Jos Crisis - Bukuru Killings

Rocket attack by the Birom tribe from Gyel village into Bukuru town on Sunday evening at about 7:25pm.

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It amazes me how Mohammed so plagiarised the Bible old testament to arrive at peace-disruption ideology called Islam.This prophet of doom (Mohammed) concocted his so called demonic (gin) revelation just to leave the world with bloodshed forever.
Due apology to some of my peaceful Muslim friends who refused to subscribe to Mohammedanism to embrace a more rational approach to peaceful living...oh! how peaceful the world would have been without Islam. Alas we are doomed by a man who was unsure of his eternal destiny let alone leading anyone to the aljana he promised his faithful followers in Northern Nigeria who are bent on killing everyone just to be opportune d to sex 10 virgins hereafter when we have many more in 9ja that will satisfy their reprobate minds at no cost and without any bloodshed

SR Moderate certain topics

SR you need to moderate yr site if yuo do not have the res then you shoul block replies on relisious topics cos the people here have no control. The hatred its provoking is dangerous and may ultimately consume you as well.

Your god is a homo

The christians continue to abuse islam and the messenger we are forced to reply you who worship a homo sexual you called jesus. The pope a homo the catholic church priests all homos. You bastards you have killed over 200 million people on earth wasnt hitler and stalin xristians. Is ruwanada hutus and tutsi were buthered and killed 800,000 xtristians worshipping a 5 foot 2 inch jew you basterds lets come out and fight. Your bible calls to genocide it says kill all even the children and chicken you evil people. Irrational people turning a 5 foot man into god what lack of intellect


people, stop insulting yourselves on this site. How does this kind of insult help stop killing of your fellow citizens? Assuming it is your wife, Brother, Sister, father or mother or even your loved Son that is being killed, would come to SAHARA site to make this senseless talk? To me, one of the ways to get to the root of this incessant crisis is through honest and investigative journalism .This can bring about the desired peace in the Plateau, by exposing the whole rigmarole and the political shenanigans surrounding jos incessant killings of innocent lives. I believe that there’s something State and Federal governments are not telling us. You see, I personally lost loved ones and property. But at the moment, my concern is who is going to help stop this madness. Because the dimension this crisis is taking is beyond what one can read and understand in the newspapers. Do you know that University of Jos does not give admission to a Hausa/Fulani who declares jos north as his/her Local Government? This new behavioral activity of admission denial to the so call settlers has caused to a lot of the Plateau indigenes not to get admission into some Universities in the north in retaliation of what the management of University of Jos have introduced. The negative implication of this trend is not only on the individuals denied who now roams the streets as miscreants but also on the Nigerian nation which could make good leaders out of them only if they are given the chance. After all, all the Universities in question are federal owned institutions including the University of Jos.
However, the presence of Hausa/Fulani in the troubled Jos north in their large number should not be used to intimidate other tribes simply because they‘re less in number. Some people have complaint about the pomposity of Hausa/Fulani persons in the mix of various residents which is insulting and capable of sparking off conflict. Deliberately and ignorantly, the Hausa/Fulani continue to exhibit such undiplomatic tendencies which are now causing serious disaffection. The failure of Islamic leaders to thoroughly enlighten their followers on usage of the word ‘Infidel’ or ( ‘Arne’ in Hausa language )is another issue that gives room for attack on other non Muslims in Jos, especially, the Igbos who have repeatedly suffered under this disguise. Islam has never mentioned Christians as infidels anywhere either in the Qur’an or by the Prophet Muhammad. It was reported in the Islamic history that the first thing Prophet Muhammad did when he migrated to Al-Madina, was to gather all Christians, Muslims, the Jewish and others and proffered ways by which they can leave together in mutual respect and understanding. The records are available for anyone who is in doubt.
The prevalent religious upheavals in the north and other civic conflicts in Nigeria generally are not without the interest of high profile individuals. As a young man of less than 40yrs, I may be correct to say that ‘Maitatsine Riot in Kano was the worst religious crisis we have had in this Country. And as at that time, Kano state and federal government were able to curtail the problem because of their sincerity in handling the issue. How about Kaduna that used to be a hot spot of similar conflict? Former Gov. of the state; Ahmed Makarfi did not take side rather he dealt decisively with the trouble makers and now Kaduna is one of the few states that enjoy peaceful co-existence in the north. The former G.O.C of the 3RD arm division Major General Sale Maina said “ Jos crisis might not stop on time because leaders in the state who are supposed to preach peace are busy making inciting statements. The Plateau state Governor; Jonah Jang has said publicly that he is not in control of the security agents, therefore, he cannot guarantee anybody’s safety in the state. And that is why now people take laws into their hands. If today, God forbid, I kill an innocent person and I say he was about to kill me, everybody will say ‘I am right’. The Gov. was indirectly pointing at President Good Luck Jonathan that refuses to provide security for the people of the state. And truly, President GEJ lacks the will to stop the killings so as not to hurt the interests of some people. Other-wise, this is the right time for the President to come in and deal with the situation, because who knows whether those killed would have being the potential voters that he ( the President ) will count upon in the plateau. By and large, unless leaders and government officials are being investigated and prosecuted the senseless killing of innocent Citizens in Borno and Plateau states will continue. Thereby, making Nigeria like a world biggest screen where all the countries of the world continue to watch the new amazing human-human prey-predators.
My prayer is that since we find it difficult to discern the truth of the matter, may God Almighty send His curse on anybody who in one way or another has a hand in the killing of innocent people. May God surround the master minders with sickness, poverty, lack of wisdom, Mental disorder and may their blood be less in value when compare to the water in the gutter. Amin, amin. Can I hear you shout ‘AMEN’?


