PHOTONEWS: Foursquare Gospel Church Building Collapses In Lagos

A three story building owned by the FourSquare Gospel Church in Ojodu-Berger area of Lagos has trapped several construction workers.

Emergency workers said they rescued one person, but four other are still trapped in the building.

National Emergency management Agency (NEMA) official said while the rescue work was going on at the Foursquare Church building collapse, two other building collapsed in Bariga and Ikorodu areas of Lagos. Two boys were rescued from the collapsed buildings as well.

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God help us

just a disaster. i am sorry to here this.well i am in 4square uyo,pis forgive us we did not here about this.i am a teen there.sorry oo

Too bad for the church

That is what you get when economising the cement quantity to be use, using more of sand then the required quantity by fake builders and engineers.
Nigerian Government should wake up, withdraw the license of such engineers and builders others will sit up to do the right thing.

Government should wake up

When will building collapse ever end?

disaster indeed

may the console the relatives of the victim. ki Olorun jowo maje ki a pade ohun ti o ma jewa(Amin).

Building collapse

I think it is simply a matter of illiteracy to blame Dangote cement. Builders all over the country have been known to cut corners simply because they want to maximise their profit. If we stop being selfish in this country then many of these deaths could be avoided.

What have to do with Cement?

Are u they project Manager of such collapsed building? Is yes... why do you used the Dangote? is No... you are among the illiterate that write via their ignorance out of hate.


At times, rationality should form the basis of our actions. Emotions there may be but one must be constantly in touch with their rational mind. Needless to ask, what in the world is FOUR SQUARE? ans what has it got to do with gospel?

My position isn't that the quaint naming of the church is connected with the collapse but I wouldn't be caught dead going to a church whose naming doesn't jell with the intent of having a church in the first place.

I may still imply, the name rings a bell with the collapse. Next time a person approaches you to attend their church service never forget to ask the name of the church.

i usually dont comment on

i usually dont comment on such forums but am forced to reply u. You are so shallow minded and bereft of good thinking. I advise you to get a life.

When you buy Dangote cement you get this

We should check the maker of the cement used in most of the fallen buildings in Lagos and you will find that they all use the same Dangote cement, should we not check properly to see if this is true with all cement produced by them.

too late...Just Prayers will do

Investigating town planners and the Urban and Regional Planning ministries may be too late now. The buildings collapsing (except for a few) were not built yesterday and the ones that will collapse tomorrow have already been built. Starting these monitoring now will only prevent the collapses of 20years from now. All that can do it now is prayers...Tenants should also report weakened buildings to the authorities too, for demolition. Don't wait for your landlords. Your rent is for their tummy and not renovations!

I think the Good lord had

I think the Good lord had abandoned Nigeria and Nigerian jet acquiring so called Men of God (Thieves)

re: Nawa oo.

For Real!!

Lagos will soon disappear!

while the rescue work was going on at the Foursquare Church building collapse, two other building collapsed in Bariga and Ikorodu areas of Lagos

Buildings have been collapsing in Lagos since 1999 when a Yoruba thug started destroying the country with the help of his Western masters. The entire city will soon collapse. When everything in a city is based on stolen, blood funds from Niger Delta, you know that the useless people doing the thievery will suffer greatly. When you build your house on sand, expect collapse and death.

nice talk

God bless you real good! U have said it all.

Building collapsing has

Building collapsing has become a routine story in Nigeria. What is the role of Town Planning? Is anyone supervising this building? Do we have an organzation that orientate workers on safety procedure? How much value do we place on our citizen?
When people talk of corruptions, they only speak in term of money looted from treasury, but the implication of corruption outstripe that. It is corruption that make a site engineer to look away when contractor is using inferior materials or enforce simple laws by oversighting agent.
The result is what is playing out NOW.



Blame Pres. Jonathan, Dickson, Ibori, Akpabio, Amaechi, Uduagham

Blame President Jonathan, Dickson, Ibori, Akpabio, Amaechi, Uduagham. Spiuuuuuuussssssshhhhhhhhhh......

nawa oo.

i guess the damn pastors never saw the revelation. Fake assholes.

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