PHOTONEWS: Lagos Okada Riders On Strike

Commercial motorbike riders went on strike today in Lagos. the National Commercial Motorcycles and Tricycle Owners and Riders Association,  Motorcycle Transport Union of Nigeria, All Nigerians Autobike Commercial Owners and Workers Association and Okada Riders Welfare Association said they embarked on the strike following a ban on their activities in the Ikeja business district.

 Their lawyer bamidele Aturu addresses the group at the premises of the Lagos High Court in Ikeja where he filed a suit on behalf of the group to challenge the ban.

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Let's think b4 we mk comments.

Some of these comments are un4tnate. Bc an average Nigerian managed 2 buy a tokunbo car he wants okada off d road. Hv u tot of wht wil happen 2 the family they r feedin? U want 2 push them 2 more hunger and suffery. If u tink is easy, go and ride d Okada urself. Dnt 4gt, wht goes around comes around. God help ds country.

Banning Okada is not the answer!!!

Its easy for the gov't to ban anything. Truth is that okada became popular based on demand and they are meeting the need of ordinary Nigerians. Going by this, you would expect a gud gov't to start including dem in planning, but not in Naija!!!

I said if Tundemess aka

I said if Tundemess aka whahala and his group in the camp of buhari and tinubu are ever allowed to rule us from aso rock, those of us from the SS, would be forced to wear special name tags with the states and the villages we hail from in the niger delta, bodly printed on them for inspection by them before we are allowed to live our homes in the creeks for places like abuja and lagos atate. Fashola is now being led by tinubu to reduce every street in lagos state to a toll collecting centre. We are now seeing what to expect in their new plans for regime change-at the centre. Yesterday it was tolls now Okada. Who knows what next? May be a new hair style for lagosian

@Anonymous 17:22

So you want more robbers in Lagos State because that is what most of them may become without jobs. They were earning a living.

If they want to ban them then they should provide alternative forms of transportation. The rich cannot just get rid of the poor just like that. Their services were affordable for the poor.

Why were rich people's cars not banned in the same district? Let us be fair. Don't support the oppressors.

Okada should be banned through out Lagos

Okada for secuity and health reasons should be banned all over Lagos. I hope that Mr. Aturu should leave the lure for money and drop this case. Majority of the Okada riders like their counterparts employed as secuitymen are illegal aliens who constitue nuisance and security risk to the society. Mr. Aturu should first request these riders to produce the evidence of their citizenship and allien registration. Each of those that brought the matter should produce evidence of where their legal residence and sureties for their case to be entertained by any court.

okada strike

good riddance!