#Occupy Nigeria Protesters Take A Stand In South Africa

Nigerians in South Africa today stormed the Nigerian embassy in Pretoria. According to the PRO of Nigerian Union in Gauteng, Niyi Da Voice Abodedele, some 300 Nigerians in South Africa attended the protests in solidarity with Nigerians protesting against mismanagement and corruption in cities across Nigeria.

 The demonstration also featured Biafran separatist activists campaigning against islamist miliatnats, Boko Haram, killing of Igbos. They marched alongside side others demanding a Biafran homeland.


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I am happy for what the Nigerian people did this day. However, it is sad they have to do it at all.
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protestors protest against something. A group of people get together and complain and show disliking to something. Usually something political. See the site below it helps you to find more information.


Give them their right

Give them wot they want n dat is BIAFRA!

God bless Republic of Biafra

If the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of
Indigenous Peoples was passed before Nigeria/Biafra war,we Biafrans would have been free as of then.
Nigeria,United Arab Republic, United Kingdom,Soviet Union,Syria,Sudan,Chad,Niger,Algeria,
People's Republic of China would not have been able to surpport Nigeria with her genocide against Biafrans.
Today with MASSOB and many other organisations Biafra Independence and awareness Campaign continues and victory is 100% sure.Anyi ga akwa chago di our father Ojukwu.Let no one sleep,ONE NIGERIA IS TO KILL US.Biafrans are yearning to be free from Nigeria and that`s the solution to the Nigeria problems.


The only march on the day and at the venue was the 'Stop Killing Igbos' March The writers of this article cashed in on the success to protest about oil subsidy removal.


we are one nigerian

Nice one

Thats interesting seeing u guys outta their in solidarity with us....we will win the race against corruption by God's grace

Weldone our people. Just that

Weldone our people. Just that an average 9ija man is currupt and they will shout with the loudest voice. Things done happen for inside Aso Rock leaving us to the mercy of God.

Our people in Baputoswana and

Our people in Baputoswana and Kwazulu homelands are behind time. The strike is over and the labor leaders are fat and happy heading home to kiss their concubines. I hope none of our brothers in Kwazalu homeland gets hurt. We have fought a lost battle here. Palm greasing may have taken place where the government has taken care of the rich leaving God to take care of the poor.

Well Done Guys

Laniyi aburo mi carry go. so nice to see you are also involved. Jonathan has bitten more than he can chew. Victory is certain.

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