PHOTONEWS: Achebe Colloquium At Brown University, Prividence Rhode Island

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Brown University is where I

Brown University is where I got my mastering administration degree and, in my opinion, it's one of the leading universities in Nigeria. Many of the attendants at this colloquium were my teachers and I am glad to see that they are still active and getting involved in the educational issues of this country. They are trying to make a difference in a country where education is often left behind by politicians.

Sitting here, in a cosy rent

Sitting here, in a cosy rent apartment in Russia, all this life in Afrika seems so terrible. I hope soon thing will change for you people, especially for women and children... It seems thay now are just "blacklisted". Best wishes, arnaques femmes russes


Even if Nigeria is considered to be a dysfunctional country there are also some integre people who deserves to be appreciated. I've recently took a nursing bachelors degree and I had some Nigerian colleagues that are very intelligent and smart. Actually one of them became my best friend and she is a great nurse.

Nigeria is a dysfunctional

Nigeria is a dysfunctional country mostly because of the system. I bet people wouldn't mind a change. But we are talking here about an underdeveloped country, things will not get better. Not in the next 10 years at least. When I became interested in the masters in public health online programs I started to meet many people whom I shared the same interests with. They knew a lot of things about the healthcare system in Nigeria and that's the first time I had a clear picture in my mind about that country.

We are Not The Most Gifted Tribe & Ikemba was not a Tribalist!

Guys, y'all should go back to sleep and stop spitting all these crap all over the Internet!
Nope, the Greater Igbo nation is not the most gifted tribe,ok. Yes, there are quite a lot of hard working brethren from our tribe, but we do not hold a monopoly over such skill, so stop thinking you are the best, if you are the best, why is the leadership structure in Igboland in such a decadent state?
And my Yoruba brethren, stop carrying on as though you did not read the history books regarding the state of affairs of Nigeria before the civil war. Ikemba Nnewi was not a tribalist, unfortunately,the embers of Nigeria's tribalism and reginalism was light by the likes of the late Saduana of Sokoto, and unfortunately fanned by Pa Awolowo. Ok, I know that this is the point where you guys are going to demand for my head in a charger, but truth be told, Pa Awo no do good on this matter at all, at all.

Nigerians have a slave mentality

now i know why nigeria is the most dysfunctional and corrupt nation on earth. Because nigerians are cowardly slaves who do not want to fight for their freedom and who insults those who fight for them. What a pity

BlaqEagle: Nigerian Stabbed

BlaqEagle: Nigerian Stabbed To Death In Moscow

Achebe just like Ojukwu is

Achebe just like Ojukwu is nothing but a tribal man. All he thinks of is Ibo land. He is waiting for an Ibo president before he accepts the national honor.

He is a living legend

He is a living legend


While we are chided and derided at home,the white people that recognise intellectual value celebrate our giants..Nigeria continues to deny herself the available ingenuity of the africa`s most gifted tribe..Do we still wonder that the scientific marvels of biafra was allowed to die unharnessed?..The black man is brutal victim of self hate..Some igbo haters have gathered here to speak ill of a globally revered writer...KAPARAK,a supposedly enlightened person has been reduced to the lowest level ..what hatred can do to an individual!!!..But my edo friend told me that nigerians hate igbos because they have forcefully crossed the hurdles constructed to limit them..keep hating ....

african mentality at its best

Attempting to be more white than the white man-in the white mans land-and in the hall that the white man built for his children! with the help of the blanket used in covering the nakedness of the native americans. That is the burden in the soul of the african mind in diaspora.Always like Obi kettle in diaspora, struggling to call the pot at home in Africa, black kettle. So what beyond the clicking of glasses at a forum created to elogise the white mans conquest of the native americans? What has changed in Anambra, beyond the coal mines the Onohs left behind for the Ojukwus. Its a sin to try and compare a small fly like Achebe to Nelson Mandela. A man from Anamabra state whom Mandela may never have heard of in his life. His articles on ANC while Nelson was in jail, may be of help. But there is none except the ones Achebe penned on late Ojukwu.

Am proud of my state, Anambra

Am proud of my state, Anambra state. See the arrays of them: Achebe, Okey Ndibe etc.. Na una bikooo

The attendance was poor.

The attendance was poor.

Achebe the Legend

The man resmble Nelson Mandela no be small oh!

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