@ CONSEQUENCES, You are stupid arrogant and bastard who will forever burn with hatred. You will never have peace in your life and you will soon see the consequences of your ugly, evil and bastardy words


Clearly you are not religious. All these things you wrote here is beyond your limit. And I must be candid with you that,for you to have insulted Allah (SWA), Muhammad(SAW), Islam, Noble Quran and the entire Muslim Ummah, meaning this is a world class insult not only to Nigeria Muslims.
Meanwhile, Islam is a religion of peace and it will continue to be, despite this we have the right to defend ourselves which ever means.Over and above the consequences of what you have written will continue to follow you until you convert to Islam for you to the reality of life.

the real BASTARD

It is not suprising hearing these words from animals like you. The stupid and cursed land you called America knew what ISLAM is and i am sure you did not belong to AMERICA may be you are just wasting your life there. You dont know history that is why you are speaking the way you spoke. The world over knew what is a cult. You and the likes that are deaf,dumped and schycologically handicaped can not rationally think anything good on your own eexcept what America pushed forward for you to swallow. No cult the world over is as deadly and as anti human as what America practice and lived on as a religion. IDIOT





when shall we grow in africa

unless we decide to live together like brothers and sisters then we shall continue to die as fools

Berons are Vocal

On the 31st of December, 2010 Berons captured eight hausa people and slaughtered them like a cow as they were coming back from a wedding ceremony of their relatives. are they justified to carry out such satanic act"?

This Just In

From Washington Post Newspaper, and I quote "An off duty moslem policeman boarded a Cairo-bound train in southern Egyptian province of Minya and opened fire, killing a 71-year old Christian man and wounded his wife and four others, all Christians..." What a "peaceful" religion. I do not recall hearing a Christian Person opening fire on innocent moslems.

This goes a long way to support the theory that Hausa/fulani settlers should be exiled back to Tchad republic where they came from and STOP killing the indigeneous people of Plateau state who do not want to integrate with you (fulanis).

This marriage should be dissolved!

I believe this conflict is ethno-religious in nature and it is unconscionable for the so-called Nigerian government to unwittingly maintan a criminal silence and lack of political will to deal with a crisis that has the potential of tearing the country apart. This will eventually be a self-fulfilling prophecy as long as this good-for-nothing government continues to bury its head, like the proverbial ostrich, in the sand.

One would have expected GEJ as the C-in-C to have addressed the nation and in the process come up with solutions to this lingering security issue bedevilling the country, but alas, on the contrary, what he has been doing is this politicking all over the place. Has Nigeria got a government at all? Definitely not! No wonder the country is presently in a state of anarchy.

