PHOTONEWS Occupy Nigeria: Protestors Wounded And Slain, Is It All In Vain?

Sahara Reporters offers our sympathy and condolences to Nigerians, wounded and brutally killed  by armed security, because of their refusal to breakup protests against the doubling of fuel prices in the country.


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This incident show the

This incident show the humanity are disappear now.. horrible.. Cheap kitchen cabinets

Big pity to see such a

Big pity to see such a horrifying thing!!
leased line

we didnt vote Goodluck

Im surprise u r sayn we voted him, no we didnt. 1 we new he ws incompetent. We Nierians all knew dat Buhari ws tested n trusted bt we allowed d so called leaders 2 divert our attention 2 religion n ethnic sentiments
. Now sm1 of those ppl r denying eva voting hm,sm r regretting n many opplnions r comin up. May Allah help us.

wicked president

the most wicked of them all.

Liverless Nigerians

Its truly sad people had to die for this cause, may their souls RIP. all of you out here ranting, abusing and cursing NLC/TUC/Goodluck Jonathan: you're all lilly livered. All you know to do is rant and curse on the internet where few Nigerians will see. What makes you different from the Political dogs? All bark and no bite, all promises and no action. What good does ranting here do for the Nigerian people? Do some of you even think before you say stuff. Where's the optimism, where's the hope and yet you want to turn "pharisee" on the govt. As a true Nigerian, I can only hope and pray for the future and ALSO play my part in changing the corrupt culture 50yrs of independence has managed to cultivate. What are you doing for your country? ... I think I know, cursing on the internet.

Goodluck, ruling is nt a chance of luck..

By records, the man GEJ has nt gotn into any office on his own merit and so hw do u xpct smebody who had no drims 2 hve a vision nd mission 2 bring that vision into enforcement. I dnt blame him much for the problems of Nigeria, I am so sadend wth Nigerians for allowing dat baboon cald OBJ 2 b alive and stil rule Nigeria by votin a daft, an incompetence leader like GEJ cos its stil d wickd ape OBJ dat rules dis country. Get rid of OBJ, Nigeria wil return to nomalcy nd head for beta changes. I rest my case... Ruling is nt a chance of luck, GEJ U re a disgrace 2 presidency

Petroleum Subsidy

Kells, thank God you earn close to 200k, am a 1990 graduate and a civil servant on salary GL 10 of 81 thousand naira (note FG yet to implement minimum wage since they signed that agreement with labour since June last year), I buy 11,200naira to fill my car and I use 8600 to fill my generator which I use everyday for the past 5 years, now can I reasonably survive on my salary with a family of 4 children, a wife, an aged mother and two younger ones to take care. This is my predicament. Mr President, how can removal of oil subsidy benefit me in this scenario?


Woe unto NLC & TUC!!! Their evil plot have been rejected by Nigerians and they have resorted to using thugs in Lagos to keep Nigerians at home against their wish. The Nigeria Police must move to arrest these thugs so that people can go about their business. I will advise the NLC & TUC leadership to return the hefty bribes thy collected from the fuel subsidy cabal before they go and commit suicide.


I know you are the BH your fathers ,your mothers your young men and women shall surely be the ones to die and not the south, mark my word. Bastered bokoharam buhari mother fuckers

what are we subsidizing?


It took me 12,000 to fill my tank @ the filling station & I had to buy 14,000 petrol for my generator in a country that is the 8th largest producer of crude oil. That's 26k for someone that earns less than 200k monthly after tax.

You said the removal of fuel subsidy is a good thing, our refineries are moribund (it means near dead). Even in that state, it still operates @ 30% capacity which is enough for our local daily consumption.

Now tell me, what the hell are we subsidizing? Get your facts right before coming to exhibit your ignorance.


Time for Change

I have read all the comments written concerning the current issues but am afraid to say that io beg to differ. i am absolutely appauled by the response we so called nigerians are leaving on this site. We as Nigerians need to stand and and support each regardless of our differences and background insulting each other or trying to prove each others opinon right or wrong still aim at the current issues that no one is happy with thesituation going on right now. i believe the protest should not only be about subsidy but also about corrupt leaders, corrupt government, voiceless religious leaders, even against ourselves for being corrupt in our own little way. Boko Haram or NO boko Haram Change has to come in on way or the other, Boko Haram to me is a distraction to people not to face the fact. If we have the right government and right frame of people Boko Haram is no threat to us. its TIME FOR CHANGE for us to rise as ONE voice


The overcoming of our national challenges is a great task that all Nigerians must be involved in, whether you are the leader or the follower. Let our leaders lead well and the followers also follow well. Nigerians arise and make Nigeria great and save our generations unborn from this marking time malaise.


Our fore fathers got mauled and killed so that future generations including us may become free from slavery. 2012: President Bad-luck kill Nigerians to protect and shield his comrades in crime termed '' Petroleum Cabals'', who he testifies are more power-ful than his government and untouchable if his government is to continue subsidizing fictional-ism, ethnicity,religious intolerance, poor governance, unaccountability, immorality and factionalism of our nation. Cheap propaganda and bare faced lying by government functionaries has become grand art of this bereft administration. SOMEONE SHOULD TELL THE INSPECTOR GENERAL OF NIGERIA POLICE THAT THOSE BOYS WERE KILLED IN COLD BLOOD.GOD IS WATCHING. GOD WILL JUDGE. EVERY SOUL CUT SHORT WOULD BE REVENGED BY ALLAH. IN A VERY SHORT TIME LAIRS WOULD LOSE THEIR OWN CHILDREN,VERY SOON ALLAH WOULD AVENGE THOSE INNOCENT BLOOD.

