Fatal Auto Accident in Abuja

17 vehicles were involved in a fatal accident along the Maraba –Yanya express road in Abuja after a trailer collided with them. Two people died.  


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That was a horrible

That was a horrible accidents, while on road we need to be careful with our driving to avoid such end. Being careful is must when you have a car, especially when you relocate to a different place you have to choose the most credible service to ship car.

The larger size of block ice

The larger size of block ice it is, the expansibility of the ice cans is larger.

This definitely has been a

This definitely has been a fateful accident, this again points out the necessity of safe driving. If we keep the safety rules in mind it would be easier for us to stay safe. If more safety features are incorporated in the car then there would be an increase in car investments.

Terrible Accident

Holly Shit ! It seems people inside the car got died on the spot. Just wondering how people drive on roads. Still we all must have the knowledge of injury claims which you can get by visiting whiplash injury claim website.

Rozar K

If we drive carefully we

If we drive carefully we could avoid having such accidents on the roads. You just have to follow the rules for safe driving. The preference of cars are changing now. Now that we are concerned about our environment concepts like electric car are gaining popularity.

Yes Ingo I have heard of cars

Yes Ingo I have heard of cars that do not need drivers too but the reviews were pretty good and the drive test was good too. I have a friend that had the chance to ride in one of those cars. He said that they are very safe for city driving but you can't brake the laws that means legal speed limit and other stuff.

Auto accidents are always

Auto accidents are always making bad effects on the drivers and its is pretty obvious to have injuries in the position of accident. You can visit the whiplash blog to gain more information on the remedies of the injuries held.

I remember that I once

I remember that I once visited a used car dealership NH and they told me: "The car is good, now all you have to do is be a good driver." I'm really working on it. Maybe "drive safe" campaigns are really needed.

I know people who can donate

I know people who can donate a car and I was wondering how come they are so generous. When I see such things though, I start thinking that not having a car is not that bad a thing. I wish you all to be safe.

Does anybody know what was

Does anybody know what was the cause of the accident? People in the area should be aware of all the details, maybe this way they get to avoid further accidents. I was involved in a car accident two years ago, it was a terrible experience but I am happy to be alive now, I see things differently. I was also lucky to have personal injury attorneys Louisiana to stand for my rights, they offered me a lot of support.


Government should look into the state of our road

PDP in action

that what they do to keep themselves in power may God safe the innocent Nigeria.


If you think you’d just be a hermit because you’re too paranoid to get out afraid that something just might catch you, think again. Many accidents happen indoors – right in the comfort of one’s home or office. Here are some tips on how to prevent accidents. You can check this at pptse.net.

Fatal Accident: Some of this faults is from the Driver

Lets be careful in accusing our leaders in every sad event. What about the drivers that will embark on steering after smoking more than 2 joint of Indian Hemp or those drivers that can not drive unless they consume some considerable amount of alcohol. What is the work of Federal Road Safety Commission? Nigeria is Hell on earth !!!

Allah Dey

One more reason to keep PDP in power

this is an interesting

this is an interesting homepage

God would judge our leaders

God would judge our leaders one day. If things were done right most of these untimely death would have been averted. May their souls rest in peace. Rotimi.

This accident would have been

This accident would have been averted but for the state of the Nigerian road and poor state of the nations traffic and security institutions.

May their souls rest in

May their souls rest in perfect peace

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