PHOTONEWS: The Great Floods Of Nigeria As Seen By President Goodluck Jonathan

 President Goodluck Jonathan recently embarked on a tour of Nigerian states affected by flooding and came back with a shocking discovery that some 25% of Nigerians are entirely displaced by floods.

These photos were taken in four states namely: Anambra, Bayelsa, Delta and Rivers by state house photographers during Mr. Jonathan's visit to the affected areas.


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oga presido ure so slow nd quite dont get the hang of being a leader talk more of being our topmost leader.u dnt knw how to handle stress nor make rational decisions under pressures.In fact to sum it up ure a big disapointment.I cant really pin point exactly your achievement during dis ur turbulent regieme.Yes!it is true dat Nigeria is corrupt,just like everyoda place in the world but how u manage it is what counts.It is either through sheer coercion or compliance.Uneasy is the head dat wears the crown,but we didnt force dat crown on you,you pratically begged us to put the cap on u 4 a better 2mrw nd we did,and 2 wat means?the greatest disappiontment ever recorded!Please is never 2 late 2 go back 2 the promises dat got u
dia in the 1st place.Posterity is the best retorted answer 2 all who seats at the white House!

useless government

it took oga precisely two weeks to even acknowledge a disaster had occurred. Currently America is in the middle of hurrican Sandy, what does a responsible government do, Obama cancels his campaign tour and heads back to base, Romney does the same, and the governors of the affected states come out on TV/radio to advise citizens on what to do, these people are human beings that care for their people, but alas the reverse is the case in Nigeria. The leadership is only interested in "self" GEJ went ahead and travelled and as usual did not give a "damn". Another example is the plane crash of Taraba state governor, he has been airlifted to Germany, but his aides hav3 been left to their fates. GOD WILL DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE DAILY N MAKING LIFE TEDIOUS FOR THE COMMON MAN.


Dant gat mach saying. But itxa big fuck up to naija. Itx a pity 4 da affected. So sowi. GOODLUCK we kno u on a hot seat 4rm da northern cows. But try hard. . . . . . .

@Mr Ogogoro Master

You do realize that this is an hospital and clogging up their switch board is a profound act of irresponsibility? What is new about Nigerians getting treatment abroad? Almost all our previous Presidents at one point or the other have done exactly the same thing. In trying to press your case you may well be endangering lives.


I wonder what you wanted the lady to wear (RAG) because the woman I see in that picture is simple and completely casual in her dressing, I am sorry but I must say your sense of dressing must awful, if you could tag that attire DRESS TO KILL. Please sir, comment on the issue at hand and leave ladies dressing aside or people will say you are the one that misplaced priority

U be proper mumu

U be proper mumu


This is a warning. FG must do something today or regret it. This is happening because of corruption. Money meant for construction of dams were stolen. No dam to hold the flood back. Blame those thieves in government. This flood started immediately Nigeria wanted to challenge Bakassi Penisular ruling of 2002. Immediately, Cameroon reacted by releasing water from their dams to simply change the topic in Nigeria. They succeeded but Jonathan doesn't get it.

Someone pls tell me what the

Someone pls tell me what the Cameroon authorities have done so far cos I believe this demon is coming from one of their dams.


God deliver us from this mess of flood

Where are the people in these submerged areas?

Where are the people in these submerged areas? I bet many of them have since died becos there was no care.

pls God help nigerians

pls God help nigerians

but of course

u could not have said it better...

Are you retarded or what? You

Are you retarded or what? You people that only think of death and nothing positive it is what you wish others that will come to you. Tell me now how does the flooding correlate with 'death to easterners' you dumb tribalist, when last did an igbo man occupy the pesidential seat? Instead of you to pray for your family and country and work hard your buzying yourself wishing other peoples downfall Please don't let me start with you this morning o mtchewww.

That we stupidly believe that

That we stupidly believe that only the president can do something in view of the floods. Who should do the proper town planning to keep water channels open to flow? Who should prevent people building in water channels and low lying flood plains? All the other tiers of government are inept and only believe in looting allocations, Shame!


The only solution to avert this disaster in future, is to expedite action in dredging the River Niger, period. No long English here.

Are you there? tell us whats happening

This is more than a disaster. Are you in the flooded areas? Tell us whats happening and how people are surviving, let the whole world know... tell us now at


Where are the photos of other states also affected by flood? If his excellency can not tour those places for whatever reason at least one would expect him to send high powered delegation to visit, photograph and submit reports to him. Unfortunately, it's sad that swift action was taken and billions allocated only when the floods also rammed on specific regions.

Leaders must understand that floods are acts of God and no matter where they happen a concerned Government should rush to people's aid.


Bad News

Y is it dat every corner of this country is filled with Bad News under our gods sent President gej regime? This is terrible!!!!



Flood matters

I do not mean to be insultive but does Gov. Amaechi have a problem standing properly? This flood pics are very alarming.

Will he act?

He came. He saw. But is he going to REALLY act?


Disaster like this one is catastrophic. But government welcomes it because it is an avenue to release money to end-awaiting looters. All this money will go to PDP vultures and its appologists. A penny will not go to victims and if it goes they'll be made to excrete it by whatever means. Jonathan is only a joker who is having his good and last time.

U can't escaped from allah's trap

The you allah will leave to destroy his servant and to be? Bombing of the north by GEJA administration with the name of boko haram. We wish more disaster morethan flooding. Death to goodluck and easterners.

Call Hospital To Deport Jonathan's Wife To Nigeria!

These are the contacts to the hospital where Jonathan’s wife is. Call to tell the hospital to deport Jonathan’s wife to Nigeria to receive treatment. Her husband has corruptly damaged every hope in Nigeria. Please, call and write the hospital now registering your pent up angers.

0049( 0611) 43-2525
0049(0611) 43-2020
0049(0611) 43-2667
0049(0611) 43-2274
Ludwig-Erhard-Str. 100
65199 Wiesbaden

Seeing Is Not Believing

In Nigeria, seeing is not necessary believing. very soon Jonathan will start bragging that 'God will do it'. Being spiritual means we outsource the resolution of the flood problem to the heavens, 'where Nigeria's help cometh' from.

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