War Crimes Trial of General Yakubu Gowon By Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo

While answering questions from newsmen on Chinua Achebe’s memoir, There Was A Country, General Yakubu Gowon said he was proud of what his administration did during the war and was ready to be tried for war crimes. "I am prepared to face the International Criminal Court of Justice at the Hague for prosecution over roles played by me while the 13-month civil war lasted,” the former Head of State said.

Act One Scene One:

The World Court is in session at The Hague. Room 209: Presiding Judge is Mr. Frank Willard. Prosecuting attorney is Mr. Akpamgbo. Defense attorney is Mr. Harcourt. And the defendant is General Yakubu Gowon.
Akpamgbo: Good afternoon. Could you please state your name for this court?

Gowon: General Yakubu “Jack” Dan-Yumma Gowon.

Akpamgbo: Were you the leader of Nigeria during the Nigeria-Biafra war?

Gowon: Yes, Sir.

Akpamgbo: State briefly your function as Head of State.

Gowon: My solemn duty was to keep Nigeria one. It was a task that had to be done. And I did it.

Akpamgbo: Beside that, what other responsibilities did you have?

Gowon: To get that knucklehead of a man called Emeka Ojukwu and show him pepper.

Akpamgbo: You were the chief security officer of the country, right?

Gowon: I was?

Akpamgbo: Like the man in charge of providing security to all of your people, correct?

Gowon: I guess so.

Akpamgbo: A “guess” is not good enough for this court. The security of the citizens of that country was entrusted onto you, right?

Gowon: Yes, except for the people in Biafra. They were not under my tent.

Akpamgbo: But you still considered them Nigerians?

Gowon: Yes and no.

Akpamgbo: What do you mean?

Gowon: The civilians, yes. The rebel soldiers, no.

Akpamgbo: Before we get to the events of the war itself, General, please remind this court why you could not provide security for the people of Eastern

Nigeria that led to the second wave of the pogrom in September of 1966?

Gowon: It was a fluid situation.

Akpamgbo: Meaning?

Gowon: People were mad at them all over the country.

Akpamgbo: Do you know why?

Gowon: Because they killed the political leaders of the North and West and left their own leaders.

Akpamgbo: Who killed the leaders?

Gowon: Igbo people.

Akpamgbo: Igbo people had a meeting and decided to kill political leaders of the North and the West?

Gowon: No. It was more complicated than that.

Akpamgbo: So make it simple so that an elementary school kid can understand it.

Gowon: There was a coup plotted mainly by Igbo soldiers and the coup plotters killed…

Akpamgbo: (Interrupting) So Igbo people did not plan a coup?

Gowon: Not exactly. No, they did not. Igbo soldiers did.

Akpamgbo: So, again, why were people mad at them all over the country?

Gowon: Because they left their part of the country and went to other parts of the country to live.

Akpamgbo: What was wrong with that?

Gowon: They did not live quietly. They did not behave like strangers in their host communities. They were dominating everything and making noise about it.

Akpamgbo: Oh.

Gowon: And they thought and still think they are better than others, arrogantly assigning themselves the title of the chosen ones.

Akpamgbo: Why do they feel that way?

Gowon: You should ask them.

Akpamgbo: You’re the one saying so, therefore I’m asking you.

Gowon: They think they are Jews but they are not Jews.

Akpamgbo: They belong to the proto-Bantu language group, a branch of the Niger-Congo language family…

Attorney Harcourt: Objection!

Gowon: Let me answer him. I know they are not Jews because they did not kill Jesus.

Akpamgbo: But it is okay for them to suffer pogrom like those who killed Jesus?

Judge: Counsel, where is this line of questioning leading us?

Akpamgbo: I will get there, Your Honor.

Judge: The sooner the better.

Akpamgbo: So General, please tell this court, before the British came and amalgamated Nigeria, were these people of Eastern Nigeria migrating to other parts of the country to dominate and make noise about it?

Gowon: No.

Akpamgbo: So this behavior from them had something to do with the coming of the British?

Gowon: Yes.

Akpamgbo: Did they stop other people from moving to their part of the country?

