What Really Happened In The Garden Of Eden? By Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo

In Genesis 32: 25, Jacob wrestled with God. The Bible says that, God touched “the hollow of his (Jacob’s) thigh.” In Genesis 47: 29, when Jacob was near his death, he asked Joseph to swear an oath not to bury him in Egypt by, “putting your hand under my thigh.” What does ‘thigh’ in those expressions mean? Who puts his hand under someone’s thigh to swear? Was it an ancient tradition? Does ‘thigh’ refer to something else in Hebrew, the original language of the Jews used in the Old Testament scripts? Or was it a euphemism?

Ziony Zevit, a professor of Biblical Literature and Northwest Semitic Languages at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles states that the world “tsela” in Hebrew does not mean ‘rib’ as translated in Genesis. He said that it means ‘side’ literally. In his book, “What Really Happened in the Garden of Eden?” he suggested that ‘rib’ does not make sense in the story of creation that was littered with sexual innuendo. He said that the writers of the book of Genesis used ‘tsela’ as a euphemism for ‘baculum’ – penis bone- found in Chimpanzee, gorilla and males of other mammals. There is no term for penis in Biblical Hebrew. In a way, the story in Genesis provides a mythological explanation for the lack of this bone in man.
Put in that context, the line of the Bible that says, “And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and He took the bone of Adam’s rib and made him a woman” will then read that God took the bone of Adam’s penis.
Translation is hard. Translating a text written and rewritten by many writers straight from oral tradition is a lot harder. It is a hardest when the translation is ordered by people with a particular agenda.
The King James Version of the Bible was 400 years old last year.
In 1604, King James I of England gathered 54 scholars at the Hampton Court Conference, all member of the Church of England, to translate the Bible into English. The King was concerned about problems in the available translations of the Bible. Out of the 54 scholars gathered, 47 finished the work in 1611.
The scholars were divided into six groups. Each group was responsible for a different part of the Bible. Some were based in Oxford, some in Cambridge while others were in London. They based their work on the Tyndale Bible, the first printed Bible translation into English from Hebrew and Greek, and on the Bishop’s Bible of 1568. The John Wycliffe Bible was the first English translation of the Bible in a manuscript form. It was banned in 1409 but its texts showed up in the Latin Vulgate. Tyndale Bible was succeeded by the Great Bible of 1539. The Reformed Protestants based in Geneva under John Calvin revised the Tyndale Bible and the Great Bible to produce the Geneva Bible.
The King James Version became the third printed translation of the Bible into English.
King James’ instruction to the translators was to make sure that the new Bible conformed with the ecclesiology of the Church of England. He was also interested in getting a Bible that would reflect the Church’s belief on the ordination of clergy. The other available Bibles at that time had divergent views. The King James Version was seen as ‘a document of political and theological compromise.’
Though the first edition claimed that it was translated “out of the Original tongues,” it was clearly based on the two previous English translations. Scholars were correcting grave errors on the margins of the previous translations like one in the Great Bible where, ‘They were not obedient;’ was translated into ‘They were not disobedient.’
The scholars made draft of changes they recommended on the margins of specially printed Bishop’s Bible. They compared and revised these works. A general committee made general changes with the Archbishop of London having the final say.
The 1611 print was made before the standardization of the English language. Spelling of words, punctuation and grammar were later revised. In the preface, the translators stated that their goal was not to make a bad translation good but to make a good translation better.
Initially the new Bible was rejected by leading Bible scholars of the time. They still preferred the Latin Vulgate. It took a long time for the King James Version to become universally accepted. It reached that height in early 18th century. That was when a challenge to its text was seen as an assault on the Holy Scripture. For over 250 years, the King James Version was the dominant Bible.
Though dominant, thousands of changes have been made in the course of time. From 1638 to 1762 the text had a lot of printers’ errors. In 1631, the Eight Commandment read: “Though shall commit adultery.” That edition is often referred to as the Wicked Bible. In 1653 another error in 1 Corinthians stated that the unrighteous shall inherit the earth. That edition is called the “Unrighteous Bible.” There are greater mistranslations noticed over the years. It is so widespread that each reinterpretation seems to lead to yet another version of the Bible.
Though the King James Version of the Bible was the most influential, it was, like others before and after it, aimed at satisfying its own interest group – in this case, the Church of England. It is not impartial and its translation has been questioned over the years. As our understanding of the world of the biblical age increases, so are questions about the translations. Archaeological excavations have unearthed ancient documents that question the understandings and translations of the texts. The Bible’s continuing translation problems remain us that it a book of other people who lived in other times and spoke other languages.
“The Christian appropriation of the Jewish scripture involved allegorical or figural readings of many of the texts,” says the introduction of the Oxford World’s Classics of The Authorized King James Version of The Bible. “Often, however, these did not so much replace literal readings as complement them, so that multi-level, or polysemous, readings became the normal method of biblical interpretation.”
Unlike the Quran which is in Arabic, the language of the founder and most of the adherents, the Bible came about from scriptures written in a language that no Christian spoke. The Christians believe that the translation of the Bible was inspired. The Muslims believe that the English version of the Quran is not a translation and does not have the inspiration they find in the Arabic Quran.
The Bible, unlike the Quran, evolved from oral tradition. It was written by several writers over a long period of time and in several languages. It was put together by a committee.
The King James Version has remained the most influential translations of the Bible. It is also ranked as one of the influential books in the English language. It makes up over 15% of all American Bible purchases.
As we celebrate the birth of Christ and the 401 years of the King James Version of the Bible, we remember that we still do not know what really happened in the Garden of Eden.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Happy New-year to you.

