenter who ate and drank with the troubled, poor and destitute would have the audacity live in such opulence while over 95% of their congregation can't afford basic needs for their families or themselves.

How sad...live in darkness and darkness.

The Pope's non-jet

just had a call from the Vatican: na true-o.

Benedetto's spokesman told me (but don't reveal it to anibori!) that
a. the Pope (hailing from Germany, i.e. Bavaria) is confident that the new Nigerian cardinal will soon come forward with the offer of a private jet from Ebele's fleet, but only if - or after

b. Germany has been annexed by Naija, as predicted by Okey Ndibe.

That will then settle da matta once and for all.

Also I have been promised a free ride each time Benedetto visits his flock in Africa.


Criminal Christian Enterprise

Ninety percent of Nigeria's so-called men of God and pastors are common criminals who would do buglary if it waren't for the gullible masses who are under their financial beck and call, because of mass poverty.

If and when the Nigeria economy and infastructure improves just 10 percent, 90% of them would be out of business with their criminal christain enterprise.


The Nigerian pastors and overseers got a vision from “god” that the only way to get to heaven is through aircraft. As the vision is being revealed to more of them, you will be seeing more and more pastors acquire aircrafts in the land of the worst species of the black race.

You 've made no point, the

You 've made no point, the issue here is not the explanation of the needle's eye. its about billionaire pastors in the midst of poor congregation. Its it godly.

Newton don't know ogaga's

Newton don't know ogaga's background, but any unbiased mind he 100% correct on the issue pharisee pastors. For Ayo, sorry pastor Ayo, I am not surprised because he mentee of Morris cerrulo who sees only dollars in the Bible to the extent that he now has what he calls financial bible and busy advertizing his prosperity version bible on TBN, Daystar etc.

What borders most is that many of this pastors no longer here from God, because I strongly believe that had Ayo asked God what do to do with a $5 million dollar, God wiil definitely show him thousands dieing of hunger and many struggling to just eat. Which private did Jesus, Peter, Paul and other early missionaries use. yet they worn more soul that worn by all jet age pastors combined. I have told a couple freinds that many of this pastors are going straight to hell because they have no treassure there to sustain them. I pray that they will repent before its too late.
Ogaga thats a wonderful peace keep it up

Judge Not that ye be not Judged

Did Mary not draw a pint of pure nard perfume, poured it on Jesus’ legs and wipe it with her hair? If it were nowadays you people would have condemned that action like your Father Judas Iscariot did when he said the perfume should have been sold and the money given to the poor. John 12:1-8. You all will criticize Judas your father but refuse to see the Judas in yourselves. You will prefer that your pastors turned beggars on the street before you know they are honest.LEAVE THEM ALONE AND YOU ALL GO GET A LIFE.

God or Man?

The article shows how greed has eaten so much, that brothers and sisters will go in there greed, while there brothers and sisters are in a state of poverty, where is the LOVE? God gave and gives this natural materials to make us (His children) happy, for that He wants. Our brothers/sisters steal the wealth meant for all to satisfy there wants, thats if it can be satisfied,where is the Love? I'm trying not to be a critique but the living standard and people are so poor and some individuals who claim to spread the gospel live a life of luxury in the glare of the world and they are leaders in our communities, what a reputation.

Please Research well before writing

Bishop Mike Okonkwo does not own any prvate jet. Always research your information before posting it. Or maybe you wanted to bringan Igbo name into the fray to make your write up more exciting or more Nigerian.
Private jet onwership by is still the domain of Yoruba men of God. People are angry because Ayo joined in even though he is not Yoruba. But we can forgive him, Yoruba and Itsekiri are almost the same.

Deri.did u know that Ogaga is from same clan with Pas Orisejafor

U will always write without the use of ur gift: ur brain. U are tribally sentimental. Unfortunately Ogaga Ifowodo is from the same clan and same state with pastor Ayo Orisejafor.

