PHOTONEWS: Action Congress Of Nigeria (ACN) National Convention Held In Lagos Today

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shameless people

A group by the name Concerned Stakeholders of the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) has asked the party leadership to rethink its participation in the ongoing merger talks with other opposition parties. The leader of the group, Mallam Isah Bala, in a written petition to the National Chairman of ANPP alleged that the proposed All Progressives Congress (APC) is a sole project of the national leader of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Ahmed Bola Tinubu. Bala alleged that Tinubu had previously registered a political party, Action Peoples Congress (APC) with its address at plot 779 Ona Crescent, Off Lake Chad Crescent, Maitama, Abuja, under the Prof. Maurice Iwu-led Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).


I pity the gullible Nigerians who still "believe" that any good can come from the cleptomaniacs in PDP. The so called "biggest party in Africa" has brought sorrows, tears and blood to the teeming masses of Nigeria. It is high time we tried another party at the center, the APC. Long live Nigeria.

@Francis Adebayo - Re: 'non-politician'!

For a non-Politician, you sounded every inch a Politician. A 'non-Politician' or an INDEPENDENT will not care about APC or CPC or PDP, but care about good governance and the welfare of the people. Is this being met in Lagos (ACN), Rivers (PDP) or Zamfara (CPC) States? These should be the issues that concern you, as a 'non-politician'. If you sound like this now, I wonder how you will sound if you become a politician? You will ask people to hug the country, and no longer a 'transformer'.


This write must be a fool to have sarcastically cast derogatory aspersion on the Yoruba race. You are free to express your opinion on any fora but decorum becomes paramount when names are being called.

Could you please control what goes to the public. Not guarg but be on top of your publication, please. Race issues could be very sensitive.

This is a yoruba only show

ACN is for yoruba by yoruba they only wants power to chop more money. Lagos with a hugh population is a mini Nigeria, but Nigerian's from other states are not represented by these ole eko boys lead by gbana head tinubu. Your islamic plan has failed before it even started, we all know what would happen to Nigeria if your party is allowed to ever rule Nigeria, like you sold away your birth right in Lagos so will you sell the soul of Nigeria.

Tinubu is a tribalist and no cocaine head will ever rule Nigeria.


Yes ACN is agreed to be checking party to PDP but there is need for baba sale to reduce his power and believe that power belongs to God and He alone.Let the people elect whom they wanted and not whom you want so that power can belong to you.Nigeria is too large for this.remember what happened to other powerful leaders in the Arab countries and other developing nations.


I am not a politician but l must say my mind about the so called politicians like Tinunbu. lmagine in Lagos and some ACN states no civil servants has the right to view their mind especially if the matter concerns Tinunbu, such staff will be booted out the next day.Yes , l want PDP to go but if tinunbu comes in it means all ares boys will be brought to FGN orgs.and you will sent out if u go against Tinunbu. Of Course PDP pple are better off here bc they accept criticism unlike baba.

the progressives will

the progressives will progress by the grace of God! A P C! CHANGE

ACN Congress

Is just the beginning. Hip! Hip!! Hip!!! Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....' Gaba dai Gaba dai 'Opposition Parties.

A well deserved celebration !

ACN deserves to celebrate:

1. All ACN governors and office holders where products of free and fair elections;

2. Planning and Infractructural development in Lagos State, Ekiti State and Edo State;


ACN needs to undertake one more labor to cement themselves as Nigeria's heroes: lead the opposition that will remove, the "crazy baldheads"- PDP - from Aso Rock in 2015.

God go bless Una

ACN Convention

It is a pity that we still have people like this that could air their ignorance on the pages of a news worthy on line paper.

why insultive statement

We are nigerians no discrimination anymore, either yoruba,igbo,hausa, or any tribe once u born in nigeria, we should stop talking like illiterate. Up Nigeria.

APC Will Succeed!!

Much as I don't do politics, I can't help noticing too much bad belles in the house. Whether PDP uses Eagles Square or ACN Uses Onikan Stadium, one thing is sure - APC has come to stay.

For each time you spend trying to bring down Tinubu or ACN, they will continue to climb the rung of progress.

Therefore If you PDP ass-lickers don't like it, there is only one thing to do - GO HUG A TRANSFORMER!

Chance and Change

I believe trying this party out after the failure of PDP since 2009 at the Central will motivate leaders to work for the betterment of the citizens. It is very obvious that the responses up tends to show that these people are either biased or are PDP members. I am not a politician but I believe with God's on Nigeria side; a leader that will change the tide will surface...
Thanks Mr Omoyele Sowore.


We thank you for finding time to view through our convention's photo story. West is the most progressive region in can ask your father!

this ACN lacks class

ACN does not have class, while the PDP do their convention at eagles square ACN choose lagos, look at all the hungry yoruba hunters who want to rule nigeria, hahaha they are only waiting for their turn so they can steal nigeria's money, tinubu is d most corrupt nigerian alive,

The all look like a bunch of people waiting for their turn

Broom will become more expensive in the market oooo Tinubu, I hope the few mallams will bring the votes in from the north or start boko eko war. ha ha ha ha

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