Happy New-year to you !

dat bible and da odda one

to all da anonymi,

don't mind'em!

da trud is contained in the evangelium according to KONGI !

go an make you read:

"First Exile"

it is even available in German, and that means it is da trud,

a. Gutenberg invented the art of printing, and

b. Martin Luther (without the KING) was the very first to produce a vulgata - and you all know what that means.


stop confusing urself

The bible is the Holy book of God, everything that is written on it are all true...stop believing those people who speak against the bible, they might be possess anyway. Be careful!

To what end?

What purpose is this article meant to serve? Is it a must that an article from Rudolf must be published on Sahara Reporters? It is sad that good time and resources is being wasted by Sahara Reporters on a baseless, rudderless and incoherent piece that is neither informative nor enlightened. Or did the author visit lately with President Goodluck Jonathan? On a more serious note, Sahara reporters have to start putting in a little more effort at vetting and editing their articles for both if it intends to be taken seriously. You guys are doing a great job and should keep it up.

Why the comparison with

Why the comparison with Quran. Quoran too is just another translation of the bible with the most misinterpretation of the original text ever.


as Getrude Stein used to say,

but not always an ARSCHLOCH !

Prof-of-Indogermanic lexicology: gaskiya=naso!

He is right

This guy is actually right. The bible was written after the death of Jesus Christ. It was indeed 'inspired'... How can we be sure this accounts were not manipulated. Wonder why different churches decides which type of Bible they make use of. God knows best!

re: olodo man

@ Anonymous:
I generally don't have time for "anonymous" cowards like your ignorant self but, I deciphered the "Ogoo" in Rudolf's name that's why the first part of a two-part series was omitted. Besides, I know Rudolf personally and can confidently tell you he's part of the "Crew" at SR. So, shut up dia! Next time, pick any name when referring to my works. Pena. Aschlekker!

olodo man

Na Rudolf be Sahara reporters admin wey no publish your comment? How much more daft can you get?

you should be stoned to death for blasphey

You being a Christian questioning the authenticity of the word of Jehovah God have already condemed yourself be careful of what you write or GOD OF ISRAEL,ADEBOYE,OYEDEPO,OBADARE,OHOFFA,MOSES ORIMONLADE WILL STRIKE YOU AND YOUR OFFICE DEAD. HE WHO HAS EAR LET HIM HEAR WHAT THE SPIRIT IS SAYING. YOU ARE WARNED CHRISTIANITY IN NIGERIA IS TAKING A NEW FORM. ISAIAH 2:2.

What really happened in the garden of Eden?

All what u wrote 2 overturn d truth of d Bible didn't happen in d garden of Eden. Never happened! All d things u wrote are of greek philosophy which is all about d gods. Pagan gods. Be careful young man so that u & ur supporters don't make yourselves AGENTS of Satan & his Demons who are arch enemies of the Almighty God & have been trying without any significant success for centuries 2 putting down or dilute anything related to Almighty God. He notes it and give time for repentance to humans like u. I will strongly advise that you write another article and correct this one that d Bible's account is correct and that you were joking. Don't be proud but do it.

What is the purpose of this write-up?

What is the purpose of this write-up?

Truth will never be denied

Truth will never be denied any man if in his heart he honestly wants it. He will be led to the temple within. All we ever seek to know is within us. Try the HU (huuuuuu)

Ojoro-meister Rudolf : Ain't you stupid?

@ Rudolf Oko-okonkwo : Isn't it rather stupid of you to only publish pt.2 of my comments, you shoulda left out both instead of "cherry-picking" my works. God-less, acolholic atheist, I must have hit you hard where it hurts abi. I will be watching out for your misconduct in 2013. Aschloch, leave God out of your cowdung. Like all Rastas, you will believe one day. Pena!

@ Rudolf

Bros, you are completely out of your elements here. You claimed that Christians believe that the translations are inspired, wrong!!! Christians believe that the holy scriptures are inspired. Do not add/subtract from the holy writ for your own good...

I am very Proud of Your Writings at any time

Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo, as I have said to many of my admired writers, how I wish to meet with you to compliment the blessings you have provided to us through your frank and genuie writings that make me especially very proud to be a Nigerian(oh, I actually divorced Nigeria long time ago, but mentally still enslaved).

May the grace of our almighty God bring peace, love, joy and happiness to you and your entire house-hold this Christmas season, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013.

