My Mumu Don Do. Your Mumu Don Do? By Sonala Olumhense

Sonala Olumhense

In this column, I have endorsed candidates for the presidency in the last two national elections from the list of candidates published by the electoral commission.

In 2007, I supported the brilliant lawyer, Gani Fawehinmi, whom I had never met, and whom I did not meet until he died in 2009.
In my citation, I said that Mr. Fawehinmi had an unmatchable imprint of credibility and respectability, and was the correct choice for Nigerians who genuinely wanted change.

“Mr. Fawehinmi stands out for his integrity and his depth of principle, the absence of which have kept us shackled to yesterday,” I wrote, pointing out that for over 20 years, he had saved the country’s judiciary from being eaten alive by a greedy executive.

“A Fawehinmi Presidency would scare some people.  That is because we all know he would speak a different language: he cannot be bought, he will not be looking for personal gain, and he will hold people and institutions to account.  He would be applying the letter of the law, and applying it across the board.  He would be looking for performance and productivity.”

As we all know, it was Umaru Yar’Adua who “won” the presidency in that election, and from his inauguration in May 2007, Nigeria began a predictable descent into hell.

Four years later, in 2011, from the slate of candidates published by the electoral commission, I endorsed General Muhammadu Buhari.  As in 2007, I had never met the candidate.  I have still never met General Buhari.

But I wrote of Nigeria: “Buhari can stretch out one of his long hands and arrest the drift.  At this time in our history, his candidature is the wisest, the most promising, and the most logical.  He has honour, discipline and strength of character: attributes every great leader must have but which are not a currency of the PDP.  
“Furthermore, Buhari knows what is wrong with this country, and knows what to do about it...”
I did not choose the candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change in March 2001 without great deliberation.  I asked: “Is Buhari an angel?  No.  Indeed, I have criticized him in the past.  I have expressed my disappointment that people of his generation and background act as if they are all that Nigeria has got.  
“That argument is still valid.  At the April elections, however, he will be the best that Nigeria has got.  Everyone knows that next month’s election will be the most critical in Nigeria’s history.  It will show whether we have learned anything from our own history or not, and therefore whether we are determined to move forward or not.”
I examined Buhari’s most prominent opponent, the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) Mr. Goodluck Jonathan.  I argued that voting for Jonathan would amount to using a hammer to smash your thumb a second time and not expect it to hurt as much as it did the first.
I said: “Demographically, two kinds of people will offer their support to Goodluck Jonathan in April.  The first comprises of beneficiaries of the incompetent, corrupt and unpatriotic system that has grounded Nigeria since 1999, and which Jonathan unapologetically represents…”
“[The] second category comprises of masochists who will vote against the best interest of their own children and their country… By doing so, they will be authorizing Jonathan to pick up that hammer the second time as they stick out their thumbs, telling him, “Hurt me, sir! Hurt me again!  Hurt me, I am a fool!”
I said that Jonathan lacked a record of character, patriotism or commitment.  “He is long on promises but extremely short on performance,” I concluded.
Still, Mr. Jonathan “won” the election.

And since then, Nigeria has descended from the gutter to the sewage; from the disappointing to the disgraceful, from the rottening to the rotten.  The worst case scenario has become our reality: Nigeria shared between Jonathan’s Abuja, Boko Haram militants; “unknown gunmen” of the Middle Belt and the sahel; kidnappers; and the vultures of the PDP.

Demonstrating a singular lack of of both capacity and character, Jonathan has distanced himself from his electoral promises, and driven a wedge between himself and the Nigerian citizen who voted for him.

Even those who voted for Jonathan knew the argument was a tough sell.  After the election, they invariably denounced the PDP in favour of Jonathan, as if you can separate the foetus from the pregnancy.  

"I voted for Jonathan, not the PDP,” they said, as if you could separate the cause from the consequence.

It is less than two years since that election, but it has now been proved that the child is the pregnancy, and Jonathan the PDP at its most abominable.  

This explains why excuses are now been served to the Nigerian people.  Jonathan is buying more jets, since he no longer needs shoes, but he is not fulfilling the promises he made to the Nigerian people or even mentioning them by name.  There are explanations for why the hoax called “transformation” will never happen.  There are explanations as to why unemployment has doubled and why there is no electricity or freedom from hunger and crime and bad roads.

