Lord Of The AspiRINGS By Hannatu Musawa

Hanney Musawa
Hannatu Musawa

I have a pitch for a great, blockbuster movie; I think I just may have to call Peter Jackson about it. My working title is “Lord of the AspiRings” and it goes something like this:

“A very powerful organization whose inner functioning is concealed from non-members has covert meetings in which they strategize on ways they can hoard power within their group and deny anyone that is not part of them a fair shot. In a grand design, they agree that the best way to maintain that power is to rotate it exclusively between the members of the group and create an uneven playing ground to hinder anyone outside the organization from getting their hands on this power. Despite the fact that this organization controls the administration of over 160 million unsatisfied people desperate for change, they plot and plan, scheme and spin every possible strategy that would hold that power down. In a move to maintain the power, members of this organization came up with a rotation scheme that would alternate the power between the different regions that the members come from. Although the insulated agreement they drew up had no constitutional backing and wasn’t endorsed by the over 160 million people that the organization ruled over, greed, blind ambition, arrogance, self-interest and narcissism became so severe within this organization that it began to consume them. As more members of the organization became interested in aspiring for the most coveted post, accusations of agreements and broken pledges began to float to the surface. Suddenly feathers became ruffled and hairs started sticking out of place within this organization.

The story culminates into a bizarre drama, filled with a cocktail of suspense, sci-fi, action, thriller, horror and comedy, where the main players get nasty and downright dirty. And as the audience anxiously watches the epic saga unfold, the question remains, which one of the leading men within the organization will become the Lord of those aspiring…?”

Wow, what a blockbuster. This is how Oscars are born. I may be due for a brand new career soon.

OK, so unless one has been living under a meteor for the past couple of months, it is clear to every Nigerian that the political race for 2015 has well and truly begun. And if anyone wanted a lesson on how power is the ultimate corruptible aphrodisiac, they need only look at the power struggle igniting in the PDP.

As the race takes off, we have a series of claims and accusations in the PDP from the president and governors, with each repeatedly denying the other's accusations. An ambitious president, an agreement that nobody told us Nigerians about and a cluster of equally ambitious governors on the last leg of their second terms get a few nice shout outs but nothing is yet fully exposed.

And so it began a couple of days ago in the vibrant city of Abuja during a live radio broadcast when Governor Babangida Aliyu of Niger state spoke of President Goodluck’s one term pact. An agreement was made, we are told, by the president to run only for one term in 2011 and the rumoured interest of President Jonathan in aspiring for a second term in 2015 should be taken as mere speculation.

At first, the president’s camp met this exposure with an almost stupefied taciturnity. And instead of a categorical address or some sort of press release to the nation to clear up the matter, the president did what all ill-starred leaders do when they want to express a position that they may need to deny in future. He sent his aide to wax lyrical about his commitment to Nigeria and deny committing to any agreement not to run for the presidency in 2015. All the while resurrecting nothing short of a sum speech of the president’s assumed aspiration; which essentially translated as, ‘Yes folks, I am aspiring for a second term… Don’t mind these darn governors and their premature aspirations.’

So did he, or didn’t he sign a pact to run for only one term? And if he did, does it really matter? Although ones intuition says that the president is being less than truthful on the matter, with so many of the key players giving so many variant accounts of the same topic, we may have to wait for Wikileaks, who will no doubt tell us what really happened in a couple of months.

As the mud gets slung around, we the spectators are being led to believe that the supposed collaborative agreement was predicated upon the desire of our leaders to uphold national character and stand up for the rights of their regions. One begs to differ! Let’s not get it twisted, this impasse has absolutely nothing to do with regional power shift or a need to protect a people’s interest but everything to do with a formula where everyone is feverishly angling for the best position to make their imagined target of taking power for themselves come true.