For the preaching of the

For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.The bible can not be subjected to academic theories.Mr Rudolph,my prayer is that God will reach out to divinely.

Simple language please

Obinna, your comments reads like so much gibberish it is preposterous. Of such nonsensical construct in the name of a sentence is the markings of total unadulterated rubbish masquerading as some higher form of doctrine. Forget it and go and rest. Nigeria can only just about cope with one certain Obayuwana of Edo State.


The original language of the bible (christian's holy book) was greek. Greeks were not christians, they were jews. An indication, the bible is not from God after all

I have no "baculum" - pt.2

@ Rudolf Okonkwo:
I can't stop searching for the "baculum" in my intromittent weapon of deep penetration. Maybe I'm deformed but, it is certainly missing. Even now I'm still checking. My beef is flabby. Maybe we need bones in them afterall, to teach those Eves some hard lessons!

A little over a year ago you wrote about a warped experiment being conducted in Cern Switzerland that was going to prove God did not create the world, some Big Bang bullshiet was responsible. In my comment then I directed you to a Temple in Sicily, Italy where you will come face-2-face with God. Obviously, you have not visited that Cathedral bcos you're scared your atheist romance will come to a prompt end. Doesn't matter. In the end, like Haile Salesia, you will beleive. An Asrtonaut once returned from Space and proclaimed: "There's a Supreme Being" ooh! Guess who that was? Keep clowning, one day God will make you blind Rudolf. That's my Xmas wish for you. Aschloch. Pena!

Adam's myth 4

What therefore makes people think the Africans, if not for the 200 years of slave trade,raids and intercine wars which were orchestrated by the white man that virtually destroyed their families cultures and histories,would not have at their own space outgrown the old primitive and cruel religious practices,evolve and refined their peculiar religious theologies without the imposition of western and eastern cultural values?Looking at the enduring religious cultures of the peoples of Asia-Buddhist and Hindu-who were not subjected to European colonial domination,can't we see the connection between religion and cultural imperialism?Pls give a break to this Adam and Eve myth.

Adam's myth 3

Is Christianity a religion of African origin? Or is it not the same European who introduced it to the Africans,who now see it as the second side of their identity?Did it ever occur to any one to ask the questions: why must he accept Jesus Christ as his personal savior ? How did this salvation idea originate and how it was pushed down the throat of Africans through psychological programming,brainwash and cultural reorientation?Does anyone ever imagine that invariably almost all cultures at different stages of their history undergo transformation,and so people through the process of thiese evolution and diffusion absorb new changes without losing the core values of beliefs and traditions?

food for thought

if science is really based o rationality and reproducibility then the big question you must tackle is- is evolution really reproducible? what is the origin of the forces that overwhelmed our primitive ancestors?


What have you by achieved calling Rudolf atheist? Name calling means nothing and reduces nothing to the person but rather it demonstrates your parochialism.Rudolf is high above and beyond you,he is a great intellectual who uses his brain and refuses to be confused or programmed by religious charlatans.You who believe in God cannot now prove you are chosen,neither can you invoke the wrath of your vengeful god against him;you cannot enjoy greater blessing of life than him;you cannot better secure our life from visscissitudes than he can for himself and you cannot demonstrate the existence of your god in more practical ways than he can express his doubt about his existence.Even when you shout Jesus!you cannot claim you are not screaming at yourself.Dough,your ignorance is both typical and legendary


My earlier submission should read: The subsequent translators of the New Testament in the Protestant Bible copied 84% materials of same section in the Tyndale Bible, while they copied 75.8% materials in the Old Testament section of the Tyndale Bible. The mix-up and ambiguity in my earlier submission are highly regretted.

A Journey Without Mission

"As we celebrate the birth of Christ and the 401 years of the King James Version of the Bible, we remember that we still do not know what really happened in the Garden of Eden" Jesus was not born in the Garden. This article tries to link the Christmas to the creation of Eve. Good try, but what is the focus? Wrong season, wrong motive, wrong attitude and incoherent organization of thought from intro to closure of the article. The article is a journey without mission.

Re: What really happened in the Garden of Eden?

The answer to this question and every other question about Life and Creation can be found in the Book: "In the Light of Truth - The Grail Message" by Abd-ru-shin.

Athiest Rudolf spending time

Athiest Rudolf spending time to research on the making of the Bible and even wishing his readers Merry Xmas! Athiest indeed !!

Adam's myth 2

No doubt at various stages of history religion played some crucial roles in the evolution of societies-the formations of social and cultural structures;political and economic foundations of states and the definitions of these relationships. But while religion was being used to shape the society according to the dictates of the ruling class who utilised and still utilses it to their greatest advantage,on a pararell scale the knowledge of science and rational thinking was also developing even at a much faster rate.And today while religion appeals to faith-a dubious term without a definite meaning-and dogmatism,science on the other hand appeals to empiricism,demonstrability,practicability,rationality and proof.
What menu are the religious bigots serving us that is not the stuff of apologetics?I wonder,but I'm really bored with all these theological hair splittings!!

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