Right decision.

I support d removal of fuel subsidy,al wel nid is God guidance...boko haram ur tym is up...GEJ made a right decision dis is not abt criticizin one's image,northerns and al those behind d killings nd bombin of xtains u wl as wel bomb ursef a pity 2 d protesters dat loss deir lives.


You saw the pictures of 2 people killed while destroying personal properties and you are abusing the president. did you not see the pictures of innocent men , women and children killed in the north while praying for the wellbeing of this country. INFANT KILLERS AND PAEDOPHILES.


So a man with a PhD in reality does not know what is good for his country. So much for education!
Why is it that anywhere in the whole wide world with black majority and black ruler, it is chaos upon chaos. Black people of the world, Why! Why!! Why!!!
Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan, the son of a poor man, who went to school without shoes. In 2011, all of Southern and Middle belt of Nigeria gave you their full support, unfortunately you turn around now to screw them.
Jonathan how could you do this to the people who put so much trust in you? Remember he who murders sleep shall sleep no more!!!



Palavers of the removal of oil subsidy: A sideview of the policy

The killing of harmless unarmed protesters is grotesque, pitiable, unremedial and most animalistic. A man has the characteristic natural right to react to all manner of biotic and abiotic discomfort threatening his contingent survival.

Subsidy, is not much of an issue, but an insignia of consternating mal-administration and corruption glockenspiel, metted out on a subtle leadership crescendo of militaristic and civil recidivism.

Qualms, therein, are why the President should hand-down such a ravaging gift of 'temporary sufferings,' as he puts it on the very first day of a year, contrary to two of his nomenclature: Goodluck and Ebele.
Contemplatively, he could have set-out in phases, on creating durable optional cushioning effects - after prosecuting the culprits, proper assessment of local living-standards, and prolonged mass education.

Realism, dialogue, vision, and mutual understanding should be borne by all in order to allay the logarithmic tension and fears in the land.



Kill all corrupt

Anyone who sees these pictures and still backs Jonathan because of bribes should be pogrommed.

Where is EFCC?

It is clear now that the so-called multi billionaires are doing so with our subsidy money. From the data released by the federal government, one expects that people like Adenuga, Otedola, Dangote, Wale Tinubu should be in detention by now. But they and their cohorts have openly defrauded the common man for the past 10 years, and are walking the streets free men. I am sure they are part of the 6 companies that have voted N6billion to sponsor the protests.

The protesters are venting their anger on the wrong persons. These people are supposed to bear the brunt of the protests, even as I am sure they may have fled the country now, after all they all have private jets.


If NLC/TUC/CPC/BOKO HARAM don't stop this madness true Nigerians will meet them on the street. The Nigeria I saw oday has gone past reversal of the policy on deregulation. The policy hurts but we've got to make headway. No country has marched out of the woods without pain. I wonder how Nigerians want to attain Vision 20/20/20 on a roller-coaster.

It appears GEJ's mind is set and I support him not to look back. Bye and bye the villains and the heroes will be known.

Shame on Col. Hameed Ali. He shouted himself hoarse on the streets of Kaduna today. After ridding us roughshod, what legacy did he leave in Kaduna state? Someone who is reputed to hold such kind of contempt for democracy and civilian rule, no one was surprised at the utter rejection Bauchi people gave him at the polls.

NLC/TUC to blame for this illegal loss of once peacefull people

The NLC/TUC should be held responsible for this careless loss of innocent lives,Omar and Esele ,i can smell you kiri-kiri numbers from here bye bye



Ignorant people figting the

Ignorant people figting the wrong course.


By killing d protesters of fuel hike, d Nigerian pollice scored own goal @ injury time in crucial final match againt long rival PDP

Please don't be daft. There

Please don't be daft. There is no reason to kill anyone for protesting.
Subsidy removal will not erase corruption. Dealing with the corrupt ones among us is what will change this.

when will the nigerian govt.

when will the nigerian govt. divert it attention to developing other sectors of the economy other than continuous increase in gas price. this is so sad that the common man will be the one to suffer all the govt actions.

Jonathan agent

Jonathan agent, you have failed. Your manipulation will not work this time. Boko Haram started during Yar Adua. We all know It is a problem on its own with goverment clueless on how to handle them. Jonathan thougth removal of subsidy at the time he give free room for Boko Haram to opperate withouth checkmating them will prevent the masses to have common voice against it. He has failed. That migth work within Igbo communities, but overall, it will not work. After the subsidy victory, Boko haram will follow. This coward Government is doing the wishes of the wicked cabal. Their end is at hands.

@Kalu Obi, u r nt a nigerian

@Kalu Obi, u r nt a nigerian or u r too sentimental. Boko haram dosnt ned police unifom 2 kil so go chck ur source vry wel.

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