PHOTONEWS: President Jonathan At The 2013 Nigerian Army Day Celebration In Abuja On Saturday

Photo credit: State house photos

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God bless nigeria soldiers nd

God bless nigeria soldiers nd by the way we have strong soldiers bt no war equipment to battle with instead of those pple shld provide us with something all d do is lavish our money on frivolusities I pray ma N D A go clicked sha the nigeria shall experience reformation


ülease give pateince a Camoflague too


only God knows when the problem of this country shall come to pass

Dem dey there dey display,

Dem dey there dey display, common Boko Haram, dem no fit wipe out! Na display go wipe Boko Haram out? Make dem do restore peace in the land and get rid of those terrorist. By the way, we also need electricity in the entire nation, revamp the education system, water system, roads, and provide employment. Oga at the top, that's all!

Military Pose

The display here is to glamorous. I hope in real battle it will be as serious as the display here. Air, land and the missing one is the sea power display.
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Illiteracy is worrying you.

Illiteracy is worrying you. I can see that you spoke according to your shallow brain and reasoning faculty. There is nothing bad in President wearing military uniform. Is he the first military to wear it? You need to go back to school.


It's until u people climb the seat of a Leader for u to know what Leadership is all about. Do u people think the President is happy with all the killings and insecurities in d country, not at all o. It's just that I really pity the man. Though criticism is part of govt, I know, but there are ways u people cld hv framed it and make it more constructive than ds. These insults and abuses on the President are too much & highly derogatory, pls let's stop it, remember he's still ur President. Pls respect him. WHATEVER U DO IS WHAT U WILL RECEIVE O, U CANNT ESCAPE IT.


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Zombie o Zombie joro jara

Zombie o Zombie joro jara joro ooh,
Attention, bend down and greet,SALUTE!
Tell am to bend and salute na joro jara joro oh,
Sit down. Stand up, laugh like Mumu,
Na joro jara joro ooh,
Students and Teachers dey die, Mumu dey laugh and I dey salute mumus.

If they go and bomb them out,

If they go and bomb them out, una go say volation of human rights... The northerners invented boko haram to battle GEJ, now they cant control it... let them fix the problem themselves...

Ur comments show your

Ur comments show your ignorance... the President is the Commander-in-Chief... The C-in-C is the highest ranking soldier, a Field Marshal...

Ur hatred for this man shows... But u know what, he is coming back in 2015... Live with it, or check out...

army day

I may agree with some of the issues raised in the comments but concerning the wearing of the military fatigue, it is in order. Past presidents like zik, shagari, obasanjo wore military uniform as civilian presidents on special occasions.

army day

I may agree with some of the issues raised in the comments but concerning the wearing of the military fatigue, it is in order. Past presidents like zik, shagari, obasanjo wore military uniform as civilian presidents on special occasions.

Made in Nigeria

Of all the things they are displaying, is there anything that was made in Nigeria?

no big deal in wearin army fatigue

D presido as d c in c has d right 2 wear dat uniform durin sum militari events,asfar d kilin of dose innocent young promisin nigerians.dumbo shld hav stoped d event n morn dem bt jona displayd incompetenci dat pdp is known 4!

Mumulity in Zombie Uniform. I

Mumulity in Zombie Uniform. I dey leaf ooh.

Lol,its called a parachute

Lol,its called a parachute and its used
For special ops,ignoramus.Go collect
The army form and do ur bit.

Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces he is.

Hopefully our confidence that security will be installed across the land will be restored. Or are the current insurgencies NE and SS of the land a smoke screen to make our leadership look bad? However, we need Power supply though...

On another note, the C in C can wear a Military uniform just like the Air Force jackets worn by US presidents; no military experience necessary. He can preside over specific military missions just like Obama, in the Osama saga.

He Can do it! Yes he Can!!

Idiotic Nigerians

To those idiotic Nigerians who think insulting the president makes them bold or brave, they are all cowards and idiots, people who cannot even insult thier landlord will be making sport of the president of Nigeria, it's unbecoming and it should stop, in the so called civilised world aggrieved citizens take up thier placard and make thier voices heard through peaceful ad orderly march or protest on any govt policy that did not sit down well with them or at worst vote the president out in the next ballot not resorting to insults like people who are raised without parental upringing. You can attack issues, policies, but please stop insulting the president, these insults are read allover the world and it rub off on us all as a people

Paper Tiger

I sincerely believe this man is dictator in waiting!

General G.E.J

Carry on oga jona. Use dat khaki to bully your army chiefs to submission. But u look like a vigilante group man

What the heck!

I have said it many times this man Jonathan doesn't have brain! He's such a fecking childlike moron. He's making a mockery of everyone in this country with his brainless decision. I'm so ashamed!

Dictator in sheep clothing!

I think this wannabe is a true dictator. What a else would prompt a civilian to wear military fatigue?

Hello Field Marshall

Hello Field Marshall Jonathan. You are a clown and an idiot! It is only a man of inferiority complex that will wear soldier uniform! Ever heard or seeing any civilian wearing one anywhere else in the world? Even in a banana republic? You are just making a fool of yourself. Idiot!


You parade as if you know your job, can't you see that your primary assignment have been grossly neglected? 30 innocent, defenceless and harmless children have been brutally killed and you parade as if you are capable.......God help Nigeria

Who at the people forcing

Who at the people forcing uniform on this man GEJ, the President is the CIC and the clothing in Uniform is nonsense, Present and leadrs World over even in war time of their Nation don't do this NONSENSE. Has the military mentality drove this man into Uniform madness. GOD pray Ihijerika or what ever is called to push this man to HEL

Kite-flying Army wonder the Bokos are mauling Nigerians !!

Fools who do not even recognize the irony of today's attack. The Boko Haram baking thirty (30) sleeping school children to death on Army Day is akin to Bokos sticking their feet deep into the nyash of Dr. Dumbo, COAS Ihejirika and all those goons gathered in Abuja to watch useless Naija army flying colourful kites. Career clowns! The sheer sight of the spotless tires on the vehicles in display is proof they've never seen action, factory inventory to hoodwink gullible Nigerians for perverse dividends of cheap propaganda! I'm not fazed. I know this is a gathering of incompetent goons without any ideas about containing the insurgency. "Show-boating" that Al-Jazeera called a massacre and failure of the SoE. Under Dumbo, every news is bad news!!

NASS should commission an independent investigation into why these Goons failed in their primary duty to protect innocent sleeping children. Responsible leadership would resign over this carnage ..but, not our Clowns!

Una no go kill dis man so?

This president don suffer for una hands with too much abuses.
Your comment de make me laf my hed off, you say he remain small
make he do dobale like Yoruba for him officers. What a funny talk, I beg make una lif my broda alone with him problem o.


If only this weakling had the smallest measure of military training, we wont be in this mess. He would at least know the meaning of the word "order".

GEJ bening for subordinates: stupid humility ?

@frankwilliam, oleku, Deri @khumalo

Could u enlighten us why this Clown has to bend to greet his subordinates. Is that humility or stupidity or both ?

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