Gowon: They won’t sell land to other people.

Akpamgbo: Was it because people in Kano, Lagos and Port Harcourt were selling their lands that made these Eastern people to leave their homeland to move to the North, West and South?

Gowon: Not really.

Akpamgbo: What attracted them?

Gowon: I think it was government jobs, employment and business opportunities.

Akpamgbo: Were there not such opportunities in their homeland?

Gowon: I don’t know. Maybe. Or maybe not.

Akpamgbo: If the British had made Enugu the first capital of Nigeria, do you think people from all over Nigeria would have descended into Enugu the way they descended on Abuja as soon as the Federal Government moved there?

Gowon: I guess so.

Akpamgbo: You guess?

Gowon: I never looked at it that way.

Akpamgbo: Have you ever tried to buy a piece of land in the East but could not?

Gowon: Why would I want to?

Akpamgbo: Why not?

Gowon: There is no federal government presence there. What will I do with the land?

Akpamgbo: Grow maize, cassava or raise chickens.

Gowon: I am not a farmer. I am a prayer warrior.

Akpamgbo: Then you build a church.

Gowon: We only build churches along Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

Akpamgbo: But you are so sure the people of Eastern Nigeria won’t sell land to you?

Gowon: That’s what everyone says.

Akpamgbo: Everyone also says that they like money. How come they won’t sell land for money?

Gowon: I don’t know. I guess they are so attached to their lands.

Akpamgbo: So attached that they will leave the land to move to other parts of the country?

Gowon: You should ask them.

Akpamgbo: I’m asking you based on what you are saying. Before the war, they were assimilating, speaking the languages of their host communities, building new homes there and abandoning their homeland. They were the quintessential Nigerians. The worry amongst their folks at the homeland was that they were forgetting where they came from. Wasn’t that the purpose of a united country where out of many you become one irrespective of tribe and tongue?

Gowon: I don’t know anymore. Stop asking me these disjointed questions. What have they got to do with why I am here?

Akpamgbo: Do you need time to think about them?

Gowon: No.

Attorney Harcourt: Objection Your Honor.

Judge: Objection sustained. Counsel, I suggest you go straight to the case.

Akpamgbo: Thank you, Your Honor. General, do you understand the charges you face?

Gowon: Yes, Sir.

Akpamgbo: Crime against peace. Violations of the laws and customs of war. And crime against humanity. Two million Igbo children and women died under your watch.

Attorney Harcourt: Objection Your Honor. Counsel is leading my client.

Judge: Objection sustained. Counsel, focus on facts.

Akpamgbo: General, is it a fact that millions of children died due to malnutrition in Biafra?

Gowon: Yes. But I had nothing to do with it.

Akpamgbo: I did not ask you if you had anything to do with it.

Gowon: I just want to put it out there.

Akpamgbo: Since it is already out there, why did they die?

Gowon: I guess because they could not find food to eat.

Akpamgbo: Why was that?

Gowon: I don’t know. I wasn’t supposed to feed them and fight them at the same time.

Akpamgbo: Did Biafrans ask you to feed them?

Gowon: No.

Akpamgbo: So why did you just say that you weren’t supposed to feed them and fight them at the same time?

Gowon: I guess it was part of our war propaganda.

Akpamgbo: Were you at the meeting where a decision to blockade Biafra was made?

Gowon: Yes.

Akpamgbo: As the head of state you had the final say on any decision your government made?

Gowon: Yes.

Akpamgbo: Was it possible that your government could take a decision you did not agree with?

Gowon: No. I was a general. I’m still one.

Akpamgbo: Of course, you are. So there were no people behind the scene controlling you?

Gowon: I was no man’s puppet. Stop going round and round like a fearful antelope. Ask your question.

Akpamgbo: Did your government impose a total blockade of Biafra?

Gowon: Yes.

Akpamgbo: What was air, land and sea blockade of Biafra intended to achieve?

Gowon: To force them to give up their secessionist agenda and return to Nigeria.

Akpamgbo: Did that happen?

Gowon: No.

Akpamgbo: If I remember correctly, when it started, you called the international media and assured the world that what you called ‘police action’ would end in four weeks. Was that right?

