Andy Uba/ Chibuike Achibu Affidavit Of Claim On Ibori's $15 Million Bribe

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What is wrong with these people? They are too eager to steal. A sitting federal senator blatantly tried to 419 the whole country. And many of us think this is a joke. What are the senate and presidency doing about this shameful mess? Stealing is only what they do. With Andy Uba's connection to OBJ/GEJ, this mess will be swept under the carpet like many others. Anyway, what do you expect when the boss himself is the chairman of the corrupt group?


Ribadu already very well did his part, so, don't wait for his reaction. Forget about the immunity nonsense, Andy Uba should have arrested by now. The only people who can actually stop and crush Andy Uba are his people the electorate in Anambra state. But we know that they will never do that. Everyone in Anambra knows what Uba stands for, yet they keep allowing him to represent them.
There is a culture of corruption in PDP and the leader is the president of the corrupt club.

Warning to Federal Government

Nigeria should note that Mr. Chibuike Achibu is a well-known 419 man with very high corruption network. He must have positioned himself now to claim the money. BE CAREFUL !

Nigeria is Finished

In which other country can this kind of joke take place. Brazen robbery and shamelessness. We await Nuhu Ribadu's reaction to this. Nigeria is really finished. Finito. Corruption has taken her rightful place now. We cannot wait for Ibori to serve out his time and come back to Nigeria. The real dance will start then. He will never allow all these clown to enjoy these loot and let him surfer alone.

I Agree with U my Brother

Mr Andy Uba should be flushed out completely from politics.Do not tell me that he has immunity that will stop EFCC probing this rotten and criminal move by him. Such bad eggs should never be allowed to stay in politics because they are bad examples and help to breed bad future leaders of the nation.
Fancy him for the Governor of Anambra State? - No not in the least he has very bad credentials to even be shortlisted in any party he buys his way into.