The truth is that there is no explanation for bad governance or corruption, because you do not need to explain the crippling greed the people can see, finally, with their own eyes.

Eyes: the capacity of an individual to understand a phenomenon that had previously been hidden, is the most potent political weapon a people can possess.  The ability to see is therefore the most important lesson of 2012, beginning in January when Nigerians woke up to find the price of fuel manipulated and tripled.  It is also the lesson as the 2012 comes to an end with Nigerians finally able to see just how uncomplicated the tyranny that binds them is: the greed of an elite that steals in broad daylight and lies through every orifice.

But it is perhaps destiny: that things would rot so badly it assails and assaults every sense of the human body and spirit and there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.  If that is the definition of armaggedon, Nigeria today is its principal and scariest example.

The most amazing thing is that Mr. Jonathan recognizes it.  He has called on Nigerians not to give up on his government, promising that 2013 will be different.  

That is another ruse, and anyone who believes it has forgotten you cannot reap where you did not sow.  Where is the evidence of what the Jonathan government actually sowed in 2012 from which he intends to reap in 2013?  

If anything, 2012 was the year he consolidated corruption by refusing to implement critical anti-corruption reports, fire corrupt Ministers or lead by personal example.  2012 was the year he said he did not give a damn.  2012 was the year he did not announce his own Transformation Plan and did not implement the reports of his own Presidential committees.  2012 was the year he watched the anti-corruption agencies throw up their hands.  2102 was the year he appointed Mr. Fix-It Tony Anenih to chair the Board of the Nigeria Ports Authority.  

In effect, 2012 was the year Mr. Jonathan made it clear he cannot do it, even while making it clear he wants a second term in office.  
That leaves it up to the Nigerian people and to those running against him in 2015, a race that will begin in 2013.  

I look forward, once again, to endorsing a credible candidate of character and honour; someone who sees public office as public service rather than a private storehouse.

To that end, the slogan for that race is easy to write: “My Mumu Don Do.  Your Mumu Don Do?”    

Happy New Year, Nigeria.    


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Buhari said Aabacha never stole a dime in Nigeria-

@ JB of Edo state with Sonala! We are discussing real issues here not certificate forgers in ACN or how to smuggle women around europe-! Integrity my foot for buhari-what do u take 9jas 4 fools? Buhari has no integrity to protect in 9a-May be in Mali where he hails from yes! He said nothing in that watery interview which appeared in the Sun-except abuse late Fela for calling him a thief! U regard a man who released a drug trafficker handed over to him by the USA a man of integrity? Are u saying we can trust Buhari who gave Abacha who looted the CBN a clean bill of health? If Buhari can tell the whole world that abacha never stole from 9jas, while the Swiss tell us otherwise-then u are not different from Sonala Buharis minder who lied to us that late chief Gani contested elections against Yara Adua! And he wrote an article in praise of Gani in 2007-what a liar! Soon u will claim Sonala has integrity 2 protect

u be mumu

U re one of the mumus I bet u are an Igboman only those of ur degenerated group hate the mention of the General's name. Well I will refer you to the Sun newspaper were Buhari talked about his stewardship. He shamed people like you. For ur info am from Edo state, and I tell u sincerely, nobody in the political arena of Nigeria can stand shoulder to shoulder with Buhari when it comes to integrity, honesty and the will to serve. If the policies of the govt he headed were followed to date Nigeria would have been a better place. The queues we enjoy today, environmental sanitation exercise, War against indiscipline which Lagos govt has metamorphosed into Kai are all legacies of those days of glory.

Our Mumu don do

Sumanguru we are firmly glued to the rear view mirror simply because Jonathan whom we placed our trust on, a young Doctorate degree holder has led us into a precipice! Why don't we just go for a truly disciplined and experienced anti corruption fighter, who has been tested and tried without any blemish! I will always hold Babangida responsible for killing the drive on WAR AGAINST INDISCIPLINE! Today would have been different. For those who were still toddlers then I say think, and stop these blind arguments,because we saw a different Nigeria then! I tried to vote for Buhari, but militants told me they had voted for me in the last Presidential election! I knew then we were in trouble. I dey laff O!

