PHOTONEWS: Protest At Ministry Of Justice Over Impeachment Of Kogi State Speaker

Former house member Dino Melaye led protesters to counter the illegal impeachment of the speaker of the Kogi State  House of Assembly in Abuja on Friday.

Below is the letter protesters submitted to the office of the  minister of justice.


The Honorable Minister of Justice
Attorney General of the Federation   
Federal Ministry of Justice

Dear Hon. Minister,
Implication Of Unlawful Impeachment Of Kogi State Speaker
It is with great sense of responsibility; patriotism and duty to our great Nation, Nigeria that we are writing to call your attention to the conspicuous lawlessness, aberration and democratic unfaithfulness going on in Kogi State. We are appealing to you as the Chief Law officer of the Federation to make a categorical statement on this issue of twelve (12) Members impeachment of the Speaker in the House of twenty five (25) Members.
Secondly, the requirement of the law is that for the Speaker to be removed, it has to be two third of the majority; meaning about 17 Members.
Thirdly, 12 Members do not form a quorum let alone proceeding on discussion talk less of impeachment of the Speaker.
If this lawlessness is not condemned it will be a national disgrace capable of setting a wrong precedent that could lead to breaking down of laws and order.
We are therefore certain that you will use your good office to call to order the people involved in this act of lawlessness.
We are giving 72 hours to the Minister of justice and the Attorney General of the Federation to clear the air on this matter or else we shall occupy the Federal Ministry of justice.
Kindly accept our assurances of your high esteem.
Yours sincerely,

Otunba Hon. Dino Melaye
Executive secretary

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Dino Contd.

My country people stop criticizing somebody who is the right things whether he is clean or not, as far as some one relies his past mistake and want to correct it, please support that person.

Dino meleye no matter how he accumulate his wealth that doesn't concern, but the current activities he embarked is what our country people shall look.

forget the haters

What has his gud works got to do with his personnal least he's doing something no one has done a long time.if u can't help d masses,what u should do is support those who can. Someone should be bold enough to stand up to dis pple nd dats wat Dino is doing. Otunba Dino Melaye carry on d gud works nd forget d haters.

Dino & the Law

Leave Dino's grammar, consider the content as it relates to the issue at stake!

Surprised u guys dnt reason

Surprised u guys dnt reason well. Does it u guys think he talking rubbish?

Haba, his wealth is not

Haba, his wealth is not sudden! He's not ά̲̣̥ young man and most men in his age have always achieved ά̲̣̥ lot before attaining that age. If you call him unclean, are you any cleaner? Let's justify ourselves before we criticize others.

Mr. Grammar

Mr. Jerry the grammarian..hope he passed his message acroos sha? E be like na you no sabi read sef..hissssssss

Dino Melaye again !

Dino Bravo Melaye , go solve the HIV and pregnancy mess you are in first !

Is Dino himself in anyway

Is Dino himself in anyway different,he likes making noise as if he's clean.can he explain the source of his sudden wealth,he should can concentrate on his pregnancy scandal.coward!



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