The Silliest Thing You Hear On The Road To You By Pius Adesanmi

Pius Adesanmi
Pius Adesanmi

The “you” I am addressing in this essay does not include the in-too-deep spokespersons of the current state of Nigeria among us; those paracletes of power who are citizens of a country known as Stockholm Syndrome. They have fallen in love with the oppressor and the oppressor’s corruption, the oppressor and the oppressor’s lies, the oppressor and the oppressor’s incompetence, and will defend him even unto death. They trample on civic vigilance and responsibility and have become purveyors of automated apologia for the Nigerian establishment.

It is not enough for them to do these things unto themselves, they also consider it their sacred, patriotic mandate to do it unto others, and hence they drag their purulent minds into our public sphere every day, screaming from the rooftops in a frenzied attempt to manufacture consent for the current order in Nigeria. You know them because they are daily polluters of our national conversations in social media and other spaces of discourse. They terrorize you daily with their pointless harangue, calling you unpatriotic haters of Nigeria. Always on automatic, ill-reflected mode, they have not encountered anything about Nigeria as she currently is that cannot be justified, rationalized, explained away, cut and sliced, sugar-crusted, and honey-coated. With citizens like them, we honestly don’t need corrupt rulers. No, these people are not included in my “you” today because they are not on the road to anywhere. They are already satisfied and content with where they are with their own version of Nigeria.

If you reject their version of Nigeria categorically, you are the one I am talking to in this essay. “You” belong in the ranks of the collective children of anger. You are on the road to you. You have a very clear idea of what and who are stopping you from reaching destination you. Who is stopping you? The answer, frankly, is the brood of vipers running Nigeria. What is stopping you? The answer, frankly, is Nigeria’s institutions of corporate existence. We may say all we the fancy and lively things we love to say about the equal responsibility and guilt of the followership in creating the Nigerian morass. That is true but we must never forget that, ultimately, the buck stops with the leader and not the led. There are reasons for that but it is beyond the purview of this current treatise.

We know who is stopping you. We know what is stopping you from reaching destination you. We still need to address your greatest threat - that is the one threat that could derail you, get you off the road to you. That threat is satisfaction. That threat is contentment. The day you find satisfaction and contentment with the situation of things like the apologists of the current state of Nigeria, your journey to destination you will be aborted. Dissatisfaction is not a vice, it is the fuel that feeds your daily, patriotic struggle for the Nigeria of our collective dreams, the Nigeria that could be, if only the corrupt oppressor and his Stockholm Syndromed foot soldiers among us would let a fair and just Nigeria emerge for the benefit of all of us.

So, what is destination you? Who is this “you” that you could – and will – eventually become? You hear many silly things from the apologists and spokespersons of the system but what is the silliest thing you hear on the road to you? Explaining this involves a little excursion into history. You must be willing to make connections between things. The intellectual exercise of identifying dots and connecting them is not our forte in Nigeria and that, sadly, is why the oppressor is able to isolate events and fragment memory so that our people are permanently divided and never see the full picture.

Our first dot is in Canada where I reside but I want to connect it to other dots, historical dots, and ultimately link the entire process up with you on the road to you. That way, when you encounter the silliest thing that apologists of power say to you as you struggle for our country, you will know what to tell them. A few weeks ago, I received this routine notice from the Environmental Health and Safety Office of Carleton University where I work:

“Due to the drastic change in the weather, which is causing very icy conditions on sidewalks and roadways, the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) office is reminding members of the Carleton community to take the following precautions to prevent slips and falls:

- Take shorter steps and bending your knees slightly will reduce your chances of falling.

- Dress for the conditions. Ensure you are warm and visible to traffic.

- Wear footwear with slip-resistant soles.

- If sidewalks are impassible or there aren't any, walk facing traffic as close as possible to the curb.

- Try not to carry heavy packages, which can affect your balance on slippery streets/sidewalks.

- Just because you have the right of way doesn't mean that traffic will be able to stop in slippery conditions.

- Don't step onto a crosswalk until traffic has stopped.

If you have questions, contact EHS at ext. 2269.