Adams of ACN vrs Tinubu of ACN and Buhari of CPC=cert forgers

@Mumu Tundemess, u are shamelessly still coming out to defend Saonala the liar from Edo state? Look we had real humans like Zik, Balewa, Gowon, Murtala Mohamed, Obj, Shagari and jail bird Buhari and his 4.8b oily thieves-whom late Senator Saraki investigated-Ibb, Abacha and then Obj and Yara Adua-they spent a total of 52 yrs in power-with more than 55 trillion from the oil revenue of d SS, stolen by them! Yet u want Jonah who was elected in 2011, to give u light, water and health facilities! Haba malam! That is madness! What were yr leaders in uniform mentioned above who had no legislators to contend with, doing in government! The question here is did Sonala lie? The answer is yes he did-would Buhari do same to us-yes sir! So anoda 4 yrs 4 Jona instead of boko haramic buhari-let him align with tinubu if he likes-he will never win-

But who is the real MUMU

But who is the real MUMU between Sonala and Jonathan? Its clear the biggest MUMU here who does not know that late Gani did not vie contest the 2007 presidential elections against late Yara Adua, should be the biggest fool here

@Deri: whether u like it or not, it's back to the zoo for u come


You are a drowning man clawing at every straw but that won't save you and other animals like oleku and the deranged akpos1; it's back to the zoo come 2015 !
Because Sonala, a citizen, claimed Gani contested election in 2007 against Yaradua, the world has to stop?
How does that affect electricity generation? How does that affect clamping down on corruption? How does that affect building and equipping schools so morons like you, akpos and oleku can be schooled ? How does that affect equipping the hospitals so when next HipoPatience is overfed, she can be treated ?
You equate a misquote by a columnist to that of a President ? YOU ARE AN IRREMEDIABLE MORON ! I can't pinpoint it, something is wrong with the reasoning level at the creek !

Putting Things In Proper Context.....

Mr Olumhense always has this knack of extrapolating the "forest from the trees". There is a reason nigeria has earned the moniker "Hobbesland'. It is like class, we are learning in real life what unparalleled & unchecked corruption can to to human society. It is surreal to what corruption destroy Nigeria like salt water eventually causes corrosion to metal. everything is "piece by piece' being destroyed by corruption & did u here what the Clown Prince said in response to it?.......

TUNDEMESS the lost and found HE goat of buharis lying machine

TUNDEMESS the lost and found HE goat of buhari, tell us if late chief Gani contested the 2007 elections against late Ysra Adua? U are now here turning a blind eye to the lies of Sonala cause he is a member of Buharis boko haramic party! If u a self acclaimed anti corruption crusader of the Buhari led CPC, can pretend not to notice the lies in the article that Sonala wrote in the name of bashing Jonah, then what moral right do u have to critique the president? In a system pretenders like u claim to want to turn around for good? Stealing by nature, often starts with the rogues telling us lies like Sonala did. Then they graduate into feeding us with their tales by moon light as Sonala has done in his watery article. His article like I said is an insult to the sensibilities of 9jas who visit SR. As he a writer, the first thing u do is to research yr facts-For Sonala is based in the USA, and not Mushin where ppl often experience power failures!

@Osita How can liars like sonala & U expose corruption

@osita DIOKA d Eze one, of 419ners in Europe, sentiments apart, how can u who is here doing all in your power to hide the criminal activities of Sonala, be able to expose corruption in our system in 9ja? Sonala is a crook who should go hide his dirty, smelly head in shame! He is not different from the sadistic mind of the Buhari he is backing! A man who aligned with Abacha to jail late Chief Gani-whom they dumped in Bauchi prison for over 10 months! Again why should Sonala lie to us that Late Chief Gani contested the 2007 elections against Yara Adua? I have been saying it here that Sonala lost his Edo state title belt of deception and sponsored criticism of Jonah when he endorsed Buhari. A liar like Sonala can only associate himself with certificate forgers in ACN and the draculas in boko haram aka CPC! The man is a 419ner of the highest order like u Osita!

I'm so sick and tired reading

I'm so sick and tired reading some of our so call country-men comments on Sahara Reporters daily.....
What most of us do is rather appalling because we see nothing good in any write-up but to criticise.

True the writter did make some mistakes but at the same time passed some message across. But since the writter is not from our geo-political or ethnic zone, all he's saying is trash.

