EFCC Arraigns House Of Rep Member Gebi Over Dud Cheques Worth N125m (PHOTOS)

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) today arraigned Aliyu Gebi of the House of Representatives before the Federal Capital Territory High Court, Abuja on a 13-count charge of issuing dud cheques worth over 125 million Naira to one Usman Mustapha.

According to the EFCC, one of the charges reads as follows: “That you, Hon. Aliyu Gebi, being the owner and sole signatory of Craft Technology Ltd and Craft Technology Ltd on or about the 12/01/2012 at Abuja Judicial Division of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory did obtain credit by issuing a UBA Plc cheque No. 00091852 in the sum of N10,000.000.00 (Ten Million naira)  only in favour of Musty Petroleum Ltd. which when presented within three months was dishonored on the ground that there was insufficient fund in the account and thereby committed an offence punishable under section 1 (b) (I)  of the dishonored cheque ( offences) Act, 2004 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria.”

Representative Gebi pleaded not guilty to all the charges.  His defense counsel then pleaded with the court to admit the accused person to bail as he was already on EFCC administrative bail. He further told the court that apart from the fact that the offence was bailable, the accused person presented himself to the Commission for interrogation.  The EFCC counsel did not oppose the application.

Justice Abba Mohammed granted the accused person bail on self-recognition and ordered that he deposit his international passport with the EFCC and to report to the Commission whenever he is needed.

Trial was set for February 19, 2013.

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house of criminalus

My brother from another mother, which way Nigeria ?. i really don't like make commentary on this medium cos some of this guys has turn it to an ethnic arena; forgetting issues at stake.the country is gradually grinding to a state of self destruction and the the youth are busy dance to mad beat from the drum of ethnic jingoism. ethnicity has nothing to do with corruption. we don't have values in the country.

Truth is better than anything

Yes! we do believe that you are a man of honor

Alilu Gebi should be treated on the cream he commits.

issuing Dud cheque is a crime punishable by law. now some things a want to believe that some of the people who comments on this page, dont even know the meaning of a DUD CHEQUE. but let me help to inform ignorant Nigerians that A dud cheque is a cheque issued when the issuer dose not have enough money in his or her account aimed at defrauding an organisation or an idividual. so in this case, it doesnt matter on where the person comes from or the colour of the persons skin. every body should be treated for the cream HE/SHe must hav committed rather than on ethnic sentenments. Lets try and be sincere in all that we do. Good morning to all readers.

Aliyu Gebi is Innocent

Good day to my respected compatriots, I salute you all, with the comments posted above it imply that 80% of those who posted it are brainwash by peopele deceiving people(PDP) , many of you dont know what is the meaning of PDP am here to reveal it all, PDP simply means people deceiving people as it was populary known by many Nigerians, and the colours on their flag stands for; White peace, green arable farming land and red DANGEROUS, and this RED is the DEVILISH is what PDP are Using To destroy any honest politician who is against them and who is not in support of their pandemonium, and what happnd to Aliyu Gebi, he is a good patriot he is revealing the truth that is why PDP are angry wit him and want to destroyed him, but by the grace of God Allah is with him he will protect him. Aliyu Gebi is a man of integrity honesty,people and justice, he is knowledgable, Respectable and well known to his people because of his good attitudes, this is nothing rather

@Emeka Ibe- Hmm!

No, he did not criticise the President, but made an important point, which I agree with, and urge the President to take note of. He is the President of all Nigerians, and every part of Nigeria. He must show this or demonstrate this, even through his dressing. He shouldn't dress up in such a manner as to represent or identify with HIS PEOPLE, but should aim to represent Nigeria, as a nation. As simple as this issue is, it is a very important point that could foster national unity and cohesion.

Btw, we shouldn't always see everything as criticising, provided it is done CONSTRUCTIVELY. Suggesting or proposing ideas should not be viewed as criticism, likewise giving feedback. However, it tips the cliff or the boundary when such resorts to outright abuse and insults or denigration. And only then does it become hateful and condemnable.