Your Carleton EHS Team”

This, of course, is routine for us here. What I want to do is to scratch beneath the surface of this regular hazard warning, discussing the vision of society which makes it mandatory for it to have been issued, and paying attention to the kind of “you” (members of the Carleton University community in this specific instance) at the centre of it all. It all began in the 17th century with a French thinker called René Descartes. He is famous for many things, chief among which is the framing of a particular kind of subject, a particular kind of “you”. Today, many Nigerians who have gone to school are familiar with the statement, “I think, therefore I am”. Depending on your level of education, you even call it by its real name, cogito ergo sum. What is usually missing whenever I encounter Nigerians throwing this phrase around is an attempt to use it to explain why Western society and non-Western societies (Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Japan, South Korea) that have achieved a certain level of development function the way they do and why Nigeria functions the way she does.

With Descartes’s cogito (I think, therefore I am), the course of human civilization and development changed forever. The seeds of change that had been sown since the Renaissance acquired new vigour and vitality. A new subject, a new you, was born, the you that thinks and the you that is. There are numerous schools of thought over the weight and value of the cogito and there is no consensus over its import or even validity. Some ambitious interpretations even place it at the foundation of science as we know it today.

What is certain is that Descartes had intervened most powerfully in centuries of philosophical disquisition over the nature of doubt and certainty and the nature of being. The “you” in his phrase, that guy who thinks and therefore is, is the guy whose genius would go on to inflect human history with the powerful narratives we call Progress, Reason, Civilization, Logic, Modernity, Science and so on and so forth. It is this same guy, coming from Descartes, who gave us the Enlightenment in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Enlightenment is too huge for the frame of this essay so you will have to go to Google and Wikipedia to educate yourself about it. I am just going to mention a few things about it insofar as they are relevant to this discussion.

Remember that the you invented and unleashed by Descartes is now the subject of and at the centre of narratives such as Progress, Reason, Civilization, Logic, Modernity, Science. The Enlightenment is the project that would give these narratives their most profound philosophical elaboration, empowering this rising subject, - the you - with a new sense of curiosity and knowledge that would enable him to even go to places like India, Jamaica, Kenya, South Africa, and colonize those places. The Enlightenment is also the point at which the sacred, sovereign, and inviolable rights of this you became part of the grand narratives of Progress, Reason and Modernity. This is the point at which the welfare, well-being, and happiness of this you became part of the grand narratives of history. This is the point at which necessary institutions began to be thought of, debated, theorized, and invented to guarantee the rights of this you, his welfare, his right to life, and the pursuit of happiness.

By the time this you travelled from Descartes to the Enlightenment and to the core ideas inherent in the pursuit of happiness, you can begin to see the outlines of the modern nation-state as we know her today. She and her institutions are also all products of the Enlightenment. The idea is that she is the best guarantor of the narratives that the Cartesian subject invented via the Enlightenment. It is from Descartes, the Enlightenment, and what came after that the idea that the state must guarantee the welfare, happiness, and well-being of you, the subject, came to acquire the aura of a sacred credo. Even the pleasure of this subject – you – entered into the picture. In essence, the state and her institutions exist because you are, at least here in the West and other societies that have successfully appropriated that model of being and vision of humanity.

The sovereignty of the subject, his welfare and wellbeing, his happiness and pleasure, explains why Carleton University issued that winter hazard warning above, almost taking things to the point of explaining which shoes to wear. Something as simple as a Carleton notice come from a long tradition and vision of society and her institutions as guarantors of the wellbeing of you. If you think this is almost ridiculous, go to the United States and see the kind of lawsuits that could flood in against the state and her institutions, cities, counties, etc, whenever there is an infringement on any of the principles of the welfare, wellbeing, and happiness of the subject. These things are so commonplace that people do not always realize that they are part of an ethos of subjecthood that travelled a long road down to us from the Enlightenment.

I explained earlier that even science is part of these narratives. Science does not function ex nihilo; invention does not flow without responding to certain ethos. The greatest ethos that human history and civilization got from Descartes and Enlightenment thought is the making sovereign of the right of the citizen to his welfare, wellbeing, pleasure, and leisure. These must be guaranteed on a level playing field by the state and her institutions. If it is deemed that inability to browse at 35, 000 feet is taking away from the individual’s pleasure and leisure, science responds to that stimulus. In essence, science goes in to make amends wherever the fundamental principles and ethos of the Enlightenment signal a reduction in the welfare, wellbeing, and pleasure of you.

