PHOTONEWS: Boko Haram Attacks Police HQ In Misau, Bauchi state

Boko Haram militants attacked the police headquarters in Misau, Bauchi state killing 4 police officers and a civilain.

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Enough of Carrot and stick or chocolate and ice cream.
The government should move into action immediately.
We are tired of too much talking please.
The Niger Delta militant days are still fresh in our minds.Then, we hear things like,the Joint Task force has bombed the militants camp at gbaramatu,ogbotobo etc. Where are the Joint task force today? Or is it different law for different people?
Please,please, the security agencies should stop talking and move into action.


Nigeria will never be the same again. Imaging a Nigerian playing the blame game of ethnicity and sectionalism at a time when extreme caution in comments on burning issues of bomb blast is concernned. I pray to Almighty God to dismember Nigeria so as to give the muslim North the opportunity to lead its life in strict compliance with its cherished ideals and values. I hate being addressed as a Nigerian because of people of your ilk.

Mind your territory

Let them mind their territory o. If they want to wipe out all their people that's their bizniz, make dem no cross come we side for Niger delta here o, we dey draw ear tell dem o. If dem do anyhow dem go see anyhow.

Senseless Killings by Senseless People

The people coward and faceless people fighting against Nigerians by killing innocent people are senseless. No sane person should kill in the name of any religion. The god that cannot fight for himself is nor God and the followers of such a god are as dumb as the god they follow. The Almighty God does not approve of senseless killings. Let these people have a rethink, I beg.

Food 4 Thought

Thank God I am a child of God born into a Godly home. I wish it is possible to share this country into cluster group on the basis of religion. Some no - do - goods are just trying to drag this nation backward with their primitive ways. Am concerned for our Christian people in the North because they cant leave their homes when the die is cast. What happens when another sect emerges with a name like Christian Millitants or Taditional Millitants? One thing is sure, when you push someone to the wall he/she having no where else will certainly turn back @ u....

Second Chance!

Fighting an unjust course, they will surely crumble! Partially i dont blame them, what they have is a combo of iliterates/educated illiterates and ram - headed personels. Besides, a Ram cannot give birth to a Goat neither can a Hen a Lizard. Nigeria is a country with diverse culture, tradition, religion and people. They are trying to bring down here what is happening in the Middle East it would not work, they will only end up paying with their lives and that of their families. I wonder if terrorism is synonymous to z;zzzmm)).

Its unfortunate but I want to

Its unfortunate but I want to believe Nigeria forces are getting a wake up call with a violent kick on their but. If there is any Police, Military or any of the armed forces in this chat room, let it be a fruit for thought, the evil you allow to go free because you were paid, oh for sure will come around after going round. We ve heard that some of you allow themselves by enemies of peace to kill. Hmm! Trust GOD, HE is a Just GOD, HE is not a man. PEACE BE UNTO NIGERIA

Why is the govt still acting

Why is the govt still acting like powerless force to reckon with? This is a shame

Time to act...where is the president?

They should not act, let them keep collecting N20 and maltreating Innocent citizens......."Rome is burning, where is the king?"....Nigeria is Rome...

The Demons are moving

let them keep the attacks on the northern enclaves only but those concerned should be sending only Hausa and fulani security agents to the north bcos they all understanding the language of Boko.haram sect.

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