And it begs the question really, if the governors arguing for the turn of the north were in earnest trying to protect the interest of the north, what on earth happened to them in 2011? And was it not their fault that the initial power rotation of the PDP which gave power to President Obasanjo for eight years and then President Yar’adua for eight years was not enforced in accordance with that initial agreement in 2011? Since they had an opportunity and audience with President Jonathan to negotiate power back then, why did they not claim the position for the north in the aftermath of President Yar’adua’s death? Why, one may also ask, did they not support Atiku Abubakar or any of the other northerners that put themselves up for election in 2011? Their ferocious campaign against anyone that was northern in 2011 and in support of President Jonathan is a clear indication that the only interest they are truly out to protect is their own. Now that they are finishing their second terms and may have the aspiration to elevate themselves to the presidency in 2015, it’s difficult to take their crusade for the north sincerely. Seriously, if anyone is begging to not be taken seriously on the issue of trying to protect regional interest, it’s the northern governors who were in office in 2011 and their approach. There’s approach and strategy and then there’s freaking exasperating!

But despite the dodgy objective of the governors, President Jonathan does not and should not get a pass. Though his pledge of ignorance is coming furiously through his aid, the fact of the matter is that it goes to the root of revealing President Jonathan’s true character as a person. At a time when the presidency is openly being accused of telling bare faced lies, it would be untoward for the president to expose himself as a fibber. Already in the past he was caught in a lie in 2010 when he denied that PDP had an agreement for rotational presidency even though he was a beneficiary of that agreement. And when he denied the involvement of MEND in the October 1st 2010 Eagle Square bombing, his nose might have grown a few inches. If he did indeed agree to run only once and has subsequently changed his mind, Nigerians would respect him, not only as a leader but as a man if he admitted it. He still has a constitutional right to seek re-election despite any agreement and if he wants to be the Lord of those aspiring, then he should own it.

The region that the 2015 aspirants come from shouldn’t matter. The native language and native dress they wear shouldn’t be a factor. If they came from Mars, as long as they are Nigerian and have a constitutional right to run for the presidency, no agreement can bypass that. Nobody should get to hide behind an agreement which has, at best, outrun its purpose and is unconstitutional.

Something new is happening across Nigeria and it has nothing to do with an insulated agreement that PDP made or with the towering zombie of ethnic dichotomy that has been manufactured for us to absorb and align with. The discourse with the vast majority of Nigerians has shifted. People are desperate for change; a sustained incremental change. A change that will be carried forward by ordinary people, ordinary men and women, not by governors or presidents or anyone who worships an unconstitutional agreement fashioned to take away the choice of the Nigerian people. And this is something that those in the ruling party should probably be remembering as the next two years go by.

As we watch the dramas unfold, I doubt that Hitchcock, Shakespeare or even Spielberg could have come up with a better plot than our epic story. And although we probably won’t be winning any accolades or awards for our ratchet mess, Nigerians will be on the edge of their seats to see whether it’s the governors or the president that emerge as the “Lord of the aspiRings”.

Hannatu Musawa
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@ Gbenga Ashiru Involvement in corruption

The issue of $15,000 taken from officers is a tip of the ice berg.What about the contracts awarded on paper in conjunction with the Permanent Secretary?What of the bribe received from the female Ambassador that kept government money in her private bank account in New York to get interest? We have records of all these.All these are confirmation of the high level corruption in the government.Let them pay the over time and clothing allowances of those concerned.


Im so happy that Hannatu doesn't read any of these stupid comments. The woman is very smart not to do so. If she doesnt read the comments, then she must know that she will be attacked unfairly on religious and bigotted lines. She chooses not to make herself available for that but at the same time is able to get her message accross.
She has gotten the better of all the people commenting just to humilate her because of her identity. She writes her views and it gets to the people who read them but doesnt allow others views to get to her. That is very smart of her. Why should she listen to people who are not being objective to her?
I am very happy to hear that she doesnt read the rubbish these frustrated people give. By affecting them so much and not allowing them to affect her, she has scored a major victory against the bigots.
If anyone knows her, please advise her never to read the comments.
Too bad for the Deris, Sultan of Sokoto etc of the hell. LMFAO LOL


That you don't read comments to your articles means that those who bother to read your articles are more or less lesser than you or just dumb psychologically.

As for you, you want people to accept and admire you but hate criticism, which is your weakness. At least, you tried to write and churn out senseless poetry for your audience.