To think you have now added your SPIN to it, by suggesting or implying that the President is 'out to get him'.

Arraignment of Hon. Aliyu Gebi by EFCC

This guy appeared in Focus Nigeria (an AIT political program anchored by Gbenga Aruleba) just 2 days ago, criticizing everything about President GEJ, even his regular Ijaw attire. It appears the presidency wants to get even with him.

Aliyu baba gebriel(gebi) is

Aliyu baba gebriel(gebi) is an igbo man who resides un kobi football field area of bauchi state,given d opportunity to serve cos he is a progressive young nigerian.so dnt judge ppl base on dia tribe or religion.am sure sometin is fishy in dis case or I call it a drama cos gebi wil never do such a tin.


Crime, like a prostitute beckons on everyone to take a bite.

Judge him based on his criminal action, not his beard, religion, or his zone of origin.

God save Nigeria

Their should be law that

Their should be law that allows death penalty for those looter, becouse they heartless anyway, once is above a million then HANGING, all this corruption will reduce to minimum level

Boko Haram Defrauding Boko Haram= Drawing. 0:0 No Winner!

Otile, please have some sleep. These holier than thou people accusing the Igbos have nothing going for them. They are pointing fingers and the rest of their fingers are pointing back at them. I will not accuse any tribe in Nigeria of any wrong doings or I fall a victim myself. The only problem I have with the Northerners are backing of their people who engage in killing other innocent people due to their religious beliefs. They live and do businesses in towns & villages of other people without loosing their lives & properties; and they would not accord same to their fellow citizens. Whenever the Boko Haram kills & destroys properties of innocent people, what their Emirs do are nodding of their rag heads without condemning the actions of their subjects (Boko Haram). Now they're feeling the heat themselves. The Roosters have come home to roost. How does it feel Emir Ado Bayero? Otile, go get his daughter for a wife!

in defence

In defence of this fine gentleman who represents a one Nigeria. He IS progressive and cultured and intelligent and non-tribalistic. I know, because I know him. And I am neither a Muslim nor a northerner nor a CPC member. I believe tha people should be tried in fair courts of law and found guilty before people try to ruin their reputation. Can you tribalistic religiious bigots wait to hear his side first. Please, give him a break. Fine young gentleman, in a class of his own.


Yes..The Hood does NOT make d Monk..Neither does d Beard make one Holy!! So, wot hav we here?? But hey; I guess Fraud is a lesser 'sin' than say Drinkin alcohol! Or how else do u justify Bombing of Humans @ Relaxation spots while this sort of Bearded fellow will not hav his limbs amputated?? Still wonderin y it seems only d poor r tried by Sharia law..Hmmm....

let not joint issue

nigerians let not joint issue ok let for the issue in question

Na boko haram

Na boko haram

House of Criminals?

When the former number one Nigerian papalolo AKA OBJ condemned the house of reps members as bunch of criminals he was almost crucified. When the former DIG turned senator Nuhu Aliu raised a finger at the senate chambers, that he was uncomfortable in the midst of criminals he had prosecuted when he held-sway as DIG, it was almost like a thunderous moment at the senate. And, when Nigerians waited for names to be mentioned, the script was ended by senate president who cautioned Nuhu Aliu to exercise restrain. Indeed, Nigeria is a polarise nation heading to an endangered precipice.

may Allah save this country

a house of rep member who suppose to make law for the country to move forward found in the habit of dubious act. For Allah sake, what good do we expect in this country?

@oleku, U are always a tribalist, let us forget where he comes from, the illegal act he committed should be of conceren to us. If oleku, deri and others dont have important things doing pls go and rest.

The man will get 5 days in

The man will get 5 days in jail or a fine of 30 NAIRA. While those from the Niger Delta get life in jail and their properties built b4 they became governors confiscated. Ribadu seized Cyrstal Hotel from Alams in Abuja-and rented it out to his friends-no revenue accrued to the hotel throughout his stay @ efcc-yet he claims to want to fight corruption in 9ja-As for Lamordi he is corrruption personified

Nigeria of today!

