PHOTONEWS: “We’ll Come Naked to Fashola on Next Outing” – Protesting Pensioners Threaten

Earlier today, pensioners in Lagos trooped out to protest the non-payment of their entitlements by the Lagos State Government. The retired protesters threatened to place a curse on Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State, adding that they would come naked to the governor.

The demonstration proceeded despite a decision by the Nigerian Labor Congress to cancel its solidarity strike that was scheduled for yesterday. The protest of the elderly pensioners was coordinated by members of various civil society groups in Lagos.

The placard-carrying protesters described Mr. Fashola as the only exception in the South-West, noting that other Yoruba-speaking states had paid all agreed sums to pensioners.

“Because I cannot feed, if I die, I’ll be stripped naked for bathing and burial. So, I will not wait until I die before I strip naked for Fashola to see what he did,” said one female retiree. As she spoke, many other pensioners echoed her, telling reporters in unison that they would do the same.

The pensioners gave the Lagos State government an ultimatum to pay their outstanding entitlements no later than May 10, 2013. “If by [10th of May] we do not hear from them, they will hear from us,” the Lagos State chairman of the Pensioners Union said in his address. Abiodun Aremu, the secretary of Joint Action Front, called on youths to join forces with the elderly pensioners in pursuit of their rights. “If we do not fight for our elders, we cannot secure the future of our youths,” said Mr. Aremu.

Many of the pensioners said they had pleaded enough, hence their decision to fight for their rights. “We are not begging for alms, we are fighting for our rights,” one of them said to wide applause.

Several of the pensioners disclosed that they were being owed ten years arrears of a 6% increase awarded during former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s administration and six years arrears of another 15% increment afterwards.

The Lagos State government had gone to court to contest the increased pay scales initiated by the Federal Government. The state had taken a similar position on the Consolidated Medical Salary Scale (CONMESS), triggering a strike by doctors in the state. The drama culminated in Governor Fashola’s controversial sack of 788 government-employed doctors in one day.

The pensioners had met with representatives of the state government on May 28, 2012. The state promised then to work on the pensioners’ demands. Almost a year later, the pensioners say they have been abandoned to dire conditions without a word from the Lagos State Government on its promise, even after other states had paid up.

Two protesting pensioners told reporters that they were ready to strip themselves in a ritual protest if the government failed to meet their May 10 ultimatum.

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Don't allow them to die! Pay them so that they can live.

Why on earth will pensioners be made to suffer? The way up is down? Nigerian Government should have the fear of God and pay all pensioners their long over due arrears and pension without further delay. God will save us. Amen

Well , i suggest they let

Well , i suggest they let their children between the ages of 18 to 30 , come out naked first . If nothing is done , then the super eagles can come out ! Fashola, one day u shall become like them ; a pensioner .

Ole-Tinubu can with 1 check pay off Pension Arrears

Fashola would like to do the right think but it is Ole Tinubu who keeps looting the state of their resources no one has boldness to step up to the Kelptocrat.

Fashola is ceremonial but Tinubu calls the shots


This is to inform the general public that we have not seen Electricity in Satellite Town, at Elepo- Sand Field- CBN road-Daily Times-New Jerusalem- Chevron Estate to Owolabi area, we have been without electricity for about three months. Fashola please, come to our aid in Satellite Town.

These old people should not suffer

Pensioners should be paid. They have worked hard for their money. The truth is that we will all get old someday. More importantly, the disease of looting has taken over Nigeria that people in positions of authority often forget that there is something called pensionfor old age. In saner climes, not only are pensions sacrosanct. Daily wages and salaries build people's lives. In Nigeria people work without being rewarded adequately for it. This is what leads civil servants into the greatest crime of all--taking from the nation's treasury illegally. But as usual, heads don't roll in Nigeria. The looters receive national awards. Sad indeed

Fashola dey busy give our

Fashola dey busy give our money to ojuyobo Ahmed Tinubu, dat thief thief dankoriko wey dey sponsor boko haram for south. Make una see old people wey we suppose to dey take care of as dem dey suffer. Dem nor need to curse anybody, Eledumare Oba gidi don hear their cry, if Fashola like make hin hear if hin like make hin continue to dey steal our money dey give ojuyobo, the dey wey egbe go knack make una nor blame all dis our elders O. Ba turenchi! I nor know book O.

Fashiola And Pensioners

I thought Fashiola was a good guy.

@Tundemess!D motor bike

@Tundemess!D motor bike philosopher of ajegunle! I laugh-see your follies of yesterday-Awo gave d SW, free education-rather have u reciprocate his kind gesture-u have gone to align with those who stoned him in 1954 in the Fulani North, to embezzle benefits of Yorubas who queued to vote for Awo in UPN. Tundemess, oya, tell 9jas whether money for the pensioners were stolen by Jonah and Alams? Lagos state makes billions of Naira from Vat-alone-yet cannot offer Lagosians clean water, and roads- and pay pensioners their benefits. The only achievement of the Fashola and tinubu gwabment is the erection of a media out-fits to attack Jonah-and sell boko haram ideas in d south west-Are these not d leaders who claim they have been anointed by Buhari and boko haram to lead the nation in 2015? Stealing money belonging to retirees! What a shame

fashola is wicked

ACN is working

BRF/ACN please pay them quick

BRF/ACN please pay them quick and remove the curse. We wdo not want to see the nakedess of our grandmothers before you take action.

@ Aremu, please don't ask the youth to come out when our elders plan to go naked just to get their due

The people stealing are in

The people stealing are in fashola administration. Check out Ikuforiji, tinubu and others and stop blaming the poor lagosians. Eko o ni baje lori e o!

Fashola, working under Tinubu

Fashola, working under Tinubu is also a crook. Can you imagine where tinubu lives in Lagos? He owns that house. That is another fraud. How come tinubu wanted Mimiko to join the cult states. Fashola onced pronounced the potential of the state without anything to show Lagosian instead of double taxing. Where is the Closed Circuit Cameral(CCCTV)he contracted to the black Spots,where is the GSP,where is the Fourth mainland bridge he promised, I can see the solar panel contract in Ojodu not functional. Workers paid#10,000.00 naira monthly.All ACN states must submit to Mimiko administration.True face is watching you.

strip naked will not work

if pensioners say they will strip themselves naked and rain any curse him (Fashola), it might not work because he could not be responsible for their problems, it may be pass predecessors, so it is better for them to pray for God to touch the heart of Gov. Fashola and members of his cabinet to see to their problem and help them out.

Fashola is more interested in boko Haram merger meetings

Fashola is the co-ordinator of merger of Oduduwa Republic with Bokostan Islamic republic. That is what is more important to him now. He hosted the Bokostani Rep Govs some weeks ago in a merger meeting. He is also more interested in rehabilitating the railway line from Iddo to Kano than pay the old Papas.

....May he, Fashola, not live up to their age. Amen. Pure & Simple.

Long live the United Rep of the SS&SE

This is a crime against humanity

Quite frankly, some of our leaders deserved to be shot. Any sane govt would not be comfortable seeing the elderly and the challenged go through this agony. The irony is what should be paid to these pensioners is just an infinitesimal fraction of Tinubu's daily loot in Lagos. God help Nigeria.


ACN/APC are parties control by detators. Nothing good is coming out of them. You can see for yourself. A party own and control by one man, that is claiming it as his personal property, run far from them. These people is far worst than PDP from my assessment. They are detators. If they control the country, everyone will be walking with his/her head, instead of legs.

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