Gowon: War is war. Nothing is guaranteed. Once you go that route, the war route, you’ve signed on for – basically, as long as it takes.

Akpamgbo: Did you think about what the blockade might do to women and children in Biafra who had nothing to do with the massacre and political crises that led to the war?

Gowon: It was not my job to think for them. Their leaders who declared war should have thought about that.

Akpamgbo: You said their leaders declared war. Did they?

Gowon: They declared Biafra which meant a declaration of war.

Akpamgbo: So why did you negotiate to allow foreign charities to send food by land corridor?

Gowon: Out of sympathy for their women and children who were suffering.

Akpamgbo: It was not because you were arm-twisted by your foreign backers?

Gowon: Everything I did was for the interest of Nigeria. Not for any other country.

Akpamgbo: What was Nigeria’s interest in seeing that Biafran women and children did not die?

Gowon: Because they had nothing to do with the conflict. They were simply misled by their leaders.

Akpamgbo: So when you saw that children were dying of kwashiorkor, you did what again?

Gowon: We made a generous offer to open a food corridor but their leaders rejected it.

Akpamgbo: Do you know why the Biafran leaders rejected such a generous offer to help their dying populace?

Gowon: I think you should ask them. My guess is that they never really wanted food. They were satisfied with their goal of using images of starving women and children to gain the sympathy of the world.

Akpamgbo: Did they offer an alternative plan?

Gowon: Well, they asked me to allow them to bring relief by air.

Akpamgbo: And you jumped at it to help their women and children?

Gowon: No.

Akpamgbo: Why not?

Gowon: I rejected it because I knew they would have used such opportunity to smuggle arms and weapons into Biafra.

Akpamgbo: Oh, I see.

Gowon: Yes.

Akpamgbo: So let the children die. After all, they were just collateral damages.

Gowon: I was just focused on ending the war quickly.

Akpamgbo: Even if it meant letting millions of children die?

Gowon: They had an option – an option that allowed us to make sure that the food didn’t come with arms.

Akpamgbo: Look at this with me. There was a massacre of the Ngas people in Lur and all around Kanke local government area of your Plateau state by the Hausa-Fulani. A war ensued thereafter between the Ngas and the Hausa-Fulani. And the Hausa-Fulani are strafing your towns and villages, killing women and children in market places. Then in the midst of it all, they offer to open a corridor from their land to Lur to bring in food to save the same women and children they are killing by air. Will your people take it?

Attorney Harcourt: Objection Your Honor. Counsel’s statement is too hypothetical.

Akpamgbo: Will you accept and eat food that has been touched by an enemy that is busy wiping out everything that is movable in your land?

Attorney Harcourt: Objection Your Honor. This is an irrelevant and unfair comparison.

Judge: Objection over-ruled. Please answer the question.

Gowon: I guess I will not.

Akpamgbo: You guess? Remember your people are dying of hunger and cannot get food from any other path since the Hausa-Fulani villagers won’t allow air-lifting of food.

Gowon: I will not

Akpamgbo: Thank you.

Gowon: But-

Akpamgbo: Before we get to the but, there was an offer for Nigeria to inspect the planes carrying the food for arms at a neutral country in Africa before they fly directly into Biafra. Why did you reject that?

Gowon: That would have been too laborious to implement effectively in a war situation.

Akpamgbo: So it was better for the women and children to die?

Gowon: The Biafran leaders had an option to end the suffering.

Akpamgbo: The same option you just rejected for your people?

Attorney Harcourt: My Lord, counsel is leading my client.

Judge: Counsel, go straight to the point.

Akpamgbo: Were your commanding officers during the war taking orders from you?

Gowon: Of course.

Akpamgbo: They were doing what you asked them to do?

Gowon: What else did you expect? I was the commander-in-chief.  

Akpamgbo: Including Gen. Benjamin Adekunle and Gen. Ibrahim Haruna?

Gowon: Obasanjo. All of them.

Akpamgbo: Did you order Gen. Haruna to massacre civilians in Asaba, Owerri and Ameke-Item?

Gowon: I apologized for that, didn’t I?