In Nigeria, you are on the road to this kind of you. I mean the you for whom the state and her institutions exist; the you for whom they work tirelessly; the you whose security, welfare, and happiness is why Nigeria exists. You understand that something is wrong when a single American, French, Israeli, Japanese, British or German citizen comes to harm somewhere and the entire state is nearly grounded whereas Somalian pirates grabbed a Nigerian tugboat on August 4, 2008, and held the boat and her Nigerian crew hostage for 302 days without anybody lifting a finger in Abuja. I guess the pirates released the Nigerians when it became clear to them that the Nigerian has zero hostage value because he or she is not at the centre of the preoccupations of the Nigerian state. It is poor economic calculation to take a Nigerian hostage in international circumstances for you must feed the hostage as the Somalians discovered. If you call to report to a Nigerian Embassy that a Nigerian is in distress, they may sue you for abuse of telephone. This is because the Nigerian is not yet a you whose subjecthood is guaranteed by the legacy of the Enlightenment. Even in the 21st century!

In essence, you are a legitimate child of anger today because Nigeria and her institutions are not even at the beginning of the Enlightenment project which would transform you to a you for whom the state exists and works whereas Western society has been honing the Enlightenment project since its inception, making it work better for the individual. You are on the road to this you. You are fighting for it daily in your various spheres and stations in life. In social media, you are an army of fighters. You are on the road to you. This is the point at which you often hear the silliest thing from those who aren’t on any road because they defend Nigeria as is, rationalize, her, excuse her, justify her. They call you unpatriotic. In some of their more infantile rants, they call you a hater of Nigeria. Then they tell you that Rome was not built in a day. They tell you that it took one Western country 200 years to get to where she is; they tell you that it took another Western country 300 years to get to where she is; they tell you that Nigeria is making progress little by little, gradually, and you ought to be grateful for every modicum of progress and praise every simulacrum of development from the rooftops.

On and on they go, the self-described patriots, self-appointed Stockholm Syndromed defenders of the status quo. One bla here, one bla there, another bla here, and yet another bla there. Bla bla bla all day long on social media, doing the work of Reno Omokri, Reuben Abati, and Doyin Okupe for them. At least those ones are paid to sell puff and powder to the people but what about the army of content and satisfied patriots they instrumentalize in their own oppression? Anyway, I have said that we need not worry about those people here. What I am interested in is the non-answers I encounter whenever they dredge up the canard about Nigerian needing 200 years to get out of the woods.

Yes, that is the silliest thing you, the genuine patriot struggling for Nigeria, hear from the apologists of the system on the road to you. They say a lot of silly things but that is by far the silliest you hear from them. But you, the genuine patriot, have never given them satisfactory answers either. It is not enough to swat them like flies as you always do (I must admit they deserve swatting for they can be a distraction from the tasks at hand). What you need to do, if you are inclined to indulge their mischievous ignorance, is to patiently explain the temporal malleability of the gains of the Enlightenment to them.

You see, they are claiming that Nigeria needs to travel 200 years, like Euro-America, to the postmodernity of the present only because they have not read nearly enough books and, therefore, cannot see why Japan, Singapore, Dubai, South Korea, Brazil, etc, did not need to spend 200 years playing catch-up, rationalizing mediocrity, and deceiving themselves that Rome was not built in a day, before catching up with the West and, in some cases, surpassing her in the race to making postmodernity work for the welfare and wellbeing of the citizen.

When they start their silly singsong about the 200 years we need to “get there”, show them a picture of the city-state of Dubai in the 1950s-1960s and ask them how a non-descript, scraggy desert location “got there” in about fifty years. They will not be able to explain this because they lack the requisite knowledge. They are automatons programmed to defend Nigeria as is without serious reflection. From Japan to Singapore via Dubai and South Korea, once folks understood that the Enlightenment and her ethos were the powerhouse of modes of society we loosely bring under the canopy of “modernity” in the West, the first thing they did was to come to an assessment of the fact that even in Europe, countries did not begin the race to the Enlightenment and modernity at exactly the same time. However, passengers who joined the train later did not excuse their tardiness or decree that that had to replicate the timeline of those already on the train. The reason for this is simple: as a body of work and as ethos; as a vision of society; as a handbook for statehood and her institutions, the Enlightenment is infinitely trans-temporal. The work is already done and the application need not take exactly the same time and the same routes in all societies boarding that particular train.

Once they understood this trans-temporal malleability of the gains of the Enlightenment – i.e, we do not need two hundred years to learn that the state and her institutions need to exist for the safety, security, and welfare of the citizen – the next thing next thing that non-Western boarders of the train of modernity did in the 20th century was a methodical preening of that body of work to see where particular gains and institutions of modernity could blend with and complement extant ethos and institutions in their own culture and history. Japan, South Korea, and Dubai did not need to re-invent the wheel by spending 200 years producing Enlightenment thought; they did not have to reinvent Descartes. You join the train, apply the gains, and remain true to the spirit and essence of your own peoplehood.