If we need to co-exist as a country, it's time we pick those truth in any write-up and leave the mistakes and workout a collective means to make Nigeria a better place.
Nigeria is not the only place where leaders or office holders are been criticised daily???
What is more important is to ask our inner conscience if those criticised are doing the right thing or not!

Food for thought in 2013!!!

God Bless Nigeria!

@ Sonala Olumhense

For once Deri is spot on! Gani did NOT contest against Yar'Adua in 2007. I think you should have confirmed this simple historical reality before rushing to press.

I admire your column a great deal but on this endorsement of Buhari for the Presidency I have never been able to see eye to eye with you. This is simply because Buhari's antecedents have not created any level of confidence on ordinary folks like me. I will advise you to drop this campaign forthwith.

The trend globally is to go for younger, dynamic and forward looking leadership but here in Nigeria we are firmly glued to the rear view mirror!


Deri assumes different aliases of which Izebhokhae is one,he also tries to threaten forum folk engaging in free speech,I don't really know how much these idiots are paid to sell their conscience to thieves who impoverish their towns and villages.
Every voice counts and just as the looters are recruiting more Deri's,Nigerians must keep their eyes on the ball,never loose focus,monitor the political leadership doubly in this 2013,keep your files on the looters in case you need it,expose them in areas of the WWW where they will never anticipate,photos and particulars of property acquired from looting will also help,there is already a stack awaiting exposure.
As for Deri,my message is clear ,I am ready to die exposing corruption in my homeland,GO TELL YOUR OGA!!!

@Stanley Izebhokhae: Your militancy job awaits you from 2015

Fact: Buhari will be totally useless by 2019, well your moron Jonathan is already useless in 2012.
Fact: Subsidy thieves are facing trial; how many have been convicted ?
Fact: The senate removed EFCC from the direct control of the presidency during the Obasanjo administration; so who appointed Lamorde ?
Fact: This administrations transformation agenda is open, I have been a beneficiary of enterpreneuring train in Lagos business school.; you would soon return to your militancy job / oil bunkering at the creek by 2015
Fact: Boko Haram has been before Goodluck.; hmmm come Buhari is blamed for it ?
Fact: Train moves from Abeokuta to Lagos and kano to Lagos.; in your dreams!
Fact: if these facts are not enough for you, hug a transformer, I'm typing this with PHCN so there is power now. ; in your dreams !

@ Sonala, GEJ is doing a mightily fine job!

GEJ is doing a mightily fine job! With my new rose colored glasses I see things differently:

He has fulfilled his electoral promises- More of the same!

He was never going to reduce poverty!

He has, without a damn, declared his asset!

He has transformed Nigeria!

He is the best leader Nigeria has ever had!

He HAS not only MAINTAINED THE STATUS QUO, he has improved on the relentless breakdown of anything decent about Nigeria!

Most importantly, he has solidified corruption IBB-style!

There are 3 things Nigerians can do:
a) Continue to pray.
b) Continue to pray and hope that Jonathan has acquired enough shoes and jets to remember his promises.
c) Continue to pray and hope that he has enough shoes for himself, enough jets and he wins the 2015 elections!

It is your choice!

Izebhokhae, it is very

Izebhokhae, it is very obvious that you need deliverance. No wonder you voted for Jonathan and not PDP!

My mumu don do

Nice write up. God will save nigeria from dis predators called leaders

u talk like u no shame...

mr stanley,u know ur mumu too ugly from heart to skin. and u too much being sentimental towards a simple correct write-up.where did u get ur unverified so called facts? be not like tribalistic niger-deltan; be a nigerian who loves peace and advancements.


According to liar Sonala! (In 2007, I supported the brilliant lawyer, Gani Fawehinmi, whom I had never met, and whom I did not meet until he died in 2009. Happily Deri was opportuned to meet with late Chief Gani long b4 his death!! Sonala continues-(As we all know, it was Umaru Yar’Adua who “won against Gani” Haba Sonala why should u lie to enable you justify your hatred for Jonathan-u have become a disgrace to the very Buhari u are supporting-like master Buhari like servant Sonala-we can now understand why Buhari will never win elections in 9ja-because of liars like Sonala-Ewu Gani contested 2007 elections against Yara Adua!

