PHOTONEWS: Protesters Storm Ministry Of Justice Over Pension Thief Sentence

Abuja: Civil Society organizations  today protested the judgement handed down to the former director of Police Pension Board, John Yakubu Yesufu by an Abuja High Court .  The protest which started at the Ministry of Justice was led by Dino Melaye with members of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) and others.  

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We need to understand that preserving the unity that God has created at a great cost is for the purpose of carrying out God's purposes for the church, which involve MINISTRY, maturity, and missions. See the link below for more info.


MY VERDICT: the 'Dino-tic' spirit

He kept to his words and people joined him in the protest....
I have faith in the possession of the 'Dinotic' spirit...The birth of this spirit instigated the fuel subsidy protest which later possessed the people and went viral across the nation...but for some explainable reasons the spirit was castaway by the drop in the zeal and determination of the masses. we give up too easily and adapt too quickly... we need a new birth of a spirit that i tag the 'unquenchable' spirit...'Dinotic' spirit is capable of starting but hardly keep it on...A revolution is eminent...

Dino Milaye, may God keep on

Dino Milaye, may God keep on strengthens you, not everybody will like what u are doing but many people belief in what you are fighting for and ur personality, Mr Dino some people may call u names especially the families and friends of those thieves but we Nigerians trust u even from the legislative era,where u fought against corruption in the process they torn ur cloth but God will reward u greatly IJN. It's takes a man with a clean hands to fight the battle u are fighting.


Lets move on people.


Lets sustain the struggle.


Corruption! Corruption!! Corruption !!! Presidency == Corruption! Governors == Corruption!!! Chairmen of Councils (774 in number) === Corruption!!!

Senators == Corruption!! House of Reps. Members == Corruption!!! Every House of Assemble in Each State == Corruption!!!

Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, INEC, CBN, Banks, Parastatals, et al. Corruption is their middle name.

Nigerian Students, we don't have a future. Let's die the stupid idea of, ' LET ME WAIT FOR MY TURN', for they will soon destroy everything and nothing will remain to wait for.

Let us the 99% take back our country. Gani and Fela are gone. Let's join hands with the few that are fighting for us.........NOW! 2MORO WILL BE TOO LATE!!

Fight for your Right Nigerians

Nigerians this your money,your future and your childern´s futute....Stand up and fight for your right----
That Judge is a shame and Satan his father will finish him in no time whatch out

A wakeup call to all NIGERIANS

Nigerians should see this as an opportunity to wake up and fight against this corruption.
This is time to end the monster.

Keep the pressure on the useless corrupt judges

Thank you SR for exposing the useless people who rule the jungle called Nigeria.

These useless people without conscience don't understand the irreparable damage they are doing to the country.

May God punish these people immensely because it must be very difficult to live in Nigeria if you are not corrupt. The judges and the corrupt officials must be sentenced to death so they can stop ruining the country.

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