PHOTONEWS: Protesters Shut Down National Assembly Over ‘Unlawful’ Sack

Activities at the National Assembly in Abuja are currently paralyzed as disengaged staff of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) protest their sack.

The aggrieved workers, who stormed the premises of the Assembly in hundreds as early as 6.00am, barricaded the road to the complex, chanting anti-government songs and raining curses and abuses on the Senators and Members House of Representatives for insensitivity to their plight.

They accused the lawmakers of being biased in the face-off and of failing to do anything to assist them in getting their benefits and entitlements from the management of the NIMC, and vowed to remain at the gates of the National Assembly until their demands were met.

The protest took a dramatic turn when the protesters also started attacking journalists who came to cover the protest, accusing them of bias in their reporting on the matter.

As of time of this story, the protesters were still not allowing vehicles into or out of the complex, leaving members of the staff to walk long distances.

Over 4,000 staff of the NIMC was sacked last year, but their severance allowances and other entitlements were not paid.

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The DG of NIMC is a banker

The DG of NIMC is a banker he run t
he organisation like is private company and very arrogant bcos is Jonatan friend .However nigeria should know that the SENITOR & REP , represent their pocket not people they back him on the issue . God will fight for them !!!

Don't Accuse one person (it's a collective agreement) Even GEJ

The problem is that even te workers are not helping issues. Many of them I think don't even come to work everyday. All the same, they should be clear on what is actually going on because Nigeria has lost the trust needed to have confidence on them.

APC has nothing to do with this. I have nothing to do with any party but you should understand that PDP has rulled this country over 12yrs and you hardly can confirm any better change since the British left the shore of this country.

We should all be ashamed of our leaders from Councilors to the President - all have nothing to offer except a few and they always face pressure from the corrupt opposition and other corrupt citizens in power who are used to sharing the loots fot the masses.

NIMC recruitment

NMIC have started calling for tests, thats not the news, the news is that they are sending helpless candidates very far away from their prefered test centers, eg someone put Lagos as prefered test center and the person was given Minna as test center. Why should NIMC treat people like this, it's a deliberate attempt to make people not write the exam. Pls Sahara reporters, be the voice of the people and investigate this oppression.

this sef na jonathan cause am

That is the legacy of APC installed tambuwal-and Buhari who backed the call by Sanusi for government to sack all the civil servants--in abuja-the saddest aspect of all this ongoing rubbish is that the same law-brakers would again recruit another set of workers as soon as d dust settles down-what did Nigerian do when Buhari sacked over one million workers-nothing-its all part of the game designed by the trambuwal led national assembly to pull Jonathan down-blame him for the plight of the suffering massses-Gej-recall them biko! Its oil revenue not their money

Block them all

I want to advice these protesters to remain there until their demands are met. Our govts at all levels don't take the plight of the masses serious. Very unfortunate!! And ifbyou see any of those criminals, make sure they see the color of their blood..

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