President Obama had to address the nation as a result of what happened last Saturday in Tucson, Arizona when a psychologically unbalanced young man killed 6 people (including a judge and a 9-year old girl), injured 14 other people including a member of the Federal House of Representatives Ms Gabrialle Giffords. Innocent people are being killed in Nigeria almost everyday, with the connivance of the security personnel who are supposed to protect them and yet not a overtly conscious efforts have been made by GEJ to wield his authority as President and C-in-C of the Armed Forces of Nigeria. A serious president, on top of his game, would not have allowed the crisis in Jos to continue to fester. GEJ should realise that he is responsible for the lives of those innocent people because with position comes responsibility. The buck stops on your desk, Mr President Goodluck Jonathan nip this problem in the bud.

It is a shame! Nigerians have a very huge problem on their hands with the kind of visionless, illiterate and dumb rulers (of course, they are not leaders) imposed on them by that arch-enemy of Nigeria in the person of OBJ! This contraption called Nigeria is built on a quicksand and therefore it is a matter of time before it comes crashing down.

Let us therefore go back to basics by calling a sovereign national conference to enable us decide whether we want to live together or not. This marriage is not working and it should be dissolved. Let us borrow a leaf from the old Soviet Union or recently Sudan where a referendum is ongoing to decide the secession of Southern Sudan from Sudan. This marriage is not working and it should be dissolved, Let us stop deceiving ourselves!

I feel ashamed to belong to a country that cannot conduct a free and fair election in one state of the country. The recent Delta State election (selection) is a case in point. It is as clear as day that the will of the people was not allowed to prevail. The purported "winner" of that sham of an election was imposed on the Deltans and you want to tell me that Nigeria is not a failed state!

In the UK and other advanced democracies, you will be hard put to it to know any election is going on on election day but in Nigeria all the paraphernalia of the state are criminally employed to rig elections! How could 27,0000 military personnel (Navy, Army, Police and SSS) be deployed to a single state out of 36 states in Nigeria to monitor election and provide security. What then is going to happen this year when general elections will hold all over the country?

The country is going nowhere unless we recognise the sovereignty of the people to elect those who they will like to lead them. Let us pocket our pride by learning from Ghana, a young democracy like ours, that has consistently been conducting free and fair elections.We should hold our heads in shame because we have refused to be civilised by doing the right thing. Our rulers are still stuck in the stone age mentality!

Nigeria is a joke with the gang of destroyers at the helm of affairs calling themselves politicians.

God help Nigeria.


The problem in Jos is purely religious. Islam all over the wold is known for violence. That middle east bastard called "Mohammed" who met another blood-sucking bastard called "ALLAH" and formulated a religion based on vengance against Isreal called "Muslim", and searched around deserts in the world where FOOLS live to indoctrinate them with his revenge/war stories called "KORAN" is to blame for all these. Educated people that can really think cannot be Musllims. The religion is only for imbeciles that are focussed on killing. Come to think, what positive contribution to technology and development has islam brought to earth? On the other hand, how many innocent souls have islam destroyed? The answer will tell you why we here in America hate the bastard MOHAMMED and his ISLAM cult.

Mr. NOE, you r being

Mr. NOE, you r being shallow,i just want to ask you some honest questions,1)Do you personally know any Muslim? 2)Was Adolf Hitlar a Muslim? 3) Were the People that Killed Jesus Muslims? I have an answer for you in case you dont, No they were not,they were all human beings, it is d heart of MAN,but in all Muslims or not Muslims are humans, May be rather than throwing blames at each other we should sit and think of finding a lasting solution to our general problem, UNSELFISHNESS! lets know that this is our country and we all,we all have to work together in respect of Ethnicity,religion,tribe,lets face those that are making us fight ourselves ok... Please lets stop this nonsense, the whole is looking at us.


