PHOTONEWS: Air Force Marshal Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan with full airforce regalia at the 48 anniversary and 2nd Nigeria air exposition tagged (air expo) of Nigerian air force today Tuesday at Nigerian air force base in Kaduna.

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Whooops! The emergence of a new joker - GEJ!

Where did u have ur military training? Stop fooking your head GEJ the world is making fun of you.

We need fighter jets and an

We need fighter jets and an equipped air force....not fancy presidential jets and a bloody civilian in military ceremonial dress

I was hoping to see jet

I was hoping to see jet fighters doing aerobatics not old politicians and military brass playing dress up.

Nigerians have no sense of public relations. Will it kill NAF to post some pics on it's web site ?

Air expo has it's own web page, yet no pics.

How about NAF's media personnel, posting video footage of Air expo 2012 on you tube for the world to see ?

Jonathan the clown

Jonathan is a real clown. Before you wear a military uniform, you should have served in the military. Although President Obama is CIC of the American armed forces, he does not wear military uniform. In England the Prime Minister does not wear military uniform. Prince Charles wears the Air Force uniform and the 'pilot's wings' because he is a trained Air Force pilot. Likewise, Princes William and Harry who are trained Air Force pilots. The queen does not wear 'pilot's wings' on her Air Force Uniform, because she is not a trained pilot.
But come to Nigeria and there you see Jonathan in full fledged Air Force uniform, complete with 'pilot's wings' even though he can not fly a kite. Jonathan is a clown. Every thing in Nigeria is debased, brought to it's lowest common denominator. The country has truly fallen way way behind the rest of the world.

the president is C n C.he can wear any uniform that suits the oc

Why are many of us here getting the wrong way?the president of a country is her commander in chief,therefore he or she wear any that suits any occassion and as for his grin,I have seen grin at every turn at an occassion.why don't some of who can't stop shifting blames cut the president a slack.was he the cause of boko haram?everything is been done to put our country back on track.the damages done over 35yrs are being tackled.its just shameful how we expect overnight results!

Jonathan is just dumb

I first saw the pic on the front page of the guardian and i couldnt believe my eyes. what is wrong with this dumbf***, yes! we all dreamed to be in military uniform, If Jonathan wants to live out that dream, he should wear the damn uniform when he's alone with Dame Patience and not make a fool of himself with the whole world watching. tis just stupidity. *SMH*

Hausa boy forget coup, I nor

Hausa boy forget coup, I nor like Jonathan but if una wan remove am make una try democracy angle because no military coup go work for Naija again because every tribe get their own army now O. Una get boko haram wey una dey take terrorise Christians for north yonder, we sef for south get OPC, MOSSOB, EGBESU and MEND. So if your Jaji boys like make dem announce coup we go announce our own, then egbe go come jam for junction. Hausa boy make you wake up O because Naija don change since devil like Babangida and Abacha destroy the country.

The hood does not make the monk...

Na true o...somebody told me this yesterday and I doubted it...well seeing this picture has just confirmed it. Obasanjo attended all these military ceremonies wearing his traditional outfit and he did not beed to wear the military uniform before he portrays the image of a commander in chief. The image of Nigerian President in Air Chief Marshal outfit at this time creates a perfect clownish presentation. Those who are around the president seem to be interested in his mockery whilenthey make the money. How can they do this to him at this time???

Re:Jaji is finished

I suggest you lead the coup you idiot. Why don't you wish this nigeria our country well for a moment,you have forgetten the trauma of military rule.


What makes the people of the old Eastern Region so addicted to military uniforms? In a comment here, a guy called him "EWU OTUOKE."
There is a precedent folks. Long before Jonathan, there was a man from the East. He became a ceremonial, some say figure head president. A fellow from Arochukwu called him "EWU NSUKKA."
The difference is that Jonathan is a real president with all the presidential powers. The other guy just wore military uniforms on independence day parade at Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos, smiled and waved at lined-up school children.

Jaji is finished

In those days, when we had military guys with guts,jona will not leave jaji alive.
All hope is not lost, we are expecting a COUP soon.

Jaji is finished

In those days, when we had military guys with guts,jona will not leave jaji alive.
All hope is not lost, we are expecting a COUP soon.

Air Chief Marshall, Point of correction

The president would be regarded as an air chief marshall,and not air marshall.

@Abbas Baba, thanks for that!!!!! Dr. Damages show!!!!!

This is Dr. Damages twin brother in action!!!!!! All these na shakara oloje!!!!!!!!

see him smiling away while the country is in fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fire set by him and his gangs!!!!!!!!!!!





GEJ and his military attire is the biggest joke of the year.

He looks like a senior scout commander from Otuoke.
Nigeria has sunk low with this clown , he thinks security is a joke.


we cant wait for you to go.

Airforce Marshal

The uniform attire does not fit him at all.

This Very Annoying Grin ...

What are the special advisers to this president doing? This man's uncontrollable delirious grin is very annoying and very unpresidential.

It actually vindicates those who believe this president is clueless.

It is as if he could not believe he was the one in the uniform!


I am clapping. Thats my president.... Ok, can our workers get paid their salary now?

Ejor, Biko. Fumi lowo, which is workers entitlement.

Jona the MUMU

What a fool JONATHAN was!!!!!!!!!


This dressing up in military attire annoys some, upsets others and irritates most - either way, not funny. One simply does not understand the thinking behind this.

Incorrect Grammer

SR, pls note! GEJ in full airforce regalia, and not WITH

Incorrect Grammer

SR, pls note! GEJ in full airforce regalia, and not WITH

Incorrect Grammer

SR, pls take note! GEJ in full Airforce regalia and not WITH.


Jona, the presido, wants take-off aircaft. hahahaahahahaah!

Jo is so excited. Clown!

Jo is so excited. Clown!

Tripping on Office Paraphernalia

I wonder why GEJ allows himself to be made mockery of every time? What are all these Medals for? Abi he was a WWII Veteran or Wetin? He should not let uninformed people like himself surround him all the time. GEJ is getting drunk & intoxicated by Office Paraphernalia. With all the Airforce show, what has Nigeria got to show the World for Air power? Is it the Chines cloned MIG 21 (renamed F7/J7) that has nearly all crashed barely 5 years in NAF Service. This Man should get serious & support Nigerian Armed forces with large Number of Light Helicopters to Combat Internal threats that is more imminent than external ones.

DR. Damages next episode- cue

Joker!!! DR. DAMAGES CARRY GO!!!!!!! Fire this clown without mercy.

Swagger General

Air Chief Marshal,Field Marshal,Admiral,Chief Inspector General( Dem never manufacture that one)Godwin Elewele Ebele Jonathan. Kabiyesi, his imperial majesty.Boko Haram people are in trouble.

Dem go dey po,dem go dey denge denge...

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