Therefore, what you see in the Malls of Dubai, the gloss of Tokyo and Seoul, is domesticated modernity at work, along with its enabling institutions and ethos. That is why nobody in Dubai or Tokyo or Seoul is saying that to arrive at the kind of modern mass transit trains we see in the West, we must first start with refurbished locomotives recuperated from post-World War II European junkyards, make them cover Lagos-Kano in 30 hours, and gradually work our way to the 21st century from there. Honestly, it is plain stupid to sell these kinds of arguments to the Nigerian people.

To you, genuinely patriotic Nigerians on the road to you, I salute you for the mileage you have covered thus far. I salute your patience and courage. I salute your ability to hear and deal constantly with silly things coming from the system’s apologists. I encourage your struggle. Never allow those who are content with the status quo, career justifiers of mediocrity, lifetime rationalizers of gradualism, eternal excusers of traffic snail-paced development and go-slow progress; never allow these people to sell you satisfaction and contentment. You will get off the road to you if you allow these dangerous compatriots to distract you with what they are selling. There is nothing about Nigeria as is that should inspire satisfaction and contentment. Your credo, every waking day, should be: yes, we are dissatisfied and we know that we do not need two hundred years to arrive at a Nigeria that works for all of us.

You, Nigerians on the road to you, must tell them: away with your silly talk about Rome not being built in a day! Where was Rome when, with one stroke of the pen and in a matter of seconds – not even a day – you approved billions of Naira for a bogus First Ladies’ mission house? Where was Rome when, with one stroke of the pen and in a matter of seconds – not even a day – you approved funds for a bogus new residence for the Vice-President? Apply these funds and other funds you spend irresponsibly on frivolities and bacchanalia to hyper-modern trains and your people will not spend 30 hours travelling from Lagos to Kano like John Pepper Clark’s Fulani cattle. Your corruption is my problem, not Rome.

And there is a lot of things you could stop doing today that would make Nigeria begin to work for all of us kia kia. Do you really need 200 years to gradually stop going to German hospitals? Do you really need 200 years to gradually stop sending your kids to Euro-American and Ghanaian Universities because you destroyed our own Universities? Do you really need two hundred years to reduce the stratospheric annual feeding budget in the Presidency? Cut your feeding budget today, reduce the bloated cost of governance today and you won’t need to send your people to ancient Rome with the mandate to make their way gradually to the 21st century from there.

To you, Nigerian, on the road to you I say, in the eternal words of Tai Solarin, “may your road be rough” but may you reach destination you.

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As liabilities, African leaders can only see assets as liabiliti

As liabilities, African leaders can only see assets as liabilities and liabilities as assets. By our well informed 'complaints' or public opinion we actually suggest authentic solutions for our leaders because our 'complaints' are based on our direct experience and genuine love of our country and leaders ......but they are too thick to see things this way.

Pius any time and OKONKWO NEVA!!!


can anybori stop that cheap OKONKWO idiot, please:

it is so cheap !!!


just a poor diasporitic character

WHEN will Sahara ever shut 'im moud ???

when ???

RE: "Boys Oye......"

@ Okwuchukwu Ezeanyika, bros you took the words right out of my mouth. Nothing more to add. Thanks!

Nice job, Prof.

You are really doing a good job, keep it up.

All you deserve is spit.

All you deserve is spit. Tufia

Too long

Pop opinion that takes 4000 words to express is waffle. Send it to your academic journals.

what after nzeogwu

Till date, 9ja hostages are being held in Somalia-with FGN refusing to come to their aid-despite the fact that the gej ordered the chief of army staff and the NSA, to take care of the situation-they have refused 2 assist-According to the latest online media-(theafricanopinion) what we have in 9ja is similar to d era after the Nzeogwu coup in 1966-when officers refused to take orders from Ironsi-this time its the 3 old regions-D same publisher of the is currently championing the d call 4 d release of the hostages in Somalia-while the rest us watch from our distance homes. At the end of the efforts to effect the release of the 9ja sailors in 2008-it was Ojo Madueke who took d credit-the guy who quietly negotiated their freedom via the media in d USA, was left in the cold cause he hails from the SS. Not after Awo and late Gani-whom 9jas ditched-would I ever allow myself be fooled again by Buhari ati tinubu!