Akpamgbo: Did you order him to carry out those operations?

Gowon: I demanded that my generals win the war by any means necessary.

Akpamgbo: When he committed those atrocities, did you take any disciplinary action?

Gowon: I had a war to win.

Akpamgbo: Gen. Ibrahim Haruna told the Oputa panel that he had no regret for the massacres.

Gowon: What matters is that I apologized.

Akpamgbo: Were you aware of the Geneva Convention while you were prosecuting the war?

Gowon: I was only 33 years old.

Akpamgbo: You were not aware of what the Geneva Convention says?

Gowon: No.

Akpamgbo: And none of your advisers informed you?

Gowon: None.

Akpamgbo: Including the smart ones like Obafemi Awolowo, Anthony Enahoro and Allison Akene Ayida?

Gowon: None.

Akpamgbo: And the British advisers did not mention it to you?

Gowon: None that I could recall.

Akpamgbo: Were you never taught about it at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst?

Gowon: Not at all.

Akpamgbo: Is it possible that you were taught but you forgot?

Gowon: No, I would have remembered such an important thing.

Akpamgbo: What is important about it?

Gowon: It specifically says how wars should be prosecuted to minimize harm to civilians.

Akpamgbo: If you were to find yourself in a similar position today will you take the same decision you took then?

Attorney Harcourt: Objection My Lord: irrelevant and hypothetical inference.

Gowon: Let me answer him.

Akpamgbo: Please do.

Gowon: God forbid! God won’t place me in such a situation again.

Akpamgbo: What if God does not forbid?

Gowon: I’m a prayer warrior. The God that I worship and pray to everyday won’t let that be my portion again.

Akpamgbo: By the way, why must you keep Nigeria one?

Gowon: Because God created Nigeria. If God didn’t want us as one, he would not have created Nigeria.

Akpamgbo: No, General. God did not create Nigeria. The British did. Unless you are implying that the British are God.

Gowon: I haven’t said such a thing.

Akpamgbo: Why didn’t you fight when Southern Cameroon left Nigeria?

Gowon: Because they decided to leave Nigeria via a vote.

Akpamgbo: And you did not consider the declaration of Biafra a vote to leave?

Gowon: Nobody asked the Easterners to vote.

Akpamgbo: If the UN had asked them to vote and they voted to leave, would you have respected their wishes?

Gowon: Nigeria as it is now constituted is one nation made by an infinite God, indivisible from now till eternity.

Judge: Counsel, where are you going with this line of questioning?

Akpamgbo: Sorry Your Honor. I will round it up. General, so you killed all those women and children to keep Nigeria one. And then what? What did you gain? Boko Haram? The turning of your beautiful Plateau state into a kill-and-go valley? And what is a general like you doing about it? Going around praying while your people are being slaughtered? What kind of general does a pitiful thing like that? You take delight in bringing shame to real generals like Napoleon Bonaparte. I presume it must be a case of why cry when you can pray. Not even the ragtag Biafra soldiers with wooden guns stoop that low. How do you sleep at night? What kind of evil is worse than saying to distressed passengers in your doomed bus, I won’t let you out. I won’t even let you jump off through the window. You all must plunge into the lagoon with me?

Harcourt: Objection, Your Honor.

Judge: Counsel!

Akpamgbo: No further questions.

Gowon: Your Honor, it’s important for the court to know that I implemented a “no victor, no vanquished” policy after the war. I gave Igbo people who had money in Nigerian banks 20 pounds each. It may not be up to the money they had in their bank accounts before the war but it was enough. I did not want them to suffer. I waited until1972 before I implemented the indigenization decree. By then, the Igbo had recovered enough to participate. And they did. That’s why they are back in control of things. If you doubt me, go to places like Abuja and Lagos. You tell me, who owns most of Lagos and Abuja? I like Igbo people. Some of my best friends are Igbos.

Judge: Counsel, any more questions?

Akpamgbo: No further questions.