DERI is right Gani did not contest elections against Yara in 07

Candidates – Parties Parties Votes %
Umaru Yar'Adua Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) 24,638,063 69.82
Muhammadu Buhari All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) 6,605,299 18.72 Atiku Abubakar Action Congress (AC) 2,637,848 7.47
Orji Uzor Kalu Progressive Peoples Alliance 608,803 1.73
Attahiru Bafarawa Democratic Peoples Party (DPP) 289,324 0.82
Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu All Progressives Grand Alliance 155,947 0.44 Pere Ajuwa Alliance for Democracy (AD) 89,241 0.25
Chris Okotie Fresh Democratic Party 74,049 0.21
Patrick Utomi African Democratic Congress (ADC) 50,849 0.14
Ambrose Owuru Hope Democratic Party 28,519 0.08
Emmanuel Okereke African Liberation Party (ALP) 22,677 0.06
Lawrence Adedoyin African Political System (APS) 22,409 0.06

Sonala, Buhari said Adams forged his school cert

BUHARI in 1983 said (The last general election was anything but free and fair. Old boy free and fair under shagari but not Jonah? That only political parties that could complain of election (rigging) are those parties that lacked the resources to rig. There is ample evidence that rigging and thuggery were relative to the resources available to the parties. So Sonala, what led Buhari to the post election riots in the Fulani North in 2011? Buhari further said, (This conclusively proved to us that the parties have not developed confidence in the presidential system of government on which the nation invested so much material and human resources. While corruption and indiscipline have been associated with our state of underdevelopment. The corrupt, inept and insensitive leadership in the last four years has been the source of immorality and impropriety in our society) are we not saying the same things-in 2011? Sonala u can only deceive cows not humans-

What is the difference between what buhari said in 83 and now-

@ Dan maikoko aka tundemess, marry d yeye regional thoughts which u posted to what Buhari said when he sacked Shagari-the fuel subsidy rubbish was not introduced by Jonathan. It was IBB who gave birth to the idea over 25yrs ago! If the refineries were working, IBB would never have initiated the idea in the first place-late Prof Aluko it was who revealed to the nation that crude oil was given to the Yoruba, Ibo and Fulani fuel marketers to enable them sell the product and use the proceeds to erect refineries from Seme border to Ghana. They sold the crude oil under OBJ and vanished into the thin air with the money of the people of the Niger Delta. Who in Nigeria has been prosecuted over the issue? Sonala is just dancing to what he thinks is popular support for Buhari-well let me assure him that Buhari would lose again and again even if he picks our able certificate forger from Edo state!


That this piece actually looks like something well written is a good thing, at least the grammar is correct, but why go this length if what you needed to write is vote Buhari for next elections? We all know that Sahara is another arm of CPC, eating the PTF money he garnered to continue to pursue the elusive crown for life.

Fact: Buhari will be totally useless by 2019
Fact: Subsidy thieves are facing trial
Fact: The senate removed EFCC from the direct control of the presidency during the Obasanjo administration.
Fact: Nigeria is made up of 3 arms of government and 3 tiers of government.
Fact: This administrations transformation agenda is open, I have been a beneficiary of enterpreneuring train in Lagos business school.
Fact: Boko Haram has been before Goodluck.
Fact: Train moves from Abeokuta to Lagos and kano to Lagos.
Fact: if these facts are not enough for you, hug a transformer, I'm typing this with PHCN so there is power now. ODE!!!

Ebele Goodluck Jonathan is Nigeria's worst leader ever!

Ebele is the WORST national leader and I believe I rate him so poorly because I know his motivation to have Diezani as the perpetual Minister of Petroleum Resources and foist the non-Accountant, MR. BON OTTI, as NNPC's new Group Executive Director (Accounts and Finance). Ebele cannot successfully lead his town union but he is foisted on a pedestal that is beyond his mental comprehension. Ebele does not realize that he is NOT leading and that his "leadership" has left Nigeria at ATTENTION, to use military parade analogy.

What Ebele calls laudable achievements are merely haphazard governance. Nigeria has become a country where all positive human values are lost. Those in the corridors of political power and in the MDAs loot national and state treasury till they drop dead and you can only be questioned such as WALE BABALAKIN is being hounded today if you refuse to play ball, the Ebele way. Great pity!