There is no criticism dat calls not forth anoda! marcus garvey

D likes of Pius should find a way of ending their failed attempt to politically kidnap our thoughts for the rogues he is trying to re-brand as our saviors via their broad-band message parlors in Canada! Are the native Canadians whose land the slave masters that Pius adjudge as his economic benefactors in Canada, not matching on the streets of Quebeck, to demand 4 dem rights? Centuries after they were captured and their land stolen by the Brits and the French!? All we pray for in the SS-is for us to control our God given resources-fly our own flag may be @d UN-@ELMANGO MEAT, University of Ibadan was built with revenue from cocoa by Awo! HIS WAS NOT SHARED AMONG D 36 STATES.Sadly when it got to d turn of Crude oil in d creeks, 9ja ati Pius said revenue from oil shld be shared-out of the 55 trillion stolen from us-by d tripod-only 1.7 trillion went 2 Ibori, Alams and now Sylva! Who stole the rest? Was it Jonah, adenuga, dangote, emeka offor or bakare? Animals

God bless you pius, keep it up.

In recent times I have not read a mind provoking article such as this beautiful piece from Pius. How I wish that our leaders even spear time to read articles such as this. It's unfortunate that what they preoccupy their minds with is how to stealing and tell lis to cover up. As for their 'house dogs' who bark and rant in defence of their masters at the gate to stop those who want to go in and tell these thieves the truth, be aware of what apostle told the Philipians who turned their stomach to be their god that their end will be destruction if they do not repent. What is the purpose of education if it will not help you and those around you. Did Dr. Goodluck buy his PHD or really merited it? His performance speaks.

"Boys Oye", the only solution to Nigeria's quagmire! (9)

I urge Nigerians to rise. It is either the country breaks up or it undergoes a tsunami of such proportion that would allow us to begin afresh with a democracy where the welfare of the citizens would be the centrepiece of governance. Not the country of today where brazen fraud, corruption, abuse and waste have taken root in both the public and corporate sectors and the perpetrators walk free. It is as if the country exists presently for zombies and not human beings.

We know our oppressors as they are not in hiding. We know where Aso Rock is located; where NASS and State Assemblies are situated as well as their members. We know the LGA Chairmen/women and the Councillors. We also know their proxies or "fronts" and cronies. We know where physical properties erected from loot are located from Maiduguri to Calabar. "Boys Oye" is the only solution to this rudderless existence. Now, let's rise. Arise! Arise!! Oh! Nigerians, arise!!!

"Boys Oye", the only solution to Nigeria's quagmire! (8)

Then, as if it was pre-planned, one by one, traders started milling out of their shops and sheds to join the group and gradually over 100,000 men and women marched around the town, to the homes of the hoodlums chasing them out of town, killing those they could lay their hands on, and burning their houses and corpses. I know that one of them who ran away leaving his wife behind thought she would be sparred. Though her life was spared but she was stripped of her cloth and was foisted naked for the crowd to see and some lecherous ones used sticks and pipes to poke at her crotch. But what satisfaction do you derive in seeing flabs of fat, the size of soccer balls, from the neck to the legs?

Thereafter, Ontisha knew peace foe 2 years. You could walk around even at midnight and early morning unmolested as both the targeted robbers who survived and small time-thieves had taken flight from the town.

"Boys Oye", the only solution to Nigeria's quagmire! (7)

And I cannot fail to note here that this country that earns over US$100 billion a year has no standard tertiary-level hospital comparable to one super specialty hospital we have hundreds of them all over India. That is the tragedy of Nigeria.

I want to remind Dame Patie that Stella, Aremu's second wife, was known to insist on US$3 million inducement from NNPC's major contractors. But where is she today?

At Onitsha, Anambra State, in the mid 1970s, armed robbers held sway and operated in broad daylight. The Police were not only useless but acted as second string of armed robbers. Not that the hoodlums were not known. They were but had protection under the so-called law enforcement agents. One day, spontaneously, a cry rent the air at Onitsha Main Market. "Boys Oye", a group of traders shouted!

"Boys Oye", the only solution to Nigeria's quagmire! (6)

Imagine a mother who regaled us with stories how she died and was resurrected, insisting, protesting and demonstrating that N4 BILLION of the country's resources be presented to her to erect a "Mission House." The "Mission House" is more important to her than saving lives! If that German Hospital was a "Mission House" which other hospital would she have gone to? What about if those super specialty hospitals never existed anywhere else in the world and all were "Mission House"?