Gowon: It is not a crime to serve one’s country or to save it. I did not instigate an aggressive war. Ex post facto punishment is not justice. There was no evidence of systematic brutality in the moral choices I made. I tried to execute a humane war. I admit I was misled in some instances. Some people exploited my naivety. God is my witness. I like Igbo people. I have prayed for them every day since the end of that war. They are like the engine that runs that country. Some of my best friends are Igbos.

Judge: Counsel, any more questions?

Akpamgbo: No further questions.

Judge: The defendant can step aside. We will adjourn for 10 minutes.

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Please do not insult my

Please do not insult my General.


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Your tone shows a deep hatred

Your tone shows a deep hatred for the Igbo race. When you want to criticize, you do based on fact and not sentiment. These people you hate so much, are there no good side of them? Yes, agreed your race went to school and today, they are well placed in the Nigerian society. What about the Igbos? They went into a war that took them backward till date. When the counter coup d'tat of 1966 happened, the Western Military Governor,Fajuyi Adekunle was killed by the ruthless Hausas, yorubas did nothing, even the second in command Ogundipe ran away like the coward he is. You people (yorubas) are cowards, period!

God hears the cry of the shepherd before the wolf enters the pen

Ezekiel 33:6-7 But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes the life of one of them, that man will be taken away because of his sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for his blood.’ "Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me.
************No, God is not a wicked God but he will hear the cry of the shepherd before the wolf enters the pen.

Dere was a country,u shud

Dere was a country,u shud learn frm history.dnt b a man of misconception.

Trial of General Yakubu Gowon in Hague

Listen Rudolf you can simulate the trial of General Yakubu Gowon in Hague or anywhere as much as you like, it is of no effect. It is a pity that someone like you who is expected to have a bit common sense is seriously lacking it. Why that there are no deep thinkers among the Igbos who could liberate them from their abysmal way of reasoning why why, even the most enlightened among the Igbos like chinua Achebe always reason like a kindergarten school pupil, this is a shame.

Three judgment awaits Gowon

I hope you know what you're saying? What do you guys take God for. A fool-hardy and a low-wit wicked man who will act according to your will. You should check yourself to see if you know God.

Achebe is an ethnic chauvinist

Dr. Osuji’s in one of his article, stated that Achebe is an ethnic chauvinism.He also wrote, “Achebe is a simple story teller not a social scientist or someone that could be refer to as an intellectual, his novels are of secondary school variety and lack what, for lack of a better phrase, can be called philosophical and psychological thinking. Achebe writes for teenagers but not for adults. His reasoning tends not to be analytic; his writing is what one would expect from a secondary school graduate but not from a sophisticated thinker who understands the nature of man and the ways of the world. Achebe tends to appeal to his reader’s emotions and not to their reason.” Let all Igbo people know today there was no a country.

@Johnudoh What is there to envy about Igbo!!!

Is there anything to be envied about Igbo? Nothing. Igbo has no good quality as human being to be envied. What have Igbos achieved as group before or after Nigeria independent. I challenge anyone to list Igbos achievement as group in this forum . The Igbos are stupidly associating individual selling second cloths and plastic shoes from India as achievement. During the regional government before independent when Nigeria has three region North, East and West, Nnamdi Azikwe and Igbo leaders in power had no clue how to run a government and bring about tangible developed, hence nothing happened in the east. Meanwhile western region by then was developing at a fast rate with visible and tangible result under the able leadership of Chief Obafemi Awolowo this was acknowledge even by the British colonial master and they were scared of it. The problem with Chinua Achebe and Igbo is that they lack good judgement and balance in their world view which is rather unfortunate.

Igbo can never have

Igbo has never had leader, can never have leader and will never have a leader. Nnamdi Azikiwe ruled in Igboland from 1952 to 1960 he achieved nothing, other than he presided over a rag tag government.Check out Awo's performance in the same period . Zik and Igbo form alliance with NPC Hausa/Fulani party to form the government after independent with Zik as president he turned Nigeria to a banana republic. Igbo soldier introduced military coup to Nigeria. Aguyi Ironsi a stupid igbo army general as military head of state cancelled regional government and introduced unitary type of government. Ojukwu gave Igbo people cutlasses and sticks, line them up to fight against federal government who were armed with AK47, military tanks, bombs and fighter jets etc, when there was opportunity for peaceful resolution. Yet Chinua Achebe and Igbo in their stupidity would like to blame Awo and Yoruba for their woes.