Deeri, u ar so stupid I don't

Deeri, u ar so stupid I don't kno how I will educate you. Let me use a simple illustration: how would u feel that you don't have food in the house for breakfast, yet by Evening your dad comes in with a brand new N10million jeep?
This is the issue. Nobody is against preachers using PJ, but not when the congregants live in abject poverty. All these peoplee you call are in places where the poor are on welfare. These people are the ones whose annual income in speeches alone can buy a jet not to talk of the books they write. How many talks dooes your SS Ayo give in a year? How many books has he authored that are sold all over the world? Just chill and think maun!

I call on Christians,

I call on Christians, Nigerian Christians especially, to stop giving offerings, tithes, and other material bounties! Let us make "evangelism" materially unattractive and we'll see how many pastors would be left in this 'wonderful vineyard' of the Lord. It would be an interesting experiment. Let us stripe the 'Gospel' of its material mess and prosperity crap, and we'll see what will become of those rogues in cassock and fansy suit. Many thanks for this, Ogaga. It's always a pleasure to read your column!!

No comparison my brother.

It's nice you listed the men who owns private jet in great USA,what justifiable comparison is there between USA and Nigeria, how many Itsekiri men in Ugbori, Ajamimogha and Ubeji can afford a balance diet, how many can send their children to school, how many have jobs to do, i know this is not limited to the Itsekiris, i do not think the writer meant to say that the SS people are not worth their heritage, but i think we have to see beyond tribes if Nigeria is to see the light of the day. How many American goes to the church to go and pray for jobs, how many of them shout praise God when PHCN brings light, how many American died from scooping fuel from damaged fuel tankers, how many of them die by road accident due to bad road.There is no comparison between the two, it is certain that there is the element of matrialism in most leaders at all areas of life in Nigeria.Lay up your treasure in Heaven where mot and Boko Haram have no access to it.


Please find out how all the pastors you mentioned made money. In the US, Pastors make money through tele-evenglism, which is a big industry just like the movie industry. In Nigeria, they make most of their money by church donations. Anyway, this is nothing to do with being Itsekiri or not. I love Itsekiri people but I am not one.

Yes there are churches which

Yes there are churches which you don't know about. The good of the churches are not always published,it is the bad- what a sad country- that lack spiritual understanding of the nature of God.

Be Careful!

I have read most comments and it sounds like this article is what everyone has been waiting for. Do not let this be your focus. Unless you repent and be converted, you stand no chance with God. It does not matter whether pastors have jets or not. What matters is whether you are CHANGED INTO A NEW MAN.

Deri is a moron

So because some American pastors have private jets, Nigerian pastors should also buy abi ?. Do you know the GDP of USA compared to Nigeria ?. Learn to cut your coat according to your cloth. If your neighbor buys a brand new car, would you stop paying your kids school fees so you can buy yours as well ?. We have too many poor people in our congregations in Nigeria for a private jet to be a viable thing for our Head of congregations to own.

Fantastic piece, great

Fantastic piece, great prose

What these pastors are doing to their congregation is nothing but wickedness mounted on double wickedness

Please commentators should

Please commentators should note that most of these exhibitionisms do not happen in the mainstream churches - Anglican and Catholic, with more than 85% of the christian population. It is rare to see ordained priests from these orthodox churches recklessly exhibiting this annoying materialism. The failings of individual General Overseers should not be basis to talk down on christianity. My Vicar, like may other silent ones still believes and acts in the spirit of the old time religion with Christ as the bedrock

Those jets


I feel so ashamed each time I see my very own Pope travelling in a plane hired for the occasion from ALITALIA!

I am sure that the new cardinal from NAIJA will see to it that my very own Bavarian Benedetto ('the blessed one') will at long last get 'im own one.

Will let you know the moment that plane has been parked in the courtyard of St-Peter's.


A very well written piece. I

A very well written piece. I have read a number of articles on the crass materialism permeating our churches and places of worship but none as well written as this.





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