PHOTONEWS: Ghana Presidential Inauguration

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oh thats great thanks to

oh thats great thanks to share this gana nice -presidential-inauguration with us i really like that nice.
Redmond Locksmith

A more civilized country.

Ghanians have shown that an inauguration isn't meant to be an expensive one unlike that of Nigeria where all sort of expensive cars will be showcased. I saw pictures but never saw POLICEMEN try to calm the citizens because they were organised and civilized.

Totaly Agree

I totaly agree with you. Just one Toyota van, carrying the president and his guards. No ministers, SA's, SSA's legislooters, senator this and that. Chief so and so. Retired General gun blazing this and that. Just look at Ghana and you see a civilized nation. My goodness where is Nigeria heading?

I also noticed NO

I also noticed NO LANDCRUISERS, NO MECERDES BENZ LIMOS, NO LONG CONVOYS OF EXORTIC/EXPENSIVE CARS. I have come to agree that Ghanians are more civilised than Nigerians.

Yes i do, well cordinated.

Yes i do, well cordinated. God help nigeria..........

Nice Observation

I also noticed NO GUNS, NO WHIPS, NO MOPOL, NO SOLDGIERS, they were actually using their hands to hold back the crowd. 


Ghanians hv made it 2 day a peaceful inaguration but why Nigerians leaders?

not a single gun in sight

did anyone else notice that there wasnt a single gun or gun toting MOPOL !!!!!

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