@Johnudoh you are a fool

@Johnudoh is a fool, Awolowo introduced free education in the west in 1955. The first oil was drilled in brass in 1958, by then western region was already a prosperous region.Built the first TV station in Africa before Nigeria independent before France,built the tallest building in Africa, build 60,000 capacity stadium,has the best road network, give out unlimited scholarship to its citizens to study at the world most prestigious universities, has the highest concentration of educated black people in the world. The youngest Africa to be awarded DSc for his invention in engineering by Imperial college London Prof Ayodele Awojobi was a Yoruba man,a degree rarely awarded to a scholar under the age of forty. Igbo are mistaking Yoruba fair mindedness, modesty and ability to always do a thorough impact analysis before making a decision about any issue as a sign of weakness. Igbo will continue to dig a pit and will always fall inside that pit themselves.

Are Igbo Jews??

It is very clear that the Igbos has deep seated inferiority complex for the Yorubas. Although there isn’t much success to talk about in Nigeria or Africa today, no matter how much noise the Igbo will like to make, Yoruba are ahead of them. Having realised that Yoruba are much more highly educated, highly sophisticated, always with a balance view and measured approach towards any issue or situation, Igbos are unable to cope. Yoruba operated best in a fair environment with hierarchical structure where there is command and control and orderly ways of doing things and resolving issues. Igbo on the contrary strive in a chaotic and primitive environment where the law of the jungle prevail ,this is the attitude they are foolishly referring to as being Jewish, just like the Somalians in the horn of Africa always refer to themselves as the Jew of Africa. They have no idea what are the characteristics of a Jew, they are animals in human clothing not Jews

@Johnudoh - Hausa/Fulani alliance

@Johnudoh you have no idea who is a coward, go and read about Oyo empire then come and talk to me on this forum. The root cause of Nigeria problem today is the Igbos. Their greediness, tribalism and self centeredness is unparalleled. Fairness is not in their dictionary, NO. Many times I wonder why is it so difficult to find an Igbo Man or woman with a bit of common sense. Igbo talk about Yoruba aligning with the Hausa/Fulani when in actual fact they have never. It was Zik and igbo who form alliance with Hausa/Fulani to form the first government in Nigeria after independent . Alex Ekwueme and igbo form alliance with Hausa/Fulani party NPN again in second republic to form the goverment. When Ojukwu returned from exile he joined the NPN an Hansa/Fulani party. Hausa/Fulani anointed Obasanjo to become Nigeria president, Yoruba never voted for him, but Igbos did. Igbos are big fools and are like pigs they cannot see beyond their nose, always looking down because of what they want to eat.

Chinua Achebe and Igbo Emotional Backmail

Chinua Achebe and Igbo have the mind set of an armed robber,who carried out a robbery unaware that another citizen witnessed the incident. The good citizen now reported the robbery to the police. The police thereafter arrested the robber charge him to court, found him guilty and consequently sentenced him. This armed robber turned around to blame the eye witness, the police and the judge. As far as he was concerned what he did was right. It was the good citizen, police and the judge that were wrong. Until Igbo understand that what you sow is what you are going to reap and in multiple folds they will continue to fall upon their own sword. Awolowo and the Yoruba has extended hand of fellowship to the Igbo in so many ways yet they continue to pay back with lies, ungratefulness and emotional blackmail. The unitary system of government we all are suffering from to in Nigeria was introduced by Aguyi Ronsi, a stupid Igbo army general.

that is two thousandth

that is two thousandth percent...a drop in the bucket. either way, it is bound to happen by war or natural disaster ala flooding - nemesis? karma? population control? malthusian theory? someone has to keep the cockroaches in check before they multiply and spread diseases.

The danfodio descendants will

The danfodio descendants will use instrument of their terror to hijack power back to our overall detriment. let us push for restructuring of this country now for the good of our future generation. No amount of falsehood wil triumph over the truth. The nemesis is already catching up with all those that masterminded the greatest genocide of the Modern history.