If this woman actually meant that God gave her a second chance at life, a reasonable person with modicum of fecundity would rather than seeking to erect a meaningless monument for Baal opt to positively affect the lives of as many Nigerians as possible. And what better way to do this than utilizing that N4 BILLION to erect a super specialty hospital such as the German Hospital where her life was saved?

"Boys Oye", the only solution to Nigeria's quagmire! (5)

Of the 170 million people, Aremu chose two challenged individuals, one physically challenged and the other mentally/intellectually challenged, but with wives whose selfishness and greed stretch from Maiduguri to Calabar, to lead Nigeria. When the physically-challenged died, we looked on as the mentally/intellectually challenged maneuvered his way to leadership and sence then, Nigerians sufferings know no bounds. While Nigerians look on, daily we are inundated with news of treasury looting. The sum of N32 BILLION was looted from Police Pension Scheme and the thief was given option of fine!

The worst inhuman existence for Nigerians is happening under Ebele's leadership. While Ebele is acting as a military Head of State, his wife, Dame "Lazarus" Patie is deriving orgasmic crescendo, like a woman in heat armed with a dildo, masturbating on the sufferings of Nigerians.

"Boys Oye", the only solution to Nigeria's quagmire! (4)

I know 5 oil blocks that Aremu awarded to Emeka Offor without any competetive bidding. Offor floated five companies overnight and the blocks were awrded to these overnight companies. That was when US$16 billion disappeared on phantom electricity project. Atiku was later to tell the public that he knows a contractor who got US$1.8 BILLION of the money and did nothing.

Aremu felt that he ruled for only four years and goaded by his cronies, wanted another term, the third term, sothat he would recoup the first four years he played "sainthood."

"Boys Oye", the only solution to Nigeria's quagmire! (3)

When Aremu took over the reins of leadership, he spent the first four years pretending to be Saint Matthew and, in fact, he left most of the entire corruption of the era to his deputy who cornered the lucre with glee assisted by his proxy, the man from Delta State. But not that Aremu was completely free of corruption then. Remember, he was the de facto Minister of Petroleum Resources and everyone knows the level of corruption there. His NNPC Managing Director, Kupolokun, and even his Personal Assistant, Chike, cleaned off. You may even ask my in-law, Diezani and my good friend, Bon Otti, Ebele's man Friday in NNPC.

Andy Uba, Aliko, and the hawks around Aremu bid their time and when Aremu came for the second term, they succeeded in convincing him that he cannot continue to pretend to be a saint. That was when Aremu cleaned off the treasury.

"Boys Oye", the only solution to Nigeria's quagmire! (2)

Abacha bided his time and was ready to die unless he is allowed to "rule" and garner as much loot as IBB. He was not oblivious of IBB's corruption and corruptibility. While in power, he pounced on OPL 245 that had been explored and found to have over 9.3 billion barrels of crude oil reserves. He then trusted his Minister of Petroleum Resources, Etete, to present him with minority stake, 30%. However, while in power he died and Etete cornered the block. When it was sold off, Ebele, Adoke and Diezani went to great length to convince the public that they handed the ENTIRE US$1.1 BILLION proceeds to Etete, the MINORITY stakeholder of Malabu that has the oil block as its only asset/investment. This was after Abacha estate had denied that they were paid a dime.

If Abacha did not die in power nobody would have known the level of his corruption.

"Boys Oye", the only solution to Nigeria's quagmire! (1)

Dr. Pee, many thanks for your treatise. I enjoyed your intellectual depth and analysis. Those who postulate that USA took 200 years to build an egalitarian society should ask themselves why MEXICO has existed for more than 200 years but today has not seen the type of economic and social development comparable to the USA. The argument of those who want to wait for 200 years to fix Nigeria is a manifestation of Lilliputian thinking which is the hallmark of OC on SR.

The national ethos was completely destroyed by IBB. This man regarded Nigeria as his personal property. He was the one who following exploratory results of appreciable crude oil reserves in 6 oil blocks, appropriated and handed them to his proxy, MA, and within months, his so-called company became the first indigenous oil company to strike oil in substantial quantities. But the truth was that the FGN had expended resources and oil found before IBB pounced.

