PHOTONEWS: Jonathan's Gubernatorial Election In Bayelsa

Low turn out mar Bayelsa gubernatorial election today. President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife, Patience , voted in Otueke at an election expected to be handily won by PDP candidate, Seriake Dickson.

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PDP the devils party

When the recent presidential election was critized as been fraudulent and a rape of democracy, some of our brethen tried to ignore the facts because of sectional, tribal or our man syndrome. Now that the chickens have come home to roost and PDP once again is showing it's true colours I keep wondering when people are going to stop been deceived by this party that does not have anything in its manifesto or past behaviour to warrant such blind zombie followership.

what a wonderful election

God we thank u for given bayelsa a peaceful and free and fair election.


The Cameras, Audios and Script Medias said there was a low turn out in the Bayelsa Elections?
But INEC said and record a massive turn out. So Whose Report Should we Believe? Well for Me and my House we will believe the Report of the Lord. Shikena.

Re: Jonathan Election

Ijaw people are very low in mentality. I noticed from my interactions with some of them. Instead of being objective in their criticism, they support negativity by their people in govt. This is why Orubebe, Diezeni and Jonathan took them, the Ijaw people as idiots and swindle everything that is suppose to go to the Niger Deltans. They don't border to read the Ministry of Niger Delta's budget to see the items in it, which orubebe and Jonathan used to swindle the Niger Delta people. Still Ijaw people don't go against him. Its unfortunate the way they reason, but I thank God that most of them realised that Jonathan's imposition of Dickson on Bayelsa is to achieve his own personal gender and not the people's, hence they boycotted the election. Izon Mbebe, be wise and see the dark days ahead of who, even when its seem bright. Diezeni, Orubebe and Jonathan are crooks and are using Niger Delta bad condition to cheat the people when they are suppose to develop the region.


Is it true that the new vehicle plate number that will cost every motorist in Nigeria N38,000 is being produced by a company owned by Mrs. Jonathan. Is it true that a share of the money will be used by Mr Chidoka (the Corps Marshal) to fund his Anambra State Guber campaign?
Is it true that because of the first lady’s involvement FRSC has defied the National Assembly and continued with the project that adds no benefit to the safety of motorists?
Sahara Reporters please investigate

shame on sr

i dont know who ds sowore fellow tnks he is. always reportn rubbish. wat do u mean by 'jonathans gubernatorial election'.


U cannot just sit down and be condemning even before results are out. Haba SR.... which president or prime minister ever lost in his ward in the whole world except OBJ.. and even when OBJ got in he reigned in Afenifere and AD to capture south west during his re-ellection. The only last man standing is SR s main man Tinubu who matched them evil for evil.
Politicians are never do well whether in uniform or out of uniform all na ARMY ARRANGEMENT.

See overweight Police Man ( Guess a Commissioner by Belly-size)

Why do most of these Police Chief appear overweight, spent & unfit? The Police reforms must include minimum medical fitness level to remain in Service. We all know that they make illegal earnings from road blocks, connivance with Criminals in all forms. Must they also burden the Nation with their medical issues as a result of their crappy lifestyle? The Police high command should employ the services of expert to educate these people on healty lifestyle fit for people in Para-Military services & also invest in fitness Centres for Officers. This will have a positive multiplier effect on Service delivery from the Police Officers & lesser Medical burden on the tax payers too.


Oga Njokede, it appears you either do not live in Nigeria or your friends in NLC have kept the truth from you. In Dec 2011, FGN paid all workers extra N8100; 10months arrears of min wage increase. Do the maths! You can confirm this from 'Come-raids' Omar & Esele

Pay The Minimum Wage Jonathan Or Shame On You!

Jonathan is a complete fraud. When wayo man die,na wayo man go burry-am. Attahiru Jega, we hail thee!

rubbish headline

I am still at lost with the headline...what sort of journalism is this? SR shame on you guys

Yeye dey smelll

Yeye dey smelll