The defacto leader during the

The defacto leader during the war Awolowo attempt to rule Nigeria ended in ignominous defeat in the hand of an unknown Hausa-fulani opponent. Going by the chains of events after the war till now, one could see that those who connived to massacre the Igbos only failed into the pit already dug by the Fulanis to further the Danfodio conquest. The Fact that a once beaten Obasanjo used the greatest of tricks to pay them back in their own coin by handing power to their son who had terminal health issues which eventually led to power falling into the hands of their perceived conquered teritory, this gave birth to another progrom which is currently savaging the North the same way it happened in the sixties. Southerners and Northern christians/Minorities know your real enemy, the Igbos you sought to exterminate during the war out of envy were never your enemy, we are all reaping what we have sowed.

The biggest losers of the war

The biggest losers of the war wasn't the Igbos as you fools may want to believe, The South West and the Northern Christians were actually the biggest losers of the war, because during the war they were made important without knowing that their fulani Lords had another plan off their sleaves, they used them to displace the Igbos from the affairs of the country only for their real masters the fulanis to shove them aside once the time is ripe for them, they did that using Murtala Mohammed, The Northern christians/minorities made several attempt to wrestle power back through Dimka but failed, tried with vatsa and also the famous Orkar coup all ended in failure

@Festus Toju, Your coward

@Festus Toju, Your coward amala and ewedu eating father is the biggest fool, you idiots with all your acclaimed free education of the early sixties could only join cattle rearing Hausa-fulanis to outwit the Igbos only to allow them to control the affairs of Nigeria with their poor grasp of western education which led to Backward state of Nigeria today. It is only when matters concerns the Igbos you lazy internet warriors will jump on it like fools that you truly are, it does not surprise me as most of you may be those whose fathers has sold off their houses to Igbos without living anything for you fools. It is not our fault that we fought hard to succeed in Nigeria even in the midst of extreme adversities. Let you idiots note it that should the current boko upheavals spiral into another war, you fools will surely have a bitter story to tell, since you have continued to see the Igbos as your enemy even when they have done a lot to develop you idiots Land.

@ 8 :37! How About Having Your Sweet Nigeria without Biafra?

@8:37; So 50,000 killed was very small for you to be called a pogrom? Senseless fellow, prosecute those, including Gowon, that had a hand in making 2 million Biafra children die of starvation - 1967-1970 - It aims to exclude a future in which it may become your people's turn to be mass murdered. For 42 years after, Nigeria has censored information, reading materials and stories about the Biafra genocide, yet it has been gathering storm by the day. You can't cover the moon? By the way, an abused spouse has been asking to leave a wedlock, and you have been refusing it; why are you and your lot not ashamed of this? Your cock and bull, divide and rule, story of Igbo marginalising smaller neighbours is now a story for minions; outdated tactic! Igbo never killed Saro Wiwa and Ogoni 8, Igbo never wiped out Odi and Gbaramaturu. Igbo never used oil exploration to destroy habitats of its smaller neighbours. Igbo merely went to their lands to trade, and possibly build houses.


are you writing for ndigbo or for a balanced audience? why SR let you get away with this IGBO PROPAGANDA??? you tell me you can be objective spewing garbage from both sides? screams of progrom when only so called 50k were killed and yet they allowed you to rise again, gave you a second chance just like SR is giving you a chance to spew your garbage and you think some one owes you shit. constantly crying about marginalization YET you are the ones marginalizing your smaller neighbours. just shut up and move on assholes!!!


Rudolph, this is a whole lot of hogwash! Sounds more like some pre-kindergarten doscussing on their way to Church rather than what would ever play out in a real court.

Great Nigeria Without Biafra

Can anyone (without a bias)tell me why it is always a debate any time an Igbo man or people suggests the possibility of an Igbo nation?

If you pay attention to world affairs, recently Scottland asked Britain to let them out of the United Kingdom and without a bloodshed Britain has agreed to a referendum on secession.That's the difference between civilized and barbaric people.

If the Igbos are as horrible as described by all accounts, why not let them go for the sake of GREAT NIGERIA.