Nigeria must be rescued

There is no basis for comparison between Abati and Prof. Pius. Prof. Pius is a foremost world erudite scholar and a genius in the literary world while Abati is a sophomore in the art of writing . He hardly can measure with Dr. Sam Omatseye of The Nation Newspaper.

Right on!

Sweet one Prof. One omission though; a magnum opus deserves a dedication page. May I dedicate this to Deri?

Nigerian Spring

The onloy way out of this slavery we are been subjected to is a Nigerian Spring. Life is practically unbearable in the county and everyday we are told of mind boggling sums of money that is being diverted to ridiculous project. 4 billion for a first lady's mission house. Why, why, why this madness, and the president keeps quiet, his wife was made a perm sec, silence, year in year out sums of money are allocated to a non constitutional office of first lady, when will this madness stop?????

The Road to YOU

As usual, this is another educative literary work by Dr. Pius, but sometimes I wonder what would become of him if asked to come and serve. Reuben Abati used to be like this before he tasted the forbidden soup of Aso rock, same with "The Verdict"

While we still have you, more grease to your elbow in your effort at pushing Nigerian state toward reaching her you.

Thank you, once again Pius.

Thank you, once again Pius. You are my favorite columnist, without a doubt on Sahara reporters. one silly thing that these people you have so well classified for us also say is ' you only condemn, without giving solutions'? And I always wonder whether it is the followers job to proffer solutions? Jonathan is paid a salary to govern Nigeria so are his aides. it therefore follows that they are supposed to come up with solutions, not us! does the groundnut seller passing in front of your office give you solutions to run your Company ? Who even said they don't know the solutions to Nigeria s problems? Our job is to complain, nothing more.

Thought provoking piece ...

Pius - Another excellent piece. Thanks for coding it in such a way that only those of us who envision a new and greater Nigeria can decipher this piece. Now I understand why I am ME, passionate and hopeful of that New Nigeria! Thanks once again for a thought-provoking article!

1 & 2

I´m conscious of the fact that I´ve an advantage that may not be too fair in that my own identity is hidden (at least to the majority) and that of the writer is revealed. Therefore it is just fair to refrain from deliberately casting aspersions or saying things that might inadvertently encroach on his reputation or dignity.

That then does not mean that I´m set to take contrary stance to him. I actually agree to 95% of what he said. But he, being among the best there are, should not be allowed to get away with a scintilla of a foible that plagues average Nigerian commentator. And that is, if you see anything wrong in what I´m doing then you are against me and you should be crushed with words.


Now, I place the Nigerian public office holders and public commentators or academics on the same pedestal. They call them Nigerian elite. Since I´ve been reading newspapers, public commentators have focused on one thing criticizing the government. I grew up to believe that government is the beginning and end of my troubles. Of course they are! Then I waited for the literati like Tai Solarin, Gani Fawehinmi etc. to bring gvmnt to reason so that my life would become better. Alas! They could not until they died.


Then I remember that it was the same literati that said "It is only a mad man that keeps doing the same thing and expects different result." So I knew I´ve to take a different approach to Nigeria´s problem. In it, my searchlight rested on the literati. I found out how they got many things wrong. I noticed that the government is like the goat I read about in a compatriot´s essay. And the literati are only interested in shooing it away and thereby winning accolades and prominence whereas my own life remains the same if not worse.


Now in my own eyes the govnmt is as guilty as the literati. Nigerian govnmnt is rotten no doubt. And all its excesses should be checked continually. But what have the bookworms profit me all this years? Nothing! If we were to swap the whole unthinking politicians with the literati, would there be a change? No! IBB demonstrated this beyond reasonable doubt. Tai Solarin had to apologize for failing to implement many ideas he had.

Where then lies the problem? Imagine we had 360 enlightened reps, 109 men of values as senators. Do you think Nigeria will be the way it is today? So if problems of government could be solved by enlightenment, why should I specialize in shooing a recalcitrant goat away? So what is the meaning of enlightenment? It is a state of being filled with light. So when you are enlightened, you have light and you radiate light.

And this light is the light

And this light is the light of your Reason. I do not intend to pretend as if I have this light. I´m just a seeker after it. All I know is that the love of the truth is a pointer to it. Now you have been told to google for enlightenment. There is nothing bad in that, except that if it were to be found just like that, Africa would not have been in darkness for this long. There are many things to say about this topic but I do not have the space. Moreover it is the job of the literati, that profess burning patriotism, to excite your minds to the love of wisdom not an inconsequential farmer like me.

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