On the movie pitch, come on, they don't pay for such therefore you better write a script if you can successfully write one. You just used that as pun... When foolani people are educated they see themselves as Queens and Kings of Boro avalange and forget their herdsmen.

majority rules in democracy

I want to tell the minority Southsouth that u can only win election in Nigeria by the support of the majority North. So if u think Jonathan can go further than 2o15 u ar fooling yourselves. Especially now that the North & the Southwest ar in alliance.

Im surprised too

OC, Im also shocked that she does not read the comments. Those her stupd supporters have been saying it for since she started. If someone is writing on a public domain, I would imagine they would want to see the reactions from their comments.
What would be the point of not seeing how her views affect others. I will not be going to her personal blog to comment just because she doesnt read me here. I chose this page to be my home. I will continue writing my comments here until she gets the message on my terms.

Hannatu, you must forgive me!

Because I don't read your write ups, as they don't inspire me or teach anything. However, I sometimes read the reactions to your pretend articles. I congratulate you for trying, all the same.

A comment, that you don't read the reactions to your articles, puzzled me. I find that mind boggling! Unless you are pretending or lying. How can a person (a woman for that matter) pooh pooh in public place and not look back to see people's reactions? But you redirect them to follow you to your home. That is very callous!

Adding my penny's worth (although I didn't read your article), I align my views with that of Udam Ochiaghandigbo. Nigeria is governed by a constitution and not secret pacts!

@ Gbenga Ashiru

It is true Gbenga Ashiru demanded for such money from officers to find money to contest governorship election in 2015.My cousin confirmed it because the bacteria that eats the vegetable lives in the vegetable.GEJ should remove him to give his government a good image.

Any pact with GEJ would make no difference

Dear Hannatu:

Nigeria does not operate a single party government consequently, a pact with GEJ would not make any difference unless if PDP has other plans on their sleeve. There comes a time when people's luck run out either due to their actions or without their actions. I suspect this will happen to GEJ. No one would question his right under the Nigerian constitution to seek re-election if he so desires. If he declares to run, he may well be his own worst political enemy/opponent. After all, he debated himself in the past. No one can be so sure of events that may transpire between now and 2015. I suspect Nigerians would not stand idly by in perpetuity to be governed by blatant lies thrown at 160 million people by GEJ and his group past 2015. In developed countries, one's political career can be permanently ended if one lies to his people. We all know what happens in Nigeria. Thank you for the hijab.

your important message

If you have followed this colum, you will know that she doesnt read these comments. Someone even asked her on twitter yesterday if she reads our comments and she replied no, that she doesnt even open the pages of all her public blogs only her email, facebook and twitter. Why dont you send her this link through her facebook or email. You can find her email in the nation or leadership newspaper. Otherwise she will not see this important Vanguard article and advise.

Use your platform to bring change to your people

Hannatu - you have a platform of possible influence.. rather than devoting your writing to nebulous climate change or fanciful movie script ideas why not focus on things of immediate benefit to your people.

Read the article below and hopefully you will be challenged to use your platform at Sahara Reporters and bring meaningful change and help the emancipation of your people the Sharia north of Nigeria.


Any agreement of such is ............

Hannatu any agreement of such was behind close doors and unconstitutional. Under the Nigeria constitution, Jonathan have the legal right to run for the second term in office, if gets nominated by his party . His party can only get rid of he, when is not nominated as the party front bearer for the second term in office ."PDP " governors which wishes to cross carpet as a result of this can do so. period !


The second you go into any secret pact which clashes with the constitution,you leave your flanks open,it is a dumb thing to do in politics.
The northern politicians are yet to make the difference between the rule of law ie abiding by the constitution and other secret pacts made in the Mosque or Emirs/Sultarn's palace.Nigeria is a multi-cultural society so such often subversive secret pacts don't hold water any more,the days are gone when northern cabals ran the country like a caliphate.
Governor Babangida and his band of cry babies must realise that there are no permanent friends in politics rather interests dictate who your friends will be.At the moment the President has not declared that he wants to run come 2015 but if he so wishes,only the constitution can stop him not those silly pacts made in dingy rooms.President Jonathan has the backing of the constitution,the north must wake up and smell the coffee.