My preferred candidate is Lord Luggard

Stupid Sonala. Your romance wit the Yoruba West has got you infected with their incurable blight - COWARDICE.

To say that Buhari who picked up an appointment under demon Abacha is sufficient to infer that hav gone mad. Was it realy the discipline of Buhari or Idiagbon? Dis orgy of sheer falsehood nd inappropraite arrogation of "integrity" to Buhari has itself become an epidemic. I had hoped that any SS&SE citizen wud be immune to it. Anyway Lord Luggard is my candidate so that he can reverse his error.Long live United SS&SE

John Okon

"If you get a President tomorrow who decides to cut down on recurrent expenditure and remove the corruption breeding fuel subsidy; would you support that President???? "

No, I will support a presideent that will refine petrol locally and efficiently and if a liter cost N1000 after that , then let it be.

"And how come people are not demanding for accountability from their State Governors? The truth is that we can say what we like about the President because he is harmless!!! "

If you dont understand the impact of the presidency then shut up. In january the price of fuel was jerked up and transports costs nationwide have doubled. No state or local govt can announce any policy decision that will have such a profound impact. The Fed. Govt. can give directives to states and local govt but not the other way round. A clueless, dumb and "harmless" president sitting in the rock doing nothing will mess up nigerians more than all governors and chairmen combined.

Mumu Sonala, did late Gani contest against OBJ or Yaradua i

SONALA did support Buhari who dumped late chief Gani in his gulag-That is 9ja 4 u-where u have ppl with no principles back political candidates 4 reasons best known to their leaking pockets. In saner climes he would have had the entire article thrown into the dust bin where it belongs. Instead of having clowns thank Buhari for dumping late Gani into Bauchi prison for over 10 months via Abacha-It was the prison conditions under which Abacha kept him that resulted in his untimely death-yet we have a member of the human family from Edo state where the ongoing certificate forgery case of Adams was exposed, allege that he supported chief Gani-Sonala is home sick! Tired of staying in the cold so wants to come back home-why not do a bit on boko haram and Adams- while u leave Jonah alone for a day or two-would that make tinubu or buahri not settle u for the month of January 2013?

Under no circumstances must Buhari rule Nigeria again(2)

To deprive them the chance to reform themselves and turn their lives after a time of hard labour in prison? That was the most callous, soul less thing in the annals of after-the-war Nigeria history, second only, perhaps, to the hanging of Ken Saro Wiwa.
When asked about it later he said he had no regrets. No regrets! What a soul less person Buhari is. So long as there is a God in heaven Buhari will never rule Nigeria again.

You should rather regard

You should rather regard yourself as Mumu not the wise one.

Under no circumstance will Buhari rule Nigeria again

Sonala, I respect your thinking. Your patriotism and love for Nigeria is not in doubt, and may God bless you for it. But you are wrong on Buhari. He is a zealot and his brand of zealotry is not the best for Nigeria. He has only one agenda and that is the perpetuation of rule by his Islamist "born to rule" kindred. He is a soul less man, devoid of remorse for his mistakes. What did he do to uplift the Northern masses even with the huge PTF budget he controlled under Abacha? Why did he not work to resolve the looming Almajiri problems that faced him first as head of state and later as Chairman of the PTF?
He introduced Nigeria to judicial murder, using a law and punishment that was not in existence at the time the crimes were committed. No doubt the men in question deserved long jail sentences. And yes, they should have gotten all 14 years. But to execute them? To hang those young men for a drug trafficking offense?


BUHARI in 1983 said (The last general election was anything but free and fair. Old boy free and fair under shagari but not Jonah? That only political parties that could complain of election (rigging) are those parties that lacked the resources to rig. There is ample evidence that rigging and thuggery were relative to the resources available to the parties. So Sonala, what led Buhari to the post election riots in the Fulani North in 2011? Buhari further said, (This conclusively proved to us that the parties have not developed confidence in the presidential system of government on which the nation invested so much material and human resources. While corruption and indiscipline have been associated with our state of underdevelopment. The corrupt, inept and insensitive leadership in the last four years has been the source of immorality and impropriety in our society) are we not saying the same things-in 2011? Sonala u can only deceive cows not humans-

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