PHOTONEWS: Multiple Vehicles Crash Along Lagos-Benin Highway

Two freight trucks, a luxurious bus, coaster and at least five cars were involved in multiple accidents near Ijebu-Ode along the Lagos-Benin express-road on Sunday.

It could not determined if there were casualties, but towing vehicles and road safety  officials and plain clothe policemen were sighted around the scene with Ogun State fire truck on standby.

The luxurious bus cashed into the hole dividing two small bridges overlooking the river below.

Several passenger and onlookers sat around the scene as a huge traffic formed on the other side of the crash scene.

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It could actually not encouraged whenever you will discover casualties, nevertheless towing autos in addition to neighborhood basic safety officers in addition to ordinary item of clothing policemen appeared sighted through the entire landscaping in addition to Ogun Problem fire pick-up after standby. The specific lavish shuttle cashed on the pitch isolating only two tiny inbound links overlooking this particular river down below.mice pest control east london

Design a crash test vehicle

Design a crash test vehicle body that will protect one raw egg in shell restrained on vehicle seat attached to pre-made vehicle platform with attached axles and wheels. Then test the body design by running crash test vehicle down a predesigned test track, a successful design will be able to withstand the impact and prevent the egg from cracking. Thanks.
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It is not the roads, but human behavior

It is reckless driving that causes these accidents on Nigerians roads, not voodoo or bad roads. Get Nigerians to change their driving habits (by engaging in defensive driving) and all the unnecessary vehicle collisions will stop. Period!

The blame game never finishes

In Reply to what a mess of a govt. Annenih

Anonymous, it was not clear if you referred to Chief Annenih as a governor or the government. Either way Nigerians need to start taking responsibility for their actions and inactions. You should have asked how the luxurious bus ended up in a hole, was he impatient as usual and tried to overtake ending up there. You should have asked if someone's brakes failed or if the driver was over speeding and disregarded road cautions and you should done a thorough investigation before opening your stinking mouth to accuse the government, Annenih or Okonjo.

At what point do fools take responsibility for themselves and suffer the repercussion of their fool hardy behaviour. The truth is people like you make me sick

Hmm it a sad news that many

Hmm it a sad news that many soul pass away, i pray for God mercy over their lifes, i also pray for God protection and let his blood flow before every soul

car accident.

we need to fear ALLAH(GOD),coz we don't know when, wear and how we are going to die.

God have mercy!

God have mercy!

What a mess of a govt. Anneih

What a mess of a govt. Anneih has now gone to NPA to go continue the havoc! GEJ transformation agenda anchored by OBJ Anneih and Okonjo. What a mess! Road not safe, air not safe, no water ways, and the trains are pre-historic at best. Transformation indeed!

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