A comment by "NOE" simply shows how miopic and senseless NOA can be. Pls note; the Hausa/Fulanis have fought to keep nigeria together, They Serve as a lifewire for the other part of Nigeria, They florish upon all the envy, intimidation and harasment especially from the Plateau and the middle belt as a whole. Dont be decieved bloody coword. Hausa/Fulanis are braved Peaole who love peace if "they" want peace. They are found in many countries in Africa.
ISLAM on the otherhand, is the Wolrd Bigest and Fastest growing religion with Billions of followers. Moslem are NOT heartless, They are just braved people who can protect thier religion at ALL cost. Pls NOE be informed!!

dont worry your atrocities

dont worry your atrocities will surely get back at you, if this was religious no berom will be left standing and the ones standing will go back to there native niger republic, foolished baised animal, zaku chi ubanku when we decide to help hausawa;

nothing said here changes

nothing said here changes anything, if there is a report on hausa fulani killings please post it, we know hausa fulani have been killed since 2001 no one has ever mention anythinh about the berom ethnic cleansen and master plan, when a hausa man retaliates they say muslim terrorists, and that they are killing chritians, let me tell you what you dont know, if it was religious, no berom will be standing today in jos, all you bastard biased idiots out ther should know that when things get out of hand and muslims decide to help the hausa fulani zaku chi ubanku, ask ejimbe, the igbo leader in jos, he will tell you that the berom is the traitor; SAHARA REPORTER KEEP REPORTING, IF YOU DONT KNOW ONE WILL KNOW HOW THIS BABARIANS ARE KILLING HAUSA FULANI IN JOS, HOW CAN A BEROM MAN CALL A HAUSA MAN SETTLER? WHEN HE THE BEROM ORIGINATED FROM NIGER REPUBLIC, JUST GO TO THE JOS MUSEUM AND MONUMENT YOU WILL KNOW THAT THE BEROM WAS ONLY A WORKER NOT ONLY IN JOS BUT THE PLATAUE. USLESS SPECIES.a


