Photonews: Akwa Ibom Mayhem

Protesters attacked the Akwa Ibom Taxi scheme garage
Cars burnt
Akpabio's campaign cars were razed.
The Jonathan/Sambo campaign headquarters razed by the mob.

Angry youths in the opposition party, Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) reportedly visited their anger on Akwa Ibom state capital in Uyo in response to attacks on the ACN candidate, Akpan Udoedeghe.

Rumours had filtered into Uyo that Mr. Udoedeghe convoy had been atacked and the candidate killed in an ambush. ACN operatives said the governor, who coordianates president Goodluck Jonathan's campaign in the South south region, made life unbearable for opposition in the state.

The response was mayhem that led to destruction of public properties and death of several youth caused by indiscriminate shooting by the army and police in the state.

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"1) Can Mr President explain what happened to the case of N104m seized from Nancy Ebere Nwosu who allegedy swore to an affidat to the EFCC that she was laundering money for Dame Patience Jonathan?

2) What about the announcement by the then EFCC spokesman,Mr Osita Nwajah on September 11, 2006 that the sum of 13.5m USD was seized from another associate of Mrs Jonathan which the anti-graft body said belonged to the now first lady?

3) Any explanation on the several billions of Naira which DSP Alamiesegha left in Bayelsa coffers as at the time of his impeachment which was allegedy squandered in months by Jonathan without anything to show for it?

4) Who presided over the FEC meeting in October 2009 where a 4 km runnway at Abuja Airport was awarded for N64b?Late Predident Yaradua was already in Saudi Hospital as at the time!

5 What happened to the 30b USD Yaradua left in the excess crude account that is virtually empty now?

6 How come it is only Nigeria under Jonathan whose foreign reserve is depleting among oil producing nations at a time of all time high increase in prices of oil products?

We understand Jonathan is scared of General Buhari promise to check out what happened to the billions of dollars the ruling PDP has sunk to the power sector to give Nigeria further darkness instead of light because he has supervised that sector in the last four years.

No amount of cheap shots will stop the change Nigeria awaits from ensuring that Nigerians enjoy regular power supply starting from finding out what the PDP did to put the light out so that money never pour into procuring darkness in our country again."

- Yinka Odumakin (spokesman for General Buhari)

We still have a long way to go

I was shock to see the level of damage done to both public and private properties all in the name of politics.It is high time people should be accountable for whatever actions they take.I pray that we all learn quick and forge ahead as a united nation.It is most unfortunate that those who are supposed to be dealt with are in most cases left put pf it while the innicent masses pay for it.


interesting to hear at this time of election, what do we expect, if not voilence all through

do or die

Nigerian politics: DO OR DIE!!  


This is vandalism of the highest order. the perpetrators should be found and prosecuted.

damn shame

damn shame

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