I am not, and won't fret for him, but I'm encouraged that, in the end, nothing will come out of this. This is Nigeria (albeit, of today). In Nigeria of today, many are charged for corruption, but not prosecuted. Some are not charged at all for glaring crimes. Others seek bogus injunctions that 'arrests' or restrains the Police from performing their CONSTITUTIONAL DUTIES.

While, those that are even prosecuted, are slapped on their wrists, as punishment. In Nigeria of today, people walk away from court after admitting to STEALING BILLIONS. Another is still a Parliamentarian even after BEING CAUGHT ON CAMERA for DEMANDING and COLLECTING BRIBE, WHICH HE ADMITTED.

we igbos

may b he friend wit igbo man! coz froud is wht u trained for right from d childhood!.

I like the guy!

Moreover, the man in the photos looks like some progressive, fine gentleman, surprisingly of the CPC stalk, who appeared on AIT's breakfast programme, FOCUS, recently. That man had some very sound and progressive views, unlike the 'fish' brains that appeared alongside him.

I liked his mindset and views, and thought, here is a man that represents the new Nigeria. A man who sees things from the prism of 'a Nigerian', and not through ethnic proclivity. A man, who believes that a President is the President of the country, and not of a part, and must reflect this in his disposition, attitude, mien, candour and by his dressing. As simple as that sounds, but he is correct.

@Oleku. The picture looks

@Oleku. The picture looks like okoro taliban!

What a joke!

I already see this case falling flat on its face. Firstly, how can a person be the sole owner of a 'Ltd' company? A 'Ltd' company is a separate entity from its 'owners'.

Secondly, I am surprised that we still have such Laws in the country or that such cases are still prosecuted in court. How many people issue cheques in Nigeria and there is insufficient funds to honour the cheques? Although, details of the case hasn't been disclosed, but I see the case failing for lack of 'intent' or 'mens rea'.

Besides, what if fund was present at the time of issuing the cheque, but the company had since the 3 months window carried on trade with the money? And what if the company expected money that did not arrive?

Re-is this one an igbo man

Its really troubling that everything in this country will be attributed or linked to ethnicity. I believe it's people like you who are creating and magnifying such impression about Igbo people. No society or community that does not have the good and the bad ones.

God return your peace which you have taken away from Nigeria.

Is this one an Igbo man...

The man grows up in Igbo land. chikenan

Na only Igbos dey do am

@Oleku, it appears the man is a transformed Igbo, who claimed to be mallam. Na only Igbos dey do the fraud, kidnap, robbery and other forms of criminal activities in and outside Nija.

Oleku pls stop displaying

Oleku pls stop displaying this arrant nonsence.Indeed U 'r big fool who was once described as a product of leaking condom.Dude behave urslf n stop giving ethnic colouration to all issues.


Yes Olake, Ibrahims father is from Imo State thus he married his mother (RIP) who is a Hausa from Jos. His father spent morethan 65years in the north and still alive if you want to verify. You cannot alter the geographical negative identity of Nigeria, the North is now engulped with Boko Haram, The east with Militancy, Kidnapping, 419 while the south is spareheading armed robbery, pipeline vandalism and fake educational status. Unless we have a strong leadership who can face these issues squarely (not GEJ) the future will remain bleak and each of the region will continue to bear its identity

This man sure has Igbo Blood.

This man sure has Igbo Blood. His Mother is Igbo. Igbo Kwenu!!!!!!!LOL

Aliyu Gebi

Criminals are the ones representing us in the legistilative houses. See how many of them have been accused of one thing or other .Do they ever think that the whole world is reading about Nigerians from the internent ? Same on you.

Aliyu Gebi

You see the blood is still runing in his vain igbo man is always an igbo man.check the man history before posting rubbish...