Even before 1999, there were speculations as to the existence of a secret Birom agenda. The long and short of this agenda is the enthronement of the Birom as the ultimate superior ethnic nationality over and above other ethnic groups in the Plateau State. The existence and goal of this agenda have not been denied by the Jang and his co-conspirators. Furthermore, all the plans, programs and actions of Jang since he became Governor of Plateau have been geared toward providing support for the existence of this agenda. This agenda is reminiscent of Hitler’s Aryan superior race agenda, for which humanity has paid a very dear price. In physical appearance, in vengeful disposition and in ideology, Jang unfortunately reminds us of Hitler.
Born about 65 years ago, Jang is a husband, father, uncle and grandfather and a supposed leader of, not only his nuclear, but, also his extended family. By, African tradition, in communities where age is the sole criterion, he may even be considered community leader.
His physical stature is ‘very impressive’. He is less than 5 feet tall. In other societies, he would have been described as a midget. Psychologists have long been aware that a person’s physical stature may, to a large extent, dictate his or her feeling of superiority or inferiority complex, depending on the person’s perception. Right from his birth, Jang has been conscious of his very short stature. This stature has defined his relationship with most persons he would come into contact with in his life.
His ethnic origin is Birom, from Du District of Jos South Local Government Area. Traditional, historical Birom folklore canvasses the fiction that the Birom migrated into Nigeria from China. In support of this myth, evidence is adduced of common names, such as ching, wang, ding, dung, ping, chang, jang, etc. This mythology also uses similar physical traits, such as short height, as further evidence. This is even though, well considered and evaluated theses have traced the Birom’s initial habitation to an obscure village in southern Niger Republic where the Birom language is still widely spoken. Already, many Biroms are happy with this discovery and have started migrating to their original habitation in search of their ascendants, collaterals and cousins.
Jonah Jang colluded in the widely acknowledged corrupt and dictatorial regime of IBB by providing legitimacy and support. As reward, he was anointed Military Governor of Benue and Gongola States. In that capacity, he shared in the widespread and rapacious looting of the country’s resources and the truncating of its democratic destiny.
He is a Christian and a trained pastor from a theological seminary, suggesting that he is capable of not only preaching justice and equality, peace, forgiveness, but also that he can shun corruption and preach the virtues of peace and neighbourly companionship.
His official biography records that he retired in the air force as a senior military officer. But, what is not recorded, and therefore what is supposed to be hidden from the public eyes, is that Jang was no air-force pilot. Neither was he credited with any history of combat experience, having been only a storekeeper. But what is very openly known in Jos and Plateau circles is that Jang has not been happy with what he considered his premature retirement from his very lucrative and plum air-force job by IBB. He, therefore, feels short-changed and super-charged to avenge this ‘injustice’.
Having lost all the loot and booty garnered from his years in military mis-governance, in 2007, Jang achieved his life ambition and was ‘elected’ Governor of Plateau State in an election that was internationally acclaimed as fraudulent.
Since his ‘election’, Jang continued to operate as an unaccountable military ruler with no room for compassion or accountability. He has turned the resources of the State into his personal fiefdom. He has cowed the judiciary of the State through illegitimate inducements. The State House of Assembly is a mere rubber-stamp. His wife and children and close relatives are the agents and contractors of the State and Local Governments.
Today the State is in crises, as it has always been since 2007. Daily, innocent persons are slaughtered like chickens as a result of Jang’s divide and rule tactics and policies. Hitherto peaceful communities and neighbourhoods are at each other’s throats. Crises develop almost on weekly basis.
The public sector is non-existent as State government workers are on strike, Local Government workers are also on strike, the hospital workers are similarly on strike. The crisis has shut the banks and other private businesses. Ordinary individuals are suffering and dying a slow death. People are asking: is this what we bargained for when we voted for this supposedly reverend gentleman?
All the previous civilian, elected governors of the State, Ministers, Ambassadors, top Federal and State and political and civil officials and even his deputy, Dame Pauline Tallen, have deserted the ruling PDP and have joined a rival party because of his autocratic rule.
The autocratic Governor has intimidated and co-opted the mainstream print media, such as the Punch, the Guardian, the Vanguard, the Nation, the Daily Trust, etc. such that he can do no wrong in their eyes. But, the media is supposed to reflect reality and to serve as the eyes of the blind, the ears of the deaf and the voice of the voiceless. In Plateau State, today, the print media is a collaborator in the elaborate fraud being perpetrated on the electorate.
Jang has bragged of his ‘military’ past. And, that he knows how to ensure the emergence of his birom tribe in the scheme of things in Plateau.
No wonder a weapons depot and manufacturing facility were located by the security officials in his village. Also, staff of Riyom Local Government were arrested in Nigeria/Chad border importing heavy weapons, including rockets, rockets launchers, etc. Even two days ago, a Birom police officer was arrested by soldiers and handed over to police with an unauthorized war-grade machine gun, which had been used same day to attack and kill the Hausa-Fulani for no reason than they have refused to be evacuated and dumped out of the State.
Where is the visionary and committed leadership that is capable of piloting the affairs of the State? Where is promise of the founding fathers of the State?
Who can save us from this calamity???

Is there a voice for Peace?

Lets, take a look at the beginning.

When and where it all begin. Is it religious, politics, economic or all? The fact open to hypothesis, and few can put a finger on it.
However,the indesputable truth is that innocent, peace loving and God fearing infants, children, men and women have been killed or are dying.

People who otherwise are good and honest are now caught up in a cycle of violence.

I spent most of my life in Jos.I am Berom and a Christian, but some of my best friends are Hausa/fulani Muslims.
My friends and family, both Muslims, Christains, Hausa, Berom, Igbo have been killed. I have gained nothing. Those who have killed my friends and family have gained nothing. Events in the past 11 years have created the saddest times for Jos which used to be a symbol of peaceful co-existence tranquility.

The only way to stop the killing, is to
And then forgive, but not forget that nobody wins where blood is shed.

The Berom are naturally, Naive, Peaceful, unambitious, complacent and try to avoid confrontation. And so naturally, they are usually taken advantaged of. But we have proved again that violence is not the answer.
However, the world is not a perfect place and we will face challenges that threaten our collective dreams and expectations.

True, "Force can be a deterence to violence", but only the "Force of Peace". Why? you may wonder that I did not mention "Force of peace and justice"? Because, most of these killings were done by agreived people who thought they were "delivering justice". Yes' they were able to identify the persons who murdered their 3 little children while they slept.
Justice like beauty, is relative and susceptible to our various societal values and idiosynchracies.
A "Force" becomes "Powerful" when it has the mass or masses on it's side.