Gowon , civil war episode

A good satire, Corrigendum : General Murtala Mohammed carried out the massacre of elderly men, women, children and inmobile young men of Asaba in october 1967 after his failed attempt to roll into onitsha with his murderous convoy through the magnificent bridge, not lbrahim Haruna who took over from Murtala in 1968 after is misadventurous 'holocaust' at abagana .

@Naija East Coast

My only point is, even if Biafra succeeded or it hadn't, with GOOD LEADERSHIP those unfortunate ratings would not have been attained.

My quarrel is with those who are subtly insinuating that Nigeria's woes arose because of Biafra's failure to secede.

I am not making this up. Read between the lines; you'll notice the link.

Chinua Achebe is an Old Fool at 82

Chinua Achebe and Igbos are driven and motivated by vanity and primitive acquisition of wealth, they operate under the law of the jungle where anything goes and winner takes all. They act without considering the consequences of their action. They do no impact analysis on any project they are about to embark upon especially when it relates to another race or tribe . They lack sense of fairness and balance in their world view. They act foolishly all the time and when their foolish act bounce back on them in geometrical proportion they cry foul. Chinua Achebe at 82 is a foolish old man will remain frustrated for the rest of his life for his moronic and unwarranted attacked on Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Yoruba. Awolowo promoted equality&fairness among all Nigeria regardless tribe throughout his lifetime. This he demonstrated while he was premier of west all ethnic group were treated fairly and equally. Azikwe and Igbos brutally dominated and oppressed ethic minority in east

@Benjani, Britain's amalg. worked, Nigeria's refused to work.

@Benjani, Britains amalgamation worked because the nations amalgamated had commonly shared value systems. In Nigeria, the three biggest tribes, Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa/Fulani have literally no commonly shared value systems. The other minority tribes are just suffering the cold war between the three big tribes WHO ARE ALWAYS SCHEMING TO UNDO THE REST. So the best thing is to allow Nigeria split into as many COMFORTABLE COUNTRIES as possible. After the split, any body that does not like the new country he finds himself can shift to another; or remain to accept whatever practices he found himself in the new country. The earlier we stop this intimidation and divide and rule practice for the sake of crude oil, the better. For 52 years we cannot build a nation from Nigeria. What are you waiting for?

@atinsola, To avoid Rwanda, let Biafra go. Simple.

@atinsola, You said "we all know, Nigeria is divide(d)sic, and war should be the last option to separate." Yes we agree. But what are we still waiting for before separation? For oil in the Nigerdelta to finish? It is not finishing tomorrow, so must we be wobbling in this impracticable One Nigeria for how long more? Why do you people so evade facts for pecuniary purposes? You do not understand that if some people had been tried for war crimes in Nigeria, human lives may have been taken much more serious by now. Gowon himself has asked to be taken to the Hague. It is only the devilish contraption of apex political leadership in Nigeria that is shielding him from the ICJ. Or is it because your Yoruba are not yet grossly victims of the endless blood shed that started nearly immediately after the amalgamation of the north and south of Nigeria that makes you want to wait?

Ogoo We are proud of you, Rudolf! Forget Sweet Crude lovers here

Meanwhile let's hope Nigerians shall one day soon understand the importance of sending Gowon et al to the Hague. Blames need to be apportioned to whoever merits it regarding the scorched-earth approach Nigeria adopted against Biafra during the 30 month civil war. The aim is to avoid future occurrence, to restore the now lost sanctity of human life in Nigeria. Ogoo, you are great! May the ink in your pen ever flow! It is only some one who loves his fatherland that can piece this marvelous work together. Let those lovers of sweet crude that pretend they love One Nigeria wag their mouths in there bids to insult you. They are only driven by diffidence. They can do anything, say anything to intimidate and divide people in the old southeastern region in order to sustain access to oil revenues from the area. Let them explain reasons why an abused spouse asks to be left out from a wedlock and the wicked partner continues to object?
Well done, Ogoooooo!

everyside mistake

The war was a mistske from all sides but one question still need to be answered " After the war, Nigeria how far? Or 45years after Aburi Nigeria Quo Vadis?

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