PHOTONEWS: Qatar Airways Aircraft Incident At MMIA Lagos

A Qatar Airways flight from Doha safely made an emergency landing in Nigeria's economic capital Lagos after encountering a problem with one of its tyres, the civil aviation body said.

"The plane has landed safely," said Harold Demuren, the head of Nigeria's Civil Aviation Authority. "We lost one of the tyres."

The aircraft landed at the cargo terminal of Murtala Mohammed International Airport on Saturday and was then towed to an area where passengers were able to disembark, officials said.

Qatar Airways flight QR592 was travelling the regular Doha-Lagos route and reported the tyre problem to Nigerian airport authorities, said Demuren, who identified the aircraft as an Airbus A330.

He said no passengers were injured during the emergency landing and that one of the plane's tyres had to be replaced. A mechanic at the airport said one of the plane's left tyres was flat.

Three passengers who were on board said that the crew had made no announcements about a mechanical problem during the flight.

"They landed safely. There was no problem. I didn't notice any other thing," said Raphael Ashala, 30, a Nigerian who was on his way back from a Doha business trip.

Emergency vehicles including fire trucks were on hand for the landing, the AFP news agency reported.

The airline's online tracker said the flight arrived in Lagos at 2:29pm (13:29 GMT), but the plane touched down at least 30 minutes before that.

The website made no mention of any incidents during the journey, saying only that flight QR592 had "arrived".

In June, a McDonnell Douglas-83 operated by Dana Air plunged into a neighbourhood near Lagos airport after reportedly suffering double engine failure. The crash killed all 153 passenger and crew as well as at least six people on the ground.


Al Jazeera and agencies


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To avoid accidents and emergency landings due to aircraft parts problem or malfunction, aircraft maintenance should be carefully performed.

Ignorance is indeed a

Ignorance is indeed a disease. As an aviation expert i'm ashamed to read some of these comments. Please you must not make a comment on a subject or area you know nothing about. Do not make the world see Nigerians as fools or illiterates, we are smart and educated people because foreigners read all these comments you people are making and I am sure they will be laughing at our ignorance.

jion team

i what my other to be one of airways members


I am really perplexed at the levels of ignorance displayed by some commentators. One says he saw grass,weed and bumbs on the runway, go back to school. The other says breach of security. Wow! In an emergency? Learn the procedure my friend. My other friend complained about the boots the fire officers wore. Maybe they should wear heels next time. Ignoramus.


We all have to give thanks to God for the safety of the 200 passengers that were on board... and let's give kudos to the emergency team that acted on quick responses.. it shows positive things are happening.

Are these Fire fire fighters??

Are these guys with Tee shirts and rain boots fire fire fighters. If so I hope the rain boots are the fire retardant types. Please officials of governmental agencies should learn to dress according to their work demand.

Points to ponder

Two points to ponder:
1.) Bad aircrafts are kept for bad countries.
2.) The passengers didn't have a feel of the whole drama showing how good they are irrespective of their disrespect for the bad country.

what are all these people

what are all these people doing on the runway??? why is nema here, and not at Lokoja???

Thank God foreigners did not die, cos we would have been embarrassed by the inaction and attitude of our officials...

Caused by Potholes

The last time i saw a tyre got this ruptured, was caused a deep pot hole. There has to be some investigation on this. A brand new tyre does not get ruptured like this. Qatar Air ways must have some lapses in their processes to allow a plane take with tyres that have lost alignment.

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In 2015 is not a plane that will crush, but human beings. PDP gladiators have vowed to reclaim their party from what they called broad-day-light rascals. At the party presidential primaries in the next 2 years some immatured political lizards will return to their holes in frustration and anguish. Have you not seen the signs now as to how awkward things become in the party?

on naija

we thank God for safe landing.we must celebrate dis independence wit no shedding of blood

Is this our runway?

Firstly, thanks to God for the safe landing. My only question is, why do we have green grass/weed (very slippery) on runway and why the visible bump on our runway.
May God continue to help and Bless Nigeria.

Breach of Security

These close up shots of the airplane says a lot about the security protocol in our airports.

Thank God its not another one

Thank God it did not crash. The Nigerian officials also showed professionalism which is commendable.
Make your choice at

Waiting for the SR team to

Waiting for the SR team to blame GEJ and PDP for this incident.

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