Is there anyone out there thatis willing to stand up for Peace?


While you ponder on these, I have to brace and try to comfort the orphans and widows of my Christian, Muslim, Berom, Hausa, Fulani,Igbo and Nigerian deceased friends.

May God help us all.


Islam is a religion my brother adn muslims are not heartless, it is just the way we are "human being". Should I say christianity is not a religion just because of people like Reverend Emeka King, Christians of Sarejevo, Franklin Graham (Evangelical Christian leader in the U.S., Benny Hinn, Pastor Elijah Adisa... endless list.

It's everywhere, we have good and bad people in our religions.

Hear you! Berom are from

Hear you! Berom are from Gyel. The caption said from Gyel not to Gyal Mr. Daft brain.

good for them, and all muslims must be kill in jos before 2012

they deserve it


it is very bad this violence still cont. in Jos, what is our leaders doing? Nothing, but figting for second term, all they know is to talk about elections matter how to became President and other positions etc. Nonsence

We should not behave like morons

I am appalled by the outburst of the first and the second commentators. We should be civilized enough to know that what is happening is purely a failure of leadership at all levels. Among the Muslims and Christians, we have people who profess the religions but do not practice its teachings. Both Christianity and Islam preach peace but somehow we have people with violent orientations who give these two great religions bad names.
While others are losing their sanity, we should not relent from prayers so that God can give us good leaders who fear Him and do what is right. May the Almighty God save Nigeria and Nigerians from the hands of satanic minded leaders who are bent on destroying us as a Nation. May God save Nigeria!

Wrong direction

You are trying to point Nigerians to the wrong direction. You yourself know very well that the killings in Jos are carried out by muslims, for they are simply obeying the qu'ran. Don't blame it on Goodluck Ebele Johnathan, blame it on the qu'ran that has ordered muslims to kill Christians.

Begining to wonder how and

Begining to wonder how and where sahara reporters get their details from. First of all the beroms live in gyel, why would they attack gyel, please people get your facts straight. Who knows if the person reporting this has ever been to gyel or went to see it for him/herself.
And for all those saying its Jang's fault. First of all he doesn't have any authority ove the security agencies, there is a limit to what he can do, plus is it not the people that set off those bomb blasts on xmas eve that started this round of violence. People just come here to insult and blame innocent people. May God help us all, cos we are divided so much more than we think.

MSA you are daft!

MSA or what is your name? You must be daft here. I dont need a soothsayer to tell me which group you belng to because your comments have always been one-sided. You will never comment on any killing by Fulani in Jos - Why? You need to desist if you dont want God to be angry with you. You are always quick to comment and blame Christians whenever the muslims are being killed in Jos due to their wickednes but silent when the reverse is the case. More than 18 indigenes of Plateau State were killed this morning in some villages by the ruthless and good-for-nothing Islamic jihadist/Fulanis like you. I know God will soon send disaster to them and all those who subscribe to their penchant for violence.

MSA you are daft!

MSA or what is your name? You must be daft here. I dont need a soothsayer to tell me which group you belng to because your comments have always been one-sided. You will never comment on any killing by Fulani in Jos - Why? You need to desist if you dont want God to be angry with you. You are always quick to comment and blame Christians whenever the muslims are being killed in Jos due to their wickednes but silent when the reverse is the case. More than 18 indigenes of Plateau State were killed this morning in some villages by the ruthless and good-for-nothing Islamic jihadist/Fulanis like you. I know God will soon send disaster to them and all those who subscribe to their penchant for violence.

Sowore, where do you belong?

Sahara Reporters, are you there? I guess Sowore is a muslim because your report has always been one-sided. You will never report any killing by Fulani in Jos - Why? You need to desist if you dont want God to be angry with you. You are always quick to report whenever the muslims are being killed in Jos but silent when the reverse is the case. More than 18 indigenes of Plateau State were killed this morning in some villages by the ruthless and good-for-nothing Fulanis. I know God will soon send disaster to them and all those who subscribe to their penchant for violence.