President from core north 2015 Portends Protracted Military Rule

Hannatu my dear, You need to agree with this:
(1)Through cultural and religious norms prevalent in the 12 states of the north of Nigeria, people there do not cherish democracy a lot.
(2)Nigeria's democracy has not stabilized to a degree where we have to risk electing a president from an area where people do not cherish democratic rule; thus Nigeria risks another future protracted military rule with a core northerner as president so soon.
(3)That mostly behind all the upheavals now being made by the core north to have apex political power returned to it is its desire to have the present unworkable political system/structure which favours core north to be sustained.
(4) That if left as it is, the present unworkable unitary system of government in this rigged/bastardized political restructure is a recipe for Nigeria's disintegration.

No core north for president 2015: Harbingers of military rule.

Hannatu, write what you can, wish what you can for your core north, Nigeria's democracy is still being nurtured, and we know core northerners are not bed mates with democracy. Besides, the core north ruled this country for nearly 38 out of its 52 years, and we all saw fire, see what we still have. The super greed which leaders of core north origin demonstrated through proliferation of states and political constituencies in the core north stalls Nigeria's political process; stalls emergence of good leaders devoid of selection by a few.
If by any chance a core northerner finds himself in apex leadership in Nigeria so soon, an envisaged reign of civil/military dictatorship of the core north shall make Burma's long years of dictatorship a child's play.

Insha Allahu

OBJ should be held responsible for this political mess of imposing a man from poverty back ground on the nation.May be this is why an Ijaw Ambassador has been getting involved in undiplomatic things the government is covering up.2015 is the turn of one North.Insha Allahu.


Hannatu's write up looks like the scenario that just happened in Tafawa Balewa House ( MInistry of foreign Affairs) in Abuja where critics some time ago, criticised Olugbenga Ashiru for collecting $15,000 from each officer craving for Ambassador in situ title.40 officers paid while only 15 have being given the title.(Out of 18 officers,three did not pay because of professional ethics).The remaining officers who paid but have not being given are now demanding for their $15,000 paid.
Of course the name of the officer in charge ICT who offered the endless reconstruction of MFA website is there to pay him back for the millions of Naira siphoned by Ashiru and the name of ass licker and character asassin from petition writing State in South West. So, it is a game of deceit from those in government.President Jonathan should do the right thing.
Meanwhile,we are waiting for the reaction of the attack dog,Amedu-Ode.

Hannatu's Brand New Career----Boko Haram!

And I quote "I may be due for a brand new career.." Hannatu, if you like you can actively participate in boko haram activities and down your pen. Mr. Jonathan will serve his well deserved second term and nothing, I said NOTHING will happen. If anything happens, then that will be the end of the country formally known as Nigeria. Your above scenario of clinging to power sounds more like what the late Yaradua and his henchmen did than what you are alleging that Mr. Jonathan is trying to do. And speaking of one region holding on to power for a loooong time, Ngeria was ruled for 38 years by fool-anis who took their turn to rape the South--Muritala Mohammed, Abacha, IBB, Shagari, Abdulsalami, Buhari, Balewa, etc and nothing happened. So,GEJ serve out his second term and I guarantee you that NOTHING will happen and you can take that to the bank!

Respect the word of honour

The government of President Goodluck Jonathan is corrupt and this is not surprising considering how he came to the center from Bayelsa State.He should have created a better image for Bayelsa State and the South South region.The man must implement the Agreement had with PDP people.He should not behave as if he has to remain forever in ASO ROCK.If he remains with manipulation of votes, he may regret it.He should not remain a day longer like Ambassador Felix Oboro who despite his dirty undiplomatic activities known worldwide remain without shame in Venezuela representing a shameless country like Nigeria.
So, if President Jonathan remains Nigerians should expect more fraudulent OBORO's in his government.shikena!


GEJ has the constitutional right to contest in 2015 which will put an end to his tribal and corrupt government.The man is fond of making reckless statements without thoughts.Look at his utterances on MEND which he later changed;the fuel subsidy saga;the change of UNILAG name without following due process and many more.
He should up hold the agreement he made to serve for one term than to plunge the country into political crisis.He should not behave like chief Felix Okoro Oboro whom we understand tells lies to survive.Let GEJ up hold his word!

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